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    One game to go until we've played everyone. Would be nice to finish the first third umm... third.
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    Makes up for chucking their equalizer in I suppose
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    I went for Long as well. Needs a goal but never gave the Kilmarnock defence a minute tonight...
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    What a save from Gillespie at the end, fantastic!
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    If anyone finds a stream please post - not holding out much hope there will be one but would be much appreciated if there is
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    Personally I'm completely ambivalent about Robinson and I'm not sure why anyone would be against him outside of him being ultimately responsible for results and performances. Also bringing up St. Johnstone is a bit silly. Tommy Wright has a 40% win ratio over 300 matches. He has four Top 6 finishes in 6 seasons, won a Scottish Cup and has had some decent European results. And all at a club with the second lowest average attendance in the league. Robinson hasn't achieved anything like what Tommy Wright has. It's not even close.
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    Wee reminder that MFCDSA are collecting money tonight. Please bring whatever you can give in your pockets tonight. Thanks!
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    For me the frustrating thing is the nature of the mistakes we have made in giving up goals. We do the hard work and raise the performance but then we do schoolboy stuff to give up goals that cost us points. The players just need to work on eliminating the silly mistakes and we’ll save a good few points. Can’t Make up my mind about Long. Maybe one of those players that needs a run of games. I think we can beat Killie and Livingstone and get third place back. It’s Celtic and Rangers, then a big gap to the rest of the teams with not a whole lot between them.
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