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    270 minutes of the most boring football I've ever watched
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    To be honest I am relieved to get a point. There are now numbers in the points and goals for columns. i have high hopes for Lang but he is going to have to carry the team, hopefully he can spark Turnbull into a run of form.
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    Booo. Crap. Get aff. Boo. Great Goal!!!
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    I don't think Long is absolutely terrible but I don't think he's been great either. Yet even though he didn't want to be here and didn't set the heather on fire I think it's rather strange that Robinson went back out there and brought him back. I'd have thought he might think he could bring in someone at least as good, if not better. I mean, he must know he doesn't fit into his preferred formation, right? They are different types of players of course, but presumably ourselves and Livingston have scouted the Championship last season and they have brought in Forrest and we've brought in White. That sets off some alarm bells for me.
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    It's still early in the season but I just had a look and if you include cup matches this is actually Robinson's worst run of matches, 13 for 1 win. If you just include league matches we had a 12 for 1 win in 2017/18. Currently on 11 for 1 win between the end of last season and the start of this one. I've said it before but we've barely kicked a ball since James Scott departed.
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    There's an obvious relief about getting off the mark, but one point from nine with the set of fixtures we were given. It isn't good enough is it? It just feels so disjointed at the moment. A bit of a makeshift defence. A midfield that feels like it has yet to properly click, on the wings at least, and nothing too much to get excited about in front of goal. It looked a bit like a square pegs line up again with either a central midfielder out wide if we were playing 4-4-2 or as it turned out a striker wide with the 4-3-3. But getting in front you thought, right here we go. We've got the lead, should have a little more confidence to go about our business and what do we do but immediately give another stupid penalty away. Credit to them for digging in a bit when Livi had the momentum after their equaliser to manage to get ahead again but it felt inevitable that they would equalise sooner or later in the second half. Not good enough to go and kill them off and not good enough to kill the game and see it out. Just waiting for it coming. Much improvement required.
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    Said previously Long looks like someone how doesn’t want to be here But if we’re going to play him it’s got to be up top with a partner not out on the wing
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    If I was Watt Id be walking in with Turnbull to request that transfer. Robinson hasnt a fucking clue! Watt is the 1 man in our entire squad suited and able to perform the lone striker role, and the loan signing who got sent off 30 mins into his debut has had more game time. White is a last throw of the dice sub, Long is a partner in a front two. Either try 2 up front with Long & White, or play Watt, THAT is the only decision to make. Unfortunately unlike 2018-19, we have sold any half decent kids and disbanded the youth team so there is nobody to do a Hastie & Turnbull. 1 win in 12 now is it? Or is it 1 win in 11? Either way its far from good enough. Hibs will fucking murder us on saturday, they will take 5 off us without breaking sweat
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    Brilliant robbo, square pegs in round holes. New signings on early performances look brutal. And back to long ball tactics. Stop believing yer own hype and sort this mess out
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    Polworth made an impact...been livi's most creative player
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    White is reminiscent of Paul Keegan. Either fouls his man or falls over.
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    Defence is getting little help from midfield.
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    This is so reminiscent of the start of the 2018-19 season when we where utterly shite until Turnbull, Hastie etc turned our season around. So lacklustre, uninspiring and teams really know how we are going to play. It’s devoid of ideas.
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    Lamie is more of a bombscare than mugabi and that’s quite an achievement
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    How can we be so bad at bringing on guys who are standing ready to come on. What can possibly be in that book?
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    Grimshaw miles out of position. Unbelievable that Robinson rates him.
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    Not liking lamie at left back today. Gallagher struggling. Long ineffective out right. Just as well Grimmy knows how to take a good throw.
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    We've been poor apart from the goals and don't deserve to be ahead but football isn't and never will be fair so we'll take the good fortune. Good to see Campbell score. Got 6 goals from a curtailed season last time and he's got us the lead tonight. He gets into good areas and I think its a part of his game that goes a bit unnoticed and something he can get better at as well. I did say after the first game of the season we build the team around Turnbull and Campbell....
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    Looks like the camera feed is dropping out not the actual stream. Pretty annoying though
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    Lack of any quality whatsoever in the full back area is completely nullifying any form of possession football from us in the midfield.
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    That's coz Long is playing fuckin right wing for some reason. I'm a Robinson fan but this is madness. Grimmy is a makeshift right back. Long isn't a right winger. Play players in their fuckin positions!
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    I think this is rubbish from MFC, Complete & utter rubbish.
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    Watt is most definitely not a full back.
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    Doing my tits in. Bought a season ticket Monday. How the hell am I meant to see the game? Asks me my username. I don't have one. I've registered still no idea my username. Say forgot password and instead of an email address asks me my username. STUPID SYSTEM!!!
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    Let's hope scoring against your old team works in our favour for a change.
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    Least handsome in a boy band? What's the proper analogy for the weakest guy in a particularly strong team?
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    Shannon was under-appreciated. Steady, not flashy. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Fuck coefficients and fuck seedings. Get the names in a hat and draw them out. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    I see that the results in Europe this week means Scotland is now guaranteed to be ranked in the top 15 in the coefficient table for the 21/22 season. That means there are 5 European spots to play for in this campaign.
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    Jesus wept..... Adam Livingstone. I don't recall him being particularly impressive when he made his cameo appearances and was Robinson not in fact quite scathing of his lack of fitness? He's hardly going to have improved since then especially now that he is without a club.
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    Robinson says we need short term cover at left back. Would have thought obvious solution would have been Adam Livingstone, don't think he has a club.
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    I dont like being negative. And its more frustration than negativity! I actually believe we have a very decent team, but unfortunately weve contrived (mainly by the Manager) to cut our own throats. 7 billion people in the world, all except our fucking manager, can see Chris Long is never a lone striker in a million years, but we will see him back in that position tomo nite. Incidentally the same situation with only Robinson seeing Grimshaw as a professional footballer! Tony Watt was fantastic the season he played for St Johnstone as TM, he could hold the ball up, link with the midfield etc, but he is warming our bench or getting cameos on the fucking wing. Hastie blew into the team as an inverted winger (cutting in on his good foot from the opposite wing) but he has been fucking awful recently, so why not try him on the left where he can at least run on the outside and beat defenders with his pace? We all know how Livvy will line up, and everyone knows they will sit in. Unfortunately we also know Robinson will not admit he is wrong and "go again" with the same ridiculous tactics and team and for the life of me I just cant see how we will break them down with how we are playing at the moment

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