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    Anyone able to put me back in a medically induced coma for another 10 weeks? Cheers
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    Some of the maddest out of the box ideas are often the best. This isn't one of them.
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    I’ve seen the fitness thing come up a few times since the manager said it, so just for the sake of accuracy... The allusion to a lack of fitness came after the Celtic game when Adam took cramp 60 mins after coming on. However, he had played a reserves game 48 hours earlier and had been included in a full first team training session the day before the Celtic game when the normal procedure would have been a recovery session the day after playing. The manager had forgotten this when he made his comment, but then he did have a lot on his mind in the immediate aftermath of that game. It was ironic, though, as Adam was considered one of the fittest players at the club. Much as I (and he) would be overjoyed to see him in a Motherwell strip again right now, he needs to be somewhere where he’ll get a run of games for the sake of his career.
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    I don’t like having a pop at players but Grimmy is really limited , he just seems to run the direction he’s facing.....if he’s playing defence he’s got to keep switched on , too many goals coming down the right
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    Yes and no. We all are aware that Grimmy is fit and can run all day. But his defensive abilities and awareness are very poor. And costing us goals in every other game. If I had to choose I would pick a right back that would stop us conceding goals than one that is competent going forward. We have 9 other players on the park that could help us go on the front foot.
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    Not a very streetwise handball from Lamie so soon after taking the lead in a tight game. Hopefully we can bring in a fullback or two. Injuries have been cruel to us but Hartley and Tait would have both started for us last night and the team looks to be lacking leadership.
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    I really don’t think White has been that bad , unlucky not to have bagged a couple of goals between Sat and last night...problem for me is Long , takes too many touches, even Campbell’s goal came from him losing the ball . There was also a breakaway in 2 nd half where he lost it rather than pass. The fact Robbo said about players looking for a move makes me think he’s got to be one of the players singled out.
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    Just a thought, where is all this money coming from for all these new signings, plus as earlier giving contracts to players who are crocked??
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    I never said which day. #ITK
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    In the know, without know it...
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    I assume the O’Donnell thing is all speculation? Play him at right back and move Grimmy to left back? have we actually signed another player?
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    Stephen kingsley would be my shout for left back,done well up here,before playing at a decent level down south,though I'm sure he would be after something more than the short term deal we would most likely be offering.
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    Turning to LB I think we would all agree that until Mc Ginley and Carroll return ( perhaps as late as October) we are in the grubber. Seriously, we could be facing getting cut adrift as clubs exploit this glaring weakness plus we could be out of Europe toot sweet. Desperate situations therefore require desperate measures. On the clear understanding that he is physically fit and is injury free and that he would need time to get up to speed , would it be that outrageous to consider the re registering of Stevie Hammell as a stop gap?? Think about it. Stevie is 38, only retired just over 2 years ago, knows the system and wouldn't cost a penny. Also , he wouldn't be anywhere near the oldest player to play in the premier League. Davie Weir springs first to mind. Just putting it out there.
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    When folk use that term, they don't necessarily mean the players have stopped trying. It can mean a whole host of things. Players might lose trust in the managers decisions / tactics so revert to their own ideas because they think they know better. That puts the game plan out the window. They might stop being as receptive in training. As soon as doubt sets in about the manager's game plan then that's a huge problem. Sounds like drivel, but there's also an extra level of performance and effort that can only be found in the mind. That's why sports psychology is so huge now. A happy dressing room playing for the manager will always be able to tap into an extra 5% for every sprint and tackle. Cohesive squads with a leader on the sideline won't be beaten until the final whistle. If all you've got is arguing from the 80th minute then the games done. You could also have cliques forming in the squad. A divided squad off the field is rarely coherent on the field. If the manager isn't in control of all that then it's a massive problem. There's a tipping point where it's impossible for him to get that control back - the mistrust in his tactics is too ingrained in the squad, or the disagreements too deep. That's what losing the dressing room means.
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    Oh Big Peter 5,where are you, people say you had lost a bit of pace but by god you would have kicked a few arses in the last 3 games and got it organised. It's plain to see that Declan isn't the same without his big pal beside him, if we have to keep Bevis in the defense then I really worry, 2 Yr contract why!!. Money was spent early, but this habit we have of keeping on injured players needs to stop, sorry but we're in a pandemic shit happens can't give you a contract.
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    Robinson is right , we are playing with 7 players at the moment but this is down to the formation and team selection that he's picking. A 4-3-3 should enable attractive football, with loads of crosses into the box BUT There's no width on either side , which means we lose out on 4 players who can hurt teams. We have a makeshift right back that can't get up and down the flanks and there's no winger to pick up with. The opposition don't need to worry about defending this side of the pitch. On the left we have no left back (due to injury) and any winger we've played in this position is right footed, which means he'll cut inside, so the opposing teams don't need to defend any side of the pitch. Until we have wingbacks and wingers on both sides (on their natural foot) we'll have an issue, unless we change our current formation and put the ball on the deck and play through teams. With Turnbull, Ohara, Campbell, Long, Lang, Watt we have plenty of decent footballers. Given our lack of wingbacks for now the better option would be to drop the 4-3-3 as is and play more of a diamond .
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    On the topic of Long what was Robinson expecting? He scored two good goals apiece against Hearts and Accies and one against St Mirren. The two Accies goals were great finishes after a dribble but any half decent team doesn't allow him to get the shot off. The Hearts goals were both good finishes but it's against the relegated team. The St Mirren goal was a great finish in a game that petered out. Other than that he got the rub of the green from goalie errors against St Johnstone and Livi and scored his hat trick against Dundee who are utter shite. As soon as Cole left he was found out in his inability to lead the line and his attitude was shocking with stupid yellow and red cards which let us down badly. Despite that we put up a billboard for the guy when he reluctantly returned to Fir Park and seemed to have started the season with an expectation that he is a different player from the one who made 31 appearances last season. I read on P&B he is averaging 15 touches of the ball per game and as a comparison Lyndon Dykes had 53 last night. Just like having Grimmy as first choice right back Robinson thinking we can rely on Long to be our main centre forward and make top 6 is utter madness. People are saying what's happened to Long but the likelihood is he'll score against Accies and either St Mirren or St Johnstone in this round of fixtures and he'll have done exactly what he produced last season.
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    Thank you for sharing Adam's side of the story. The truth, as always, is probably somewhere in between. I still don't see him being the answer to our current full back predicament.
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    Probably means while they’re here , they should put a shift in ? Then the move may come
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    It is not like he did not know Long is a difficult character or moody at best. I actually thought he was a decent re-signing but he would need to apply himself. He actually did better defensively than in attack. Bevis was actually decent tonight. Not great but a better performance than v United. Gallagher does look as if he has gone backwards a little. Maybe he is injured. We were fairly decent going from midfield forward last season but that has disappeared. Robinson has a habit of turning things around. We need that to happen as soon as. At least he has had a go at a few players who clearly need a kick up the backside. I think most of them believed the pre season hype about how good we are or were going to be. At least we scored 2 and did not lose but I actually feel 2nd half v Ross County was better than last Saturday or tonight. Only Hibs away up next. In saying that we generally lose at Easter Rd when we are going well. Here is hoping we can turn that on it’s head. But no way Hibs are not going to score 2-3 goals and that means Nil points and 1 from 12 :-(
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    I don't think Long is absolutely terrible but I don't think he's been great either. Yet even though he didn't want to be here and didn't set the heather on fire I think it's rather strange that Robinson went back out there and brought him back. I'd have thought he might think he could bring in someone at least as good, if not better. I mean, he must know he doesn't fit into his preferred formation, right? They are different types of players of course, but presumably ourselves and Livingston have scouted the Championship last season and they have brought in Forrest and we've brought in White. That sets off some alarm bells for me.
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    Yip I think this is an issue. I don't think we can afford to have a DM, Turnbull and Campbell and two attacking wingers. We needed someone who can play one of the wide attacking roles but also tuck in and help the midfield to give us more balance. The other massive issue is as GazzyB said you can't play any football these days without full backs who can pass and we have two atrocious footballers at fullback. Every opponent knows this and it allows them to crowd our midfield.
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    Sure it’s jock brown and Lewis irons. fed up wit the streams already, hope we can get back to being there sooner rather than later.....
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    Tony Watt must be wondering what's going on. Signed his extension early, was saying great things about the club, phoning season ticket holders, here all pre season. You can understand why Long started ahead of him in Dingwall, and maybe even again on Saturday, but when Long is shunted out wide and White is about to get 90 minutes ahead of him when he has done absolutely fuck all but fall over he's got to be wondering what the fuck is the point.

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