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    Seriously dude. Do you ever read your posts back? Your having a go at a guy for questioning how you support football, by having a go at how others support football? Ive watched Motherwell for the best part of 50 years and Ive seen plenty of turgid shite. Same with Scotland. But I dont do it to be spoiled with silky flowing football. I do it because its in my blood and its who I am. If Scotlands not for you thats fair enough, bit dont try and pretend that its because watching Motherwell is more entertaining. Its just not true.
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    For what it's worth, don't think we applied enough pressure on Celtics defence, the Joe Hart wobble showed how fragile they are at the back. Disappointed big Kev didn't start as I thought he would have been the one to pressure them. On David Turbull, terrific finish and absolute class the way he handled himself when scoring. Put some of the boo boys on here about him to shame
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    I said as much the other day, the man is an absolute cunt. A dribbling, whinging chump with a massive chip on his shoulder. The worst type of Celtic fan. Any Motherwell fan who was at the 2011 SCF and saw his behaviour that day would know what he is all about. There’s middle aged guys propping up the bar in the Railway Tavern that don’t come out with the amount of Celti-fied pish that he comes out with and yet he’s a club ambassador and regular commentator on their official channel. The arsehole’s arsehole.
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    I don’t really bother that much about international football, be that qualifiers, Euros or World Cup finals regardless of who’s in it. Obviously as a Scot if Scotland are involved then my interest increases to an extent but to nowhere near the same extent as when Motherwell are involved, in any competition. Each to their own, but I would consider Motherwell winning a League Cup group match against the likes of Annan or Stranraer as being better than Scotland winning any match in any competition.
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    I’m generally not a fan of players not celebrating scoring against their former clubs but it was a nice touch from Turnbull to keep his celebrations muted today. When you think of previous players who have moved from FP to Glasgow’a East End and their reaction to scoring against us, ie. Scott McDonald’s badge kissing and our aforementioned former Cup winning captain and his general wankishness then it was nice to see Turnbull showing a bit of class.
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    Shape or players? Bit of a chicken and the egg situation. However our midfield has been absolutely garbage in every match I've seen this season. We've had 40% or less possession in 5 out of 9 matches this season and we've averaged 38% over all the matches. I think we've been reasonable at the back, we've scored in most of our games, midfield is where the improvement needs to be.
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    Sadly I don’t think we’ll ever beat Celtic, or Rangers for that matter, ever again. We don’t have the quality, the luck or the belief that we can get these results. We might manage the token draw here and there but that will be our lot.
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    I’ll probably be in the minority but European group stage football would be far more enjoyable for me than winning a cup.
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    Were you at any of Motherwells European adventures? Plenty on them falling foul on the 'he's only here for the party and booze' rule that you invoke.
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    TBH, I'm not sure tomorrow's Ross Count vs St Mirren game will be as high quality as last week's UEFA Nations League semis - both of which were world class entertainment.
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    Wasnt talking shite or slagging off or have ever worn kilt cat boots etc or in tartan army. I'll leave it at my 1st point. That is majority of football fans love seeing their national team do well . Your obviously the uber well fan and well done you but it's you that talks load of shite. I love both personally and have nothing in common with the so called tartan army other than being Scottish and wanting a team that I am associated with from heritage doing well.
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    To be fair, he is now a celtic player so is hardly going to celebrate like victor Meldrew, I just thought it was nice touch of class not to run about mad after scoring
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    Big Bevis. Our top performer this season but I'd put him back to right back bring in big Sol and give SOD some time on the bench.
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    Plus one……..the manager’s” dream” of beating Celtic at home with Woolery and Robert’s up front gave me more of the fear than Gollum as referee…along with a midfield that forgot to tackle ……these turgid tactics everybody behind the ball with no out ball will work against the majority of the SPL..but letting Celtic dictate the game was never going to work..the only weak spot they have we surrendered……..pish poor Celtic team there for the taking…………..But we will move on etc etc total pish edit Not very good at shutting down
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    I love Grimmies effort - my issue is I don’t believe he works as 3 man midfield - we’d need players who can hold and pass to make that work. He simply isn’t capable . he could work as part of a 4 man midfield
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    Just back from the game, we offered nothing and got what we deserved ie nothing, but that said Kelly was well at fault For the 1st goal and could do nothing about Turnbulls goal, that was a beauty but apart from that he never had a serious save to make. For all Celtics possession they created very few if any serious chances they were average at best but we never pressed or tested them so we could have done a lot better, we gave them an easy ride. Not saying we would have got anything from the game, but we never tested their suspect defence and for me that's the disappointing thing. But we are still top six and only six points off the top so it's going well.
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    I just don’t get the Grimmy negativity on here and In the stands . Clearly not the most gifted player in the world but works his socks off and doesn’t hide . Can’t say the same for our captain - not just today but on many occasions. His positional sense when defending is naive at best and his negativity whilst in possession is shocking. He cheats his team mates tucking in behind their player to hide so he can’t receive the ball. As for the defence being great and midfield pish this season - the defence have been 4 v 1 or 4v 2 all season with a complete reluctance from any of them to push on and help the midfield ( although this may be under managers instruction not to) our midfield has been outnumbered every game by one or two players in every match - today looked worse due to the quality of the opponent and a complete lack of desire and knowledge on the part of the front 3. Was Tony Wart injured today or could he just not be arsed? The players we have especially defensively would suit 352 set up.
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    433 will work for certain games but today and places like tynecastle it just isnt the answer,we can't afford to give the better teams in the league the freedom of the middle of the park,I get we've done it all season gave up possession but the better teams will ultimately punish us.
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    Never laid a glove on them,disappointing especially at home
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    Need need to change tactics we don't have the players for 4-3-3 , DT gave Slattery and Goss a football lesson but of course they are only journeymen and showed that today . A real poor performance no belief in themselves against a poor Celtic defence , the midfield Goss especially didn't look fit and Woolery didn't look interested although Roberts wasn't much better .Just as well we have points on the board but it's going to be a long season on that performance
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    didn't expect much from today but in all honesty this season has been poor to watch - it's just much easier to accept when we win. We continue to let teams dominate us and have far too many shots on goal.
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    Pretty toothless and anaemic performance today but what's really disappointing is how Celtic were obviously honking across the back four and the goalkeeper and we've not managed to create a single real chance or make Hart make a save worth the name. I thought we started the better team but even when we got down the sides we were aiming at one shirt in the box. Woolery and Roberts don't really cut inside off the ball like say Jamie Murphy did and therefore we didn't really have bodies in the box when a couple of decent balls went across the Celtic box. After about 10 minutes Celtic started to come more into it and the goal was coming when it came. After that we were pretty much a deflated bouncy castle. Celtic deserved to win but I didn't think they were really up to much either.
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    Were going to lose to a better side but our approach to this game has been shocking,there's real issues for us that still persist in midfield and front three.
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    Van Veen looks a likely candidate. Got booked for giving Collum abuse in the Dundee game and he was only a sub then....
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    Lucrative? Yes. Enjoyable? No. If you would enjoy us getting a skelping off the likes of Dinamo Zagreb and Genk more than us winning a cup, I worry about you...
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    The best thing Bowman ever done was elbow that clown in the chops
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    Completely agree, the Euros/World Cup is absolutely not 'turgid shite', as Weeyin has pointed out it's the St Mirren vs Ross County's of this world that would make your eyes bleed. Also, England being 1-0 up at home against Italy after 3 minutes of a major final and eventually losing on penalties after being ahead in the shoot out isn't entertaining?!? It's one of the most entertaining things I've ever seen!
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    So if you support Motherwell but don't follow the national team or particularly care if they win or lose your not interested in football, don't talk shite. Unless your French, Belgian, German,Spanish, English, Italian, Brazilian or any other top side, most international football is turgid shite and not worth watching which is exactly the category the Scotland game fell into on Wednesday. Club football is more exciting, and entertaining than the predictable dross served up every 2 years or so for Euro or World Cup qualifying. So if you want to wear your kilt, cat boots and a daft Tartan hat and follow Scotland and Motherwell then go for it but don't slag off or talk shite about those football fans who are not interested in all the Tartan Army stuff.
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    Depends on your generation, I suppose, but as someone who grew up watching Scotland play in the 1974 finals and many more after that, I like to see Scotland do well. There used to be nothing better than a full crowd at Hampden for a qualifier, and our home record was excellent. When the team was doing well, there was the same kind of buzz across the country that there is across Motherwell when we are on a good cup run. The start of our downfall was the Bosman era. Combined with things like S-Form signings being abandoned, clubs just started bringing in lots of cheap alternatives from overseas and paid little attention to development of home grown players. When Scotland were doing well, we always had a sprinkling of world class players who were playing regularly in the top European competitions. Then we went through a couple of decades where we didn't produce one. We have a stronger squad now, but when the rot sets in, it's difficult to turn around. At least when the rot sets in at a club, a new manager can bring in different players and work with them on a daily basis to change things - and even then success rates aren't high. When the rot sets in at international level, a new manager doesn't have the luxury of a different pool of players, and a lot of the better ones don't want to play because of the damage it does to their prospects. The Bosman impact has slowly reduced the past few years and its no surprise that we are starting to see a better level of home grown talent. We actually have international class footballers in the team again, including guys like Robertson who have won the Champions League. Steve Clarke was never going to turn us into a free flowing clone of the Spanish national team, but he always had a good chance of changing the mentality of the players and finding a way to make us difficult to beat. Same as he did at Kilmarnock. It's taken a while, because the international team setup was rotten to the core, but he gets nothing but my admiration for taking the players that we had to the Euros. I agree we only played one decent game out of our three, but it's a learning experience. Euros are a step up, and it's a whole new experience trying to get out a of group. This isn't like the club competitions where if you get knocked out a Champions League qualifier you get into the Europa Cup with multiple chances. Scotland have had better teams with better players and had better results and still not managed to get out of their group. (In 1974 we were the first team ever in the World Cup to go undefeated and not make it out of the group stages). So I'm delighted we have an international team that is at least competitive again. Even more important is that players want to get selected again, and that has a knock on effect at club level. Liam Kelly said one of the reasons he came back to Fir Park was the hope of international recognition, so even if fans don't care as much about that, it was to our benefit as a club. Of course, the domestic game is the bread and butter, and even after some classic nights at Hampden you often hear "back to to real games on Saturday" - but when you have a competitive international side, it can be an entertaining distraction. My biggest complaint is the international breaks in the league campaign, but those would happen regardless of how well or poorly the Scotland team is performing.
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    Fukn hell you sound like one of the religious bigots . If your a football fan and dont enjoy watching your country succeed and win then I'd suggest your not a football fan. Dont try and explain as it does not wash. Scotland doing well brings a sense of joy to all us motherwell football fans.
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    Is there a separate row for Callum Slattery?

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