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    I don't understand why we're talking about O'Donnell as if he's some inconsistent roll of the dice type signing? He's the club captain, Scottish internationalist and pretty much a mainstay if he's fit. His inclusion isn't up for debate if he's fit and available I don't think.
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    Piffle. His positioning and reading of the game was poor and made the decision for them and left Kelly exposed. How much Kelly’s positioning was affected by that he’ll know.
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    No one said fans couldn't have opinions, did they? My opinion is that he's the club captain, a player with international experience, and that talk of dropping him in favour of a centre back is ridiculous. He's far from perfect, but very few at our club are. Otherwise, they likely wouldn't be at our club. Sorry to say, but there's no one in our squad who'd have stopped Jota scoring that. Sometimes we just need to hold our hands up and say "well, we got turned over by a player of superior quality." Jota's turn of pace took O'Donnell by surprise, that's for sure, but there was next to nothing he could have done about that. We were undone by two class finishes at the weekend. Coincidentally, I watched O'Donnell in the first half do a quite admirable job of containing that young lad. The thought of him going up against Mugabi down that flank gives me the fear.
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    Firstly David, it's a discussion forum and fans will always have different opinions on players. That's life. I and a few others it would seem have concerns about his performances in claret and amber. Even at our level he's cost us a few goals and made more than his share of mistakes (yes, no one is perfect). Last Saturday's defending for Celtic's first goal was not what you expect from an experienced defender. Status means nothing during 90 minutes on the pitch. It's what you do that matters. He seems to be a model pro off the pitch and conducts himself well. No doubt GA knows him far better than we do and he's the manager, but that doesn't prevent fans from having opinions.
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    The only way I would be playing O'Donnell in terms of giving the guy a chance would be to change formation to a 3-5-2 (0r 5-3-2) dependant on attack/defence. Kelly Sondre, Ojala, Mugabi O'Donnell, Slattery, Goss, Donnelly, Carroll, Watt, Van Veen Accomodating this make us more solid in midfield - but completely lacks width. Would be dull and not much fun, but may get results.
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    Clear agenda, we got the throw in
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    I dont remember SOD being as good as average any time I have seen him.
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    I would absolutely get O’Donnell out of the first team, that’s for starters. O’Hara in the middle may well be a decent shout KVV needs to start.
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    I agree about switching Mugabi for O'Donnell. At least give it a try.
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    Kelly Mugabi Sondre/Lamie if he’s not fit Ojala Carroll Goss Slattery Donnelly/O’Hara Woollery Van Veen Watt That is our best team right now. Play it and 2-0 to us. Play O’Donnell, Grimmy, McGinley and put KVV out the left and we won’t win.
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    Seriously dude. Do you ever read your posts back? Your having a go at a guy for questioning how you support football, by having a go at how others support football? Ive watched Motherwell for the best part of 50 years and Ive seen plenty of turgid shite. Same with Scotland. But I dont do it to be spoiled with silky flowing football. I do it because its in my blood and its who I am. If Scotlands not for you thats fair enough, bit dont try and pretend that its because watching Motherwell is more entertaining. Its just not true.

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