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    A few on here have suggested we should go 352, I tend to agree, as at the moment we play virtually nothing through midfield, and this might help us get some possession there. We are punting long balls virtually all the time, and get very little second ball. But one thing is certain (I hope I'm wrong) this manager will not change his tactics. It will be 433, we will continue with the 2 man corners. So disappointed that he cannot change and tries to tell us that Saturday was the best the team had played in the first half.
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    He got ripped apart against Celtic as those in front of him showed no support whatsoever. I think if we stick with the 4-3-3 and Carroll takes McGinley’s place then the formers poor defending will be worse for us and see us exposed even more down that side. For me Carroll should only come in we move to a 3-5-2. Bar his display yesterday I think McGinley has done a reasonable job in the back 4 but he’s an easy target for criticism.
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    Ryan Bowman, heart scare one week hat trick the next.
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    I don’t really care who is on the pitch I would just like us to move the ball forward. Cross the ball into the middle, not back to the keeper. Thread a ball through, don’t play it back. Trust the forwards to compete for it. Free kick on the half way line, centre back to full back to goal keeper, another wasted opportunity.
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    That was a bit worrying. I mean we weren't as bad as some people are making out but the managers assessment was just as far, if not further than the truth.
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    you're right , it is fine margins but we are on the wrong end of them Past 3 games. that's why the goalkeeper and full backs need to stay switched on and we could be a few points better iff. Joe Hart had nothing to do but Siegrist and Gordon are top keepers and have made big saves against us to win games.
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    3 5 2, Kelly Ojala lamie Mugabi SOD Carroll (don't rate but not any worse than mcginley) Ohara Donnelly slattery KVV Tony
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    Tight game as anticipated and fine margins making the difference yet again. The concern for me is our style of play. Its absolutely brutal to watch. You can get away with it when you are winning, but thats 3 defeats on the bounce, so tactics and formation get way harder to defend when there is precious little entertainment on offer. Usually a big supporter of McGinley who, although limited going forward is generally a better defender than Carroll. However, his 2nd half today was very poor and his decision making has cost us a point today. Overall I didnt think we deserved to win. But the goals apart, I didnt think United troubled us that much (even though they played way more football) so I dont think we deserved to lose. I really hope GA has a rethink on how we are set up, but I wont hold my breath......
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    Absolutely. That has always been Kelly's achilles heel. He isn't suited to our current style of playing by allowing crosses into our box and then trying to deal with them.
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    That today sums up the league. Nothing between any of teams. Big difference was their keeper who is huge and comes and dominates the box so any wee dink into the box he claims whereas kelly who I like but the reason he is at us is coz he is too wee to be top class although he is up there with best in league at shotstopping. We had loads of balls into box today got a goal ruled out for a foul and a penalty for one where they only had a few and scored from 2. Both their goals a big keeper would have claimed the ball I feel and the crosser cant put it as close to goal coz he knows that will happen. Midfield today I felt were all in wrong positions. Why not goss on left grimy on right and slattery in middle. Grimmy isn't gd enough on ball to be in middle and other 2 were having to cut back all time. Ohara in middle with slattery on right and goss on left going forward I feel is worth a chance. Wooley had a couple of gd moves in 1st half. watt was busy but van veen poor although subs on up front hardly touched the ball when on. Some of our fans at game being really negative just before we equalised which yes I get their frustrated but it does wind me up and demoralised players I'd imagine. As I said nothing in game look at stats and their very even . I'm starting to think 352 might be better same as others so that if kelly cant come for cross balls then we need another defender in there to help out . Decisions Decisions.
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