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    Did he not play more or less as a centre back for Accies before moving into a midfield role with Hibs? Generally my memory of Campbell in these games was that he was generally always one that got pass marks outwith last season of course. In derby games you tend to notice the passengers when all is not going well for instance in a New Year fixture in December 2017 we were winning 1-0 cruising, Campbell was playing great and he got injured and taken off just before half time and we lost 1-3. While Hamilton did beat us a numerous times, Gogic always seemed to be a player we got some joy from as he was quite erratic, the Scott McMann own goal game Gogic had a stinker and not to mention the game where Hastie, Turnbull and Ariyibi had them on toast and we were 3-0 up after 30 odd minutes and he was hooked at half time as he couldn't cope. Just looking at the head to head record when the players actually played against each other in the matchday squad, Gogic didn't come out on top often at all, they met in 8 fixtures where Campbell won 5, Gogic 2 (one being the tie above where Campbell went off injured at 1-0 up) and one draw.
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    Income tax!! He plays for Rangers Dave, they probably run special tax dodging classes after training
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    Nice try by your mate trying to throw off the scouts! The few times I've seen him play he's looked decent, but how that would translate to the Premiership is always the big question. I think he's firmly in the "might have some potential" camp right now.
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    He played holding midfielder in period I was thinking of, season 19/20. Appreciate the research, the team coming out on top wasn’t my point. I’d doubt I was the only one who came away from those fixtures reckoning Gogic bossed Campbell.
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    Whilst I’m not convinced of any current link to ourselves, I’ll put my tin hat on as his stoating about the pitch like a headless chicken in Lanarkshire derbies had Allan Campbell in his back pocket time and again.
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    Another defensive midfielder we're apparently interested in taking is Alex Gogic from Hibs, but St Mirren and Ross County are also sniffing about. Accies fans seemed to love him but I personally thought he was Lillian Gish, I just remember Curtis Main and Gboly giving him a torrid time.
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    It seems every game gives you the fear
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    Thank god you are a fan! Mugabi has been an absolute monster at centre back in the last few games and O’Donnell has also been excellent. Leave them be!
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    Seriously, mate. Take it Compost Corner if you like, but can you keep it out the match threads?
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    I see Ojala is back to full fitness. Solid when he is fit. I would fire him straight back in with Sondre and push Mugabi to right back again. SOD can warm the bench for me. Just need a new left back in the summer
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    Can we maybe have one match thread without this nonsense?
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    As an owner of the club, I approve this signing.
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    Lawless gets a 5 - 0 pumping at Morton, obviously big Yogi doesn't play his type of football
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    Seriously yir no ma mate and the PIG started the nonsense on this thread!!!!!!
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    Not correct, fans could attend maybe limited to 500 but for u noooooo, too feart. Ican read and you have posted about Ross County game, I didn't start the word 'Horrendous' you and you chums did. As for ADULTS, quoting yir self and Wee Yin as same, was going to say, Don't Make Me Laugh, but you did. Couldn't give 2 flying Fu##s, what you and the rest of yir wee Cleek think, one a fan always a, fan, Ooooooooooh stay in there's a bug going about, gies piece. YI SAID YIR NOT GOING TO GAMES, NOW THE GOVERNMENT SAY ITS OK, YILL B THERE, TOTAL HYPOCRITICAL, either yir going or not, why should u b swayed b a Dentist, Gynaecologist or a wee women,, oh ans and by the way wee like or don't like emojis don't bother me. So support yir team or hide with yir Fearty friends, COYW.

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