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    Sorted, premium upgrade organised. Get jaked for free, but not too jaked.
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    Not as fast as you can knock any excitement out of a situation you joyless weirdo.
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    11 hours from LA to London, couple of hours wait, fly up to Glasgow, watch the game, airbnb for the night, back to London on the Sunday afternoon, crash on a mate's sofa, then a 7am flight back to LA on the Monday. Please make it worthwhile Motherwell! Safe travels to those that are coming from afar, hopefully this is our year.
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    What to you gauge as progression? 2014/15 season - 3 apperances 2015/16 season - 21 apperances 2016/17 season - 42 apperances, called up to the Scotland Under 21 team 2017/18 season - 44 apperances, Scotland U21s and now called up at an international level. When he was injured this season we went on about a 10 game losing streak. He is 21 years old and has played over 100 games for Motherwell. He must be doing something right!
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    Not to white knight Ciftci here but the version we had this season probably needs a bit of context. He's clearly not a gym bro in the same way that many of our squad are and it's fair comment to say that he's erm, not blessed with natural fitness but it's worth mentioning that Rodgers left him out of Celtic's pre-season training camp last summer, he didn't sign for Plymouth until 21st August so missed their pre-season as well given their league season started 5th August. By all accounts Adams signed him for Plymouth and had no idea what to do with him. He picked up an injury playing for Plymouth's u20s in mid-October and his spell with them amounted to 8 appearances and 537 mins of first team football in 6 months. When he signed for us he had 19 minutes of football since mid-September. His two loan spells previous to Plymouth amounted to: 373 mins (Pogoń Szczecin) and 883 mins at Eskişehirspor where he had 4 goals in 12 appearances. His time and lack of opportunities as a Celtic player is pretty well documented. So the upshot of that is you're talking about a player who hasn't had regular first team football since he left United in July 2015. So, that's a player who arrived at Fir Park with no pre-season to speak of save kicking about with Celtic's u20s last summer and has had no regular first team football for going on 3 years. It's probably fair to say that his fitness would have been a pretty low base when he arrived (and probably still is as a result). The St Johnstone game earlier in the month was his first start for us since the end of February (so going on 2 months). The "fat Turkish waiter" shouts were still with him at United but I don't think anyone on here would deny that he was a very effective player for them. Similarly it's surely no coincidence that his best form tied in with him playing regularly and being a valued member of the squad/team. Which is presumably what Robinson is offering him if it's true that we're in for him. My take is that he's clearly a naturally talented (if not a naturally fit) footballer who needs to be playing regularly to get the best out of him. While we've got plenty players who will graft and put in a shift we don't have many gifted players around the squad and such are our resources the pool of players with natural ability who will be accessible and want to come to Fir Park is going to pretty limited and there are undoubtedly going to be caveats there. Long story short, I'm well up for us signing him.
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    If we are frustrated about our team not turning up for 15 minutes at the start of the second half, then what a huge step forward we have taken. For many a year we have had to endure Motherwell sides not turning up for the full 90 against Rangers. Robinson has to be congratulated for the change in mindset. I remember back to the League Cup game at Ibrox when Rangers were in the Championship when McCall was telling anybody that would listen how we were massive underdogs and how we would have to be at our best and they would have to have an off day, etc etc. We duly folded .3-0 was it? A total embarrassment. Was it ICT (maybe St Johnstone) who showed us how it should be done and put them out in the next round? To play with the intensity Motherwell play at for 90 minutes is a very difficult thing to do. It is particularly difficult after the body has cooled for 15 minutes in the changing room. Maybe this explains the slugginess (relatively speaking) at the start of the second half. To my mind, the real injustice about the penalty was that it was actually a fantastic bit of defending. A perfectly timed challenge under very difficult circumstances. If there had not been 5000 Rangers fans screaming for a penalty in the South Stand, we could have been talking this morning about a match winning tackle. I don't particularly blame the ref for that. A century of the Old Firm intimidating the rest of Scottish Football (and a Scottish Press that are happy to help them) at every level of the game brings these decisions about. Putting the situation in context, we have beaten Hearts, drawn with Celtic (with 10 men), drawn with Rangers at Fir Park in the last month. A cup final, and cup semi in the bag and we play the second place team in the league on Tuesday with many off us believing that we can win that game. Motherwell are performing like a top six team, in the first season for many when the top six really means something. We are going to fall short of that target but only just. I can forgive them a slack 15 mins. Maybe the next step in the progression of the team is that they can play with that level of intensity for 90 minutes and on a regular basis.
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    I have been a member of this website for many years, and I have read through a whole lot of shite in that time, but an isolated screenshot from the highlights showing two players temporarily not moving with a comment of "FUCK SAKE WHY AREN'T THEY RUNNING?!" has to be quite literally the worst post I've ever read in the history of SteelmenOnline. Impressive.
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    I'd rather lose the cup than be a celtic fan.
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    Was able to go back to bed after the final whistle. Probably did me good to get a couple of hours sleep. Disappointed with the way it went obviously. Unfortunately we lost goals at bad times and the game was pretty much over when the second one went in. Cannot agree with anyone putting the boot into McHugh. The guy looked utterly dejected. At our level you win as a team and you lose as a team. Also felt that, while we did improve when Bigi came on, he benefitted from the state of the game at the time. Celtic had taken the foot off the gas and the midfield opened up nicely for him to show his abilities. Absolutely no guarantee that he could have done that from the outset. Cannot fault them on effort and attitude. as I sat watching, alone in the dark at 2am on a cold Kiwi morning, trying to ignore the shite commentary on BEIN sport’s covera, I was sure I heard the applause at 19 minutes for the lad who passed away a day or so before the final. I felt a shiver down my spine and stood for a moment, holding my late father’s scarf just a little tighter. At the end of the game, watching their players and support celebrate, I immediately realised that I could never support a team like that. If you are a Motherwell fan, you are in it for the long haul. No religion, no politics, no “we won and that makes me better than you because you lost”. Just a sense of the place from where we or our families came from and a love of the game and trying to play it the right way. Today my team gave their all and behaved with dignity when it wasn’t enough to win the prize. I can live with that. And so the story continues.
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    It's better than Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants, but not as good as Definitely Maybe.
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    If Cedirc ever means to intentionally hurt someone, they'd know all about it.
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    There are lots of different elements to the discussion. Celtic's dominance is often cast up as an apparent example of how poor our league is but it's not like we're alone here in having a supremely dominant side. I mean what are we up to in Italy now? Seven successive Serie A titles for Juventus? It's been something like 5 out of the last 6 in France have been won by PSG, not to mention a treble this season. Porto and Benfica have carved it up between them both for about the last 20 years. Basel were only just pipped from making in 9 in succession in Switzerland. Despite what you are lead to believe things aren't significantly different in Scotland to a number of other European leagues in terms of dominance and predictability of winner. There is a whole separate debate to be had about the actual quality of the football on display in Scotland but for excitement, drama and at times sheer farce Scottish football is great. The league set up is such as that in every division you will generally have very few teams that don't have something to play for as you head towards the end of a season. The battle for second place and the European places and at the bottom end looks like it will be as competitive as ever. The Championship has about 4 or 5 teams that could realistically put in a challenge for promotion. There are lower league sides that historically have performed at higher levels like Airdrie and Clyde are positioning themselves for challenges to take a step back up and the likes of Cowdenbeath (and perhaps Hamilton to a lesser extent) doggedly defying the odds again and again to just stand still. There are stories of interest right, plots and sub-plots across all the divisions, you just sometimes have to get beyond the slavish devotion to the Old Firm that you get from a lot in the mainstream media to get a flavour of them. We also obviously suffer from the geographical proximity and the gulf in size compared to our southern neighbours. How many times have you been scoffed at by English fans for only having 4000 fans or whatever. The reality is of course is that per head of population our top division is one of the best supported in Europe. That us playing Celtic is the equivalent of somebody like Rochdale or Oldham making the FA Cup Final. But that doesn't make for as good a piss take does it and the "small fry" nature of our league gets reinforced time and time again. UEFA's influence? That's a bit more tricky. The money involved undoubtedly helps Celtic get further and further away with each passing season and it would be absolutely lovely if one of us were able to deny them a third successive treble. There is no doubt Europe can be a significant benefit to them. But by the same token the Champions League and Europa League's relevance to Scottish football almost seems to lessen each year. Few make it very far and at times it actually feels a bit like a World Cup or European Championship where because you've so little involvement after the early rounds that you can almost view it from a detatched perspective and enjoy the competitions for what they are. All things considered, I'm pretty comfortable with what Scottish football is all about. By God there's lots that can be improved upon, issues that need to be tackled and what not but following the League Cup draw the other night, the anticipation of new signings, new strips, new scoreboard and the announcement of friendlies to come my appetite has already been whetted for the new season to come.
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    That Connor Sammon shout will take some topping, even this early in the close season.
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    Club Brugge had this away last season and it would look good in C&A A very rough mock up...
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    Motherwell kabaddi formation 18/19
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    Hello everyone. Grant Russell, communications manager at the club, here. Sorry if any of you haven't had your codes to renew your season tickets through yet. The transition to Ticketmaster saw us bring across our existing season ticket database and then send out an email to everyone we had email addresses for, which was about 80% of our database. We've now followed this up after the cup final with letters to those of you we don't have an email address for. If anyone is still waiting on a code, please don't hesitate to send us an email at [email protected], send us a message on Facebook or send a DM on Twitter. We've opened up as many lines of communication as possible in the last few months to make us more accessible and answer any questions or queries you have as quickly as possible. We're always looking to improve how we communicate, and I'm always open to any ideas you've got as well. Feel free to get in touch any time!
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    We are talking about one single game. There have been other times this season when Campbell or Grimshaw have made way first. I don't think anybody would argue that McHugh played well on Saturday but it is only one game. I would agree that McHugh has struggled in the second half of this season at times but he has still made a massive contribution to the cause. What interests me is that when fans look for a little bit of loyalty from players they don't see the need to reciprocate. For me McHugh has encapsulated the fighting spirit of the team this season. He puts his head and body where it hurts for the cause. He has flung himself into his duties as team captain both on and off the pitch and has played no small part in cultivated the togetherness that is apparent within the squad. I watched an interview where Tanner singled out McHugh as being of great support during his injury spell. Maybe he is just burnt out at the end of a long hard season. For me he deserves our support and that some are looking for him to be cast out after a poor cup final performance is a bit disappointing.
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    Leave politics out of it. The well has been poisoned already by the Ugly Sisters. Scottish football is the worse for it, and has been so for yonks. For those who have chosen to disparage MFC on here today, I have seen far more talented teams (from 1962 onwards) who have never even sniffed a SCF, so think again, Poindexters. We have a young manager and a young squad who will learn much from today: I've bought my season and am looking forward to next season already, damn my happy-clapper hide. Our trolls can swivel, imho.
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    FFS it's a bad game 1 and the pant wetting from the usual suspects is at Tsunami levels, injuries to key players, selling defenders and starting the season away to a very good free scoring team what do people expect. So we are bottom after game 1 if it the same story in January then panic, but for now wring yer knickers out and calm down.
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    A post like that deserves rebuke. Well beaten today no doubt but gulf in wages and resources is huge. Not a happy clapper just a realist. Love my team and proud of what we have achieved this season.
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    Because I work for them and I'll see about getting you an upgrade since you're making an epic journey. Give me the flight number and I'll check who the captain and cabin manager is
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    I'd prefer it if we got a couple of million for Carson and Hartlepool's cut kept them afloat.

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