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    I’m his son actually. The generosity of people has brought me to tears a couple of times this week. His funeral is on Wednesday 18th September at 10am at the Linn Crematorium. I’m making it my target to get to the Ross County game as the big man would be furious if I missed a game at Fir Park.
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    Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I just wanted to say that the McGrillen family deserve the greatest respect for what they are doing to mark the tenth anniversary of the untimely and tragic passing of Paul. I can only wonder at the strength required to make such a video. Best wishes to them and hopefully it all helps just a little.
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    Couple of things about this signing. He can play across the front three so maybe not necessarily planned to be the central striker. His record of 2 goals in 17 for Blackpool looks poor until you consider only he only started 8 of those games. Louis Moult was signed from non league. Ojaama had a checkered career before coming here. Scott McDonald was one unsuccessful trial away from flying back to Australia. Sometimes players just need the right environment. In short, give the guy a fucking chance...
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    Delighted that our new accessible toilet block will be open for 'business' on Saturday!A lot of time and effort has went into fundraising and planning to allow this to happen and we would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved from the DSA, the club, the fans who have donated £££ and in particular would like to say a massive thank you to Davie from Frasers Plumbing and Heating for seeing this project through from an empty portacabin to what it is today. He has given up so much of his time to help us out and project manage this, while encouraging local businesses to help out too. Thats what being a true Community Club is all about
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    What, you mean he's not going to Celtic? Imagine that, ya bunch of presumptuous prematurely perma-raging tits. Season ticket back on again then aye?
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    AGM time again. As ever lots of good discussion and info gleaned. Quite a long one this year as things got quite detailed on one or two points. Jim McMahon spoke of as positive a situation in a while. A "normal" situation. At worst case the club are in a position to finish tenth, have no player sales, have no cup runs and be able to knock back bids and still be able to cope with a loss for a year or so. Happily things are much more rosy than that the worst case next year will be a cash neutral position. The importance of staying up is the key risk going forward. Dundee Utd and their lost millions were cited but later Alan Burrows spoke of the potential to come in the form of increased TV revenue and the fall out from the new UEFA competition and through solidarity payments. The phrase transformational was used. There may also be consequences to domestic football to accommodate the changing shape of European football with potentially less domestic top flight league fans and no cup replays some possible outcomes. Looking ahead the club are keen to do something to improve training facilities with Stephen Robinson mentioning plans and ideas that had been considered. The club still want to get to a safe point where they have two "bad seasons" worth of finance to cover them for eventualities although they acknowledge the stadium still remains something that could unexpectedly eat into finances. Well Society input amounts to around £180k a year currently. On David Turnbull the club turned numerous bids until the point was reached where they felt it irresponsible not to accept the offer from Celtic knowing how much that could set the club up. They believe it was right to accept and they got the best deal. No timescales for his return but seeing a specialist to step things up further and he will go to Tenerife on the break. Positive talks about extending his contract between player, agent and club. Hopefully good news soon. No reason why he can't return to previous levels. Robinson quipped he was never fast to begin with so even if he does lose pace... Budget was increased after review over last year but still srcond/third lowest in league. Robinson knows the parameters and what the club is about. Gallagher, Seedorf and Polworth all knocked back better terms to come. Club have gained a rep for providing a platform to improve and develop players for next career move. Potential for one outgoing and one or two arrivals at the break. Investment made in staff too. Conscious that vultures swooping on staff as well as players. Hastie situation resolved amicably with a sell on included. Cadden not so. Anticipated to run for some time yet. An example given of Kidderminster who believed they were entitled to a portion of Marvin Johnson's sell on from Oxford two years ago. Dundee likely to £15/£10/£5 not confirmed but they seem to have talked around Dundee who wanted to charge more. Sloth was raised. Answer simply that not doing enough to get ahead of others to get in the team. Surprised at Manzinga progress not anticipated to be making in roads as early. Some youngsters nearly ready for inclusion but stressed players are ready at different stages. Some will be in and out at different stages. Banner incidents at both Hearts and Rangers games discussed. Games may be played during Qatar World Cup after Group stages concluded. Winter break likely to be brought forward to coincide with groups. One or two bits more to follow in due course...
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    Presume he handpicked Dundee for a return given his record against them!
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    You are of course entirely entitled to your opinion, just like every other poster. In that vein then, and just for what it’s worth, my opinion is that you should fuck off.
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    I had a feeling it was you guys as a few of my mates were saying a couple of guys were there with Motherwell scarves. Never noticed you as my head is absolutely up my backside today. We all thought there would be a decent turnout but I wasn’t expecting 400+. A fitting send off for the big man. I’ll be there on Saturday. The big man wouldn’t let me have it any other way.
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    It's Stephen Robinson.
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    Did he sit with the rest of the squad on the plane or was he kinda near them but with his bird and wearing civvies?
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    The stick dished out to Sherwin Seedorf from some on this site is ridiculously OTT and totally unwarranted. He's in a foreign country, only 21 years old and just starting out on his professional football career - today was only his 4th game for us (and he scored) and his 19th in all. Most people if they are totally honest, made a lot of mistakes at their work at that age - I know I did - but didn't have folk baying for them to be sacked. So FFS cut the young guy some slack and get behind him, encourage and support him.
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    We should be fully supporting anything the club can do to eliminate the weirdos that are grown adults wearing football tops at any time other than playing 5's or going to a game. Not allowing these people to buy one before their holiday has clearly been decided at board level, and should be applauded.
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    Despite the fact he was going to join Celtic I am genuinely sorry that this has happened to young David Turnbull. It must have been hell for him and his family to suffer such a disappointment and to have it reported and dragged in the media the way it was. I hope the operation is successful and that he makes a full recovery even though we will eventually have to lose him. He's only 19 so will recover quickly and with time on his side he will get his big move. I'm also glad that Motherwell stood up to Celtic in this case and let them see they were not going to be bullied or coerced by them or their sycophantic media. I'm certain David Turnbull will have the full unequivocal support of the club and us the fans and I for one wish him the speediest recovery even though as I say, we will eventually have to lose him.
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    Some of our support are absolutely miles out. David Turnbull is a Motherwell fan. He signed an extension with us to ensure the club would benefit from his sale instead of doing a Hastie. Ok he has moved to Celtic. However, he has done so in the knowledge that a couple good seasons he will move on and our club will earn another significant windfall. He will undoubtedly go on to be one of the best talents to come out of Scotland in recent years. We should be delighted that he is one of us and that he got his start at Fir Park. It wont be nice to see him come back to FirPark in the green and white. But we need to suck it up and respect what he has done for us.
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    He’s flying out to replace Seedorf 2/3rds through the camp. :p
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    That's a bold statement.
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    Griffiths confirmed. https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2017/06/21/griffiths-pens-one-year-deal/
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    I made it along on Saturday. The minutes applause had me in tears. At least my old man would have got a laugh at the most typically Motherwell performance we've put in this season.
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    Win ratio of 43.24% from 111 games, bettered only in recent times by Craig Brown (45.14 from 35 games), and Stuart McCall (45.89% from 146 games). League games only, i'd imagine including cup games would take him above both of them as he's reached the final of 50% of the cup competitions he's presided over. He's also one of only 7 Motherwell managers in history whose sides scored more than they conceded over the course of their reign, and one of only 7 whose sides won more games than they lost over their reign. So aye, Robinson oot.
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    This is far from over though - there's still Steelboy's appeal to be heard by the judge now....
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    Could be wrong, but we have only failed to score in 7 games out of 25. We are also the fourth top goalscorers in the league. So after a couple of defeats the sky has fallen in and we are rank rotten. Yes we could be better, but we also could be in hearts position. Lets just cut out the over the top reactions every time we dont win and chill.
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    I am absolutely desperate for Craig Tanner to get back to the level he once was. Not for the team, but for himself. By the commentary and media stuff he sounds like a superb guy and he thoroughly deserves it.
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    Hi there, My name is Sean. You may have seen me on the video the club put out a few weeks back: I'm new to the area and new to the club and have set myself the task of tracking down the Motherwell kits from 1991 onwards. I'm documenting my progress over on Instagram if you want to give me a follow - https://www.instagram.com/steelmansean/ Always on the lookout for kits (especially the Hummel home & away and the black Pony away kit), so give us a shout if you are willing to part with any. Likewise, if there's any kit you are trying to track down yourselves, do let me know and I'll keep an eye out! Thanks, Sean
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    Is this embarrasing or well thought out . I ll let u decide. Personally i think Burrows is doing a great job.
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    He’s our player. Bring him back so we can assess this “out of the blue” knee injury. I’m guessing our medical team are as surprised as we are. If he needs treatment, so be it. We can attend to that. If he is ok, then he is missing valuable pre season training and getting to know our new players. Or Celtic can stump up what was agreed. What’s the alternative? Agree some half arsed reduced terms deal with additional to be paid when he has played 50 and then 100 games? Cue sell on at 49 or 99 games with or possibly without a sell on fee. No thanks. Plenty of time left in this window. If Celtic really want him they will come back, now or when he proves his fitness. He is a commodity they want for future gain. And another good season for him and others will be interested. We are in the position of strength here. We should not roll over and give away our best asset in a rush of panic. Or are we that desperate for the cash? We have done our best for Turnbull in this window but maybe it’s not to be for him.... this time. We have clearly demonstrated we will let him go to advance his career, but it must be on our terms.
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    Sources close to ground crew say he made the flight.
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    Once again I am staggered by the negativity (I should not be. I have been reading this forum long enough). The reality is that we have smashed our record transfer fee out the park on a player that is only 19 years old. Why has this happened? Did we just happen to strike it lucky with Turnbull, a Motherwell fan and local lad. To a very small degree, yes because he undoubtedly has natural ability but Turnbull is a product of decisions made some years ago now by the Board and Alan Burrows to invest in youth development. He has been nurtured through a system that allows good young talent to fulfil their potential. This is something we should be congratulating the club on. My opinion is that we are ahead of most, if not all, clubs in Scotland in this regard. Stephen Craigan must take a lot of credit too. This is something we should be celebrating, not criticising. Regarding the player himself, the money involved in his move to Celtic will be life changing. He is 19 years old with huge decisions to make about his future. Let's cut him some slack and just enjoy watching him develop, knowing that he is a Motherwell produced Motherwell fan, who has come good. The hypocrites on here who would no doubt sell their Grannies for a lot less, get the chance to take the theoretical moral high ground because they have not been successful enough to be making these decisions for themselves. I think you have to have walked in Turnbull's shoes before you can start spouting forth about his decision making. Like all Motherwell fans, I will be walking out of Firpark gutted if he is scoring for fun against us next season, but that's football. Let's enjoy the benefits that the transfer money will bring, be appreciative of Motherwell's forward thinking as we enjoy watching the young players break into the first team and take some pride in watching David Turnbulls career take off if he genuinely does have the potential we all think he has.
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    How the Lyon shirt would look in C&A with the addition of a hoop.
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    25 years to the day since Davie Cooper died Still my favourite Motherwell player.
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    Thoughts and best wishes to you and the family Frazzle. Didnt know your dad but recognised his face from round Fir Park. Having lost my old man prematurely a good few years back, I will be eternally grateful to him for giving me my love of our wee diddy club. I hope you get the same comfort that I get every time I visit Fir Park. Its a shared bond that can never be broken. All the best mate.
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    Thought we were superb today! Match was a great advert for the game in Scotland. I've been watching the well for over 35 years and while admittedly my attendence at games hasnt been great over the last 10 years while bringing up the family. Between watching us beat Hamilton last week and today's game I've got my mojo back and have even managed to get my 11 year old daughter enjoying watching us. Have been keeping my eye on this board without posting for years and while we are all entitled to our opinion I must say some guys are really half glass empty to put it mildly , lets all get hehind the team and hope we can build on the last couple or results........ MON THE WELL!
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    I’ve never hated an ex player and a club captain so much than Tom Boyd. If I had my way he would never be allowed back into Fir Park ever again. That may sound harsh, but it’s how I feel.
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    I am genuinely baffled by the number of people who would seem happy to toss Gillespie aside after a rare below par performance.
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    Celtic were not allowed to start for the first 20 minutes. Gifting them their first goal changed the mood of the game completely. I thought we were excellent up until we scored. High tempo, high pressing, accuracy in the pass. Certainly signs of what could be this season. Their goal knocked the wind out of our sails and we never recovered. All the hard work was wiped out on their first attack and the players allowed it to get to them. I did not think the problem lay in our midfield three and infact I thought Donnelly, Campbell and Polworth were fantastic in the first half. The problem was more the lack of effectiveness of the much heralded new players. Too often there was no end product from Sedoorf, Hylton and Long leaving the midfield three too much to carry on their own. I am happy to give them time because those players faced a level of opposition today that they will rarely have faced in their careers. However, sadly it showed leaving the midfield three far too much ground to cover. Five shots on target and five goals from Celtic tells a story. They have a quality in their side that we can only dream of and to have Christie, Sinclair and Edouard coming off the bench when our players were visibly tiring makes a nonsense of any faint hope that they would suffer a midweek European hangover. Celtic should not be in the same league as us but the quirks of geography and political history means that they are a huge fish in a tiny pond and today it showed. Gillespie has been excellent for us so those calling for him to be replaced after one poor performance is nonsense. Certainly enough to give us hope and Hearts will be a far more reliable test of the true position of our squad at this moment in time. Finally, I think Gallacher looks a real find. He was unlucky today with the free kick and the yellow card was a nonsense but sadly I think that affected him because up until then he looked in complete control.
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    Sounds like "the amateurs" running our club refused to be steamrollered by Celtic after all. (If you hear a chewing sound in the distance, it's the sound of 100 humble pies being devoured).
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    If he’s as good as he is carrying an “ injury “ how fucking good will he be when fully fit. GET THE PRICE UP!!!!!
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    Only conclusion you can draw from this really is that David Turnbull fucking hates Celtic. Fully on board with that tbh.
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    It must be the easiest thing ever to pick holes in a Motherwell signing. Sign a youngster = unproven boooo! Sign a veteran = over the hill boooo! Sign a former player = old pals act booo! Former teams fans say he rubbish = clearly must be rubbish booo! Sign a player from a lower level = untested at this level booo! Sign a player on loan = developing other teams players booo! Ask who you think would be a better signing under the parameters = I don't know I don't get paid to find players... In all seriousness we've seen plenty come highly regarded and some at some expense and absolutely bomb. Similarly we've seen plenty unheralded who've become absolute legends for us. I'll wait and see before getting overly excited or overly critical. Sent from my FIG-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    Always the bridie, never the bride.
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    Let's look at the facts. Robinson took over from McGhee at the end of February 2017 with us sitting 10th in the league, 3 points above Accies in last place. We'd just been scudded 5-1 at home to Dundee, the latest in a run of 4 defeats on the bounce, which also included a 7-2 tanking off Aberdeen. We'd won two of our last thirteen league games. We eventually finished 9th, went out to Rangers in the 4th round of the Scottish Cup, and lost 5-0 to Celtic in the last 16 of the League Cup. In his first full season he brought in notable signings in Craig Tanner, Trevor Carson, Charles Dunne, Cedric Kipre, Liam Grimshaw, Curtis Main and Peter Hartley along with Tom Aldred on loan. We saw Allan Campbell really step up his game, and we saw Robinson hand debuts to Davie Turnbull, Liam Brown, Barry McGuire, and James Scott. Notable "duds" include Alex Fisher, Russell Griffiths, George Newell, Ellis Plummer, Deimantas Petravicius, and Stephen Hendrie on loan. We finished 7th in the league, lost 2-0 to Celtic in the Scottish Cup final, and lost by the same score to the same team in the League Cup final. That summer we sold Kipre for a reported £1 million, a player signed under Robinson on a free the previous summer. Notable signings include Mark Gillespie, Alex-Rodriguez Gorrin, as well as both Tom Aldred and Gboly Ariyibi on loan. We also saw the emergence of Jake Hastie, and Davie Turnbull really came into his own. "Duds" that year include Taylor-Sinclair, and Sammon and McCormack on loan. In his second season we finished 8th in the league, lost to Ross County in the 4th round of the Scottish Cup, and Hearts in the quarter final of the League Cup. Personally, I think he's accomplished all we really could be expecting of our manager. Pushing for top six, finishing 10th or above (which is what we budget for), his cup record is pretty decent, he's brought in one player who's netted us a million quid so far, and he's brought the youth into the side fairly consistently. Would it be nice to win a cup or finish in the top six? Aye. Should we judge a manager a failure if he doesn't accomplish either of those? I don't think that's realistic.
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    Resign Aryibi too and we could release a podcast with Tony chatting to the mercurial winger over breakfast. "Watts the story morning Gboly?"
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    I expect they're well aware they could loan us half their team and we still wouldn't take points off Rangers. So yes.
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    A very good performance today. Dominated possession of the ball but squandered a lot of chances in the first half and when they scored with their only shot on target, you could have been forgiven for thinking that it was going to be one of those days. Credit to the team in the 2nd half. They remained patient and kept playing their football. No doubt the red card was the turning point and helped us but no one could argue we had not been the better team up until that point. McIvers goal is a thing of beauty. A slow motion moment that will live long in the memory. The scenes at Big Decos winner in injury time were magnificent. All in all, a very decent days work. Left Ayrshire at 0750hrs this morning in the dark. At the time of typing it is 1908 and we are somewhere between Pitlochry and Perth. One of those rare occasions where it was worth every minute! Get those passports looked out folks!
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    The media team have rightly received great credit in recent years but fan engagement doesn’t appear to be at the centre of the current model. I appreciate I’ll be in the minority but I’ve enjoyed watching the coverage of the u20s since Erwin and Moore were banging them in. Highlights supplemented with interviews from JJ and Craigan offered an insight into the progress of likely prospects waiting to come through. Such was the engagement, it prompted me to head along to the odd game if it fell on a day off. Erwin, Moore, Cadden, Thomas, Campbell and Turnbull were much talked about before breaking into the 1st team. Now beyond Semple (primarily due to the hype at u16 level) and possibly Cornelius through word of mouth, I’m very much in the dark about who’s next in line to make an impression in the first team. The greatest insight on youth development this year was courtesy of the mfc podcast interview with Mo Ross.
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    Has he not equalled Main's tally for last season now ?
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    Got us £3.2 million minimum AND tells Selik to fek off ya cheapskate barstewards. Then gets them to put out a magnificently embarassing statement and their team captain begs him to sign . The answer is still no thanks . Three statues at least and a named stand please.
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    The same amateurs that are both publicly and within the game, the envy of clubs all over the UK? Let me assure you, these "amateurs" are the reason we still have a club at all right now, let alone one that is sustainable and profitable. Just wait and see where we go in the next few years, all thanks to the current regime.
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