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    Jesus, my eyes are burnin reading this...... thanks for the kind sentiments folks.I think what Busta did is essentially being “outed”
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    I'm not so sure it's Jake Hastie getting to the end of his contract and accepting a life changing offer from a bigger Club that continues to upset a minority. Or his outing as a fan of that Club or even celebrating joining them. I suspect it's the fact that the Club in question is Rangers that is the real issue. Otherwise why were these same folk not having a go at Darren Randolph, Michael Higdon, John Sutton, Mark Gillespie, (Chris Long?) and, going further back, Paul Lambert and Rab McKinnon? When they walked out we received £350/400k less than we got for Hastie. In other words, nothing. There are others. And , if youth is a factor, how come McKinstry is hailed as a shining example of how good our youth development is when he elects to move to a bigger Club for £225k rather than staying with us to develop his footballing career? Also, how come we celebrate our goalkeeper joining "his club"? I suspect the answer is that not one of the players I listed left us to join either Rangers or Celtic. Paul Slane anyone? Footballers of all ages have decisions to make throughout their career. Some will get it right, some less so. Credit to Hastie for having the ambition and belief to give Rangers a go at such a young age. Even more credit for having the desire to come back to us on Loan when he had other, less demanding options north and south of the border. And credit to our Management team for bringing him back despite the objections of a few fans and the supposed upset caused by the manner of his original departure. Robinson clearly thinks Hastie can help us and I for one look forward to seeing him prove the doubters wrong.
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    Maybe a wee bit of good news for a change. Thought I would check online to see if any update regards Stephen. Not from someone in the know or family, so emphasise qualified update, but I found a bit in some Far East news release covering Vietnam and surrounding area. From 5 days ago and only a brief comment. “Scottish pilot Stephen Cameron has astounded local doctors and has made great progress. Still in Vietnam but thankfully on way to recovery and did not need a lung transplant. A long way to go but improving and signs are positive.“ Great news if accurate and It seemed a legit report. SCMP Asia Desk. ..scmp.com. Fingers crossed we see him back on here soon. https://www.scmp.com/news/asia/southeast-asia/article/3088235/vietnam-british-pilot-stephen-cameron-making-miraculous
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    Right, (so as most my pals and family have pointed out) this is a bit sad but I needed to get a wee project on the go. Decided to build a scale model Fir Park out of cardboard. Got basic measurements from the googlemaps 3d model, but still had to try measure loads up from photos and scale it all down to 1/500. It's been quite cool looking at all the wee details of the stands constructions - who knew the Cooper would be a such pain in the arse to measure and build. I'm also firing in a bit of the surrounding area as the reason the main stand is only 3/4 built is a great quirk in the history of Fir Park. The place has also gone through a lot of changes and facelifts so tried to settle for mid 90's as that's when I went to my first match - think I've overdone the grubbiness on what would be newly built stands though... I'm also working on having the full thing light up including stand interiors and scratch-built floodlights, Not for everyone, but given there's not much else happening thought a few might want to see the progress.
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    Anyone able to put me back in a medically induced coma for another 10 weeks? Cheers
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    AGM time again. As ever lots of good discussion and info gleaned. Quite a long one this year as things got quite detailed on one or two points. Jim McMahon spoke of as positive a situation in a while. A "normal" situation. At worst case the club are in a position to finish tenth, have no player sales, have no cup runs and be able to knock back bids and still be able to cope with a loss for a year or so. Happily things are much more rosy than that the worst case next year will be a cash neutral position. The importance of staying up is the key risk going forward. Dundee Utd and their lost millions were cited but later Alan Burrows spoke of the potential to come in the form of increased TV revenue and the fall out from the new UEFA competition and through solidarity payments. The phrase transformational was used. There may also be consequences to domestic football to accommodate the changing shape of European football with potentially less domestic top flight league fans and no cup replays some possible outcomes. Looking ahead the club are keen to do something to improve training facilities with Stephen Robinson mentioning plans and ideas that had been considered. The club still want to get to a safe point where they have two "bad seasons" worth of finance to cover them for eventualities although they acknowledge the stadium still remains something that could unexpectedly eat into finances. Well Society input amounts to around £180k a year currently. On David Turnbull the club turned numerous bids until the point was reached where they felt it irresponsible not to accept the offer from Celtic knowing how much that could set the club up. They believe it was right to accept and they got the best deal. No timescales for his return but seeing a specialist to step things up further and he will go to Tenerife on the break. Positive talks about extending his contract between player, agent and club. Hopefully good news soon. No reason why he can't return to previous levels. Robinson quipped he was never fast to begin with so even if he does lose pace... Budget was increased after review over last year but still srcond/third lowest in league. Robinson knows the parameters and what the club is about. Gallagher, Seedorf and Polworth all knocked back better terms to come. Club have gained a rep for providing a platform to improve and develop players for next career move. Potential for one outgoing and one or two arrivals at the break. Investment made in staff too. Conscious that vultures swooping on staff as well as players. Hastie situation resolved amicably with a sell on included. Cadden not so. Anticipated to run for some time yet. An example given of Kidderminster who believed they were entitled to a portion of Marvin Johnson's sell on from Oxford two years ago. Dundee likely to £15/£10/£5 not confirmed but they seem to have talked around Dundee who wanted to charge more. Sloth was raised. Answer simply that not doing enough to get ahead of others to get in the team. Surprised at Manzinga progress not anticipated to be making in roads as early. Some youngsters nearly ready for inclusion but stressed players are ready at different stages. Some will be in and out at different stages. Banner incidents at both Hearts and Rangers games discussed. Games may be played during Qatar World Cup after Group stages concluded. Winter break likely to be brought forward to coincide with groups. One or two bits more to follow in due course...
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    You are of course entirely entitled to your opinion, just like every other poster. In that vein then, and just for what it’s worth, my opinion is that you should fuck off.
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    It's Stephen Robinson.
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    Did he sit with the rest of the squad on the plane or was he kinda near them but with his bird and wearing civvies?
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    He’s flying out to replace Seedorf 2/3rds through the camp. :p
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    Or maybe they are accountably for public health in the era of a previously unknown, highly infectious and potentially deadly virus. Football, far from being strung along, has been given significant exemptions.
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    I’m going for a 9/10 for Robbo. He came in at a difficult time and stabilised us when relegation looked likely. Two cup finals and if I remember right a top six . Then eighth place followed by this seasons third . All done by getting in players who lost there way and mixing it with players from youth . All done on a shoestring budget unlike McGhee or McCall had under Leanne Dempsters reign . Has he made mistakes . Of course but he admits it and rectified it by changing it . Probably not got the same charisma as McGhee or McCall but who cares about that . Really hope he stays for the Europa competition . Think if he gets a chance he could do ok as apparently highly rated technically . For any body out there who doesn’t rate him fair enough . Everyone is entitled to there opinion but all I would say is be careful what you wish for . Been going to FP for over 50 years now since Boddy Howitt was manager and have seen them all come and go . Many of them high profile and legends in there own heads . Robbo brings stability structure and technical knowledge as well as honesty so he’ll do for me . Would love him to be manager for foreseeable future .
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    Griffiths confirmed. https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2017/06/21/griffiths-pens-one-year-deal/
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    I made it along on Saturday. The minutes applause had me in tears. At least my old man would have got a laugh at the most typically Motherwell performance we've put in this season.
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    Sorry for the delay in an official club announcement. We will make the game available for free to season ticket holders as we promised. We just have one or two things to tie off before an official announcement. Thanks for your patience.
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    Coming home. Happy days https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-53380309
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    This is far from over though - there's still Steelboy's appeal to be heard by the judge now....
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    Could be wrong, but we have only failed to score in 7 games out of 25. We are also the fourth top goalscorers in the league. So after a couple of defeats the sky has fallen in and we are rank rotten. Yes we could be better, but we also could be in hearts position. Lets just cut out the over the top reactions every time we dont win and chill.
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    Can’t believe the amount of stick mugabi gets yes he was wrong side of player in last minute but just like Kipre in League Cup Final shocking decision to give penalty and send him off . Lammie is a Zombie and has been all season Mugabi been great last few games yet Lammie gets off Scott free if they had scored 30 seconds earlier before our 1st goal when once again Lammie went to sleep again but they missed clear header wound have been different game . Mugabi is young and coming on leeps and bounds imo so give the guy a break
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    Nice interview with Stephen on the BBC, reminding us not to take this virus lightly, he is making good progress but still a long way to go, all the best to him, he deserves it after what he has been through. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-53544345
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    Bold of you to assume there's not people on here who hate Rangers more than they like their families.
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    Happy birthday Motherwell FC
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    25 years to the day since Davie Cooper died Still my favourite Motherwell player.
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    Decent write up in the Athletic about Stuart McKinstry:
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    Robbo is under pressure and rightly so and between his body language on saturday and comments after the game,he looks like he is struggling to find the solution to our problems.granted he has got team selection and substitutions wrong already this season but the players need to be taking there share of the blame,it's there decision making that's been the real problem so far,2 idiotic decisions that led to penalties that have cost us points,grimshaw and ohara daydreaming and losing there man from cross balls has cost us points,donnollys lazy penalty and then half the team were ball watching and allowing livingston to play through us like liverpool has cost us another goal.the manager will always be the first to come under pressure but its high time our players got the finger out and started putting in some performances,were not the greatest side in the world but were much better than what we have served up so far this season.fingers crossed thursday is a turning point for us.
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    Gillespie, Tait, Carroll, Dunne, Hartley, Heneghan, Johnson, McHugh, Moult, Main, Bowman. A conceivable eleven all signed from League One and below since a director of recruitment was installed to focus on those levels. That's not including Carson, Long, Frear etc. nor Kipre who came higher up from Leicester. Not world beating sure, but enough in there from those individuals to keep the team in the division, get to two Cup Finals that were not to mention any more because we didn't win, a third place finish that seemingly doesn't really count, and helped contribute towards the club moving to a debt free position. But aye, a lot of shite. Get rid of the Director of Recruitment. Don't look for players at that level any more. Can the recruitment be smarter? Absolutely. Have there been bad signings? Definitely. But dismantling the whole set up is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. It's toys out the pram stuff. Here's another eleven. As signed by the greatest modern day manager in Motherwell's recent history, some say. Took us to third too. Kept us in the division. Even won that Cup that thirty years later they still talk of. Still managed to sign every single one of this lot though along the way. Gardiner, Sneddon, Murray, Maaskant, Jones, Shanks, Caughey, McCabe, Baker, Shepstone, McLeod
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    For me he’s a Motherwell player now and who knows may sign permanently at some stage if things go well. The past is the past and I can pretty much guarantee we will get better performances out of him if we support rather than abuse him. When we get back as supporters I will be cheering him on exactly the same as any other player.
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    Some people simply can't see through their own brand of bigotry to the reality, and the reality is we played the OF a total of 5 times last season, 2 of the 5 against Rangers, and lost them all. All of them without Hastie who will this time be available to play against Celtic. As you say, any points against the OF at any time are a bonus not an expectation. And that applies for the entire league. Calling that absolute reality a 'mentality' is absolutely mental. The OF haven't been winning the league for almost 4 decades due to a mentality among the opposition. They have been doing it because of a massive financial advantage that's as great at this time as it has ever been. Last season alone they spent over £20 million between them in the transfer market. The rest of the league combined spent a total of around 500K, Motherwell spent nothing, effectively operating in the freebie charity shop market along with everybody else compared to the OF shopping at M&S. And that's brutal reality, not a mentality problem. If the management team who just secured a 3rd place finish with only the 8th largest budget in the league think Hastie is good business then so do I. They're the experts not merely pundits on an internet forum. Hastie is of a quality we couldn't afford outside a deal like this. The fact he can't play against Rangers is irrelevant to the 3rd place at best finish everyone outside the OF is aiming for.
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    A few dead exciting updates - Seating on the main stand is ready to be installed. Pain in the arse cutting all the rows of bucket seats - I think they're a bit too big but hopefully it looks alright and doesn't mess the scale up. Roof and windows added to the cooper and started adding a few wee details. Started the seating on the rest of the stands. I've no idea how I'm going to work in the MFC, The Well and Fir Park seating. I've tried a few things but it looks shit. The turf is ready to go... I think. Next steps - I need a break from the stands so going to start building the floodlights out of the 1.5mm acrylic rods that just arrived. I've not really thought this part through, but it should come together.
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    Resign Aryibi too and we could release a podcast with Tony chatting to the mercurial winger over breakfast. "Watts the story morning Gboly?"
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    Your arse is making buttons to see how this trial goes isn't it? I wonder if your new found interest in assault cases will last any longer than your previous interest in legal matters when you were so desperate to take up the cudgels on behalf of the the Oldham player who accused Robinson of bullying.
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    I expect they're well aware they could loan us half their team and we still wouldn't take points off Rangers. So yes.
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    A very good performance today. Dominated possession of the ball but squandered a lot of chances in the first half and when they scored with their only shot on target, you could have been forgiven for thinking that it was going to be one of those days. Credit to the team in the 2nd half. They remained patient and kept playing their football. No doubt the red card was the turning point and helped us but no one could argue we had not been the better team up until that point. McIvers goal is a thing of beauty. A slow motion moment that will live long in the memory. The scenes at Big Decos winner in injury time were magnificent. All in all, a very decent days work. Left Ayrshire at 0750hrs this morning in the dark. At the time of typing it is 1908 and we are somewhere between Pitlochry and Perth. One of those rare occasions where it was worth every minute! Get those passports looked out folks!
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    You got to laugh at us Motherwell fans...... I was at the game today and don’t disagree with many of the comments but come on tae f*ck. Only our support could take 3 wins in a row, 3 clean sheets and 8 goals scored and turn it into... - we were not that good - we did not deserve the 3 points - Scott is overrated We are 3rd top and not 3rd bottom you miserable so and so’s
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    It’s certainly been an interesting start to the season. The new signings were initially heaped with praise, which then turned in its head to the majority of them described as terrible, then back to optimism again. Donnelly looked to be this seasons fall guy “ is he even a footballer” stands out. Robinson has again gone from having question marks against him to the fear we may lose home to a bigger club. Looking at it as it stands at this point we’ve actually had a good summer, Gallagher is a top player, Polworth just gets better and better, we’ve actually signed a more than decent left back In Carroll , Cole, Seedorf, and Hylton are all finding their feet and improving. Donnelly is quickly turning into one of the better midfielders in the division and my god he’s a goal scorer. If we could hold on to a fit again Turnbull we could finish top four in my opinion, still seen nothing to be frightened of outside the top two. I just wish one or two posters were more patient. Robinson has had to more or less build a new team and it takes time for some players to adjust. There will always be ups and downs with a team like Motherwell with such a restricted budget.
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    What players should be at our club in your opinion? Who would be an affordable, reasonable signing that we could have made that would make a monumental difference to how we are playing at the moment? I don't know how long you've been a follower of the club, but for the 25 or so years I've been a supporter, we've been consistently inconsistent - a couple of years of relative success, followed by dire, dire seasons, with the occasional middle of the road season chucked in. In that time we've had players who have been stellar during their stay, players who have been duds from the word go, players who have made slow starts and gone on to better themselves, and others who have faded as quickly as they shone after first signing. The players that got us a third place finish last term have had a dip in form, no doubt about that. The players that have been brought in this summer haven;t hit the ground running. Both of these factors have contributed to the sluggish start. White was brought in on his pedigree of scoring in the lower leagues - the step up to the SPFL was always something he was going to have to get to grips with and he's had very little quality service from midfield or the wings to help him. Lamie was signed after being part of a Livi squad that defied expectation for the last couple of seasons. He hasn't looked the sharpest, but just like Gallagher the year before him, he looked a decent player at Scottish premiership level last season, so was a worthy signing. Debut aside, Lang is full of running and effort and has taken the goals he has scored well. Is he as good as the hype around him suggests? Not yet and possibly won't get there, but if he was, he wouldn't be playing for us. We knew what we were getting by re-signing Long, a player who showed what he can do in fits and starts for a club like us. It's took him a week or so to get his fitness up, but he's back to being full of running and a nuisance, as he showed from the bench last night. O'Hara and Watt were re-signed on the promise of what they showed previously for us, and to an extent, you could add Hastie to that list as well. No one is disagreeing that the start to the season has been limp at best, but given the budget we have and how well the team performed to get third place- even if it was a bit of a slog after January - saying that the signings made should never be at the club, in my opinion, is a dreadful take.
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    This shitfest of a soccer ball win was brought to you by Verizon, in Association with the Scotch Premier League Sports Devision where the Mothers of Lanark-shire pounded to a one to zero victory against the Saints of Perth. This message was brought to you by Verizon
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    A message to Burrows; Sack Robbo and gie the job to this crazy bastard...what a laugh that formation /selection would be
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    given I made it up I'm either some sort of Nostradamus or I've got Rangers' fanbase on strings.
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    less chance of bangers who still let their wifes dress them over there
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    That Steelboy has so little to complain about that he's reaching to such depths to throw shade on Burrows tells us all we need to know about our pre-season so far. Decent signings in early doors, still more to come by the looks of it, European football (in some form) on the horizon, and we've still got our best player under contract and raring to go for the new season. What a time to be alive.
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    You'd have been jealous of him and all that he achieved. People come and go from all sites like this. It's part of their natural life cycle. The vast majority of discussion boards wither and die fairly quickly. That happens even quicker when there is no moderation and the trolls and spammers take over. It's a testament to posters and moderators on here that the site has been ticking over for so long with minimal intervention required.
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    Some points; Perhaps it was not your intention but you give the impression that the ' fans' only spouted 'Sieg Heil' not in its offensive context but due to some nuanced philosophical standpoint on the term's origins. Who is kidding who? As witnessed and heard by me and mates it was a sizeable group both inside and outside the ground. Fact. As to the club appreciating their support I think it's fair to say that some doubt has to be cast on this when we look at the club's position on inclusion ( family club) and us being a signatory to the SPFL's position on Unacceptable Conduct. Moreso as the club would be at serious risk of being brought to book. Finally, I attended the Hearts game in the company of a few guys of the Jewish faith. To say they were pissed off with these 'fans' is an understatement as is their anger with your apparent rationalisation of Sieg Heil crys from this group. Would have been interesting to see you justify your post to them!! MFC have now lost my mates potential support despite my efforts to persuade them to give it another try. This is really sad as they were drawn to the club because of its good reputation. As to my comments as you infer being holier than thou . Well if that means calling out offensive behaviour ( when it is clearly that) then I can live with that. Rather that description than that of an apparent apologist/ minimiser.
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    Enjoyed the cameo by the pidgeon.
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    Minute's applause in the 10th min for Phil O'Donnell?
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    Happy Christmas to Well fans, and everyone connected to our wonderful club, wherever you may be.
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    Lazy, unhappy poster. A luxury the forum can't afford. Offload in the transfer window. May find his level at Accies.
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