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    I’m his son actually. The generosity of people has brought me to tears a couple of times this week. His funeral is on Wednesday 18th September at 10am at the Linn Crematorium. I’m making it my target to get to the Ross County game as the big man would be furious if I missed a game at Fir Park.
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    I had a feeling it was you guys as a few of my mates were saying a couple of guys were there with Motherwell scarves. Never noticed you as my head is absolutely up my backside today. We all thought there would be a decent turnout but I wasn’t expecting 400+. A fitting send off for the big man. I’ll be there on Saturday. The big man wouldn’t let me have it any other way.
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    The stick dished out to Sherwin Seedorf from some on this site is ridiculously OTT and totally unwarranted. He's in a foreign country, only 21 years old and just starting out on his professional football career - today was only his 4th game for us (and he scored) and his 19th in all. Most people if they are totally honest, made a lot of mistakes at their work at that age - I know I did - but didn't have folk baying for them to be sacked. So FFS cut the young guy some slack and get behind him, encourage and support him.
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    I made it along on Saturday. The minutes applause had me in tears. At least my old man would have got a laugh at the most typically Motherwell performance we've put in this season.
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    Thoughts and best wishes to you and the family Frazzle. Didnt know your dad but recognised his face from round Fir Park. Having lost my old man prematurely a good few years back, I will be eternally grateful to him for giving me my love of our wee diddy club. I hope you get the same comfort that I get every time I visit Fir Park. Its a shared bond that can never be broken. All the best mate.
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    Thought we were superb today! Match was a great advert for the game in Scotland. I've been watching the well for over 35 years and while admittedly my attendence at games hasnt been great over the last 10 years while bringing up the family. Between watching us beat Hamilton last week and today's game I've got my mojo back and have even managed to get my 11 year old daughter enjoying watching us. Have been keeping my eye on this board without posting for years and while we are all entitled to our opinion I must say some guys are really half glass empty to put it mildly , lets all get hehind the team and hope we can build on the last couple or results........ MON THE WELL!
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    It’s certainly been an interesting start to the season. The new signings were initially heaped with praise, which then turned in its head to the majority of them described as terrible, then back to optimism again. Donnelly looked to be this seasons fall guy “ is he even a footballer” stands out. Robinson has again gone from having question marks against him to the fear we may lose home to a bigger club. Looking at it as it stands at this point we’ve actually had a good summer, Gallagher is a top player, Polworth just gets better and better, we’ve actually signed a more than decent left back In Carroll , Cole, Seedorf, and Hylton are all finding their feet and improving. Donnelly is quickly turning into one of the better midfielders in the division and my god he’s a goal scorer. If we could hold on to a fit again Turnbull we could finish top four in my opinion, still seen nothing to be frightened of outside the top two. I just wish one or two posters were more patient. Robinson has had to more or less build a new team and it takes time for some players to adjust. There will always be ups and downs with a team like Motherwell with such a restricted budget.
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    Me and my mum have also sat in the Cooper for 25 years, and whilst I'm not aware of actually knowing you or your dad, I recognise him from the photos as a regular face in the stand. I hope you make it to the County game...I lost my dad suddenly a week before the Aberdeen Scottish Cup semi at Hampden the other season, and going to that game was the best thing I could have done during that whole period. I can also confirm that if anyone was still wondering with the benefit of hindsight where Curtis Main pulled a finish like that from, it was my da' making it happen. Apologies for misleading everyone . All the best to you and yours.
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    Not defending him without admitting he has a lot to learn. But on one occasion second half Robinson screamed at him to cover back when we were under pressure, which he immediately did try to do. Literally seconds later Donnelly was screaming at him to get up the field having covered the area the Manager was pointing out. Once again with our wide players it's trying to get the best of both worlds in attack and defence. Its a tough and confusing ask for someone so inexperienced. More seasoned players than Seedorf have struggled to play that dual role....Ainsworth and Frear as examples. Remember Omar Daley?. Hopefully Seedorf is a quick learner. Ability and attitude wise I think there is something there. The goal he scored yesterday shows that. And to say he did nothing else is just not true. You conveniently ignore the chance he set up for Scott. He contributed more for us than the likes of Horgan did for Hibs....and many regard him as a good player. I get Seedorf is a frustrating player and he probably would not be my first choice. And maybe he won't make it. But Hylton and Ilic can also be just as frustrating . Scott did really well yesterday, but try telling me he made the correct choices every time he had the ball. Awareness of teammates and realising when to pass will come in time, but those are things Scott needs to develop. Compared to those three Seedorf is miles behind in game experience at a decent level. It's a huge step up. Confidence also plays a huge part, and again those three are in a better place. Players that we sign are unlikely to be the finished article. Some will have more to learn than others. Some will not make it and eventually leave. But please let's not crucify a young lad who is doing his best and is on a huge learning curve. Particularly after he scores in a match we actually won by a street FFS. But then, we need scapegoats if Dunne is not playing.
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    And also his old Liverpool team mate that he brought to the club - Bobby Graham. Graham / Pettigrew is easily the best striking partnership I've had the pleasure to watch at Fir Park.
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    "The Motherwell midfielder was heartbroken when his summer move to Celtic collapsed." Stopped reading right there, nauseating stuff.
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    A seven point gap between us and Aberdeen come Saturday night would be fantastic. Along with County away to Celtic and Livi and Killie playing each other, there's a chance to put some real distance between ourselves and the chasing pack. 2-0 to Aberdeen.
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    Rugby is a sport designed specifically for philanderers and upper class sexual deviants. I'm glad we aren't taking any moral cues from them.
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    Can anyone confirm if he's getting 8 hours sleep a night, 3 nutritious meals, hydrated and at least one poo per day?
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    DT now off crutches and walking pretty freely albeit knee heavily bandaged.
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    Maybe it was because we had 3 deals fall through
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    Inducted into the first MFC Hall of Fame: Congratulations to Willie Pettigrew.
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    Welcome back. It seems Steelboy has been nurturing his Padawan in the Jedi temple of cuntery ...... but this pupil has way surpassed his master. Newsflash everyone, team with bottom half budget in SPFL suffers from inconsistency .... get over it
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    These new FIFA guidelines for referees have taken all the enjoyment out of the game
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    Regardless of everything else, I will lose my shit the day grimshaw scores.
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    Hi Fraser. Peter and I were at the crematorium to pay respects to your Dad this morning. You wouldn't notice us in the crowd - great turn out. He was clearly a lovely man. Deepest condolences again to you, your Mum and sister. We will be there on Saturday for you if you can make it.
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    Looking in advance at Hamilton away on their plastic pitch then two big city clubs with budgets that dwarf ours the thought of three wins would seem ridiculous. I think it’s fair to say the management and players have to come out with a huge amount of credit for doing exactly that. The new signings along with Donnelly are also bit by bit showing they may have plenty to offer.
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    We went to Hibs at Fir Park on the afternoon of my mum's memorial service, because it's what she'd have expected us to do. We lost 4-1, and we were so bad that Bob Malcolm scored. She had zero interest in the fitba' (even though she somehow usually knew the score before we came home) and she'd have found it hilarious that we'd have wasted our money on that "load of tripe".
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    The cool thing is that we’ll know what deals fell through in three windows time when we finally sign them.
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    As long as its not Conor Sammon changing his name to get a club, then that's ok.....
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    Is there a place for a thread for the wee Motherwell bits and bobs you come across and maybe aren't worthy of a thread of their own? Time will tell I suppose. I'll start us of with a snippet from a feature on Andy Robertson on the BBC where John Rankin, one of his former team-mates mentions us in a fairly complimentary light. I thought his perception of us as a team and Fir Park as a venue was quite interesting.
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    I am not having all this" great performance no shame in losing to a big team like rangers "pish. We were in a winning position and blew it, losing a goal in 1st half stoppage time is criminal, and why do we struggle to defend set pieces, we constantly seem to struggle to hold on to games we should be taking something from. Over the years we have beaten Celtic and every other team in the league on numerous occasions, but e very game against that mob we shite it. I thought when we pumped them in the playoff game, ( a pish rangers team I know) we had finally proved to ourselves we could go and beat them home or away, but no,it's back to the same old pish, its getting ridiculous now
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    The way I was feeling before the game I’ll take it and move on but it is very frustrating to be so close to taking something from the game and ending up with nothing. We have to focus and win next weeks game to get third spot. All in all we are in a much better place than recent years at the same time. last game of first round of fixtures and we are battling for third spot. In reality as good as we could realistically expect.
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    Don’t worry we will only take 8 off them.
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    That felt like The Office (UK) vs The Office (US)
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    It's great to hear that Tom Boyd panders to us when there are no Celtic fans around to hear him.
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    As a gesture, I’d like to see John Philliben get in before any of the Cup-winning squad.
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    HOTD for this pish. We haven’t even played a full round of fixtures yet our own fans are now jumping on the “who can we link with rangers or Celtic before we play them next?” Chat. Too much Daily Rangers or Sun readership for some on here if that’s the level we’re sinking to. How about asking how can we build to a decent squad? what do we need to strengthen? Who can we develop until the end of the season with perhaps allowing the club to make their money whilst allowing paying supporters to have a decent seasons football to watch in the meantime?
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    That means I've scored as many goals as him this season, but I have less red cards.
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    Did he mention the board telling him to change the style and put in young players or he would be getting his P45?
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    I don't want any of our players to play for Scotland, because Scotland are utter dugmeat and when we're trying to improve the Motherwell side i'd prefer it if our players weren't semi-regularly put on a massive downer by getting pumped by 90% of the countries on earth.
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    The reason Grimshaw runs with the ball is because he can't pass, cross or shoot.
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    I’m thinking our blue kit may be due for a revival next season (I know it divides opinion). In recent seasons we’ve had a claret and a white away and we do like to switch it up every now and then. Design wise we have become very Roma in our approach to shirt design. This season Roma have revived their blue kit from years ago as a third option utilising claret/amber trims. Here is a relatively simple design I created around 5 years ago that adopts a similar approach.
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    28 years ago today Motherwell played their 1st ever European match in Katowice, what a trip that was, hard to believe it was that long ago, happy days,
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    The SPFL youtube highlights are up and are better than both the BBC and MFC highlights. There's multiple angles for the goals and you can clearly see the push on Gallagher for Heart's first. Definite foul. Also as much a Long is getting a bit of stick for missing his one on one he made the chance himself, showed really good pace and hit the target.
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    Was there just no competition for Gallagher and Polworth? Still can’t believe we got them.
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    Hard to disagree but I would add Willie P to the list. We beat Dundee 3-6 at Dens in 1975 (?) and my memory has me thinking Bobby Graham laid four on a plate for him, which he expertly despatched. Even if he scuffed the ball it would usually go in. Who could forget his winner against Sellick in the 3-2 win in the Scottish Cup when he latched on to Joe Wark's punt? 0-2 at half time, too. Happy days.....
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    My, my, how the fickle tide of fan opinion changes! A few weeks ago, Seedorf and Hylton were being singled out as a pair of duds - without being given the time and opprtunity to settle into a new club and country's culture. Admittedly its still early days but IMO they have shown they have the required skills and application to be successful for us. They provide a really exciting dimension that is great to watch and the like of which hasn't been seen at FP for quite some time. Long may it continue.
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    3-0 well, Mugabe hat-trick.
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    Aye, it's a no-brainer to get Rangers wages and play in England compared to getting Motherwell wages and maybe a few starts in our first team. If he applies himself there it could be a very good loan spell for him.
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    I'm simply posting to try and balance the debate on Seedorf, Hylton and Long. They have been signed as potential talent - not matured! If they had already shown their potential, they would command transfer values of £Ms and multi thousand salaries. But they're at Motherwell as freebies on relative peanuts of a wage. This is how we operate as a club. I think it is great that we are seeing glimpses of skill from all three, and we should commend them for it. The mistakes, poor touches and dropping out of games will hopefully diminish as the weeks go by. This is not just my view - listen to Stephen Robinson's post match interview. James Scott looks like he is ready for a regular start. I'm glad he hasn't gone out on loan as many on here suggested.

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