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    Some real roasters on here. The usual suspects have driven me away from this site and I rarely look at match threads now. There would be one player in that Celtic side last night who this week has earned DOUBLE the total amount of our whole starting eleven last night. I get the feeling that some on here were not celebrating our equaliser as they realised Robinson was safe in his job for another week. The melt down at Sammon being in from the start was laughable. He can’t play on Saturday against Hearts so it made sense to play him last night and in the second half he did well. Its called forward planning and using your whole squad. We have real injury problems and his hands are tied. We had four different back fours during the game and yet were so organised that our keeper had one save and that was the penalty. We had ten men on the park when we lost the goal and it came down our right where Donnelly would have been. There is criticism of what he said about Donnelly and Livingston’s fitness levels. The rest of the team looked very fit. I' m sure he planned to get a couple of Rose, Gorrin, or Bigi on in the second half as it is energy sapping chasing without the ball for long periods but Campbell, Rose, Turnbull and Grimshaw all lasted really well. Then we have the charge that he does not encourage youth. Many said Turnbull should have been in the team long before he was but in interviews his under 20 manager Craigen said he needed to increase his fitness and physical presence. He came back in the summer ready to step up and you could argue that Robinson introduced him exactly when he was ready – not before. The charge of not introducing young players should now be put to bed after Livingston’s performance last night. The Football Manager experts on here were desperate for him to get in the team. To go off knackered with cramp after less than an hour on the park shows that he is not ready. I just hope he has not had so bad an experience that his development has been set back months which can happen to young players. Rant over but while Robinson has his faults be careful what you wish. Owen Coyle anyone?
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    Not as fast as you can knock any excitement out of a situation you joyless weirdo.
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    A quick summary of what was discussed at the AGM earlier this evening. All in all quite low key. Business was taken care of and a short Q&A was all undertaken inside around 45 minutes before shareholders were invited to relocate to the boardroom for nibbles. Or bolt down to try to catch the train back to Bargeddieshire... Financial wise much of what was mentioned was already released when the summary of the accounts was issued a few weeks previously with similar language such as a Haley's Comet style scenario where all factors of the business (football and commercial) were near perfect and a with a bit good fortune we recorded probably the club's biggest ever profit. Instilled is a sense this will be far from the norm and a review of the club operation is ongoing with a view to reaching sustainability. The debts it were noted were reduced modestly to JB and LH. An anticipated sum of around £200k is expected to be wiped courtesy of Les extending the double your money scheme. A large amount of the debt is to the WS and it was put that whilst this could be paid back it is in a sense a protection should the worst ever happen and the WS would be the largest creditor with the greatest say in how to proceed. Costs increased on ground expenses such as the scoreboard and Hunter Stand roof. Quotes are out for a replacement PA system. This is increasingly becoming a necessity rather than nicety since the Green Guide issued to clubs raises standards each year. This will cost circa £250k. The protective sheets seen earlier in the season in the South Stand were damaged (ironically) but should be back in place soon. These helped cut cleaning costs and enabled the club to use the POD for visiting supporters but the club are aware of frustrations of POD patrons as regards away fans in that stand and are reconsidering their stance. I was near the back so missed the full line but I gather some kind of netting or equivalent has been purchased to attempt to limit stray shots smashing into weans in the Cooper Stand during the warm up after a further incident at the last home game. Increasing costs like these and the various refurbs and repairs around FP took the conversation on to exploring Ravenscraig as a potential option in the longer term. Alan Burrows answered a question on the frustrations of lack of PATG options and said on occasion the club have tried to assist by sending MFC staff to sell at turnstiles but this was driven by individual clubs. Colt teams were discussed and it was felt in principle it would be a positive move for MFC to have a Colts side in "Division Four" but to run with a set up would be akin to running almost a second club which would be extremely financially challenging and detrimental to the funds required for the first team. There are discussions ongoing to see if loan options can be expanded upon. Stirling was chosen as the "base" for the 20's primarily as it was the closest available grass pitch that the side could play on. It was felt it would also be beneficial for any returning first team player to return to play on grass rather than an artificial surface. Stephen Robinson is actively looking to strengthen and has two or three on his radar but acknowledged people will need to go out. He remains hopeful David Turnbull will sign but again referenced his agent. He believes the offer made stands well when set against others who have played more games at his age or have had greater representative honours. On international matters he insisted the club were delighted at the likes of Campbell and Cadden going away and representing Scotland last summer but acknowledged it has had a knock on effect in terms of tiredness and that players of that age require to be managed. He was frustrated the Cadden appeared on the cusp of recapturing his form of old before suffering injury at Ibrox. On injuries he bemoaned the freak nature of some of the injuries striking down players. Tanner is unlikely to return before the end of the season and the injury that Dunne suffered earlier in the season was apparently one, the physio of some 30 years standing, had never seen before. Carson is at a point he can run again but no timescale has been set for a return. He is happy with Mark Gillespie and Rohan Ferguson as his number two. An interesting point was made about Robinson's choice of words during interviews and the phrase about having too many footballers was put to him as being unhelpful. SR laughed this off firstly by saying it depends on what interview you read. He went to attempt to clarify saying that he required a balanced team of players with technical ability but who could equally do the dirty jobs. He noted how because of our reputation teams have routinely changed formations and tactics to attempt to counter despite as Robinson said we actually have only two players apparently nudging over the six foot mark. And there my scribbles ended...
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    I just don't buy this budget argument. One of my consistant criticisms of Robinson that is he has brought in poor quality fringe players yet not used our own youth players. That in itself is a huge waste of money. Guys like MacLean, Hastie, Maguire, Turnbull, Livingstone, Scott are being paid by the club and in some cases have been ready to step up for two years now but aren't being used when we are also paying to bring in guys like George Newell, Ellis Plummer, Liam Grimshaw, Deimantas Petravicius, Stephen Hendrie, Aaron Taylor-Sinclair, Liam Donnelly, Alex Gorrin, Christian Mbulu .etc, who are hardly ever going to play and don't add anything to our squad when they do (or did). Put together all those wages of all those youth players and all the fringe players brought in (plus agent fees and the other expenses involved in 'free' transfers) and you don't come to the conclusion that our spend on players has been at all financially efficient. We are spending a lot of money on players to virtually no effect on the teams play, so if debt repayment is keeping us down why are we so wasteful with our present player budget? Then you can also point to us having multiples of certain types of players while lacking completely other types of players so there is no balance and a tactical inflexibility inherent to the present squad. If we have approximately 50 paid professional players at the club why is Richard Tait been playing out of position for more than a year? There are huge financial inefficiencies in the way we have built our squad and used our resources so it really doesn't cut it for me to use it as an excuse. Instead of being used to excuse it should be seen as a failure.
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    I have been a member of this website for many years, and I have read through a whole lot of shite in that time, but an isolated screenshot from the highlights showing two players temporarily not moving with a comment of "FUCK SAKE WHY AREN'T THEY RUNNING?!" has to be quite literally the worst post I've ever read in the history of SteelmenOnline. Impressive.
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    If Cedirc ever means to intentionally hurt someone, they'd know all about it.
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    There are lots of different elements to the discussion. Celtic's dominance is often cast up as an apparent example of how poor our league is but it's not like we're alone here in having a supremely dominant side. I mean what are we up to in Italy now? Seven successive Serie A titles for Juventus? It's been something like 5 out of the last 6 in France have been won by PSG, not to mention a treble this season. Porto and Benfica have carved it up between them both for about the last 20 years. Basel were only just pipped from making in 9 in succession in Switzerland. Despite what you are lead to believe things aren't significantly different in Scotland to a number of other European leagues in terms of dominance and predictability of winner. There is a whole separate debate to be had about the actual quality of the football on display in Scotland but for excitement, drama and at times sheer farce Scottish football is great. The league set up is such as that in every division you will generally have very few teams that don't have something to play for as you head towards the end of a season. The battle for second place and the European places and at the bottom end looks like it will be as competitive as ever. The Championship has about 4 or 5 teams that could realistically put in a challenge for promotion. There are lower league sides that historically have performed at higher levels like Airdrie and Clyde are positioning themselves for challenges to take a step back up and the likes of Cowdenbeath (and perhaps Hamilton to a lesser extent) doggedly defying the odds again and again to just stand still. There are stories of interest right, plots and sub-plots across all the divisions, you just sometimes have to get beyond the slavish devotion to the Old Firm that you get from a lot in the mainstream media to get a flavour of them. We also obviously suffer from the geographical proximity and the gulf in size compared to our southern neighbours. How many times have you been scoffed at by English fans for only having 4000 fans or whatever. The reality is of course is that per head of population our top division is one of the best supported in Europe. That us playing Celtic is the equivalent of somebody like Rochdale or Oldham making the FA Cup Final. But that doesn't make for as good a piss take does it and the "small fry" nature of our league gets reinforced time and time again. UEFA's influence? That's a bit more tricky. The money involved undoubtedly helps Celtic get further and further away with each passing season and it would be absolutely lovely if one of us were able to deny them a third successive treble. There is no doubt Europe can be a significant benefit to them. But by the same token the Champions League and Europa League's relevance to Scottish football almost seems to lessen each year. Few make it very far and at times it actually feels a bit like a World Cup or European Championship where because you've so little involvement after the early rounds that you can almost view it from a detatched perspective and enjoy the competitions for what they are. All things considered, I'm pretty comfortable with what Scottish football is all about. By God there's lots that can be improved upon, issues that need to be tackled and what not but following the League Cup draw the other night, the anticipation of new signings, new strips, new scoreboard and the announcement of friendlies to come my appetite has already been whetted for the new season to come.
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    Picked the right weekend to go away, just back and watched 'highlights" First off, no excuse for a 7 goal collapse, can't defend that and won't try. McHugh's first yellow was an absolute joke, and only given because of the antics of that snivelling little runt Morelos. Even the Sportscene 'experts' disagreed on the penalty, we would have wanted it, but it was not hand to ball, and there is no doubt that was the game right there. The joke first yellow then ensures a red. Should have had a stonewall penalty for Tavernier on Rose, not that it would have made any difference but yet again highlights Thomsons ineptitude. However maybe all that is a valid excuse for getting beat, but it is not a valid excuse for shipping 7, pretty simple goals. I am disappointed though at the vitriol being hurled in McHugh and Robbo's direction. McHugh is a decent player and like all of us has shortcomings, but doesn't deserve the level of abuse being directed his way. Robbo has questions to answer, no doubt about it, but the barely disguised glee in the way some keyboard warriors across social media are creaming themselves with outrage is sad. Make no mistake this is a pivotal moment for our club. Be careful what you wish for, as St Mirren, Dunfermline and Falkirk fans can testify. Turning on those in charge with cringeworthy post match fan demos will be the start of a bigger slide. As a point of perspective St Johnstone got beat at home by the same 6 goal margin after a less than inspiring start to the season. No red cards or dodgy decisions. No panic there, and they win their next 5 without losing a goal. Given our forthcoming programme thats not likely for us, but it shows that it is possible to get back on track quickly. Robbo is under pressure and deservedly so. Recruitment and tactics have been found wanting, and if he can't improve things then yes he will go. The question is how long can he be given to turn it round, and will mob mentality create a distracting circus that further affects the team. Worrying times, cool heads needed, I personally hope the next 2 results are positive, but even if they were I fear now Robbo is only ever going to be 1 poor performance away from the sort of backlash we are now seeing. Given the state of Dundee and St Mirren we will not be cut adrift, so I think he should be given to xmas, and if no improvement then change has to come in time for January window, trouble is some of our 'support' will be wishing just for that. Sent from my SM-A320FL using Tapatalk
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    I fail to see anything that Cadden has done in the last 12 months to suggest he's worth £1m
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    I can see a wee bit of that hysteria creeping in among the fans, but I do think it's completely devoid of perspective at this stage. Since August we've played 8 games. 3 of them we'd have hoped to have won (Dundee, Accies, Livi) - we've won 2. The other 5 were against Rangers, Hearts, Hearts, Hibs and Aberdeen. We've lost 4 and drawn 1 however, it's not 2012 anymore - the city clubs have got their shit together and are miles ahead of us in terms of finances and recruitment. Despite that, with the exception of Hibs on the opening day, there hasn't been a great deal between us and them. We really need to wait until after the opening round of fixtures to ask this question.
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    The snowflakes are alive and well within the Motherwell support I see... ...if this was any other team (bar Celtic), we wouldn't be having this bullshit, from an off-the-cuff quip. Rangers have turned into a Club who love to be offended, they love to be the victim, they love to have a reason to say 'see, everybody hates us'...fuck them. The media latch onto this, and before we know it we're putting out grovelling apologies to a Club whose fans have got themselves into bother umpteen times already this season, fighting and coming off second best at home and abroad...this is a Club that condones, by continually turning a blind eye to the 'special atmosphere' created home and away, glorifying in the death and destruction of all things Catholicism. This is a Club, that along with the other cunts from the East End, have consistently bled the Scottish Leagues dry, and we're apologising to them because our captain said that he laughed at the way Cardoso moaned about a broken nose? A broken fucking nose, not a life-threatening injury, not a leg-break or a decapitation...a broken nose, and while the way he put it across was clumsy, its been blown out of all proportion by the victims from Ibrox and their self-serving pals in the media, meanwhile we've got Motherwell fans wringing their hands and worrying about, what the rest of Scottish fitba' thinks of us...I've got news for you, they think we are a team of cloggers and thats down to our style of play and whether Hartley said that or not, they would still think that this morning...our fans are worrying about Steven Gerrards team talk, c'mon tae fuck really? If he needs Peter Hartley to get his team wound up and up for it, then hes in a bit of bother...our fans are worrying about the referees take on it, but its Craig Thompson and he'll fuck us over whatever the fuck we say or do, we could send the physio in to give him a massage with a happy ending before the match and he'll still give these cunts everything on Sunday. I've heard others ask, 'but what if the roles were reversed and it was a Rangers player laughing at our player for being a big fucking lassie'...my answer to that, 'the compliance officer would be giving not one single fuck'.
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    Motherwell kabaddi formation 18/19
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    Halloween is probably my biggest bugbear of the year...I'm no Scrooge when it comes to my kids, I love Christmas, Easter, Guy Fawkes night, Pancake Fucking Tuesday and all the rest but Halloween...I fucking detest it. Either taking my kids round other folks doors in the freezing cold and/or rain, listening to their pishy jokes, door after door, while those coming to the door (if the actually come to their door) clearly cannae be fucked with it either...or even worse, being in the house, when my own door gets chapped and I need to listen to some wee street urchins own pishy jokes, while their maw and da', hang about sheepishly wishing it was all over. This year, however, I am fucking delighted about Halloween, my oldest wanted me to take him to Paisley...sorry, kid, I'd much rather wander about in the freezing cold with your brother and sister and irritate the neighbours, than subject myself to more of the drivel we have been served up this season. Win, lose or draw tomorrow night...it won't be fucking pretty.
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    But it's a complete misnomer to say that because a player didn't make after being misdeveloped and released during the most crucial period of their careers that they wouldn't have made it if they had been given better exposure to first team football. We have had good players leave this club aged 21 or 22 with less than half a dozen first team starts. The way our youth development links up with the first team stinks and the way most youth development systems link up with first teams stinks right across the country. Out of 22 players we've used in league matches this season only 6 of them are Scottish and only 3 of them were developed by the club. Dundee have used 24 players, only 7 of them are Scottish and only 3 of them were developed by the club. The pattern is repeated across the rest of the league. St. Mirren 24 players, 13 Scots. Hamilton 26 players, 10 Scots. The Hearts v Celtic league cup semi final had 6 Scots in the starting 22 players. If you include the Aberdeen v Rangers semi final it was 15 players out of 44. The league is filled with imported dross while youth players get released left, right and centre. Youth development in this country is atrocious and it's the single biggest reason for the catastrophic decline of quality in the league and our European and International failures. Things HAVE to change.
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    FFS it's a bad game 1 and the pant wetting from the usual suspects is at Tsunami levels, injuries to key players, selling defenders and starting the season away to a very good free scoring team what do people expect. So we are bottom after game 1 if it the same story in January then panic, but for now wring yer knickers out and calm down.
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    That'll be the same Andy Rose just back from injury and subbed on after 5 minutes, having to play virtually the full game in a midfield that spent majority of its time chasing the ball. I remember the incident you are talking about and it was obvious he was physically spent. As others have said, not the most talented going forward, but put in excellent defensive shifts, allowing others to play. Seeing as we are picking up on isolated incidents, find a clip of Moults chipped goal v Hearts last season and watch whose initial challenge led to Tait getting the ball to Moult. Fully appreciated by team mates if not some of the experts in the stands. Sent from my SM-A320FL using Tapatalk
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    You wouldn't know an excellent piece if Gordon Ramsay made you a sandwich.
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    Apart from the 3 Semi Final's they've played each other in the last 3 years?
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    An expression of religious and civil liberty? I, as many, will have seen orange parades taking place in Motherwell. The dregs of society following the March, never cease to amaze, its like the night of the living dead. This element of Scottish society is the last bastion of the “Rule Britannia” brigade. It has in contemporary culture, as is well researched and documented, little to do with religion, than it does with a demographic graphic so disengaged and disenfranchised through direct and indirect action, that it clings for the safety of a group whereby they are no longer the marginalized but rather have the ability, for a short time, to marginalize others. So, yes I stand by my point that anyone prepared to celebrate Irish religious wars and killings (on either side of this divide) for the purpose of momentary groupthink, should be flushed out - there should be no place for this in modern civil society, in 2018, Scotland. But hey ho, my and my ignorance eh?
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    I think this has been a good debate also. I think there are people who made their minds up about Robinson within days of his appointment, perhaps even beforehand and no matter what he presides over it is never going to be enough. We will never have a perfect squad balance because it will always too little or many few of this or that position. Why are we signing English players when there are Scots around? Why are we signing overpriced Scots when there are bargains elsewhere? Why are we playing too many or not enough youths because the results aren't what I demand? The recent attempts to play down the runs to both Cup Finals because we happened to benefit from an own goal or a penalty along the way is typical of of such cringe worthy stuff for example. Jesus, this is the kind of stuff you expect opposition fans to be hitting you with not your own! In short he's never going to win with some, whatever he does will be always be wrong and comments from such posters should be viewed in that context. But the debate about style of play and the results is definitely worthy of the scrutiny it's currently getting. And the more edgy people get the more focus it's going to receive. I was delighted with last season and the outcomes. An improvement on league position and two Cup Finals is not to be sniffed at even if the performances were less than silky more often than not. Go on to any forum in the country and you'll see supporters make claims about forgiving results and performances if they see a committed team giving 100% for the cause. Well we got that, many of us quietly enjoyed the fact we were no longer viewed as pushovers, and some and we had some very good days along the way to boot. But as with any "new" style or identity that a team adopts in Scotland (I think back to Billy Davies for example and his swashbuckling four attacking front men lining up with the likes of Twaddle-Spencer-Goodman-Townsley) and they get sussed all too quickly. Robinsons' side is no different. The nature of the small league with repetitive nature of the fixtures means you can't keep a style a secret for long and variations verging on evolution in style, not to mention alternatives, are required before you become overly predictable. There is also the fact that if the bulk of the squad are hearing the same message over and over again and again it is only natural the group will switch off and the message will lose its impact over time. It's still early days in the season but I think there is a danger that it could be happening now. I had hoped that the summer would have seen a gradual shift to something more easy on the eye. It hasn't emerged as yet but I retain a hope, perhaps an increasingly foolhardy hope admittedly, that an evolution in our style of play does remain possible. We do have players that enable us to play a more possession based game. I don't want to pitch a 19 or 20 year old as the saviour of season but it's difficult to think back to David Turnbull at Firhill and against Hamilton and not think that the way his plays the game would not be of benefit to us currently. Even if Robinson continued with his (and I still say not unreasonable) desire of putting balls into the box from wide, the presence of Turnbull in distributing the ball around the pitch in his tidy and efficient manner would surely help those in the wide positions get more deliveries of a type that will cause problems rather than the increasingly visionless hit and hope balls into the box. Add in Tanner who was as good as he had been in his Motherwell career before his injury struck, Bigi on his day and Rodriguez-Gorrin when he gets up to speed and there is some hope of more creative blend. Quite what position we'll be in when Tanner returns I don't know but whether we persist with the current set up or begin to deviate from Plan A a bit more over the following games I hope things change for the better quickly, or perhaps there genuinely will be a question for those on the board to consider a lot sooner than they might have believed possible.
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    But he's right, at least in part. Mud sticks so easily in football that when the claim is made that we're just long ball merchants some folk will accept it without a second thought. Like last season we were the dirtiest bastards in the league because Rangers lost to us and spat the dummy backed up by Brendan Rodgers seeing an opportunity to put ideas into referees heads and suddenly you've all and sundry wailing for non-existent fouls and arseholes like Neil Lennon screaming about protecting McGinn against us when the wee dick had spent the full game kicking anyone that moved in claret and amber. Absolutely there are Motherwell fans out there who will genuinely believe our game is hoofball 100% of the time. Heard and seen it repeated often enough that every long ball they see just reinforces what they've come to believe is the case and are now becoming blind to what is actually the case. Do we utilise the long ball? Yes we do. Overly so at times when what is actually our primary tactic of getting the ball crossed in from wide areas isn't working. And when done too often it is unquestionably to our detriment such as Saturday past. But some would have you believe this is our only tactic but that's just not the case. How did we manage to score our first last night if we're just a long ball side? That's not entirely uncommon, Cadden did much the same the previous week too. How did we come to end up we having Frear, who missed however many games, being the player who put most crosses into the box last season if all we do is put long balls up the park? How does Tait seem to get as many assists if all we do is punt long balls? Now you can certainly question the aesthetics of primarily wanting to get balls into the box from wide areas and you can perfectly justifiably make a claim that a quick tempo possession based style that moves the ball on the ground at speed can offer more entertainment value but If you genuinely believe that the only thing Motherwell offer is hoof-ball then I'd agree you're following a particular flock rather acknowledging we have more than a single way of playing the game.
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    Cheers. Can’t believe there’s no sports bar at the Magic Kingdom. Total f****g Mickey Mouse set-up.
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    We just get a bot to reply to these stories. User 1: Reports that X player being chased. Motherwell want £x. User 2: He's never worth that. We'd be luck to get half. User 3: With the transfer market nowadays we should be asking for double User 4: I think player X is a great player but he'd do with another year at Motherwell then go for double the asking price USer 5: Why do we always talk down our players? Hopefully no scouts are looking at the message board! User 6: We won't get £X. But talk of £Y is way off the mark..he's worth that in league places and a cup run. More likely to get £Z User 7: If we played for Celtic he'd be going for £XX .... User 247: Player X gone for £x and possibly add ons. Decent business by the club. All the best to him.
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