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  1. So thats three trout and a Mullet then.
  2. Full rerun of the game on BBC Alba at 6pm, sky channell 141
  3. The sarcasm in the comment totally missed, some people need a dose of tongue in cheek humour to kick in.
  4. So we play the younger players while we save our cash waiting to sign the next Zinedine Zidane or Lothar Matthaus as a quality midfield starter and we get pumped week in week out. You and the other usual suspects would be on immediately bleating about how SR is making a James Hunt of it and we should be " ditching youth" and signing some experienced players. Its not a difficult concept to grasp, they don't get a regular start because they are not good enough to warrant one at Premiership level. Getting one maybe two players from the reserve team squad stepping up and holding down a 1st team regular start is a bonus for any team, so for us getting Turnbull, Hastie, Scott, Cadden, Campbell, Erwin, to step up we have done very well they are probably our class of 92, the rest however are not good enough, simples.
  5. Even if he is not 100% fit, would still be a better option than the likes of Seedorf , Hastie, or white
  6. 1. Surprise us all with a brilliant performance and win? 2.. keep it solid at the back and earn a point? 3. Or play like we have been in recent weeks, no cutting edge up front but still be in the game late on and then feck it up and lose. Answers on a postcard please to SR at Fir Park
  7. Yes thats the reason if they were ready to step up they would be given the chance, the same way scott, Turnbull, Hastie, Campbell, Cadden, Erwin etc were given their chance.. I am sick of all the constant rambling on this forum of "play the youth players" does any body really think if SR suddenly played the 3 players you mention we would improve as a team, I think not, we don't have the class of 92 in the colt team. They are playing in the reserves for a reason ie they are good enough to be on pro contracts at a premiership club, but not good enough to be a 1st team starter. So unless you have done your coaching badges, and see these players on a daily basis, then I think I will take the judgement of SR and his team about who can improve the team rather than your constant rants about " play the youth"
  8. Great draw for us avoided the big names so we have 2 winnable games, Great chance to progress, coyw
  9. I thought he could have done better as well, if he had saved 1 of the 2 pens during the game and saved us an extra 40 mins of worry or am I just being a bit picky
  10. From the 3 seeded teams, the Czech team would be the best draw , we don't want Basel or Besitkas
  11. Voted for mugabe, thought he was solid all game, till he got caught wrongside for the pen, he has been getting better each game, think he might be a decent signing.
  12. Agree re Seedorf and White but I think Mugabe gets better every game, unlucky to be sent off tonight but for me he has been a very decent signing.
  13. Let's be honest here, yes we were brutal 2nd half but had 2 saves to make in 120 mins, two soft pens were the only way Coleraine were scoring, Though we were superb in extra time shut the game down, rode our luck a wee bit but we needed a break, that mob were blowing out their arse after 20 mins ET. And as for the pens, Carson what a keeper, so despite a bad a performance 2nd half, we are in the 3rd round draw, and another £250k in the bank, happy days.
  14. Said it since he signed, he is feckin brutal
  15. As I recall at the time nobody wanted to buy Randolph, no bids received so he saw out his contract. It was the same with Gillespie. Yes we signed them for nothing but at the time Motherwell was probably the best deal both of them had on offer, so if nobody else thinks they are worth a punt then you can't blame the clubs business model if they see out their contracts and leave for free
  16. I see Lee Erwin made a scoring debut for St Mirren, to put them 1-0 up against Celtic tonight.
  17. Steve Bruce reckons Gillespie was the motm last night, he seems to have settled well https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2020/09/16/our-best-player-bruce-names-newcastle-man-of-the-match-it-isnt-fraser/
  18. Did you not bother watching the news when we were told day after day the number of people that have died due to covid, I guess not if you think its nothing to worry about. The plague killed tens of millions, covid has killed over a million worldwide so as its a lower number does that not make it as serious, have a word with yourself.
  19. Transfers between English clubs, specifically the premiership ones are nowhere near normal, they just add zero's to the end of the fee agreed, irrespective of whether the player is actually any good or not.
  20. Lamie gives me the fear big time, he has been brutal.
  21. Not a season ticket holder this year but watched the game St Johnstone game in Inverness with two friends who are and I have to say the stream was shocking. In this day and age it should not be difficult to stream a football match or any other event but there constantly seems to be issues and I have no doubt it it down to money. Cheap kit, cheap technology services, basic infrastructure all amounts to a shit service, a 10 year old sitting In their bedroom creating a tik tok video can produce a better effort than whats on offer now. If the current situation is to be the new normal this season then the match streams need to be rock solid, the season ticket holders and the PPV viewers deserve better, people won't pay for a shit service.
  22. Until we have a vaccine for covid or the virus transmission rates fall to zero or it goes away fans will get nowhere near a stadium this season. Yes there may be a few test events letting fans in depending on how much the ugly sisters moan about it, but I reckon this season will be fan free. The bottom line is that unless we get the virus under control or a vaccine the risk to public health is too high, not to mention the extra financial burden on clubs which could see a few of them going bust.
  23. They are the lowest ranked of the seeded teams we could have got so a good draw and a decent chance to progress
  24. Let's be honest Coleraine did us a massive favour by beating Maribor to get us seeded so I fully expect us to repay that favour by pumping them to book our 3rd round tie.

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