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  1. It was a very good night, I was in the top tier and when Fitzpatrick scored I ended up about 5 rows further forward absolute scenes, it's a shame we never turned up for the final.
  2. Just bought my tickets this morning all went through OK, ST holders have their tickets reserved, just log on to your account and you should have a notification saying you have 1 ticket reserved for your normal seat. You can also buy other tickets if you need more.
  3. Is anyone else having trouble logging on to buy tickets, keep getting " you do not have permissions" message I am a season ticket holder
  4. The lads get their heads turned by parents and/or agents into signing for a big club, more money etc, but the reality is most of them will never be heard of again, they will take the cash and bragging rights as a Rangers / Celtic or whatever player etc for a few years and never get near the 1st team , if they are lucky they will get farmed out on loan before being released.
  5. 125 1st team league games and 35 goals in the last 5 years that's decent experience compared to some we have signed in the past.
  6. Young Jake has finally left Ibrox having never made a single appearance for Rangers, he's signed for Hartlepool, even in league 2 he's probably still on a decent wage, he's had 8 clubs in 6 years and scored a total of 12 goals in total, its good work if you can get it.
  7. The fact he played and scored for Hibs under 3 different managers and played well enough to be called up to the Scotland squad ( that's 4 managers now he's obviously impressed) confirms he was good enough for Hibs so stop talking shite.
  8. I think they use TNS's ground at Oswestry as part of a ground sharing agreement with the other Welsh league Euro teams as its the only one up to UEFA standards. Wrexham play in the English leagues so that may be why they can't use it as uefa would consider them a different country.
  9. Robinson must think he has another shot at getting the best out of all those ex well players he failed with with during his time at Fir Park.
  10. ROASTER; 1) Scottish slang. Can be used to describe someone who is making a complete "fool" of themselves. 2) A harsh or humorous critic (sometimes intended as a facetious compliment) so giving you the benefit of the doubt what is he then 1- a player making a complete fool of himself suggesting he is not very good? Or 2- you were just being a bit harsh and trying to be funny, but you really think he is OK?
  11. If it was then the the forum has finally found somebody worse than Grizzly
  12. We sign a player with no SPL experience, limited appearances etc from the lower leagues in Scotland and England and he gets dismissed as shite etc. So we sign an experienced player from another SPL club, played over 30 matches last season, called up to the international squad etc etc and he still gets dismissed as being " a roaster and underwhelming" before he has kicked a. Ball., aye OK then
  13. Hotel in sligo is booked its a free cancellation so no risk there, I've taken a punt on flights from Glasgow to Dublin, got return flights with Ryanair for £60 too good a price to miss, out 28/7 back 29/7 pretty sure if Sligo win the flights will go up in price so it's a reasonable risk to take.
  14. I looked at the trains from Dublin, there are 4 or 5 trains a day to Sligo, journey just under 3 hrs as far as I can tell it seems to be about £45 to £50 return.
  15. Yes it was McClair the good guy even the one that came back had more talent than the other 7 wasters combined.
  16. Distinct lack of quality in that photo, from McClair back, good guy, wk, wk, wk,wk, wk, wk, wk
  17. All pure speculation I think, the only thing we know for certain is that one of the ugly sisters will finish 1st and 2nd and it will be any permutation of the other 10 teams split 4 chasing Europe and 6 avoiding relegation, same as it is every other year.
  18. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that post was a wind up. But what a load of shite, so if we signed Robertson or Tierney then, 2 of the best" Modern Left backs " in the world you would not be happy, as they get forward too much, ok then
  19. I would have thought that 200 tickets for travelling Linfield fans would be more than enough, I don't expect them to take thousands of fans to wales, their average gate is less than 1500. I am sure every Well fan that wants a ticket for the game if it is Bala will get one.
  20. More signings are on the way according to GA quoted in the Sun yesterday. More in for Motherwell Graham Alexander is hopeful he'll be able to add some more new faces to his Motherwell squad in the coming days. The Steelmen boss revealed discussions are ongoing as he looks to expand his options with European football on the horizon. Motherwell found out earlier today that they'll face either Bala Town or Sligo Rovers in Europa Conference League qualifying. Alexander said: "There's two or three that we're talking to at the moment and have been for a week or so. We've had some real good conversations with a couple of players and if we can get them I think they'll improve the group again. "We've got the base of a really good squad but it's always important to add to that with fresh impetus. Ideally if we can get them in before pre-season that is really important."
  21. From the Bala wiki site Bala Town have played at Maes Tegid in Bala since the 1950s. For European matches they use Rhyl's Belle Vue stadium due to UEFA stadium regulations. So I assumed their Euro games will still be played in Rhyl this year as well although other stadiums are mentioned so it may be Oswestry
  22. Yes, Sligo was the only one to worry about, they should beat Bala but a fully flexible free cancellation etc booking was made just in case and I can change it to the 21st if Uefa agree the swap in dates so happy days. If its Bala, the game will be played in Rhyl so thats just a case of jumping in the car for a 4 or 5hr drive so no worries there.
  23. Speaking of flights looked at Ryanair from Edinburgh to knock advertised at 69 return, outbound was OK direct to knock, return leg was knock to east Midlands (15hr 30min stopover) then East Midlands back to Dublin (9 hr 30min stopover) and then Dublin back to Edinburgh, over 25 hrs to get back home ffs, what a feckin joke of an airline
  24. I hope so just booked a hotel room in Sligo for the 28th July, it's free cancellation though so I'm covered if Bala beat them
  25. I am sure that when the work started AB said that the Euro fixture dates had been considered and barring any problems the pitch would be ready in time for them

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