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  1. The latest "lets save Hearts from Relegation " plan by Anne Budge is 3 leagues of 14 for 2 seasons, no wonder Scottish football is a laughing stock, honestly you could not make this shite up. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52813339
  2. August according to the SFA https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/scotland/52783998
  3. A good honest interview with Skippy about helicopter Sunday 15 years on. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/32838481
  4. If you wanted the relegation playoffs then logically the last 8 league matches would need to have been played 1st to determine who was involved, both go hand in hand and for the reasons we know about it was never going to happen. The scottish Cup is different, 3 games left that have no bearing on the new season so can be played anytime. There was no precedent for what happened this year, no rules or guidance so any desicions were always going to be controversial, but now they have been made the clubs need to accept them and move on to prepare for the restart next season, whenever that may be.
  5. The same point i made earlier still stands re the other relegated clubs and those missing out on playoff places . Tough decisions had to be made with winners and losers no matter what was decided, so all clubs need to stand by the outcome.
  6. Why was it unfair, whatever way you look at it due to the pandemic this season was never going to be completed, the SPFL had no desire for it, neither did most of the clubs. So there has to be unprecedented desicions taken to resolve it, as in all such cases there are winners and losers. Hearts were bottom due to the fact they have been utter pish for over a year now, the club is a basket case, millions wasted on shite managers and players. Would we be having all this angst over reconstruction if Hamilton or St Mirren had finished bottom, I think not. All the current pish is a desperate attempt by Anne Budge to save Hearts and not throw anymore of her cash down the stank. Putting her in charge of the reconstruction forum with all her self interest was an unbelievable decision, but given the governance Scottish football has at the moment, its no shock to anyone. The teams agreed to call the season so they should accept the final placings and the rewards or penalties those placings bring. Scottish football is already a laughing stock without this current pish going , time to tell Hearts and Budge to deal with it and jog on.
  7. Does any increase in the number of premiership teams not need an 11-1 vote approval from the existing teams, if it does then there is not any prospect of any change.
  8. Just watched it excellent program not just about the cup run but shown in the context of the closure of the Craig. Good input from Kirk, Arnott, Ferguson, Griffin, Nijholt, M,Cart, Colin O'Neil and Alan Burrows, oh and Mr Celtic, Tom Boyd. Its well worth a watch.
  9. Program on BBC Alba now about the 91 Cup win "Steelmen" 9pm
  10. What was dodgy about calling the league, using the average points per game, a formula nobody has any issue with. We were 3rd on merit when games stopped so whats the problem
  11. Aberdeen had their chance to overtake us for 3rd place in Jan and Feb when we were brutal and they blew it, so we deserve all we get on merit.
  12. Massive achievement for SR and the team we were in 3rd on merit and if we had not had the shocking run after new year we would have been a lot further ahead of Aberdeen. So another European adventure to look forward to, and the 29th anniversary of the cup win in 91, happy days.
  13. Still my all-time favourite well goal, the juke for 6-6, as they said at the time wow oh wow, ......Lucas Jutkiewicz
  14. The UEFA deadline for the member associations to decide is the 25th of May, you just know the email from the SPFL will get lost.
  15. To be fair I don't think Sweden was as badly hit by covid as the UK was, so they may feel a harsh extended lockdown is not required, but I agree with the general point, life needs to go on.
  16. This is from the latest government briefing today gatherings in pubs and at public events are likely to be banned or restricted for some months to come. We will be lucky to get next season started on time, never mind complete this season.
  17. The BBC gossip page this morning has Tommy Wright as the favourite to replace O'Neil for the NI job https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52393850
  18. I would agree with, keeping Tait, Dunne, Watt and Long, the rest can go, as they have contributed nothing, the signs seem good for a permanent deal for O'Hara, so here's hoping.
  19. Whatever they decide mate it will be a complete shambles, what gets me though is that the clubs are letting them get on with this nonsense. If the season had completed would there be any chat on reconstruction I think not, so all of the member clubs ( well apart from the vested interests) should be telling the SPFL to bolt with this pish, but we know that won't happen
  20. Here you are rule C6 C6 There shall be twelve Clubs in the Premiership and ten Clubs in each of the Championship, League One and League Two.
  21. It needs an 11-1 vote to increase the number of teams specifically in the premiership, only applies to the top league, so 3 x 14 would need 11 -1 majority, so it won't happen.
  22. Its not that long ago Anne Budge was telling us that 42 teams in Scotland was too many, now she is in charge of a task force that thinks adding 2 more teams may be the way forward, the whole sorry saga is an embarrassment.
  23. Any proposal to increase the teams in the premiership, such as Livingstons up to 14, needs an 11-1 vote for acceptance, thats never going to happen , as both ugly sisters will vote no as it will reduce the games against each other an so reduce income. Any other proposal not increasing the teams only needs the 75% majority, but if you are not increasing the teams, whats the point of this whole excersise we are going through now, other than Hearts trying to avoid relegation, the whole thing is pointless.
  24. Spiderpig

    Season Tickets

    Oh a telling off from the forum conscience, Its a public forum, so everyone is entitled to an opinion, so get off your high horse and chill. In this case oneil40 has a point, would you Committ yourself to a years sky subscription if they said yo might only get 9 months viewing, if you knew all the facts maybe, but most would not. A season ticket is no different remove all the sentiment and drivel about football clubs and its a product for sale just the same. So if all the facts were presented at point of sale then its an individuals choice, but in this case they have not been.
  25. And there lies the root of of all the problems facing Scottish football, the SPFL / SFA lackeys and amateurs giving themselves up as the ugly sisters bitches, no desicion taken unless it suits Celtic or Rangers.

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