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  1. Shields is still to come back in... ...but aye, the lack of options off the bench today was probably what lost us that game. No harm to Lawless or Amaluzor, but I dont think either are of the desired quality
  2. Far more positives than negatives from that game today, I dont think we deserved to lose. One things for sure - we are going to be an entertaining team to watch if we go about our business like that throughout the season. The referee was pish...but Kevin Van Veen wisnae, what a player we have on our hands, some of the stuff he was doing was absolutely ridiculous
  3. Yip...very strange stuff. He was a smashing player for us, scored some very important goals, never threw his toys out the pram looking for a move, got us a bit of cash when he did, speaks highly about the Club...and then boo'd off some fucking weirdos.
  4. A few contenders for me, but fuck sake, Kevin Van Veen is some fucking player.
  5. Probably because hes never a captain in a month of Sundays
  6. Cannae please everybody...I for one am happy to see us allow an away support in, it will make the game much more like a proper event
  7. The Finnish boy is signed
  8. N'golo Kante isnt the type of player we need right now
  9. The 1st time I can ever remember being unable to pick anybody
  10. Anyone that doesnt think that was embarrassing last night, probably has some form of heat stroke. Problems all over the pitch. Central defence is alarmingly poor, both full backs were ponderous and indecisive. Up front we lacked any sort of cohesion or focal point. Individually, I do not think any of our starting midfielders are poor players, but collectively? Oh my, it just wont do...I dont see OHara or Donnelly making a huge difference either. Playing 4-3-3 with a lack of a real playmaker sees us extremely easy to play against and contain. Alexander needs to get his finger out his arse, pronto
  11. What are Killie doing to have double our commercial revenue?
  12. I was never a fan of Lasley...weak, poor passer, poor tackler, couldn't shoot etc etc
  13. You've just described Keith Lasley at his peak

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