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  1. If a club wanted a player at our level, they wouldn't just stop at the agent, theyd be speaking to our club and theyd pester the agent and player...if they really wanted them.
  2. I'm struggling with your train of thought here...do you honestly think clubs down South would be put off pursuing Allan Campbell, because 'he might not fancy moving'? It's a short career and I'll guarantee you that unless Celtic or Rangers are interested in a player up here, then 99.9% of the footballing population wouldn't think twice about moving South for the riches that are down there in comparison to here. If Campbell ends up at Hibs or Aberdeen, it's purely because nobody else showed an interest.
  3. The 'tartan army' have made a decision on McBurnie...and they made it long ago.
  4. I can handle folk thinking he is shite, I cannae really get my head around folk saying he doesnt want to be there when it is pretty much voluntary work
  5. If he wasn't interested, then why does he turn up?
  6. Gallagher doing ok...SOD proving that he really doesn't belong at this level
  7. Best of luck to both
  8. Someone better tell my laddies fitba team, before they play their game on Saturday... ...as for unabated house parties, do the polis not raid parties every single weekend?
  9. Playing poorly at the top level is a mile away from playing poorly at spfl level
  10. I'd actually think that with Paterson, Jack and Palmer called up, who can all play right back that there was no need for another one... ....as for centre back, if Gallagher on current form is one of our best 4 then we are Donald ducked as he has been honking this season
  11. Do you think either deserve a call up, let alone actual game time?
  12. I generally love seeing Motherwell players get international recognition but neither of them are playing well enough at the moment

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