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  1. A number of times? That many that he cannae remember...
  2. He said, ' I think I played left back at thistle'
  3. Mugabi defended pretty well the other night, his distribution isn't great...Grimmy is howling
  4. A message to Burrows; Sack Robbo and gie the job to this crazy bastard...what a laugh that formation /selection would be
  5. Agree with that...lamie isn't great there but he is the best option...SOD is a better right back than Grimshaw...Gallacher is our best centre back and Mugabe looked reasonably solid the other night
  6. I think that's a certainty once the lower leagues get up and running
  7. Not quite anybody, but I agree with the sentiment
  8. I stand by that Dumbo... ...it says a lot about my opinion of Grimmy that I think SOD is better though
  9. Never been a fan of the guy (to put it mildly), however I do concede that he is better than our current 1st team right back.

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