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  1. Before the game, aye...but not now ...Rangers arent playing well and we have something to hold onto here
  2. Aye it's so blatant that it must be on instruction
  3. Why dont we ask Barcelona if Messi fancies a few weeks in the shire?
  4. As has been said further up, you can't ban a player because he previously had a serious illness
  5. Craigan was fucking howling his 1st time around and that's why he left to drop down a level and rebuild his career...Lawless left us as a youngster as he wasn't fancied at the time, hes gone onto rebuild his career and has generally done ok at that
  6. Fuck the top6.. if he helps keep us in the top10 this season I'll be happy
  7. Robinson had players identified and due to sign...Robinson left. Our new manager has literally had 5 or 6 days to familiarise himself with his squad, his budget, current players contracts. I'd rather he took his time and got in exactly what we need for games such as Aberdeen and Ross County rather than diving in for a game we are unlikely to win against Rangers anyway.
  8. Agree...we dominated the 1st half and created chances...St Madden had possession in the 2nd half but created very little
  9. VAR would have backed the referee up I think...there was contact from Gallagher on Erwin at the very least

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