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  1. Absolutely...with everything going on, and all the uncertainty the Club would be best served to sit tight on any money they have...I'm amazed at people who are shocked that Hartley and Co have not been offered new deals, with things the way they are.
  2. Thanks to everyone who donated...these units have been collected from Bridlington Town FC and will be delivered to Bellshill tomorrow
  3. Correct, we didn't, if we had I'd have been delighted to achieve 3rd on merit rather than from dodgy dealings
  4. Or we could have found a way to complete the season
  5. Its certainly the best way to do it in the scenario that they have dreamt up...
  6. Aye it was a bit weird to have no fans there, but I enjoyed it more than I thought I would...Dortmund were miles ahead of Schalke
  7. I was paid off but have set the season ticket money aside out of my redundancy package...I'll be buying heehaw until we get some sort of clarity
  8. Morally, the right thing to do...that's not to say they won't have an additional motive though

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