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  1. Barrow v Leyton Orient watching Craig Clay sounds utterly horrendous
  2. Nothing to encourage you to watch Scotland play a few miles up the road but your happy enough to travel the long and winding road to absolute footballing hotshots like Crewe, Rochdale and Grimsby...ffs what a cracker
  3. The midfield was an absolute shambles, Slattery completely isolated to the point I felt sorry for him. Goss gets a bit of a free pass due to being his 1st start but when are we going to realise that all the effort and running from Grimmy just isn't good enough? Worst part of the day for me was Motherwell fans clapping a Celtic goal...what in the name of fuck was that all about?
  4. The best thing Bowman ever done was elbow that clown in the chops
  5. Were you at any of Motherwells European adventures? Plenty on them falling foul on the 'he's only here for the party and booze' rule that you invoke.
  6. Nah...tae hell wae that. The club will be a better place without him
  7. Fuck respecting anyone in that kit
  8. A standing ovation? He signed for Celtic...a club literally like no other. He'll get the fingers fae me and a mouthfy of abuse if he's lucky.
  9. The context is he is a halfwit
  10. 0Neils40yarder


    When can we get rid of this wee mutant?
  11. Best player to have ever played for the 'well according to my papa who would be 100 this year
  12. Aye but I'm sure he was on about 50quid a week...a shite wage thief
  13. Absolutely tremendous result...as others have said we look a very, very well drilled team.

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