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  1. You couldn't make this shite up...a guy near 100 dies, and we've all to watch his planting on the telly? Fuck sake, I'll need a big carry out to get through this pish
  2. While I'm not overly impressed by Crawford or his resigning, I'd say he is easily a better central midfielder than Grimmy
  3. Exactly...talk of 'splashing the cash' is monumentally fucked up patter
  4. None needed surely considering his lengthy absence
  5. A kick in the nuts to be replaced by the captain of the team at the top of the championship and one of the best performers in the league this season...jeez peace
  6. Hes a wing back with crossing, that cannae cross
  7. Does Dean want to be retained though? How long does he wait? At his age he needs to be playing games and this has been a year of complete inactivity for him...in our squad he is probably in the unique position of being unable to get into our team and also from being unable to get out on loan.
  8. At that time it was fucking shit as a fan...I'd imagine there were plenty of players who thought it was a bit of a chore too. The guy is on record for years stating that he is scottish and only ever wanted to play for Scotland
  9. I can accept the argument that he isnae very good...I dont accept the argument that he doesnt feel scottish
  10. Not a chance we will get relegated, it's not happening. Stick with the guys that have got us results recently. For all that Killies pitch is an utter abomination, I'd still prefer to see them stay up at the expense of that Mickey Mouse team fae Hamilton and that teuchter mob.
  11. The McBurnie patter does my head in as well...if he didnt want to play for Scotland, all he has to do is not bother accepting the call up
  12. Two posters in a row managing to show the pish that Steely posts
  13. It never fails to amaze me how anyone can get so worked up about a fitba kit
  14. It maybe doesnt but it does mean that he hasnt had the impact that Killie require to get out of the mess they are in

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