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  1. An extended contract isn’t that great a barrier and I’m sure Morton wouldn’t be hard to deal with. Not saying that we should sign him, just thought that he would be an improvement and a potential money earner.
  2. Lewis Strapp from Morton would be a no bad shout for LB, as I remember he tore our defence a new one when we played them last season. 22 or 23 years old so someone to develop and possibly sell on.
  3. With the amount of time you have been here and the number of posts you’ve made, you should know to be very specific and not the slightest vague - tut, tut, tut.
  4. Arthur Gnahoua, anyone heard that he’s reported to have signed?
  5. Reports of David Turnbull being linked to a move to West Ham and that they’ve offered £9m while Celtic are holding out for £11m. Would be a great move for him and a great pay day for Motherwell if there is a reputed 10-20% sell on clause.
  6. To be fair, back then the players time off was boozing, gambling and eating - generally getting unfit. Todays players appear to be more professional and keep a fitness regime through their time off so I’d think they would find the sand dunes a bit easier :))
  7. Alternatively, Yoda might just be a wind up merchant and better ignored. As for your question on how we improve, as I’ve said before, this year we have a guaranteed extra income from Europe of between £400,000 going up to £1m depending on us reaching the knockout round so I think we should be looking at getting a couple of higher wage proven players with the potential to sell on, aim for the knockout round and at least we will have a more comfortable season with the chance of two good cup runs and a higher than 8th place finish which in turn should also generate extra income for next season.
  8. I had checked out flying Edinburgh to Dublin on the Wednesday and returning on the Sunday (£60 return) with the idea of getting the Mrs to fly to Dublin on the Friday for weekend break. I’d also looked at getting a ferry from Holyhead to Dublin on the Friday incase we play Bala but luckily hadn’t booked anything.
  9. I was being polite and letting him/her down gently, although the second one in the second post is ok but I think the sponsors logo would cover most of the C&A
  10. That’s just about understandable after reading it twice:). I also don’t see anything about it being regions unless that’s done when they put them into groups of 10.
  11. Think this would clash with Livingston
  12. Appears we are looking at this guy Toyosi Olusanya along with StMirren & Livingston. 24 year old Striker/winger. https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/sources-middlesbrough-set-to-sanction-player-exit-with-scottish-trio-in-pursuit/amp/
  13. Did wonder when I seen it if it was the place we went when McGhee was the manager
  14. Deserves it and should move up to the senior squad in the next season or two. He’s improved (or maybe just settled in) in the last six months and with our sports science team helping I’m sure he will get bigger and better next season.
  15. Putting this here as I’m not sure where else to put it - and I don’t think it merits it’s own thread - but just seen on the bbc page about Scottish clubs players of the year that “Sean Goss is the clear choice of the fans”. Now I’m no expert - and I’ve not got anything again him - but I can’t recall many on here raving about him week in week out and I don’t think he won many of the player of the game polls on here. So wondering where they get that idea from - making it up as they go along or just having a laugh?
  16. We all see thinks differently so no problems with your view, personally I think he could still make it and is a premiership player who, especially on our budget, could play a part without being on to high a wage, freeing up money for a more “classy” player. On Davis, I think him or a similar guy who can play a pass or drop a cross onto a running forward would be a great addition. I could see him setting Shields off on a run who could either try and finish himself or in turn set up KVV. He doesn’t have a sell on value but he could get us a good fee for others.
  17. If we could get McAlear for less then all the better. As for who’s better between him and Dean, sadly I’d disagree with you. Dean is good but still has a long way to go- so has McAlear but I think he’s further along. The much maligned McGuire - I thought - was coming along nicely before his injury so we will have to see how he comes back. Those 3 could form a core of our midfield in a couple of seasons but we would need to give them support and time with other more experienced players in the mean time. As for the other players I would like us to try and lure someone who has a proven record rather than three or four players who might do something.
  18. I’m hoping that another 2 or 3 more can be moved - hopefully getting rid of 12 players should mean freeing up around £450 to £500K minimum - then add to that money some of the extra for our higher league position - possibly £400K - and invest some of our future income from European games - say £300K - ( Hibs got £640K for getting knocked out at Q3 last season so we should be looking to at least aiming get that far with a decent squad), giving a potential £1M to £1.1M to spend on 5 or 6 players and increase KVV & Kelly wages to extend their contracts. If better players gets us to the knock out round in Europe or a decent cup run and a higher than 10th league position then the club would make more money that can be used to pay these players wages the next season. I’d happily pay S.Davis £2500 to £3000 a week along with £3000 for McAlear then add the same or up to £4000 for 2 defenders and a striker that have a good chance of being sold on at a profit. £1m in wages that should see us, the fans, watching a better team that could secure us a decent season and possibly a good cup run - if only the board could be so adventurous.
  19. Had a look into this and it appears in Q2 there are 90 teams 3 teams who drop in from CL preliminary qualifying round and 15 teams who drop in from CL first qualifying round - this is known as the champions path. From what is called the main path 41 teams - including us - who enter at this stage from either their countries league position or cup/play off winners. A further 31 teams who have qualified from Q1. Seeding appears to be the 18 from the champions path and the top 27 teams entering at Q2 using there European coefficient. Our coefficient of 7.34 puts us in 22nd place on that list meaning we are seeded. Edit: of the 62 teams in Q1, from the teams known so far, only 5 have a higher coefficient than us but - if they qualify - as they come from Q1 I don’t think their coefficient is taken into account. Not a statistical nut but managed to check this while waiting for stuff to download at work nightshift. Maybe someone more into this stuff could correct me if I’m wrong
  20. We should know which 2 teams it could be - unless we get one of the teams that join at this stage ie who finishes 7th in the English PL.
  21. From what I’ve seen - so may not be 100% correct - being seeded in Q2 means we don’t get drawn against any other team joining at the same time so we will get a team from Q1. The draw also decides who home first leg but could be reversed if the game clashes with another from the same city being the same day. If we get through then at Q3 & the play off round we would get seeded teams that have just came into the competition but not one from Scotland. As previous round a draw decides who’s home first leg. The draw dates are Q2 -15th June where we will find out which 2 teams in Q1 we could meet (Q1 games played 7th & 14th July) Q2 game dates 21st & 28th July Q3 - 18th July where we will find out who we would meet if we qualify. Q3 games dates are 4th & 11 Aug Play off draw - 1st Aug
  22. If robbo’s boy follows mfc’s advice…
  23. Don’t understand how you can pick and choose your games, how do you know what will be a good game and what will be dreadful? If you’re going to go with what you think we might win then you could potentially miss out on a few crackers and end up walking out of games you’ve chosen disappointed.
  24. GA target for next season - avoid getting fucked by more that 3 goals by the OF.

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