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  1. Great result and a great all round performance on Saturday but I’m not going to get carried away. It was one of those games where most of not everything seemed to go for us from their poor passing/finishing to our players managing to string passes together and any loose ball dropping our way. My thoughts are that the last two games have been against opponents who were willing to play further up the park believing that they could match or out play us - which neither did. I suspect the next game, against Dundee, will see them sitting back further and hoping to hit us on the break.
  2. Alan Campbell on the bench for Luton tonight, game in sky.
  3. Ross Tierney the new messiah? GA quote “He’s an attacking midfielder who can play in the front three, he creates opportunities and can score. He works his socks off and he is still only 20” just got to hold out until January ☹️
  4. Anyone know the 50/50 numbers from yesterday?
  5. So Rangers and Celtic will still get awarded dodgy penalties/offside goals etc
  6. I’m sure Shields (24) was signed on a 3 year deal with the view of him progressing to being one of our main strikers and yet, within 3 months of him being here and little game time you’ve written him off? we often hear players/ex-players talking about how it can take 6 months for players to settle at a new club so let’s give him - and others - the 6 months before we write them off? That said, I would also add that there’s a few players I’ve seen and thought straight off that they wouldn’t cut it and probably 80% of the time that has been the case but the others have settled and proved my initial thoughts wrong.
  7. I fear we’re in for an absolute pumping
  8. My thoughts were that we had used the wage freed up from Lawless but I’d thing others will be away in January if we/they can find teams to take them.
  9. Liam Kelly for another outstanding display - worth 2 goals a game.
  10. I’d have went with “flag day at Ibrox yesterday and the only cunt not waving his was the fuckin linesman” should I apply for a job?
  11. Aye, would have been given up the other end.
  12. Loss of Solholm - after his display last week - is a blow. Hopefully Mugabi has a good game in the centre of defence.
  13. Don’t think even a blinder of a game and a hat trick would help, Patterson is the media darling. Heard them discuss this on radio Scotland the other day and they were even dismissing the fact he’s not getting a game for Rangers as a reason not to pick him.
  14. Not really their patter lots of non nationalist use that and a few others when referring to her.
  15. What, the group that it’s running riot through? Your thinking to sensible
  16. Not knocking folks but wondering what has KVV done so far for folk to be endeared to him more so than most of our other signings? Obviously I hope that he can be everything we hope he can be but apart from his good game against Hibs, I’m still wary about his impact.
  17. Political comments have no place on a football forum but I’ve seen a few pro independence comments on here which no one has commented on so best to just let it slide.
  18. I think that there’s no chance of youngsters getting a chance over the next couple of months - apart from maybe a few sub appearances - unless we have an injury crisis. It’s to important to get points and a settled side before any manager starts looking at their youngsters and deciding to start bringing them on. Looking at the youth team, last year would have stunted their development but I’m assuming that the under 21 games have started again so they will be getting game time there to bring them on. Below that it’s good to see that some of the U17 have made the Scottish U17 squad, which is encouraging for the future as long as they are not scooped up by English teams.
  19. Maybe not the solution but the guy always give 100% and puts in a shift chasing / harassing the opposition and with a willingness to run at player with the ball - something we’ve missed of late. He doesn’t always have good games but a player like that is a good addition that can enthuse his teammates so I’m happy to see him back and believe his good games outnumber his poor ones. Even before his goal he was one of three players I was considering for motm
  20. He’s better than Scottish championship. Not sure where he will end up but I’m sure it won’t be in our championship. The comparison with Hastie is a bit unfair.
  21. Heard on the radio earlier that it’s 2.9m euros for qualifying, 300,000 euros for draw and 500,000 euros for a win in the group stages.
  22. Or maybe he leaves? was here not talk a week or two ago about him possibly getting a move down south? Could his alleged bout of the shits be a load of just that? * all my own wild speculation no inside info or shred of fact in above statement.
  23. Seriously? Penalty last week was unlucky as was yesterday’s OG - SOD not playing his best along with a few others but blaming him for the goals is ballocks.
  24. Kevin van veen, he’s our new goal machine,

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