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  1. Seems like a normal thing for a Captain to do when a team is preparing for a season ahead, and I am assuming you're referring to a time before the Sligo games.
  2. If Hammy gets the job, there would hopefully be a provision in his new contract allowing him to return to his current role should it all go wrong, which it very well could if he's not enabled to sign the players required to try to fix things. Otherwise, it's a significant risk for him at this stage of his coaching career. I'd hate to lose him from the Club due to Alexander and the Board's messes.
  3. Proponents of the 4-3-3 should perhaps take a leaf out of Pep Guardiola's book. Today he described the middle of the park as the kitchen of the apartment, where everything happens but only when you populate it with the right amount of ingredients, aka more than three static donkeys.
  4. Nick Daws is a pal of Alexander, and I would argue that he owns some of the serious problems we have with our current squad. Perhaps (or hopefully) we'll see him mutually consented soon too. https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2021/06/11/nick-daws-appointed-head-of-recruitment-operations/
  5. Goalkeepers Kelly - class Fox - ok Connelly - ? Defenders SOD - ok Carrol - injured and crap Sol - crap Mugabi - crap Ojala - made of glass Lamie - ok McGinley - crap McGinn - ok Johnston - shows promise Devine - ? Midfielders Maguire - acceptable Spittal - acceptable Slattery - ok Goss - ok Tierney - ok Cornelius - ok Forwards KVV - ok Shields - crap Efford - crap Morris - crap Mahon - ? Summary A team of Motherwell's level will inevitably always have to carry some crap; however, we are overwhelmingly crap due to Alexander. We need to make a lot of signings or we're going down. We need, at least: 1x winger, 2x forwards, 2x centre backs, 1x left back, 1x creative midfielder and 1x big bastard tough guy.
  6. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/motherwell-defender-jake-carroll-ruled-27676264
  7. Today summed up just how much of a useless cunt Alexander is. He's left us with one of the worst squads I've seen in years, and I can't believe he thought it was okay to take us into the start of a Euro campaign and new season with that mob of shite. At least Hammy tried to get them playing some football today, but you can only piss with the cock you've got, and that cock is impotent and includes more than one bawbag.
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/62436136 Motherwell: Steven Hammell to hold further talks as club prepare shortlist 12 minutes ago Motherwell Alan Burrows and Steve Hamell have already held discussions Caretaker Steven Hammell says it would be "fantastic" to land the Motherwell manager's job full-time as he prepares to have further discussions about the vacancy next week. The board is believed to be drawing up a shortlist on Saturday and the academy chief's name will be on it. A permanent appointment is the club's aim before Motherwell face Aberdeen in the Scottish Premiership on 13 August. Hammell led Motherwell to an opening league win at St Mirren last weekend. Alexander's 'pride' after 'daunting task' What next for Motherwell after Alexander departure? Kelly heroics help Motherwell stun St Mirren The 40-year-old has already had "a positive meeting" with chairman Jim McMahon and chief executive Alan Burrows as the club seek a successor to Graham Alexander. "It was mostly about Saturday and where we see things," Hammell said as he prepares for his second match in charge - at home to St Johnstone. "I don't want it to be anything other than that. We need to perform on Saturday. "The whole focus this week has just been the game and then we will take it from there. That's genuine." Apart from an 18-month stint with Southend United, Hammell has spent his entire career at Fir Park and is Motherwell's post-war record appearance holder with 583 games. Asked what it would mean to be offered the manager's role permanently, the former Scotland full-back stressed his experience of working as head of the academy would stand him in good stead. "I'm in a senior football position at the club and I'm grateful and privileged to be in the position I am just now," he said. "If that's to then progress to the first-team manager then fantastic. If that's what the club want and they feel it's the best thing for the club, it's something I am prepared to do." Motherwell recovered from the Europa Conference League exit to Sligo Rovers that led to Alexander's departure by grinding out victory in Paisley. "Obviously the squad needs a little bit of tweaking," Hammell added. "The balance isn't quite where it should be, but we need to be more than we showed last Sunday. "We need to be more of a threat in the final third, we need to be more positive with our running, we need to be a little bit fitter and stronger."
  9. We've not made any signings, and we're not going to have McGinn, Slattery (maybe), and Lamie, so I am pretty much at a loss what to suggest other than to predict the tried and failed 433. I do, however, think the players might pull it out the bag tomorrow and give us a 1-0 shitfest.
  10. Simo was 3/1 yesterday, and now 2/1 today.
  11. https://mcbookie.com/event/793919/next-permanent-motherwell-manager
  12. wellfan


    He also signed some shit players.
  13. Any bookies taking bets yet?
  14. Loaning out Connelly would make sense, although I foresee another PJ Morrison situation with him. If it's true Fox is injured, and we sign Oxborough, I guess we'll release Fox come May 2023.
  15. If we sign him, that means Kelly is off. Otherwise, why would we need 4 keepers?
  16. Unless we sign another proper fit striker, at least one winger and a competent LB, the current 433 will continue to be impotent. With the current squad, I’d suggest a 352 to flood the midfield and start to create from there. It’s worth a try.
  17. I'd rather have someone with those qualities in charge of the academy, which he is, and I'm sure that position also gives him the space and respect required to advise the first team management when/if required. I think for the manager and their assistant, we need the knowledge you refer to, but we also need people with more experience.
  18. On the often debated subject of individual players and team performance, I think we will be feeling the ill effects of what Alexander has sewn into this squad until at least after the January transfer window.
  19. wellfan


    He’s gone!!! Happiest day of the year for me!!!
  20. Putting the dodgy headed back pass from Mugabi, the good free kick, and the breakaway goal aside, we offered absolutely nothing in reply. We didn’t lay a glove on them over two legs, but we all saw this coming based on 2022 so far. This team and management have absolutely nothing to offer and haven’t done since December 2021. Our league campaign is going to be awful if we don’t fix this mess now.

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