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  1. Must have been big pay cuts and redundancies cross the club for them to splash the cash on Nisbet and Magennis!
  2. Agree we are brutal. No belief, heart or energy. We are so bad, i feel nothing anymore about this team. Those making up these hand ball laws are having a laugh and destroying the game as any competition. Rather than trying to create we would be as well as firing the ball at the opponents arms! We shoud have had two penalties for a blatant push in the back, and dangerous follow through from their defender on Watt. But as we aint the old firm we are never getting those decisions. Is their any point in following scottish football and motherwell any more? Any decent youngsters we try to bring through are now being snapped up before they even play for the reserves never mind the first team. We are then left to cherry pick with other scottish clubs for the dross that has failed in the lower end of the english leagues.
  3. suppose cup football is all about the result.... still need a midfield tho.
  4. ok whos the dude in goals whats happened to carson??
  5. our midfield has beeen outnumbered. The club going into these games with such a weak midfield is criminal. The senior players in the team are hiding. Gallagher is never captain material. If it goes to pens, better hope they miss the target cause Carson aint saving anything.
  6. midfield are doing nothing to help the defence out. Man of the match is the referee. Every tackle from us is a foul.
  7. to be fair, a team without confidence, losing a soft non penalty is always going to struggle.
  8. referee is at it. soft beyond belief that decision.
  9. referee is awful. we are getting nowt from this clown.

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