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  1. We were the better team in 2nd half. Livi got what they deserved for their antics of falling over at ever opportunity and time wasting from the moment we scored our first. Not much a manager can do when players make an erse of things at the back. That pitch and good football just aint happening. As for that clown of a referee... We deserve to be top six irrespective of the non barcelona style of play. Maybe the extra money can go into the squad over the summer.
  2. We gave them Crawford for nothing. Surely that counts as part payment......
  3. Both parties have been good for each other. But this leak if true does noone any favours. Can he now be trusted to perform, or will have the same hunger. We be better getting rid asap and playing shields.
  4. not that im the least bit suprised, in games where they need a goal, injury time seems to run and run. Compare that to when they are winning, i.e. against us, 2 mins and thats your lot. Inept, scared, or corrupt officials, take your pick? as we get older it seems to be getting worse, but maybe with more social media it's only being highlighted more often and easier to see. Suppose, theres more to lose now that the financial rewards have increased.
  5. as bad as we've been, a penalty at that stage would have given us a lift, and put them under pressure. Pathetic refereeing again in favour of Celtic. Financial and officials advantage, and some on here thought we could get a result prior to this game.
  6. See there is chat of us looking at Juhani ojala, center back. Also Jordan Roberts could be heading out of hearts. Would we have him back?
  7. Orinoco


    Shocking news. As many have previously said, a poster and person people respected. He will be sadly missed by all. Thoughts with his family and friends, rest in peace Andy.
  8. The constant running commentary in the media about firstly Gallagher's contract and now possible future club talks to me reeks of desperation from him and his agent. Obviously the big money offers have not materialised as had hoped. He should have resigned as club captain.
  9. can St Mirren still end up in the playoffs ? Killie and County have played each other already I think. Now that would be funny.
  10. at least our new captain for next season stepped up! Where as the imposter stood and watched.
  11. Theres probably groups within the squad headed by an individual. There is a lack of leadership within the squad. Someone to knock heads together and bring the groups together. Something a captain should do. Our captain lacks credibility. He wants away and the squad know it. Who is going to listen to him. In saying all that you wonder if covid restrictions have stopped these groups gelling.
  12. Fine margins again today. Another penalty we dont get, they get the break of the ball. Its been one those seasons where we have not had the rub of the green. Quicker this season is finnished the better.
  13. Dont care if Gallagher is our best defender, he does not want to be at our club. When he was in the team, the defence was just as useless. No player is bigger than our club.
  14. He's the brains behind the players taking the knee to a whole new level.
  15. ML1 I hope your right and it is only bad luck, and that we get bodies and performances back pronto.

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