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  1. Every time we get beat we get the comment that something bad is going on in the background. Perhaps after 12 months of decent results, we are now having a bad run, just like what happens to every other team in the league. Confidence, form and hunger seems to be the only thing between the majority of teams.
  2. Good result, given what we were up against.
  3. Youve got to wonder about referee corruption. Long booked and next foul sent off. Both incidents trivial in the grand scheme of things. Grogic of hamilton booked and has continued to foul, yet somehow escapes being sent off. Perhaps the closed shop referee gang dont like to be criticised have taken the huff after burrows comments re the caley sending off.
  4. whos going to score our goals feck
  5. its going to be some defence against accies.
  6. manzinga to make amends surely
  7. good to see the ex player come so called pundits don't even know this new rule!
  8. I see we can put on a 4th sub if its gets to extra time. Carroll off and manzinga on anyone??
  9. maybe time to switch everything off and sit in a dark room! the rollercoaster is still rolling.....

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