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  1. How many more fouls by Ferguson before he gets booked?
  2. Thats why i said apparently. Comment was based on hearing post match chat from pundits and staff from county. We were the better team all be it we missed alot of good chances.
  3. Brilliant result given that county apparently played very well.
  4. The guy was on a yellow, so he was off in anycase. Straight and deserved red mind you, based on the highlights on sky.
  5. Mugabi lost his man for the first goal!
  6. Lethargic all over the pitch. Rangers are a better team than us, but i guess thats what you get when they spend 3rd parties millions. Nothing learned today, that we did not know already.
  7. That offside decision was a complete joke. Three players played campbell on. I wonder if we will get an appology from the official.
  8. Madness in first half, and poor final ball gifts hibs 3 points. A hibs team that were outplayed on their on ground and who time wasted from the moment they went ahead.
  9. I agree. He has freedom at our club that he probably wont have at a bigger city club.
  10. Moving to another club outwith the old firm is pointless. Yes he might get more money, but he will be on a hiding to nothing. Winning a cup, is the best they or anyone outwith the old firm can possibly achieve. The big money is down south, thats where he should be heading.
  11. Im sure i read on hearts forums, that quite a few dont think our manager is good enough for them. They think they should be attracting a big name!
  12. Killie will sit in and wait for us to make a mistake. Its what they do. Solid and boring by all accounts. We are the polar opposite, so its going to interesting.
  13. Playing Rangers at Ibrox was never going to be easy for our young develping team. We defended well for long periods. A couple of mistakes, combined with luck and quality and we lost.
  14. Penalty miss seemed to knock our confidence and energy. To many loose passes and mistakes. Aberdeen out muscled us all over the park and everthing they hit ended up in the net. Well beat in the end, but youve got to wonder what would have happened if we had scored the penalty. Small margins, like most games involving the majority of teams in our league.

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