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  1. Does this mean people can drop the always a top flight tie chat before the next draw
  2. I was thinking the same and didn't even see Mugabi. Will need to watch it back
  3. Good stuff so far. Bevis and Polworth have been tremendous in particular. Hastie still murder though
  4. Mugabi having the game of his life. Still gives me the fear every time though
  5. Thank fuck for covid. Imagine travelling and watching this shite in the cold
  6. Of course I'm wrong. I forgot who supports our club.
  7. Probably the correct timing. How things change quickly in football. In the future I don't think anyone will look back at Robbo's time and not have good memories.
  8. Swap deal with a small fee would be tasty. Jordan White must be missing the Highlands....
  9. Tonight is the first time I can ever remember where Motherwell have played a game of football and I've been completely oblivious it's even been on. In my head we weren't playing until Boxing Day. I guess I'm not the only one who has been losing interest?

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