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  1. This has now found a good home. Sorry to those who missed out.
  2. Been decluttering and found two copies of the programme for the Nancy match at Fir Park. Rather than getting rid of the extra I thought I'd check if anyone was wanting it. Free to collect from central Edinburgh or small charge to cover postage and I'll send it out. PM if you want it.
  3. Never heard of them. Tragedy. Denmark will be nice though
  4. Delighted for Declan. Looked very comfortable. Would need to see it again, but thought he may have broke the line at the freekick that led to their goal. Can't blame him for that finish though! I don't think I'll ever understand the McKenna hype. He's pish and it makes me think I know nothing about football the way everyone goes on
  5. Anyone else think Coles reaction to the challenge made up the officials mind? He basically stopped and waited for the whistle
  6. If anyone finds a stream please post - not holding out much hope there will be one but would be much appreciated if there is
  7. Only got to see the 2nd half of them vs Porto tonight but apart from a nervy last few minutes they dominated and looked very comfortable. I've no idea how good Porto are these days but it did give me the fear for the weekend - but I'll go for a 1-1 and big Declan to have Defoe in his pocket.
  8. If anyone has a stream link taht'd be great. I'm struggling to find anything working
  9. mwellhighland

    Vs Hibs

  10. Decent stream here if anyone is looking http://hdstreams.club/hd/ch1.php
  11. Another classic Steelmen Online case of the only negative person being the person complaining about negativity
  12. The only thing more annoying than people posting about a signing being shit is people posting about people posting about a signing being shit when nobody posted anything. ..and then people posting about people posting about people posting about a signing being shit.
  13. Conor Sammon after he banged the goals in against QotS

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