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  1. mwellhighland

    2018/2019 Game 37:St Johnstone (A) May 11th 3pm Kick off

    Yup, an extra 60 grand would do just nicely but to suggest the game is "one of our most important of the season" is ridiculous no matter how you dress it up
  2. mwellhighland

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Don't understand it from a development perspective. Seems very unambitious. Surely young players his age playing professional football in the US are all dreaming of a move to Europe.
  3. mwellhighland

    Reserves/Under 20's/Youths

  4. mwellhighland

    Reserves/Under 20's/Youths

    Will probably go along to this. Doesn't seem like there's any fan segregation though? Don't fancy sitting amongst Jambos
  5. mwellhighland

    Player and Young Player of the Year

    Went for Tait and Turnbull.
  6. mwellhighland

    2018/19 Game 30: Hibs (A) March 16th 3pm kick off

    I really struggle to understand this line of thinking.
  7. mwellhighland

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    The Palace thing is interesting. Maybe there would be a possibility of that happening with him on loan to us all of next season.
  8. mwellhighland

    2018'19 Game 28: Kilmarnock (A) March 2nd 3pm kick-off

    Hope Killie get shafted and can't get a refund on their warm weather trip. Some fans were waiting for an hour after the call off for a voucher which is now worthless. Disgrace.
  9. mwellhighland

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    I'm actually terrified. Hopefully he does the right thing and follows Turnbull. A long, successful career awaits and hopefully he can see a year or two with guaranteed first team football is the best way to fulfil that potential
  10. mwellhighland

    2018/19 Game 24: Livingston (H) Saturday 2nd February

    To be fair, didn't someone here mention Moult played 5-a-side with his mates when he signed for us
  11. mwellhighland

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Sorted then. McCormack loves providing sprinters
  12. mwellhighland

    2018’19 Game 18:Celtic (A) Wednesday 19th December 2018

    Never been so bored in my life than the last 45 mins. 2nd half will be watching Easter Road
  13. mwellhighland

    2018’19 Game 15:Celtic (H) Wednesday 5th December 2018

    You're seriously saying that was a good performance?

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