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  1. Great idea livivoice. I'm in Edinburgh and I know there's a few of us out here. If you're in self isolation in Edinburgh then please don't hesitate to PM me if you're struggling.
  2. Do you need healthcare professionals on every bus?
  3. If you had common sense you'd realise everything else that comes with it. Crowds travelling on public transport, crowds pre-drinking in pubs. It's not all about the actual open air match. Not to mention the police and health care professionals that have to attend that will be much more useful elsewhere. Engage your brain.
  4. With the health of people in this country I'm not so sure it'll be as low as the South Koreans. Not to mention it'll only increase once all the hospital beds are full and they have to choose who to treat. Anyway, I'd be delighted with a draw tomorrow. Would be huge as it keeps us third and nobody has any idea what's going to happen with the league once players/coaches start getting infected.
  5. Great point. Especially with other results.
  6. My heart is racing so fast. Feel sorry for non football fans who don't get to experience these emotions
  7. If we come back from this it'll be more memorable than the 6-6
  8. I'm usually not one to overreact but we are absolutely gash and have been for weeks. We can forget about any European chat
  9. Mon the well. Feel we really need to get through tonight or our season could fall apart
  10. Would have taken a replay before kick off. Should beat them at Fir Park
  11. The one praise I'll give Hylton is he's better than Seedorf

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