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  1. It's a tough job being a Motherwell and Scotland fan Winning on Sunday will ease the pain
  2. Try a different player if still down. Player 1 working for me again after refreshing
  3. Of course there will be a sell on. Settle down.
  4. It's good for me. Maybe you have it stuck on a lower definition? Click the wee symbol bottom right and check
  5. Accies been good in defence so far. Hopefully I'll jinx it
  6. Encouraging performance so far. Also good to finally watch a game and not be bored out ma skull
  7. Probably right. I always do this then after 5 minutes wonder where the fuck my earlier optimism came from
  8. Got a wee feeling it could be a good evening for us. Hopefully Robinson's words after the Livi game will still be ringing in the players ears. Would start Watt and excited to see more of Lang. Going for a shock 2-1
  9. 270 minutes of the most boring football I've ever watched
  10. Video and sound are perfect for me tonight

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