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  1. I know. Has wee yin taught me nothing!
  2. I was really specifically meaning experience of the Scottish premier league.
  3. It’s hard to beat experience which is why I am expecting to see the likes of Shields, Woolery, Slattery and KVV performances to improve and be more consistent.
  4. Stats not very impressive. Finally I’m writing off a player before we even sign him. Now I feel like I belong here.
  5. They surely made a boatload of cash this year from reaching Europa league semi final
  6. Can’t believe west ham would haggle over 2 million. Chicken feed to them. Just pay the 11 million and take him. Done!
  7. I’d like to see that. West Ham would be a good club for him I think.
  8. I’m never to bothered about what our strip is. Of course some I like better than others but pretty much get used to whatever we play in.
  9. Regardless of what formation he plays if he can somehow manage to coach the players into not making stupid mistakes he will put a lot more points on the board. So up to the players as well to be a bit more aware and savvy about decision making. Whether that be in defence or midfield or even in attack.
  10. I think Shields, KVV and Woolery are all going to perform much better this coming season now having a season under their belts. If we can fix left back position I think that will help us a lot. If we can add a forward, midfielder and left back all significantly better than what we have, i’ll be happy. Easier said than done though.
  11. Loved those league ladders
  12. Glad our players and ex players have managed to avoid being part of the last two shambolic performances against Ukraine and Ireland. I don’t think Clarke likes Turnbull. He should at least get a shot to prove himself.
  13. I see Darren Randolph pulls in a cool 2.1 million pounds a year being third choice goalie at West Ham.
  14. It’s good that Lamie signed and isn’t pissing about waiting to see if anything better comes his way.
  15. I agree, thought he was coming onto a game but then got injured. Was looking faster and stronger than previous seasons.
  16. So 10 players out. Do we turn that into 3 or 4 higher level players at more competitive salary?
  17. Just do away with them or put a clause in original contract that says you will not sign any PCA. Of course Probably no one would agree to that
  18. So going into Q3 game you would know your likely opponent for play off round?
  19. Just at least get to Q3 so I can see a European game. Would be nice if it was second leg at fir park and watching a victory put them thru to play off round.
  20. I bet Grizzly will steal that one !
  21. Easier said than done I think.

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