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  1. We’ll don’t. Not everybody is part of the Stephen O’Donnell love in.
  2. He was. I can vouch for that. It’s a shame Hartwood disbanded when he was on the cusp of even greater things. Had been untold success until then.
  3. Academy systems that favour power & strength over technical ability won’t offer any help.
  4. On the flip side, the emergence of Gilmour, Patterson et all are the elite programme who’s origins are around a decade since starting to bear fruit. It’s about our coaching evolving beyond the current networks.
  5. Could well be the case. No match day experience that although the über fans who’ll beat a path to the ground will disagree. Mock outrage when some don’t gain entry… Against modern football
  6. Really? A lot worse appears on here. Think it’s fair to say we’ve finished it. One poster went to uni, one went to the school of life. We’ve signed more than 2.
  7. Whilst most can relate to your sentiment, you’ll find we only have three stands available for use with the Main Stand remaining in use for players, officials and society directors who found access no problem when others couldn’t. Not a chance we’ll be allowed in at Airdrie, mores the pity.
  8. Bore off. Point out where I’m in the wrong? If it’s as simplistic as you make out, Burrows should be fearing for his job or creating a space for you in the boardroom.
  9. It’s not difficult, but, seems to have you at a loss. Hardly a good advert for your further education then.
  10. It naive as your amateur mathematics don’t stack up… Maintaining player budget may or may not cover the expenditure in January. These figures will be offered to club shareholders soon enough. 25 players? Lots of natural wasteage from our development programme with negligible costs given salary levels. Nor do you know what percentages we were paying in loan fees/wages contributions. Doesn’t automatically offer bigger percentages to those we may/may not recruit. Sharing 23 salaries is a fallacy. Do you think those we re-hired signed on for nothing? Time will tell who/how many we bring in. Just hope our new Head of Recruitment is looking beyond his previous employment & former charges.
  11. The club offer training facilities/trial situations all season round & have done since dawn of player movement. Allows both parties to judge & gives rise to recruitment over numerous transfer windows.
  12. That’s as maybe. I was focusing more on that we have a full compliment of squad fillers. Suppose time will tell… I’m not seeing a marquee signing just yet.
  13. Be careful what you wish for…
  14. Football has evolved in 30 or so years
  15. His tweet thanks Exeter for his 2 and a half years!
  16. Highly doubt we’ll see Carson return. Wouldn’t pin hopes on Kelly returning either... Nothing cryptic or a riddle so as not to twist the knickers of some.
  17. Next Saturday, Dumbarton away closed door as will any others. No need to panic.
  18. I’ll be surprised if they’re even quoted. Their coaching appointment shows the path they and their 120% wage to turnover ratio wish to go down.
  19. Onthefringes


    Can only echo the sentiments already posted. Known him for more years than I care to remember. One of life’s gentlemen and will be a loss to our support. Safe in the arms. Thoughts go to his family.
  20. Not sure how you quantify any of that. Opening statement just isn’t true, players can travel across the continent whilst following protocol. Proper scouting network in Scotland? I’d doubt the Lamie and Crawford types were scouted from outside our border.
  21. Not me. I can certainly take a joke
  22. Aye, name and team irrespective of whether it’s a load of nonsense or not - that by definition is a rumour. Take Scott Robinson last week. Best leave the cryptic riddle shite to the real scoops...
  23. No. Trying to ingratiate yourself with some of this boards sycophants isn’t a good look. Had one of our top performers ask to leave though...

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