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  1. That’s on the management team for sure. Playing with the shape changed in Campbell’s absence and expecting a different answer was folly. Campbell won’t be around forever.
  2. Selection/formation/post match quote bingo is go...
  3. Really? We introduced a player who won’t be available for a squad place next weekend. When do you aid development if we’re not 4 goals ahead and cruising ? Business end of the season when stakes could be even higher? And before the usual suspects proclaim ‘they’ll get their chance as its not felt they’re ready’ - they’re at the club because coaching staff see their development better served around the first team & loan moves were ruled out.
  4. I’d doubt Gallagher given social media release this week. Take Lamie out the equation...
  5. 3 weeks to announce they'll have a hearing some time in due course. At least they're keeping on top of things...
  6. Could have phrased it better, my point was about him starting in defence.
  7. Knicker wetting in the extreme even when Lamie turns out at centre half.
  8. I’d doubt Robinson agrees with the clamour on here to have Maguire involved & certainly not at the back regardless of injuries.
  9. Onthefringes

    Big Dec

    Bit of a stretch to say “he's definitely suffered from being played out of position in an ever-changing line-up every week.” He was signed on the strength of being the right side of a strong back three at Livingston whilst Hearts signed the much lauded centre back. Hes looked assured though in his two caps this past week & wouldn’t be averse to seeing him there at club level if persisting with the current set up. I’m not sure we see the best of O’Donnell In the advanced role.
  10. Unattached from July 1st, good move for the kid.
  11. He watched it in Giffnock. Loads of penny chews there...
  12. Don’t have to see it. There’s an expectation of more positive results from another round of testing at Kilmarnock with their entire squad in isolation.
  13. Game is off. Interested to see the joined up thinking - suspect it’s been taken out of football authority hands.
  14. Regardless, history books will always state we finished 3rd
  15. And now, if you could be realistic...
  16. Onthefringes

    Big Dec

    Far bigger problems in defence to be honest. Mugabi has went from being a laughing stock to our best defender in a matter of weeks
  17. And in other news... Even a broken clock is right twice a day
  18. I’d expect Cove to know who/what they’re getting & what’s expected of them. That change in direction was influenced by Maurice Ross. I’m not convinced in its merit (probably why I’m not a licensed coach) - he certainly had more influence on a game in that role. Talented with strength that belies his years, his change has seen him drop out of Scotland youth reckoning with the courting of the academies at Liverpool, Southampton & the likes long gone.
  19. It’s a difficult balance granted, can you give the “they’re not good enough” mantra a break as it’s simply not the case. Mixed messages form coaching department are in play too. Reserve matches may not give the full picture as much as loaning our prospects isn’t always the answer. Whilst good to see them get game time, their development depends on the structure of the loan and being at a suited club as much as the players’ application . Taking Jamie Semple as an example, Cove Rangers walked their league, given their backing and ambitions are expected to do similar this year - involved as the team are rarely on the backfoot doesn’t suggest a player will return to us game ready, but, playing against some experience is key?
  20. You’ll be incandescent with rage when you find out they’ve committed to him signing a pre-contract agreement in January...
  21. This presence In the opposition box you speak of... when has it ever been present?

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