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  1. I'm chuffed for the big man,its thoroughly deserved for his form this season.we should be seeing more of this,players that are in form being selected,rather than the same old faces all the time.
  2. mfc

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I really like polworth,I think hes been good for us so far,granted he isn't the type of player that's going to put a defensive shift in but if we can get him in the right areas,then he could have a hat full of assists for us this season.I think we done well getting him on a free transfer.
  3. mfc

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Us and kilmarnock are after jack hendry according to tomorrows sun.
  4. mfc

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Livingstone is a weird one,he was always one of the stand outs for the under 20s anytime i seen them but for whatever reason he can't get a look in at a position where we haven't exactly been strong in since the days of stevie hammell.hopefully carroll can come in and make an impact as the thought of going with tate and grimshaw right now is pretty depressing.
  5. mfc

    2019-20 League Cup

    In an ideal world,we should have been looking to loan scott out for the season,a drop down into the championship where he could play every week and develop,would have been my choice but as things stand,hes currently imo our best striker,which doesn't say a lot about our other options we have and that's in no way having a go at scott,who i really like and think has all the attributes to be a really good player.our forward line is a real concern,especially the wide men,who can't seem to beat a man and there's there ilic,who to me looks like a left wing back,that's been getting played as a right winger.
  6. mfc

    2019-20 League Cup

    I agree with melvin,as things stand,i wouldn't be completely against going back to a 352,the lack of any real quality in the forward area and the balance in midfield,makes it almost impossible to persist with 433.if we start with hylton and seedorf against accies and its the usual shitfest of a game,then there's only going to be one winner and it ain't us.
  7. mfc

    2019-20 League Cup

    I like tait,hes usually one of our most consistent performers but so far this season,hes looked well off the pace.our options for full back are a concern,the fact were still shuffling tait between right and left back and playing grimshaw,who's woeful and were now hoping carroll,isn't another hendrie or taylor sinclair.
  8. mfc

    2019-20 League Cup

    There's serious work needing done with this team as what we've seen over the past 3 games simply isn't good enough.
  9. mfc

    2019-20 League Cup

    Said it on saturday and I'll say it again,our shape when we don't have possession is school boy stuff,wtf was tate doing getting sucked so far in for the first goal.our full backs are causing us nothing but bother and the front 3 are anonymous yet again.
  10. I get that its early days and players are still finding there feet but its a little worrying,that's two games on the trot where our forward line has been completely anonymous.
  11. We've made it far too easy for them,our shape when we don't have possession has been embarrassing at times.
  12. mfc

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Pity it wasn't an extended deal but he definitely deserves the wage rise,he's a cracking wee player.
  13. Its easy too say players can play in different positions but for me mchugh is a centre half full stop,he doesn't have the extra couple of qualities needed to play in midfield,just because he played a lot of times in midfield,it doesn't mean he's a midfielder.grimshaw,I've still not got an idea where his best position is.I liked tom hateley at right back but the only person that thought he could play in midfield was himself.I'm not saying donnolly isnt the answer based on the fact that he hasn't made it as a defender,I'm basing it on the fact that he's shown nothing since he came to the club,personally I don't think he's good enough for this level,i would love to be proved wrong and i would be the first to hold my hands up and say I was wrong but i just don't think he has got it.
  14. It means nothing what he does for northern Ireland at under 21 level.hes barely had a sniff for us in the position he was brought in originally, he can't pass the ball other than 2 yards sideways and it looks likes he pulling a caravan when he's running,I'd rather play grimshaw at defensive midfield and thats saying something.
  15. Like the other night,donnolly is defensive midfield,i just hope that's down to a shortage of numbers and not something were thinking about for the coming season.

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