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  1. You see fans of other clubs raving about our socia media stuff all the time but that really is some achievement,to beat off competition from clubs with the resources that are night and day compared to us just shows how good the people involved at our club are,a massive well done to all.
  2. I really like the look of ojala so far,he's no nonsense,reads the game really well and he's comfortable with the ball at his feet.
  3. True,the corner he gave away in the second half cause he only wanted to use his left foot was a touch frustrating.
  4. Great result with some impressive performances,that was mcginley's best game for us by a mile,now that he's added a bit of aggression to his game he looks a much better player.woolery was also excellent who should take a lot of confidence from that.
  5. I didn't notice it at the time but having just watched the highlights,watt running up and getting right in browns face when van veen scored was glorious
  6. He had a really good game,the second half in particular,hopefully he got took off with nothing more than a knock and we him on saturday.it was a great result all round for us,well done to all involved.
  7. I agree with that,my only real criticism of him yesterday was he was wanting to long on the ball at times but that could just be down to playing at a higher level and he isn't going to get the time hes used to,hopefully that changes as he finds his feet,he's a better option than seedorf was I would say.
  8. Having seen the tackle back,there's one of the camera angles that it does look to be a poor challenge by carroll but there's no way collum could have seen it as there was atleast three players between him and the incident,I was in the hunter and pretty much in line with the linesman who never put his flag up and it's not like the dundee players were going mad at the tackle so fuck knows what collum made his decision on.hes a shocker of a referee that does seem to like being the centre of attention in every game he's involved in.
  9. mfc

    Nordic question

    Stefan lindqvist,I think he only played a handfull of games back in the late 90s.
  10. It was far from pretty but we're grinding out results and that's the main thing.itll be interesting how we line up at the back when the norwegian boy arrives but we really need another option up front,woolery,Justin and shields look like there going to need time to adjust,van veen has shown in glimpses what he can offer but needs to be starting games.if we can bring in a half decent attacker and build on the opening games then we will be just fine.
  11. Brilliant,thanks for that mate.
  12. I've got a family member coming along today,anybody know if the ticket office will be open today to buy them a ticket.
  13. I was a bit critical when alan was promoted to the role when dempster left.it looked like the easy option but I'm chuffed to have been proven wrong,overall I think he's been excellent in the role and long may it continue.
  14. Goss isn't someone i would have signed but the pluses,he is a midfielder by trade unlike maguire and donnolly and definitely a better option than crawford,if I mind right he's a left footer which might bring a bit of balance if we're going with a midfield three.

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