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  1. The 2nd goal at dundee was my favourite from last season,it was just great play all round.i would like long to stay,you could see as the season was progressing that he was improving all the time and his pace was always a threat,if we can keep him or sign someone similar then giving all the uncertainty thats been going on,we will find ourselves in pretty good shape.
  2. Hastie in talks about returning on loan according to tomorrows sun.
  3. That's cracking,i love that.
  4. mfc

    91 CUP FINAL

    I was only 8 back in 91 so i dont remember a great deal from being at the game or the day in general but the one thing i do remember was my rangers supporting pal begging to be stevie kirk when we went for a kick about out in the street later that night .i never get tired of watching the final,seeing darren jackson greeting like a big lassie when he went up for his medal is a particular delight.
  5. Decent enough point and another game out the way and were still in 3rd place,all eyes on next friday now.
  6. I really enjoyed that,there was a freshness and energy about us,that's been sadly lacking lately.as a whole the team played really well,with some outstanding individual performances,for me that was longs best game for us and its no coincidence that when campbell is on it,the team plays well,he was different class tonight.
  7. I genuinely believe we have blown it,we have hit the skids at the wrong time and there's nothing to suggest we are going to stop the slump and turn things around,confidence is completely gone and we seem hell bend on shooting ourselves,tonight and the st johnstone game should have been a minimum of two points,to keep things ticking over but yet we go and blow it by conceding goals right at the end.i really don't see where the next win is coming from and think our next 3 games could really end our hopes of finishing 3rd and most likely let 2 of the teams below to then go above us.
  8. Out the cup and lose our game in hand to st mirren in a matter of days,shocking stuff.
  9. Good point under the circumstances and a bonus that the other results went our way,hopefully that's us stopped the rot.if we have serious ambitions of finishing 3rd then tuesday is must win.
  10. Despite the fightback,i fear what tonight has done for our already low confidence,we really need to stop the rot and fast,starting saturday would be ideal.
  11. Aye your right,hopefully there's some team daft enough to take him off our hands.
  12. Hopefully with dunne coming back,we don't see mugabi again,the guy is brutal.
  13. We've been shite up front all season but got away with it for the most part as our defence was pretty solid,that has now gone and were just as bad at the back,our season is on the verge of imploding and i don't see much hope in us turning it around.
  14. Embarrassing stuff,our defence has been atrocious for weeks.
  15. Giving how our options are upfront,our midfield are going to need to take more of a gamble at the right time and get into the box to help with the burden of getting goals.now would be a great time if donnolly could find his shooting boots again.

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