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  1. mfc

    Stevie O'D

    It was great to see one of our players representing the country at a major tournament but for me o'donnell isn't good enough for that level,I would even suggest on club form last season he wouldn't have been picked as for me he was pretty poor overall but it just shows there isn't any better options,the guy palmer looked a bombscare anytime he was involved and there's no way Patterson can be considered as first choice until he's playing week in week out with rangers or elsewhere.what does annoy me though is o'donnell is an easy target for fans of other clubs just because he plays with motherwell but there's so called better players playing in better leagues that consistently fail to turn up and produce for scotland,take stuart armstrong for example anytime I've seen him for southampton he seems to play well but take last night,he was strolling about and in need of a rocket up his arse.its just a pity that we always seem to be strong in one or two areas of the national team and shit in the rest and we can't get together a fairly strong 11 that might bring us a bit of success.
  2. Polworths mrs is going to be living the high life in kilmarnock.
  3. Giving the level this guy has been playing at,i really hope he has it in him to make the step up,who knows he might be getting brought in as a squad player to start with,either way we need to be making some signings that are ready and and at a standard to be playing first team football.i see were being linked with another loan player from rangers,I hope it's bollocks,let some other mob develop there players.
  4. That's the best yet,you really have to laugh,somebody that supports maidstone having a go at the standard of football up here.
  5. mfc

    Stevie O'D

    The whole team were outstanding,I'm chuffed for o'donnell,to see one of our players perform like that in a game of that magnitude I'm well proud.
  6. That's a really good move for wee al,I hope it goes great for him and he can take his career from strength to strength,he's been the model pro since breaking into the first team.it sounds like we have took a reduced fee and had a sell on clause put in place which could be potentially good business for us down the line.
  7. https://www.nottheoldfirm.com/news/chelsea-midfielder-luke-mccormick-becomes-motherwell-transfer-target/
  8. mfc

    Stevie O'D

    In the modern game it's stupidity for a goalkeeper to be that far out,you see it all the time now where players try the long ranger if a goalie is off there line,what hendry was trying when the easy pass out wide was on but that just sums us up,not good enough and decision making all wrong.
  9. mfc

    Stevie O'D

    I agree with that i would have had McGregor in the team,clarke has cost us today,I get we don't have great options up front or out wide but we should have went with two up front and went for it from the off,we have three games to get as many points as possible and we were far to negative.
  10. mfc


    As fans we share a common bond and it's always gutting to hear a fellow supporter has passed away,I didn't know andy personally but his contribution to the forum was huge,I thoroughly enjoyed reading his posts,he will be missed.RIP Andy.
  11. The last two transfer windows were a balls up,we can't afford to get it wrong again this time,we need several players good enough to get right into the team and if that takes a bit longer than usual then I'm all for it.
  12. I didn't think bringing louis back was ever really on the cards,he's made enough of a name for himself that getting a club in england was always a certainty,it's still a wee bit gutting seeing him sign for someone else though but i really hope he can stay clear of injury and it works out for him there.
  13. Cole has definitely improved as a player and i would have liked him to have stayed but strangely at the same time I'm not overly fussed he's away,without his goals last season we would have been in real bother so far that i wish him well and hope this move works out for him.
  14. Not yet but he surely can't survive much longer under his burds thumb.

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