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  1. mfc

    Pre-season 2019/20

    Its easy too say players can play in different positions but for me mchugh is a centre half full stop,he doesn't have the extra couple of qualities needed to play in midfield,just because he played a lot of times in midfield,it doesn't mean he's a midfielder.grimshaw,I've still not got an idea where his best position is.I liked tom hateley at right back but the only person that thought he could play in midfield was himself.I'm not saying donnolly isnt the answer based on the fact that he hasn't made it as a defender,I'm basing it on the fact that he's shown nothing since he came to the club,personally I don't think he's good enough for this level,i would love to be proved wrong and i would be the first to hold my hands up and say I was wrong but i just don't think he has got it.
  2. mfc

    Pre-season 2019/20

    It means nothing what he does for northern Ireland at under 21 level.hes barely had a sniff for us in the position he was brought in originally, he can't pass the ball other than 2 yards sideways and it looks likes he pulling a caravan when he's running,I'd rather play grimshaw at defensive midfield and thats saying something.
  3. mfc

    Pre-season 2019/20

    Like the other night,donnolly is defensive midfield,i just hope that's down to a shortage of numbers and not something were thinking about for the coming season.
  4. Tomorrows sun says we've offered turnbull a new 3 year deal that will make him one of the highest earners at the club.
  5. We had john kennedy calling turnbull a money grabber,then they had the brass neck to put him in a celtic top,try to negotiate a smaller fee and now there's talk of trying to take him on loan,that lot have made a right arse of themselves throughout ,clearly they haven't learned much from the time they tried to take faddy on loan
  6. Agreed,there clearly trying to take the piss out of us,set a deadline for friday and if there still playing silly beggars,we pull the plug on the deal.we can't allow this to rumble on over the weekend and into next week,enough is enough.
  7. According to tomorrows sun,celtic are trying to negotiate the initial fee but were holding firm on the agreed price.
  8. I'm sure we had hoped to make a new signing round about the time it looked like turnbull would be going to celtic.maybe this new player was being brought in to replace him and weve had to put it on hold until we know for sure whats happening.I could easily be wrong there but if this saga is in anyway affecting our ability to bring in new players and disrupt our preparations for the coming season then we have to be prepared to walk away,granted there is a lot of money at stake but were rapidly approaching the point where enough is enough.if this isn't resolved by tonight then,i would like to see us pull the plug on the deal and get turnbull back to the club and go from there,at the end of the day,he's still our player,were paying his wages but yet our club has been left in total limbo for the past couple of weeks.
  9. The only negotiations that lot will be interested in will be trying too get turnbull at a cheaper price,the second that comes up,they should be chased and we put an end to this saga,its gone on long enough.something has been a miss from the start with this transfer.
  10. Supposedly he's chose celtic as that's the best place for him to develop,if that was the case then why not sign when he first had the chance.something stinks about this whole saga,it looks like norwich were just been used to get him a better offer from celtic.i really thought turnbull had his head screwed on but if he thinks he's going to progress under that braindeid scroat Lennon,then hell mend him.
  11. I'm bored with this now,let's get the money in the bank and move on and get preparing for the new season.
  12. mfc

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Cadden and gorrin,looking likely to be signing for oxford.
  13. Agreed,I'm usually against loaning players from the same league but as things stand im seriously concerned about our attacking options,granted robbo has said more attacking players will be signed but if there's a chance of getting either morgan or Johnston on loan,then for me we have too take as either player would walk into our side.if we can put up with conor sammon on loan then anything is possible.
  14. According to tomorrow's sun,its £2.8 now,rising to £3.2 and were trying to get either mickey johnstone or lewis Morgan on loan.
  15. Unless there's some kind of release clause in turnbull's contract,then the decision to sell so soon into the summer is fucking scandalous.

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