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  1. Jeezo mate,I'm sorry to hear that,it puts football in perspective,we all get annoyed and pissed off with the game but in reality there's always more important things in our life going on.i don't know you pal but I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you,all the best to you.
  2. This is one of the worst squads I've ever seen us have,the worst will always be up for debate.we have used 35 players this season i believe,which for a club like ours is ridiculous and yet we're near the end of the season and we don't have a formation that suits or even a starting 11 that can be trusted,this season has been a mess for a number of reasona and the sooner it's over and we can start to fix the problems the better.
  3. Great to get through but tonight sums up where we are,to many players aren't good enough.
  4. I used to like jock brown as a commentator,especially as he did the 91 cup final so i was pleased he got our commentary gig for this season but fuck me he doesn't half talk bollocks every game,it was no surprise there when he said crawford is having a good game
  5. Alexander can only be judged when he is able to make the necessary changes but having said that,it's worrying that he has kept crawford on for next season,I just hope that isn't the standard he thinks is required,there's several of this current squad that need to go and steal there wages elsewhere.
  6. If we wait until we go a goal down before changing it,then hell mend us,this should have been changed at half time.
  7. Spot on,you would see more urgency in a pre season game than we have shown tonight,it really does sum this current lot up,the sooner as many of them are out the door the better.
  8. Fuck sake,get the finger out motherwell
  9. The midfield is terrible yet again,it's been painful to watch all season a midfield three that are all far to similar.
  10. That's my thoughts too,he's been decent enough but hes definitely had more than his share of errors this season,saturdays game being a casing point.i think he's a good enough player at our level and to be fair we don't have many players that would get pass marks for this season so o'donnell isn't alone in having a fairly poor season,hopefully with the changes that will be coming over the summer we see more from o'donnell next season.
  11. It would be nice if we were mathimatically safe but there's no way we will finish in the bottom two now,hopefully we have learned our lesson from previous accies games and we go there and do them some real damage and have a right laugh at there expense after we have booked our place in the next round of the cup.
  12. Agree with that,I said similar on here a couple of weeks ago that st mirren fans and the media have made them out to be this great side and that goodwin is the new guardiola but yet we have every chance of finishing above them,I love beating that lot as they have always had ideas above there station.
  13. Agreed,massive changes will be required to see us improve next season.i don't think I've seen a well team so less comfortable in possession as this one,far to many are just happy to header it and kick it whatever way there facing,great 3 points though,atleast we can plan for next season knowing we will be in the top flight.

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