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  1. I would like to see 2 or 3 changes from midweek but wouldn't be surprised if alexander goes with the same starting 11 to try and let some make amends.imrie hates us and will have his team fired right up,we can't afford to take our eye off the ball here.if we start fast and are up for it then I think we will win by a couple but if this is one of they games that's pure turgid and it's 0-0 deep in the second half,then I'll definitely have the fear.
  2. Mcginley had a howler for there second goal but the way we seemed intent on shooting ourselves in the foot,if it wasn't him that messed up it was going to be someone else.we should have got a lift after equalising and them going a man down but there was no reaction whatsoever.we should have been patient and tried to work them out of position but all we did was stupid chipped balls forward,van veen is decent when the ball is coming in the box from out wide but he doesn't look the type that wants to battling centre halfs all game with high punts up the park.i said earlier that tonight was the perfect example of how not to play against 10 men,shocking stuff.alexander looked fuming at the end,hopefully there's some words exchanged on the bus on the way down.imrie will have morton fired up there's no doubt about that,if we approach the cup game like we did tonight,we could be in real trouble.
  3. We will definitely miss watt there is no two ways about it,I just hope alexander is at it when he says he's not looking to replace him,we can't go the rest of the season with the options that we have,there just isn't enough goals in them.
  4. Don't apologise,mcginley is a bombscare.
  5. We seem to always be shite after any break,tonight has to be up there with the worst though.
  6. The minute they went down to 10 men we should have went right at them but it's been all to pedestrian,we equalise and they get a man sent off in a matter of minutes,the minimum we should have been going down the road with was a point but we have fucked it up big time.
  7. We deserve all we're getting here,this is a prime example of how to not play against 10 men,the constant balls chipped forward is a joke.
  8. Dire first half from us,this game so far is all to reminiscent of previous up there.
  9. I would really like both of those to sign new contracts,alexander said a few weeks ago that new offers were on the table so we have to assume that both of those have been offered new deals.for me we will need to use any money that we get for watt to bring in a replacement,it would be crazy not to and could undo all our good work in the first half of the season,as things stand van veen looks to be the only one that could score on a consistent enough basis and we can't just rely on him,the way he is he could be suspended at anytime.
  10. Agreed,having watched the game last night,I wasn't overly impressed with rudden but I wouldn't be writing him off on the back of it and at the same time if he played well last night,I wouldn't be going over board and saying get him signed as soon as possible.it looks like he's a young player that's still very much raw,I certainly wouldn't be against us signing him on a pre contract and taking a chance on him and see how he develops.my only concern would be losing watt and bringing in rudden as his replacement this month,I'm not sure it's the time.in the season to be taking such a gamble,I know we won't be signing a finished article if watt leaves but someone with a bit of experience would be required.shields has improved but is still a work in progress,if we added rudden and something happened to van veen,I would be seriously concerned where the goals would come from.
  11. Was there not a crackpot on here years ago that would only ever want to argue with folk using different screen names,im sure icerink was one of them.robbos boy is ice rink if you ask me.
  12. I think rudden would be worth a gamble if we could get him on a pre contract,I'm not sure about us spending money on him this month if watt moves on though.if watt leaves and we can get a half decent replacement,I can see us having a good second half of the season.
  13. I think he will go for about 100k but it wont happen until the last couple of days of the window but fully expect utd to offer us like 50k and nicky clarke before that,which should be flat out refused.if we don't get what we're looking for we are as well keeping him,there's no point in strengthening utd if we're getting next to nothing out of it.on roberts i wouldn't be looking for us to bring him back this time,he done well first time around coming into a struggling side but this time he hasn't been upto much.

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