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  1. I'm not a fan either,i don't think he will bring anything different to what we already have,surely if we're interested in bringing him back we must be looking at getting one or two out the door,our forward line is already bloated with to many not making any sort of contribution.
  2. Campbell would be ideal for the english championship,other than a bigger wage going to give would be a total sideways move,he's a stand out midfielder in our league and when he moves on it should be to a higher level.
  3. Agreed,it would have benefitted both parties if maguire had moved on,giving him a new deal and 2 years at that,seemed strange but he must be rated enough but yet he's hardly seen.we have 4 games coming up against teams we really needing to be taking points from,i would be happy enough if maguire got a decent amount of playing time in they games but that's mainly down to the dross that's been playing and not because i expect him to be an answer to our problems.like i said earlier in this thread,if maguire is in the managers plans then get him in the team and not just bring him on as a substitute when other players have already let us down.
  4. The guy is an absolute nightmare,i didn't think we could get any lower than tony streaker,how wrong was i.
  5. We can talk about them having better players and budgets all day long but the reality is we are paying guys a decent wage and for that the least you expect is to compete and show some pride an professionalism and there's been none of that today,there's far to many jokers in our squad the now,we need to be actively looking to get some out the door,get agents told there players are no longer required and do what's needed to move them on,no more nicey nicey,this squad has relegation candidates all over,none of the basics of football are being shown.
  6. Our options from the bench are embarrassing,you just know that none of them will have any impct
  7. Maguire wouldn't be any worse than some of the imposters that start every week,either give the boy a chance from the start or not at all,this bringing him on when others have already fucked the game for us is nonsense.
  8. I totally agree with the other points you make but i actually think letting hartley and tait go was the right decision,we probably had as good as we were going to get out them,it's been our recruitment over the summer that's been the problem,not one signing looks like they have anything to offer an added to some of the dross that's already here then we really are in trouble.
  9. How many times do our full backs get caught out with the ball in behind them,lamie has zero positional awareness and his attempt at getting back was embarrassing,he's simply not good enough for this level.
  10. Joke of a penalty,the ref smiling after he gave it sums it all up.
  11. Hopefully big bevis can come back in and have a good game as none of the rest of our defenders can be trusted,i have visions of lamie giving away a penalty.sit back and let the game drift by and we will get battered,best chance we have is to have a go and see where that gets us.
  12. He's absolutely dire,spends the whole time daydreaming and has no clue of his surroundings,he's an accident waiting to happen anytime he's on the park,should be nowhere near the starting 11.
  13. Totally agree,he sold the jerseys big time tonight and ended any chance we had of getting back into the game,the captain should lead by example and he does that.he's been poor all season and if being captain is affecting his game,it should be taking off him immediately before he costs us again.
  14. I said it after the accies game and I'll say it again,our decision making this season has been criminal,from the penalty at ross county right through until that tonight.this isn't quite an odense what if moment but still feels like we have let a great opportunity slip through our fingers.
  15. We really are the architects of our own downfall,well in the tie and kamikaze defending has cost us yet again.gutted as there was a decent chance of going through tonight.

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