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  1. Agreed get campbell and maguire straight back in and o'hara beside gallagher,anybody but lamie at left back,I would go with mcginley but i wouldn't be surprised if we put o'donnell to the left and bring grimmy in.is suggesting hastie start one of your rotten jokes grizzly ,the last time he was seen it looked like he was trying to run with clown shoes on.we need a reaction,play similar to what we did on saturday and we will definately lose,big improvement needed.
  2. You could well be right on that and he may have been carrying a knock,onthefringes(who's normally spot on)a few posts back suggested that mcginley was dropped after last week,if true then robinson must have been out to prove a point as bringing on grimshaw before him made no sense yesterday.
  3. Agreed,if he can't be relied on as a starter then he isn't good enough even as back up.i said a few games ago i had the fear that lamie would be one of they players that gets a game no matter how bad they are,yesterday should be his last.
  4. Lamie couldn't get near ohalloran with his pace and next week will be the same if he is in the team and boyle is playing for hibs,he can't start for that reason alone then you add in the fact that he's absolute pish.its a straight choice between lamie and mcginley until carroll is back and it has to be mcginley,he's no world beater but atleast he isn't making a cunt of it anytime he's on the pitch.the mind will seriously boggle if lamie is anywhere near the team next week.
  5. We can forget all about hastie,the sooner he's out the door and back at rangers the better.
  6. There's been mistakes since the summer,our recuitment has been dire and the bucks stops with certain individuals for that,there was no forward planning with the guys we were bringing in,nobody to strengthen our first 11 and make sure that complacency didn't creep in among the players that got us 3rd last time out but truth be told we haven't even signed anybody that can make a difference even as a substitute.from the players point of view the level of mistakes that have been made from the ross county game up until that today have been nothing short of scandalous,it's every week we are shooting ourselves in the foot and it's simply not good enough.of course robinson needs to take his share of the blame,some of his team selections have been erratic,we've chopped and changed our formation enough times already this season and he's standing on the sidelines watching his team that can't string 2 passes together,the buck stops at his door for how were trying to go about things.to me it looks the players and management team are in a comfort zone right now,were just plodding along watching the same shit most weeks probably knowing there's atleast a couple of teams in the league that are worse than us.i don't expect much to change for us for the remainder of the season,we have to many average players,i would settle for 10th the now if i was offered it.
  7. Beside the fact that lamie is absolute guff,mcginley should have started to try and combat the threat of ohallorans pace.sometimes a manager just needs to match up and letting lamie,who looks like he is towing a caravan up against ohalloran was a mistake on the managers part today.
  8. Totally agree,the fact that we're still giving seedorf a chance and bringing on white is nothing more than desperation,hastie nowhere to be seen,our piss poor recruitment of late is really coming back to bite us.
  9. Lamie has cost us umpteen times already this season,he should be nowhere the team,mcginley seems to divide opinion but atleast he doesn't make a cunt of it everytime he's on the park.
  10. Surely if the plan was to bring white on then why not bring mcginley on,who can actually put a decent ball in the box,strange substitution bringing grimshaw on and playing him there.
  11. Worryingly we look back to where we were earlier in the season,looking unfit and clueless.
  12. I really hope so,the guy is embarrassingly bad.
  13. We only have ourselves to blame if we lose this,we have been dreadful,far to many players not at the races.
  14. Lamie strikes again,fucking awful player.
  15. Far to pedestrian from us,big improvement needed for the second half.

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