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  1. I totally agree,I'm glad we're not having to do a total rebuild this time and bringing in a new player every other day.this summer was always going to be quieter than most,I think we have brought in two solid players in mcginn and spittal and if we can get add the right quality in whoever else we bring in we will be just fine again this season.i do think we need to add two forward players that are better than shields and efford,I don't fancy the idea of relying on both of those as starters every week.im not sure we will be adding any more defenders unless someone leaves so let's hope there's some hard work being done over pre season to make us a lot more solid at the back.
  2. With st mirren first up,gallagher won't have to wait long for van veen to rip the pish out him again.
  3. With the exception of mcgeady,hibs seem like they are aiming for a young squad of players,so it was no surprise that mcginn was told he wasn't going to feature.i think he will be decent for us which will do giving how bad odonnell was last season and if it means that we don't need to witness mugabi lumbering about at right back then even better.
  4. Mcginn is a solid enough signing at this level but it will only really make sense if odonnell gets moved on,as I don't think having two experienced players for the one position on our budget is necessary.the worry for me is that he isn't any better than odonnell so is he going to improve an already dodgy defence,cause I don't see us doing much more in terms of bringing in anymore defenders,I suppose the real hope is that players like sol and ojala can find a bit of form and the managers sticks with a settled defence.
  5. As much as I don't rate either of our left backs,I don't think playing mcginn or odonnell there is the answer.if odonnell was to move on then signing mcginn makes sense but if not it's a bit of a strange signing considering alexander said he wanted a more streamlined squad this season.
  6. This signing doesn't make much sense to me
  7. Some talk online that were signing paul mcginn from Hibs.
  8. I seen a couple of comments online from st mirren fans saying it was the fact they offered him a two year deal that made the difference as he was only being offered a one year deal by another club up here,no idea if that other club was us though as he was being linked to county and livi as well.giving he's played so few games in his career and at 24 it does seem like signing him would have been a real punt,I'm definitely not bothered that we didn't get him.
  9. I'm sure slattery played twice as many games for us last season than he did at his previous clubs combined,maybe that spell where he was an unused sub was down to him needing a break rather than any falling out with the manager that was being speculated at the time.i was surprised to see odonnell had played as many minutes as he did as it felt like he was out the team for chunks of the season at a time.
  10. I see robinson is still trotting out the anywhere across the front 3 line in regards to that guy they signed.im not sure if we were even in for him or not but the fact he's never played more than 9 league games in a season for any of the teams he's been at is a bit strange.
  11. That's very true,there is little between the majority of the league,you could argue had st johnstone kept kerr and mccann they wouldn't have struggled as badly as they did last season.if we can add a couple of bits of quality up front and in defence then there's no reason why we can't stay in and around the european spots again next season.its the defence that worries me most right now,I would love a new left back but right now I can't see it happening and I just hope the plan isn't to keep shuffling mugabi to right back.odonnell is club captain and an internationalist and must be one of our higher earners but yet we can't say he is out first choice right back,if he isn't going to play then he has to be moved on and find a solution to the right back problem.
  12. A decent enough draw and if we're professional about it we should stand a real chance of progressing,hopefully we price it right and get a good crowd in for the home game.
  13. I don't think it looks that great in the still photos but at the same time it looks cracking in the video on the club's twitter so I'll reserve full judgement until I've seen it in person.
  14. Is it right that our new home kit is being revealed tonight?
  15. That was absolutely shocking from scotland today,the alarm bells must be ringing after that,we look like we're going backwards pretty quickly.clarke is clueless,he couldn't set a subbuteo team up properly.

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