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  1. That's what I think will probably happen too with a midfield of Carswell, Forbes and Law, if all fit.
  2. He was when I checked earlier, should've re-checked that before i posted.
  3. Pretty much sums it up for me. Didn't happen for Ojamaa at all today, fuck knows how he's winning this.
  4. I've not been to anywhere near as many games as I'd like in the last 18 months, mainly due to work or having to save for my wedding. As soon as that is out the road in September I had been fully intending to to plough money into the Well Society and get a season ticket, which I had to give up at the end of last season. But, if newco Rangers are voted straight back in I'll not be back and neither will I be paying into the Well Society, as much as it would pain me. That includes them being voted back in with heavy sanctions, TBH. As Gaag pointed out, we wouldn't have been afforded the same luxury 10 years ago, and neither would any other team, except Celtic. We can use this to completely restructure the league and it's set up while they work their way back through the SFL, we don't need to make it a part of their immediate reinclusion.
  5. Jonesy

    The Well Society

    Does anyone know if you can upgrade your membership at anytime? Not been able to see any info on it on the official site.
  6. Signing up myself once my wedding is out the road, but definitely interested in joining up to this too.
  7. Just seen the goals. Enter build up for Higdons 2nd was a belter. But, the 2nd penalty to wrap up his hat trick was as good a penalty as you'll see. Right into the side of the net, no chance for any keeper. Brilliant composure considering he'd already faced the keeper with a penalty.
  8. It would be brilliant if most of our home crowd turned up kitted out like that for the game against them.
  9. Jonesy


    Anything man. As long as we can stop singing that 'Hey Baby' shite. It was shite when everyone was singing it 5 years ago and it's fucking atrocious now.
  10. Is it not the case that he'd be available for the Rangers game, but would be banned for the re-arranged Dunfermline game as that was part of the original suspension?
  11. I think that changed last season, when they brought the Chapmans pies back in, all the catering was switched back in-house. I vaguely remember the club advertising for kiosk staff. That may have changed back again this season though.
  12. If it wasn't for missing every other week due to working backshift I'd sign up.
  13. I saw McHugh and Hollis this morning, both of them on crutches. No casts on though, so hopefully just a precautionary measure of some sort.
  14. Jonesy


    Not overly surprised. Was always sceptical of the Celtic talk, especially after it was pointed out the story only broke the day before their AGM. Talk I heard at the weekend was that he'd already knocked back a move to Glasgow in the summer, for the same reasons he has always stated would prevent him joining either of those two.
  15. He didn't know what he was doing though, so how would he explain any of it. Plus the c**t would still be dealing with all the hate mail sent back to him.
  16. The transfer window is shut. Players can only move domestically on a short term loan when the window is closed.
  17. Haven't seen really seen anything of him. Just a few mentions on the Football League show here and there but can't take much from that. Usually with players like Daley though it's usually a attitude or mentality issue that is mentioned. It's only fair to remember, though, that he was playing in the same league as Nicky Law has been plying his trade in for the last few seasons. Along with Greg Tansey, who we were linked with, before he joined ICT and looks to be a really good player. Obviously not all of them are gonig to be as good a find as those guys.
  18. I'm just wondering, along with everyone else, why Dazzer feels the need to pick someone out for not having Humphrey in the team. I'd have him dropped tonight too.
  19. Jonesy

    Ian Brines

    Noticed that myself. Pretty honest on what he did report of the match. He also pointed out that the decision to booked Hutchinson was so bad that Danny Lennon complained about it.
  20. I'd be gutted if we signed Mehmet, he's shite. Only good for goals in the league cup against shite like Dumbarton and East Fife.
  21. I'm doing the same thing at our wedding next year. Still not sure yet on the best way to pick out the names but we probably will be added St. John, and possibly, McAllister to the list purely because all her family are from Liverpool. To keep myself amused I'm going to have 1 table at my wedding named after an absolute carthorse. The Andy Roddie table or something.

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