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  1. Sheen hasn't, as yet, posted the message. Fowler did reply to McGarry but only to say "You'll get me in trouble Steven".
  2. Just read it properly and noticed the bit saying at the bottom saying she's got her own club scarf.
  3. Yer aff yer heid. It'll never catch on.
  4. Jamie Murphy started a competition on Twitter to see who could get the most famous person to tweet 'I believe in Motherwell FC'. Currently the guy who got Hayley to tweet, (Ross, I think), is in the lead.
  5. You not entitled to some sort of emergency leave? As ON40Y says for a funeral, or in the event a pipe or something burts and the house is flooded so you couldn't leave.
  6. Any chance of more kits arriving in stock this week? My Maw's looking to get a kids top with name and number made up for my wee sister. Only had the away top when she was up today, looking for a home one.
  7. You could be right I suppose, I'm hardly ever through there. It's halfway up the station. Think it used to be the Virgin Trains lounge or something.
  8. Noticed a statue/bust in Francos in Central Station had a Well scarf round it earlier this afternoon.
  9. Could no one be arsed to walk as far round as Denholms to see what the winning shop looked like?
  10. I thought the same thing TBH. Maxwell said he'd be pretty angry if either club or the SFA didn't make it happen and pay some sort or repsect to Phil.
  11. Ally Maxwell was in the paper last week asking that everything is done to make this happen, with a minute silence before the game too.
  12. They've been linked to John Rankin since his release from Hibs. It's more likely to be Jenno though, I reckon.
  13. Is anyone aware of a discount at any travel agents available through a deal with the club? I was certain there was a voucher in the season tickets for Thomas Cook, but had a look the other day and couldn't see it.
  14. How about someone from the club shop comes down and chaps your door then?
  15. As long as Thomas Cook or First Choice do some sort of display. Otherwise I cannae book my honeymoon.
  16. The club could have put a bit more effort and planning into it then, so everything was sorted long before now. Christ, even Albion Rovers managed to have an anniversary top sorted with all the authorities a couple of seasons back when they wore the ble and yellow strips.
  17. Same for me. Decent looking top and all that, but really disappointed we're not making a bit more of it, and even more so given the fact the players wont be wearing the bloody thing.
  18. Jonesy

    Cup Final Tickets

    Noticed on the seating plan yesterday that after the tickets were split between both teams there were still 11,000 left over for corporate and SFA use. Thought I'd have a wee spy at the FA Cup allocations. In a 90,000 seater stadium both Bolton and Stoke have been given an equal allocation of just 25,000 each with 40,000! going to corporate, The FA and neutral fans. It seems that's the standard allocations even allowing for Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal etc. making the final. That is shocking.
  19. Jonesy

    Cup Final Tickets

    The 5% charge was definitely included for semi final tickets. Pretty sure it's always been there. Not 100% sure right enough, as I generally pay cash to avoid paying the 5% charge for paying by card. The club has the database of ST holders but if they outsource that to a call centre then that's where the problems start. Sure they could send out a list but transferring the entire database is a fair task.
  20. Jonesy

    Cup Final Tickets

    Because then anyone could phone up for a ticket. Besides is there not always a 5% charge for buying tickets? Was certainly the case for the semi final.
  21. Jonesy

    Cup Final Tickets

    Not exactly official but the word in the shop down the street today was that the final allocation was the agreed 16,059. EDIT: The club has been arguing its case for the last 10 days trying to be allocated extra tickets They also think they might not need to have a ballot if things carry on as they are going. Plenty of pre-orders for new season tickets have been taken which has boosted the number of tickets sold.
  22. He's away back to Cyprus. Released a couple of weeks ago I think.

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