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  1. If you look at the last two games Rossco have played they have had an abundance of shots hence the 5 at the back play to sneak a win mentality
  2. Team to play - Kelly Mugabi Ojala Lamie Johansen McGinley Goss Slattery McGuire/Donnelly Van Veen Shields
  3. Think it's a toss up between St Johnstone and Dundee
  4. I agree but the fact that Sky Sports are quoting on most of their punditry means we will hearing a lot more of it!
  5. Again agreed - bottom of the league and they sign a guy who won't exactly chase every ball down. Brutal.
  6. Not looked at the split - but again our position in the table was better than suggested - to me it simply seems we allow more shots at goal, but remembering this game from this season I think skews everything https://footystats.org/scotland/aberdeen-fc-vs-motherwell-fc-h2h-stats#1275390 Aberdeen's shots that day were not particularly troublesome.
  7. Who Has The Worst xGA? Fans of Motherwell FC will demand better defending in the future, with 1.86 xGA (Goals Expected Against). The worst of all teams in the Premiership this season.
  8. https://footystats.org/scotland/premiership/xg 9th best Xg in the league and the worst Xa in the league. But 4th and aiming for third........ Does this mean that the constant use of these stats shows how flawed they are?
  9. Nathan McGinley. Quiet boy. Proved us all wrong
  10. and he did a good job. Unlike so may others we have signed.
  11. I was there and never seen it since. Funny how the memories of every goal has gone. Got to laugh at the third goal celebration, like to see MR Van Veen reading this doing the celebration in reminder of the great POD. Gone but never forgotten.
  12. Ps some gems Ray Allan is only 66, could be a good third choice keeps.
  13. As I've always said pay attention to OnTheFringes posts, there usually bang on - and feel closer to the inner confines. From my perspective things are relatively simple from a fans perspective https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/motherwell-fc/alletransfers/verein/987 Outlines our outbound transfers - note the heroes and villians about inter divisional transfers. I don't think there's any bad blood with anyone moving down south. Tony Watt therefore feels the wrath. Has he been good in the dressing room, my gut says yes and helps a positive spirit and that will be missed. It was a hard spell for us facing relegation and Tony helped us in times where we faced kilmarnock-esque oblivion. Thank you Tony - do I hope you do well, not really. Do I thank you for your performances in a well shirt....yes, and well done. Worst one was selling Owen Coyle pre cup quarter final v Inverness......that was unforgivable.... We move on.
  14. Jamie Madden wasn’t happy so his brother got a retake. Say it every time we play them.
  15. Told you we should have dropped the imposter. One goal down every week due to his defending.
  16. The only way I would be playing O'Donnell in terms of giving the guy a chance would be to change formation to a 3-5-2 (0r 5-3-2) dependant on attack/defence. Kelly Sondre, Ojala, Mugabi O'Donnell, Slattery, Goss, Donnelly, Carroll, Watt, Van Veen Accomodating this make us more solid in midfield - but completely lacks width. Would be dull and not much fun, but may get results.
  17. Why? Maybe if he reads the post about O'Donnell slagging him off he just hopefully will!
  18. Mcginley is an easy target. The imposter is on the other side. Again I repeat how many goals is this guy going to / has cost us this season. Didn’t put in a tackle all day and allowed cross after cross unchallenged. He’s a bottom six player if that. I’ve had enough of the easy target brigade. O’Donnell out.
  19. Playing against world class opponents, in any sport should improve the competitors ability and be an experience for Tony.
  20. In regards to the game, maybe I'm getting old - but no disloyalty - I was disappointed but I thought the game itself was quite good and kept me entertained on a Saturday afternoon.
  21. I used to play football with Bobby Madden and he was a decent player but he spoke to everyone on the pitch. Like him or loathe him but he tries to let the game flow because he does understand.
  22. Disregarding all opinions as I like to do when I jump in this forum I thought barring Aberdeen first booking John Beaton had an excellent game. If he was Willie Collum bye bye Van Veen. He was always up against a natural free flowing game as every single player that went down caught the ball on their hands giving him little other in modern day refereeing to give the foul in the direction of that play. other than that! Loved the new Norwegian and if I were I boy Tony Watt would be my hero.
  23. Slattery is the right kind of buy - another like that in midfield please!

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