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    I could live with that .................as an Accies top.
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    I am convinced that ciftci has the talent to be a very good player, if it's the Dundee united version that turns up, but for whatever reason he has not shown it since then, he always looks disinterested and slow and to be honest contributed next to nothing since we signed him. Is he worth a punt, not for me, the money could be better spent elsewhere
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    I think him and the ref are going to have to exchange numbers after the game he has been talking to him so much. Love the way he doesn't give a fcuk and gets in every one of their faces!
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    Tbh I don’t want him back !
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    As are Celtic. Anything other than pure grass is sacrilege imo.
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    I could live with that in claret and white as an away kit...
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    We should send Campbell on loan to Newcastle for a year..........
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    We are talking about one single game. There have been other times this season when Campbell or Grimshaw have made way first. I don't think anybody would argue that McHugh played well on Saturday but it is only one game. I would agree that McHugh has struggled in the second half of this season at times but he has still made a massive contribution to the cause. What interests me is that when fans look for a little bit of loyalty from players they don't see the need to reciprocate. For me McHugh has encapsulated the fighting spirit of the team this season. He puts his head and body where it hurts for the cause. He has flung himself into his duties as team captain both on and off the pitch and has played no small part in cultivated the togetherness that is apparent within the squad. I watched an interview where Tanner singled out McHugh as being of great support during his injury spell. Maybe he is just burnt out at the end of a long hard season. For me he deserves our support and that some are looking for him to be cast out after a poor cup final performance is a bit disappointing.
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