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    I would still be looking for the Society to be building up a fund that the club can borrow from in the lean times rather than it just all being passed into general spending
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    Credit too to Les Hutchison for doubling the money paid back by the Trust over the last year/18 months.
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    More to come says the manager. Make it so...
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    Toss up between Donnelly and Grimshaw for me but went for Donnelly in the end. As mentioned before, he protected the defense superbly and his ability to draw the foul really took the pressure off at times. The hysteria that would have ensued had Grimmy's solo effort landed in the top bin?!
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    I thought it was one of Donnelly's best games for us in terms of protecting the defence today. Particularly in the last 10 mins.
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    Quoting yourself ya big girls blouse
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    Campbell was terrible until he scored
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    Usually agree with you Bezzer but I thought Campbell was poor today along with the rest of the midfield
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    I'm not sure I really buy into the whole maintenance cost angle at least in the long term. If you go to Fir Park or travel around the country you'll see that the Taylor report era stands that were built in the 1990s are not in the greatest nick. That suggests you have maybe a new stadium life time of about 25-30 years before you get back to square one. And it's not like new stadiums don't have any maintenance costs either, even if they are reduced you have to factor in the redevelopment costs along with rising maintenance costs over two or three decades and then what do you do in 2050? Build another stadium? Redevelop the existing one? It's a repeating cycle and I think it's even debatable if we would have paid off the debt of building a stadium over the sort of time period. However my main objection is that Fir Park is Motherwell FC's spiritual home and if you take that away, for me anyway, you don't have the spirit any more.
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    Replacing the main stand somehow would be my preferred option, but the reality is that in the market we work in we’re handicapping ourselves with the growing costs of keeping fir park going. The ravenscraig area seems like the only feasible option, which would be shite. Maybe we can do the training facilities bit first and talk about the stadium another time.
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    He also said I'm here to talk about Motherwell at least twice
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    Great news about paying off Boyle and Hutchinson. And all without selling Turnbull or getting any money for Cadden. Credit to Burrows and the rest of the directors.
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    I'm going to put it out there. I don't give a flying fuck if Rangers do or don't sell Morelos.
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