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    Tony Watt for his patter.
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    Loving the guy from Local Hero going past on his motorbike every now and again.
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    Watt on Gallagher's 'shot' on goal
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    Naw but I’ve got some home made square slice and rolls
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    Frankly couldn't care less whether he stays or goes.
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    By refusing to play because he didn't want to trigger an extension in his contract and costing himself a place in the team for a few months meaning Steve Clarke has picked Hanley, McKenna and McTominay ahead of him and now he might not even make the squad for the Euros at all let alone have a starting berth. But you knew that'd be the answer. You just want another chance to write big paragraphs about how you won't see the forest for the trees because "BUT NOBODY HAS CONFIRMED IT!!!!"
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    Sad fact is mate..... I agree! Heh he
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    well av just scoffed a bombay cottage curry n chicken chatt so you know what you can do with yir rolls
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    enjoyed listening to Watt today and getting a sneak peak inside what's going on with the squad.
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    Watt is playing a blinder on the coms
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    Watt is great, it's like watching game with one of your mates
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    Motherwell players playing for the first Scotland team to qualify for the Euros in 20+ years? Booooo. BOOOOOOOO! Get them ooooot!!!!! Don't want all those fancy dan internationalists anywhere near our squad when we can have non-league journeyman to fill the jerseys. Let's get Grimshaw back there and put Lamie at left back!!!!!
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    You said he was refusing to play? So he's either been kidding on he was injured, or he was just flat-out being unprofessional and treating the club and his team mates with utter contempt. So what it is? And if he did "refuse to play" then what does that say about our manager, when he just said this over the past few days about Gallagher? "He will never let his standards drop and his mentality drop. He got injured for us and he couldn't get back into the team, but his attitude to training around the squad has been absolutely top notch, and that's what I expect from a professional like him." Anyone who's buying into these conspiracy theories about Gallagher aren't just accusing him of being unprofessional, they're also saying those who run our club and the manager are incompetent if they're still out there defending and praising someone who's apparently taking the piss like Gallagher is supposed to be.
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    Also, from several sources I'm aware that his Scottish team mates think very highly of him both on and off the pitch. Yup, he ain't Cafu but for a club of our standard we should be happy he's with us. Then again there's no pleasing some folk!!
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    Hopefully the better of the two players, summer will deal with itself.
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    Maybe cut a tall defender to make room for a midfielder starlet.
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    after the season just gone there wont be much left of the £3 million and if the club sticks to the promise that season tickets will be valid for next season I cannot see where any spare cash is.
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    Our club is going backwards and complete agree about eye bleeding . We should be picking up some of the very decent youngsters from the likes of Hamilton and using a little of the £3m turnbull to invest in better than what we’ve got . not impressed by the club and not impressed by GA either .
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    My gut feeling is that he was injured. In that regard it has been very unfortunate timing. I think we can say with some small amount of confidence however that a clause that did exist no longer does. Naive as it may be the problem for me is that the Club Captain appears to have renaiged on an agreement. It may be an old fashioned belief but being a man of your word should be an important attribute of a club captain. Leading by example, putting the interests of the team above personal interest etc. By doing this the worst that would have happened for Gallagher is that he played another season for Motherwell. A sacrifice maybe but not of the highest order (appropriate topic for Easter weekend). At best, play well in the Euro's and he would probably get his big move anyway, contract extension or not. I read somebody argue earlier that any one of us would do the same in his position. I would like to think I would not. Not because I am any kind of shining light but because I was brought up to belief that if you agreed to something, you did it! As a club captain and as a leader I don't think he will be a loss but for a team like Motherwell his qualities as a player will be. Regarding Scotland, I would love to see him play. How often to we get to see two Motherwell players in a Euro bound Scotland team?
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    I don’t know if there was a clause, I don’t know if he was injured. However, someone put a story in the papers, was it made up or fed by an agent? That story has created all the bad feeling.
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    Ah here we go, "Stand Together", another meaningless bandwagon phrase to make it look like we care about racism. Loada shite. So we have "Take the Knee", "Black Lives Matter", "Stand Together", "Kick it Out" , "No room for Racism", "Give racism the red card", when the authorities actually running the game cant be arsed to work together to produce a coherent anti racism campaign what real hope is there? And thats before we even mention the Bigotry that is allowed to run free in Scottish Football in particular We need education (kids arent born racist, its learned behaviour) We MUST have a combined and coherent anti racism message both in Football & Society as a whole, no more bandwagons, and there must be a Zero Tolerance attitude. Until that happens, everything else is just pish & wind
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    That's how it goes though, isn't it? He's gone from the captain and one of our best players to a total fraud who's cheating the club by pretending he's injured and someone who's refused to play another game until we remove a top secret trigger from his deal. All based entirely on media nonsense, which has never been mentioned by the outlet since. Now certain sections of our fanbase are revelling in him not being played for Scotland, totally ignoring the fact that he's not started a game of football since January and probably isn't fit enough anyway. Oh wait, I forgot. He is fit. He's just kidding on that he isn't.
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