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    That's a shocker a fully trained and UEFA licensed pro coach, ex player with lots of experience in football not listening to what the fans think about his tactics and player choices each week, where will it end
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    we were as good as united on the ball and probably made more chances , their full backs and especially goalie made the difference.
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    A lot will depend on what he does on the park in the next few months. To that extent the ball is in his court. For me, the jury is still out.
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    That's quite interesting, I made the mistake of reading the comments section under various social media posts by the club and the general reaction was that we were shocking and Gallagher has to go etc
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    I got the impression Parker was signed more as a rehabilitation exercise for him with a chance to restart his career after a though time, not sure if he was ever in GA's plans as a 1st pick, but that said would not be surprised if he did move on.
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    This is a serious , well educated football forum and has no place for humour in times of crisis
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    Ok I need to get educated on emojis as the one I picked clearly did not indicate my tongue in cheek comment as two people are now concerned about my Auntie having baws.
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    Ryan Bowman, heart scare one week hat trick the next.
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    Will be interesting to see if O'Donnell starts in Moldova. He is a better defender than Patterson and we certainly don't want to find ourselves chasing the game there. The bigger issue might be who replaces the suspended Dykes. Also not convinced we know our best central defender combination.
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    Gallagher? He’s already gone? I know you like to get up on your high horse and all sanctimonious on here about other supporters giving (quite often perfectly valid) criticism of the club and certain players but you really should get your facts/players right before posting.

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