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    I think Madden and the POD side lineman deserved a post all to themselves. Totally inconsistent and error strewn. Unfortunately their incompetence had a major influence on the outcome of the game. A number of errors: * For someone seemingly obsessed with rules, he let off a St Mirren player for booting the ball 40 yards away after play was stopped. If refs aren't going to penalise this indiscretion then its time rules were changed to allow it. * Sean Goss was rightly carded for hauling back an opponent who was breaking. The exact same thing happened to Slattery earlier but no card was produced. * MacAllister put in a shocking 2 footed challenge on MacGinley right in front of us and near to the linesman. A straight red? No, but then again his name wasn't Carroll. * No penalty for Solholm being wrestled to the ground? Now to the 2 game changing mistakes. It was never a penalty as Solholm had nowhere to go and Brophy ran into him looking for a award. As for the retake? Why suddenly penalise that now? It happens week after week with no action taken. In any event TV evidence shows that Kelly had his right foot on the line. You have to question the linesman here. Did he have a clear uninterrupted view from about 30 yards away? Unless he misunderstood the rules he must have known the distances involved were minimal and certainly not beyond resonable doubt. I don't understand though how he could have watched Kelly's positioning clearly with one eye whilst at precisely the same time watching the exact moment that Brophy took his spot kick with his other eye. Has he got monocular vision that allows him to focus both eyes independently of each other? Thats now about 5 games on the trot in which match officials have made wrong, serious, game changing decisions against us.
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    A lot of whinging and moaning here and also last night in east stand. The 1st goal big moans at grimmy for not passing right but there was more room on left and so it proved. Moaning at odonnell for not passing forward when he kept the ball but not a lot of cheers for him when he was main instigator in pass to watt to move into box for penalty and also last 5 mins he ran full length of park nearly twice to try and get something . Some of our fans calling our players useless at game is pure pish patter imo and can only dent their confidence. Yes I am not convinced with Alexanders football either but We need to always support the team. I cannot understand doing something that will certainly have a negative effect on team during the match. Alexander has been successful earlier in season defending leads by bringing on defenders but last night brought on ohara for 4 in midfield then they get a goal and whole momentum changes. Maybe bringing carroll on at that point for 352 as done later would have worked as has done before. We are 5th equal in league with won some games we were lucky in and lost and drew some that we could have got more from and after the debacle of league cup where I did fear for us in league this season as we were abysmal 1st round of games can be viewed as being ok and certainly better than most of us thought in August. Van veen and roberts not getting on last night i think was telling unless they cant play 2 in a week and keeping them for sunday but i think alexander is maybe a bit let down buy their lack of application. Shields looks busy enough but other than run by power and chip into box his hold up play and other stuff was wee bit lacking in quality and can only be expected as he has took a big jump in quality.
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    I agree Carroll is much better going forward but I think McGinley is a better defender. Carroll is much better in a 3-5-2, as is SOD.......
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    Which reporter will start the interview with ‘well Stevie, you have only managed to scrape a point in the last two games against Motherwell because of being incorrectly awarded offside goals in both games, how will this one go?’
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    Its the age old connundrum isnt it? Would you rather be a Ross County fan right now, who certainly on the evidence of their game against us, knock it about nicely and are reasonably entertaining to watch, yet took 11 games to get their first win. Or be in our position. Sitting comfortably mid table, but for the most part can best be described as playing dull but effective football. Id pick the latter every time. My problem is that it shouldnt have to be either / or. It should be possible to strike a balance. Id accept it if it was just Alexanders way of getting the most out of someone elses players in order to ensure we stay in the league. But he has now had the opportunity to get shot of those he doesnt want and get in those that he feels fits with his style of play. So he is effectively choosing to play this way. Now, it might be that one window isnt enough to complete the picture and we might still be a work in progress, but it would be nice to hear some acknowledgement of that and hope for a brighter future so we know this isnt as good as its gonna get under him. I still like lots about GA and I think there are decent players in our squad, but the entertainment on show has to improve. There were glimpses of it 2nd half last night. But we need more control of the ball to see that develop.
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    Agreed, that penalty decision is laughable. Then the following events, looks like Kelly's right foot is still on the line after ball is struck. Never noticed at the time, but Solholm was unlucky not to get a pen of his own as he was wrestled to the ground by Fraser.
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    Off the line, His hand nearly hit the post when he saved it ffs a total bullshit decision to order a retake plus it was never a pen in the 1st place Sol never moved and the St Mirren player ran into him, Madden is a total bawbag of a referee.
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    I saw mcginley giving linesman stick at first goal...I dont know if it was offside or not was linesman trying to be an arse with us because that was a incredibly petty call to retake especially when a very soft call in first place
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    A lot will depend on who is fit fot this. If Ojala is fit, Id definitely go 3-5-2. If we match their 4-3-3, they have better players, so you would expect them to come out on top more often than not. We need to find another way to exert an advantage. Best way to do that is to try and keep their fullbacks pinned back and have ours pushed further up the park to try and do that. In that scenario we definitely need the extra man at the back. Id go with..... Kelly Mugabi Sondre Ojala SOD O' Hara Grimshaw Slattery Carrol KVV Watt
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    Have kept my council for a while on the manager and his style of play but after the last two games I’ve seen OMG . Honestly it’s been eye bleeding . The game last night was worse than bad it was embarrassing . If fact every game we’ve played this season at home we’ve been outplayed with the exception of Hibs . There is no way we can keep playing 4-3-3. Watching us getting overrun in midfield is terrible on the eye (30-40%) pocession in home games v Dundee ,Ross Co and now St Mirren . He needs to stop this stubbornness and swallow his pride . He says pocession doesn’t win you games but it does provide entertainment which surely we want to see . It’s so blindingly obvious to go 3-5-2 and the crazy thing is we have the players to do it. If he perseveres with this they’ll be no fans left to watch that rubbish by the end of the season . It truly has been an awful watch to date. So please please please 1. give us some entertainment . That’s why I bought a season ticket. We want to see some decent football not hoofball 2.Stop repeating the same mistakes. When things are not working ….. change it 3. Alan if you read this you are watching the same as me and all the other fans that were there last night . To summarise I’m really disappointed in Alexander to date . His press conferences are brutal and his post match interviews are dillusional. Trying to bullshit the fans will only lead to one thing . So cut the crap and excuses Alexander . Start walking the walk not talking the talk
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    I was slated when I said he was never a Captain when he was awarded it but so many harped on about him being an 'International' player. Complete bollocks. he hides in almost every game. Never a leader
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    I actually wouldn’t be surprised if we got a point from this one. 0-0
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    Kelly made a few excellent saves, but I felt he was rash for the first goal and didnt need to rush so far off his line. I thought Grimshaw had a much better game in the centre where he could keep it simple. But ultimately, and not for the first time this season, there was only one player on the field for us showing the required touch, quality and endeavour required to be considered MOTM and that was Tony Watt.
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    Plus we were denied a clear penalty in the first half.
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    Not sure what has happened but after our first game against Hibs I was looking forward to enjoying us play some football this season. That was by far our most entertaining display of the season but it’s been all downhill from there with respect to enjoyable viewing. Having said that we are in 6th place so quite happy with that. The big worry is that based on our recent displays we may tumble towards the bottom. Remains to be seen.
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    What can you say about yet another brutal performance. We are by far the worst team in the league to watch. Every other team appears to be technically better on the ball and better at moving off the ball. Our brand of football is awful to watch. We are outplayed every week. It is a small miracle that we have the points that we do so far. I long for a game where we dominate possession and look like a well drilled, capable team.
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    Yeah its only the one foot you need on the line, I believe the rules changed a few years back, I remember seeing VAR in an English game last season where the keepers toe was just on the line. Not seen the incident back, but it looked like the attacker just ran into Solholm, did he motion to block him off or such? I find the inconsistency of Madden infuriating, some of the decisions out with the key moments were mind boggling at times.
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    If it was not for Kelly we would have lost that comfortably
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    Haven’t seen it from a conclusive angle but his right foot looks on (or very close to being on) the line.
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    Think Shields deserves some leeway not had much game time
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    Slattery is the only midfielder who can play a searching pass. Would really like to see him pushed up the park and have someone else play in the holding role.
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    It’s such an obvious thing to try . I don’t see GA doing it - 433 and repeat . Even though we don’t have the players to make it work.
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