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    Very quiet on here today, i'm usually a critic but come on boys our team has played great, everything i have wanted for weeks a good press. Hearts have not had a kick of the ball. Best performance this year no failures today
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    I was in hospitality for the game and had a great day. Met Bevis Mugabi after the game and what a lovely person he is. Very down to earth and a pleasure to talk to. A gentleman.
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    Vast Improvement. That the first game since we played Hibs on the opener that we played some damn good football throughout the game. What a difference to win as well as watching football that doesnt make your eyes bleed.
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    Best first half of the season by far every Motherwell man can be proud of this work
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    Best performance for a long time. Lamie and Mugabi were superb throughout. The high press really worked today. Hearts worked through it very well on a few occasions, but the back line were always there to snuff out any danger. I feel that a big difference today was that the strict three lines of 433 were broken by having Maguire drop between the midfield and back line at times. He was able to break things up as well as provide a link from the back line into midfield when we inevitably won the ball back. An all round very good performance led by the pressing by the front line, industry throughout the team and a masterclass at the back from Lamie. More of the same please!
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    You must have been watching a different game to Robbie Nielson, he thinks Hearts had comfortably the best chances in the first half. Or to put it another way, Fud as a player, worse as a manager.
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    Pretty much how I saw it too. The unfashionable players gave their all and the overall physical commitment was impressive. Also, the team seemed to know exactly what to do when the Hearts attacks broke down and used the wings to good effect. By contrast, the Jambos rarely got behind us. Haven’t been a great fan of Goss but he shapes a free kick/ cross beautifully and I’m hoping Shields’ goal will give him confidence: he looks quite fast when given a ball to chase. Hearts never really got a sniff, which was a wee shame for them
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    Brilliant performance from everyone today. You could toss an 11 sided coin for motm and every side would be just. Thought Lamie was outstanding and it was really pleasing to see him wrap up the points. The whole first half played in the hertz half and i don't think they registered a shot on goal til the 57th minute. Performance of the season so far and I'll look forward to Sportscene tonight. COYW
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    Also, big Solholm is going to be a fans folk hero isnt he. The big handsome scandinavian!
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    Get the poll up quick so that I can vote for Lamie before I sober up!
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    Don't know if the younger fans have quite the same level of animosity towards Hearts but I absolutely love beating them every bit as much as Rangers and Celtic. Best display of the season. Absolutely dominated from start to finish and should have probably won by quite a few more than we got. Was a 2-0 going on 5-0. The one thing I took away from the match today was the fantastic performances from some of the more 'unfashionable' players. Lamie, Maguire, Shields, Mugabi to name but four but everyone can be very pleased with their performance today.
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    Great win , always good to beat that lot.
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    Willie Collum the ref today so obviously it will be his show as per. Tough game ahead, surprised with Hearts benching a few regulars. Hopefully the international break has served as well. If we could pull off a win we would only be three points behind them.
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    Might be a good opportunity to try 352, but I won't hold my breath!
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    Doesn't really narrow it down much!
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    The voice of positivity! I think it will be a tough ask tomorrow but that is when we usually pull a rabbit out of the hat. Here is hoping…
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    With 3,000 jambos fans then it should be a great atmosphere and I hope our lads are up for it and also let's give SOD lots of support, I feel he is a confidence player so having the fans behind him will help. Ps. moving IT equipment into an office at work today and my boss said 'The plugs don't work', I replied 'fair enough but was that not a song by The Verve?', ba boom!!

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