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  1. Ah yes, apologies, I didn't buy one in the covid season...but that apart I have. I've committed to going to Bellshill games for the remainder of the season despite my season ticket at Firry...and thus far it has lead to me missing 3 home matches...not been to any away matches at all this season.
  2. A fully paid up season ticket holder for the past 17seasons, that's missed 3 home matches this season...cannae argue with the pish player part, but it's been over 2 decades since I kicked a ball, so unsure of the relevance of that.
  3. I don't think all ticket affairs, make it easy for us to be honest
  4. Was he culpable for any of the goals last night? Who was your motm?
  5. Don't you start...at least I know who you are
  6. I was at the game yesterday...as I said, gie me a shout next time you see me at Fir Park.
  7. Ahh the anonymity of fans messageboards eh? I cannae be arsed picking you up on the errors in your post above, but next time you're at Fir Park and see me, then gie me a shout.
  8. I don't think Efford is going to be up to it...harsh to say, given I've only seem 45mins of him, and against Celtic too, but I'm not hanging my hopes on him. The wee Irish lad as well, he literally looks and plays like a wee boy.
  9. Alexander fucked it up with that stupid formation...we had no outball, no pace, no width, and zero creativity
  10. Kelly by a million miles...if not for him, it would've been a far bigger humiliation
  11. The formation is a fucking disgrace
  12. Shivute? My memory of him was that he was utterly shite
  13. There are a multitude of reasons why a young guy, making his way back from injury would be fit enough for the bench but not to start...we both know that
  14. Thought McCall stayed in Strathaven
  15. Sometimes these things are required...not in this instance though I wouldn't have thought.
  16. Developing players for Celtic gives me the dry boak at the best of times, nevermind when there is next to no financial reward. He will be unavailable to play against said club. I often doubt the commitment of players that play in the same league. Will he stunt the development of Cornelius? I dont think it's fair on the player himself...look at the treatment of Gilmour at Norwich, the fall guy of the fans
  17. Not for me...bringing in loanees from the same league is pish
  18. I'd rather the club looked at all options...there may be a player there that could do us a turn
  19. You seem an awfy trusting individual
  20. Take Mulgrew for the Costco run

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