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  1. The midfield was an absolute shambles, Slattery completely isolated to the point I felt sorry for him. Goss gets a bit of a free pass due to being his 1st start but when are we going to realise that all the effort and running from Grimmy just isn't good enough? Worst part of the day for me was Motherwell fans clapping a Celtic goal...what in the name of fuck was that all about?
  2. The best thing Bowman ever done was elbow that clown in the chops
  3. Were you at any of Motherwells European adventures? Plenty on them falling foul on the 'he's only here for the party and booze' rule that you invoke.
  4. Nah...tae hell wae that. The club will be a better place without him
  5. Fuck respecting anyone in that kit
  6. A standing ovation? He signed for Celtic...a club literally like no other. He'll get the fingers fae me and a mouthfy of abuse if he's lucky.
  7. The context is he is a halfwit
  8. 0Neils40yarder


    When can we get rid of this wee mutant?
  9. Best player to have ever played for the 'well according to my papa who would be 100 this year
  10. Aye but I'm sure he was on about 50quid a week...a shite wage thief
  11. Absolutely tremendous result...as others have said we look a very, very well drilled team.
  12. Slattery...absolutely brilliant
  13. Aye but he's got a stone island jaicket... ...Watts chance was a criminal waste and SOD was absolutely sleeping at the goal
  14. Take a look at the Motherwell & District Coat of Arms...how it ended up on the clubs badge though, who knows
  15. This is a 'Hall of Fame...maybe slightly different from 'legends'
  16. I wouldn't be getting bent out of shape with their decision...anybody that wants to go there needs their napper read
  17. Not had that feeling at a game of football in what feels like years...I was still buzzing hours after the kick off, watched the game on Alba and watched the Sportscene highlights. The wife wasn't impressed at all. It was said on sportscene that the sheep had 75% possession and it certainly felt that way. This looks like a clear instruction from the manager to allow the other team to have the ball, let them huff and puff and we attempt to hit on the counter. It was evident against both Hibs and Dundee too At times its really difficult to watch, but who can argue with the results? The defence was essentially 4 centre backs today, before Lamie came onto make it 5, and that is going to be difficult for any side to breakdown. Ojala was excellent, Solholm looks like a good capture and the two full backs did fine. While a special mention for Kelly, who done everything asked of him...to me, he looks like a keeper that shouldn't be at our level. Midfield still really concerns me though, Slattery looks a top player but at times yesterday it looked like he was in Midfield himself with both OHara and Grimshaw, really chasing shadows and getting dragged out of position. Hopefully Goss, when up to speed will be the one to come in and help Slattery out. Up front, I've said it for ages now but Watt is an absolute joy of a player, his work rate is 2nd to none in our team and he can play football as well, he is brilliant and we need to tie him down. His partnership with crazy Dutch bastard could be quite something. I'm yet to be convinced by Woolery, he has physique and pace but I'm not seeing that fitba brain that I like fitba players to have. I'm in two minds on the shithousery thing...on one hand I quite enjoyed how obvious Alexander made it by whipping off his 3 forwards for 3 big units to help us defend against a side with no real know-how of how to break us done, but the constant dropping to the floor at the slightest touch and grabbing the ball on the way down is really tiresome, both teams were at it and the referee failed to nip it in the bud. A few other things; when the son of Derek Ferguson isn't getting pelters from the East Stand because he is so far down the bawbag list, you know that you are up against a team of fannies. How good was it to be so comfortable in beating a team with top-class arseholes like Gallagher and Brown in their ranks?...a new one to add to the list is the little bawbag right back, who seemed to take great delight in trying to rile up our fans when his own team were getting beat. Tony Watt taking the Harry Hunt out of Brown was a joy to see...as was the Aberdeen fans punching each other about the South Stand. An absolutely brilliant 90 mins at Fir Park.
  18. I'd be amazed if it wasn't a h*n that managed to dream that bit of patter up...considering how pish it is. And for the record, I sat behind the bold steelboy at the last match and he was like a new man...didnae moan once
  19. Very much so...it might also allow woolery to have a shot at being an impact sub
  20. If he picked Barrow over us, then you've really got to question the boys judgement
  21. We literally have no idea if Sondre is any better 'than what we have'...I cannae believe someone is suggesting that he is most definitely is

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