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  1. Anyone who rates Bowman is off their head. A totally bonkers acquisition from the on the spectrum McGhee. His grooming is also very questionable. Stick a sword in his hand and a floppy hat and he is in the musketeers.
  2. I don't often post here, but I had to login to respond to this tripe. Alan Burrows is the General Manager of the club and he answers to a board of directors who have the power to sack him if they feel he is not doing a decent job. He is in no way responsible for the performance of the team or the manager and also does not have the final say in who becomes manager, that will be decided by the board of directors. The team has gone downhill due to us losing high quality players and replacing them with not so high quality players. It's that simple. Clay would not even get on the bench for the McCall team that finished second. The signing of players comes down to the manager and McGhee signed a bunch of duds. We also have a few very important players in the team coming to the end of their careers. Is it any suprise that the decline of Lasley and Hammel has also seen a decline in the league position? Rebuilding job for next season, but Steve Robinson has achieved what he was hired to do and lets see what he can do to rebuild the squad. I also want to say that my son plays for the 2011 Community Trust team and the level of work that goes into the local community from Motherwell is astonishing and that is something Alan and his team are driving. its not all about the first team, there is massive amounts of work going on behind the scenes.
  3. Nadir Shifty? Did he not bite someone on the pitch?
  4. Get the boy from Dunfermiline signed up! Quality player
  5. Does that deal include crutches and a tartan blanket...
  6. Massive difference between conference in England and the top league in Scotland. But he might do quite well. We will see.
  7. We survived four seasons without Sevco totally fine. What's with all this cuntfuckery now they are back in our league?
  8. Andy Robertson is supposedly going to sign for Arsenal....there's yer dinner / argument.
  9. Shame as I think he would have been a good move for us. But if it came to it I would pick skippy as he is the better player.
  10. Are we signing that boy from Dunfermiline? All gone quiet on that one.
  11. Hello Plymouth....is it me your looking for?
  12. Nicky Clark and David templeton also released from the shower of shite. Worth a punt?
  13. You can't judge a player on one game!! These young Falkirk lads have been excellent this season and I'm sure would do fine in the spl
  14. johnstone

    Craig Reid

    Adam Johnston was and is a dirty wee bastard and groomed that wee girl and also made her out to be a liar. He is a very nasty piece of work.
  15. The fact that three teams that need to win are playing away from home might have a bearing on the outcome. Fact is Celtic will be a very tricky game and there is a high chance we might get beat, but after looking at the fixtures that need to happen for us to drop down I think we have a good chance of staying in the top six.
  16. Why do our highlights not have commentary? Would really add to it.
  17. I think we have remember that Law has played in the sixth tier of English footbal his whole career. Moving to Motherwell was a huge step up in quality and to be fair to him he has done not too bad. I see him as a decent squad player. You think of guys like Grehan who took the similar step up from the lower leagues in Scotland and it never worked out for him.
  18. Inspiration? Pretty sure if I put my mind to it I could draw a football match in a stadium. It would be shite, but arts all about interpretation.
  19. Might be from his imagination?
  20. Pearo should easily have played on. Couple of broken ribs and a punctured lung. Nonsense! Ally Maxwell played a cup final with all his ribs missing, his lung hanging out and a broken spine. Footballers these days....
  21. If he still has a top bun then he needs to go. If not then I say give him another year to improve his hairstyle.
  22. Top six lads! Been saying it for weeks! Fucking Magoo is a magician!
  23. johnstone


    I have said it before, but outwith Celtic, Aberdeen and Hearts all the other teams could beat each other. Also all the other teams have similar budgets... The only team in that group who have been consistently poor is Dundee Utd and also they have a high player budget, but they also seem to have come on to a bit of a game. As Skippy said 'making the top six is the best chance to avoid a relegation battle' and I think we have every chance of making that. As do about 6 other teams!! It's a crazy season!
  24. Aye Flow is sound and has the club at his heart. Puts in a fair shift too.
  25. johnstone


    The reason I mentioned the 7 point gap ealier in this thread is that it is nonsense talking about relegation in any form at this stage. All the teams excluding Celtic, Aberdeen and Hearts have been really inconsistent this season and can't get any run of form going. We are in the same boat. All it would take for us to go on say a 3 game winning run and we could then be clear of danger. League and current form of all the teams is far to close to call to make any talk of relegation a certainty. Last nights result is a very good point of that.

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