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    Mark McGhee

    from the falkirk game until tonite those performances have been as bas as anything witnessed under malpas.our defence is as pish as ever,midfield gets constantly outplayed and out strikers couldve played all nite and we wouldny have done anything.this is relegation stuff and from recent games we dont have the skills to cope with a battle at the bottom.mcghee has probably three games to save his job if he doesny think hes upto it then he should walk and let us get somebody in that actually wants to be motherwell manager.
  2. great point mate it really does look like the players arent playing for mcghee it looks like malpas all over again.mcghees constant comments about leaving are bound to piss some players off and to me that looks like its happening
  3. these last few weeks have been as bad as anythin witnessed under malpas.the defence again tonite was all over the place leading to a pish poor goal fae a corner for killie.midfield again non existant the forwrd line is the most worrying aspect.hughes and porter dont look interested anymore they must be sold in january and get some players in thats got a bit of fight about them.from the looks of it were gonna be in a relegation battle this season and right now its no looking good for us if accies beat us on saturday were in big trouble.
  4. lets hope we have this game won by the time killie do there usual trick against us do fuck all for 90 minutes and score the winner right at the end.id go with a team of smith,malcolm,klimpl,reynolds,hammell,lasley,hughes,fitzpatrick,clarkson,porter, murphy.this is the start of some winnable games for us so im hopefull for a 2-0 well win with clarky and ports on target
  5. mfc

    January Transfer Window

    i would like to see us go for steven smith he looked a good prospect before he got his injury.that would allow us to move hammel further forward if we had smith at left back.charlie adam would be a good signing to if we could get him really fit but i think his demands will see him go down to england.the rest of the players rangers are punting will be well out our price range
  6. mfc

    Mark McGhee

    we should sell porter in january if we get a offer about 300k.the squad needs to be freshened up with some new faces and well stand a better chance if weve got some money to play with.thats if boyle doesny pocket it for himself.i know there were a few english clubs looking at quinn last season so somebody might take a chance on him in january but they way hes been playing this season i would doubt it
  7. mfc

    Car Chaos for Quinn

    why was quinn driving back fae aberdeen in his motor can we no afford a team bus anymore.the bit about hughes and big boab thinkin they were mechanics was quite funny though
  8. mfc

    January Transfer Window

    this irish consortium story has been doin the rounds for a few weeks now but is there anythin in it or is it just a rumour
  9. mfc

    January Transfer Window

    i was thinking about fotheringham when i was watchin the norwich game the other day.i agree he would be a really good signing for us and would slot perfectly into our midfield
  10. mfc

    January Transfer Window

    aye that was mcpake that signed with coventry.he wouldve been a good signing for us but dave mckay would be nothing more than a squad player
  11. mfc


    home to killie on a monday game thats on the tele.these are the games the club should make it a fiver to get it.seems a strange choice fae setanta in the first place
  12. mfc

    January Transfer Window

    id take ian black he seems to be caley thistles best player maybe don cowie from them to.lappin again would be good but his wages would probably be a problem for us.i hope we can get maybe two or three in permanantly rather than loan players that are just here to make up the numbers and no get a game
  13. we have a run of winnable games coming up and if we were to have any chance of finishing third or fourth then we must win these games which were capable of.who knows what team hearts will have in january if they sell there best players.hibs and dundee utd will be challenging for the european places but we can still catch them.top six would be a good achievement considering we havny played well for much of the season
  14. mfc

    Accies game

    what does the away end at hamilton hold.the early kick off might put a few folk off going but id still expect about 2000 to go over
  15. mfc

    We're Open Again

    great to have this site up and running again.well done gaag for all your hard work much appreciated mate

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