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  1. Think some players are hungover from the win on Wednesday.
  2. That the team put an effort in.
  3. I’m sorry but Alexander must go. This team are shocking.
  4. Fucking lucky bastards!
  5. Why are we a team that gets NOTHING out of throw ins. Not even the same players.
  6. The boos go round Almondvale. C’mon man either fix it or go!!
  7. Same old sh*t different f*cking day! We have about 5/6 players round there 1 player around the box. I think a defeat today & we’ll be saying bye bye to Alexander.
  8. I’ve had the email!!! C’mon the Well! I have never been this excited!!
  9. If you bought a season ticket for 2020/2021 then your getting a FREE season ticket for 2021/2022. Absolutely fantastic for the support!! Thank you very much!!
  10. How can this team have 2 Scottish players in it?
  11. Thanks. Oh great. If it does I’ll go off my head!
  12. Is there a link game on the PPV anyone would suggest? There’s 4 links
  13. So is Hastie. In face so is half the team
  14. I was on BBC sport Scotland & Kept filling in username & password & it wasn’t letting me on. Thanks!

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