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    AGM was online last night. It took me a bit to login so not sure what I missed at the start but basically all the board, secretary, (accountants possibly) and Graham Alexander were all present. As ever an informative hour or so the contents of which I'll try to sum up. The main thing as ever was finance. Several questions were submitted by shareholders beforehand and Jim McMahon lead straight into it and referred back to it several times. Key things were that the the current situation is currently manageable in the medium term. There is an insurance claim in and the club have applied to take advantage of the Government's 20 year interest free loan of up to £1.6m (they reckoned 11 of the 12 clubs had) so with these things to be confirmed, they couldn't be certain of how things would look this time next year, but are sure that as long as we aren't relegated and even without fans in the ground there would be cash in the bank come the end of next season regardless. The question of the robustness of the club should the worst happen and we are relegated was discussed and whilst nobody wants this they clearly have to plan for such eventualities and the phrase used was the club would "get through it". The view is the club is in a significantly stronger position to deal with it now than it would have been 5 or 6 years ago. The club haven't taken/accepted any monies from the Well Society this year or last in an effort to allow the WS to build up towards the previously stated £1.5m fund that would play a significant part in helping the club through any traumatic event such as relegation. In addition contracts are structured in such a fashion that costs can be taken of the business quickly. No regrets from the board about the Season Ticket offer of committing to the 19 games as it was the correct thing to do. They envisage more details about what will happen next season in around a month to six weeks. Staying at Fir Park is not off the table. Happy they have been able to undertake some significant modernisation and upgrading of parts of Fir Park e.g. replacement of Hunter stand seats, paintwork. Will work on contactless entry and perhaps in time and re-design of the entry points to the Hunter stand. Some brief chat about contracts stemming from a question on Declan Gallagher. View from one board member was that in general terms specifics of contracts that appear in the media should largely be taken with a pinch of salt. They did however say they have made offers to Declan but he is currently keeping his options open. On a wider point they acknowledged that it is difficult to tie down players to extended contracts with agents advising players to let them run down to consider options. The flip side to this is that get it wrong and you may find players locked into deals that are unsuitable for both (e.g. Casper Sloth). On training facilities there appears a change in thinking in that seeking to enhance what they have at Dalziel Park is likely to be more cost effective and beneficial than a new development. Plans are ongoing with a sub-group of board members and reps from Dalziel to achieve this aim at some point in the future. Could potentially see the club be an anchor tenant and based there day to day but there is an acknowledgement that what is there at Dalziel is the envy of others already and would benefit all if that could be built upon. Graham Alexander "took the floor" once the board had answered the submitted questions and spoke well, and at some length, about him taking the job, his first weeks in charge and his hopes for the future. He spoke of his and his families excitement to re-locating Scotland to be fully committed to the job. He had a gut feeling when applying for the job and when talking to the board that this was a challenge he wanted to take on. He spoke of the warm welcome given to him by all within the club and the good people he had found. He mentioned his disappointment as not having been able to interact with fans but expressed gratitude for the welcome from supporters who had sent warm wishes, letters etc. He is keen to meet fans when the time comes. He said he found a squad of players naturally somewhat dejected on the back of previous results and offered credit to all players and staff for a great attitude and how they have turned that around. A lot of work has been done but still much work to do and nobody can relax. He complemented many behind the scenes for the support in helping him implement changes and made the observation that small improvements that on their own might not seem much combined had helped things improve. He stated he had a positive outlook and preferred to focus on the positives of what he had in a team rather than concentrate on the negatives. He feels he has a way of working that brings clarity to the players about the plan they have to follow, based on his experiences as a player. The initial aim is obviously to keep the club in the division then look to add quality to the squad. He envisages working with a smaller squad than that currently. He has aspirations to see us take on and compete with bigger clubs in the division, for his team to have the drive and ambition to compete consistently. He is learning of the challenges that face a club like Motherwell but wants to see us change historical patterns and not to take a step back against anyone (the inference being the two recent Old Firm games). He wants to change the mentally of how we approach such games and create an environment where players all buy into that mindset.
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    I was a guest recently on Irish Footy Vlogs discussing former League of Ireland players in Scotland, supporting Motherwell and collecting the jerseys as an Irish fan and my top Irish players at Motherwell from down through the years. Even got a shout-out for Upper Crust in there too!
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    Relegation, how bad would it be? I dunno, like winning an all expenses trip to the Seychelles, get to the airport and find out due to lockdown it's been cancelled so as an alternative you're off to a Caravan Park in Girvan. You get there and Steelboy is head of customer service, and milo is entertainment director. It would be that bad. Awwww FFS, now Lasley's just shown up in a white trackie and a bumbag to take the Mrs off for her massage.
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    Jim Goodwin wants players who dive to win penalties to be named and shamed: - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56046465 I'll start off then Jim, Lee Erwin. Funnily enough on that occasion you 'heard' him being fouled.
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    Relegation for Motherwell would be an unmitigated disaster on so many levels it’s difficult to know where to begin. But I’ll try.... First of all the financial implications. I’m not sure how much we get from TV money from being in the top flight but it’s got to be a significant proportion of our income. Then you have the money from the league placing money any the advertising you can charge when appearing on Sky etc. No revenue from old firm away support or the larger supports that premier club can bring. Everything really! That would be gone overnight! Our player/staffing budget possibly/probably could remain the same for the first season down but if we are disappointed with the standard of player we can attract and afford as a well established premier league club then you have to shudder to think about what we might “enjoy” as a championship club. Any Turnbull, Scott, Kipre we unearth or produce would be lost for a fraction of what we got for them from being a premier league club also. I’m struggling to think of a team that has went down and came straight back up recently and we don’t have the money to chuck at a promotion campaign the way Hearts, Hibs and Utd. Even then, Utd took 3 attempts to get back up! There would be a real danger of becoming another Dunfermline, Falkirk, Raith or Patrick and spend years in the wilderness often just bobbing along in the championship hoping you might get a sniff of the play offs. You could pretty much kiss goodbye to ever being any sort of credible or respected club for a generation, if not longer. Livingston were down for years, St Mirren were down about 10 years then up for a season then down for 5 or 6., Dundee were up for 5 years I think there but have spent something like 14 of the last 20 in the championship.Dunfermline have had 1 season in the last 15 in the premier league and that quite possibly could be our future. At best! Absolutely terrifying stuff. I think as a fan base we would find in particularly tough. Despite being on a Motherwell roller coaster it has yielded 35 years, by hook or by crook, or top flight football. As a poster above said, we’d need to adjust our expectations very quickly and that’s what asker said than done. Motherwell fans under the age of 40 will never have seen us play anything other than premier league football and I’m sure plenty of our friends and colleagues who support other teams would waste no time in reminding us of our predicament! Losing to Alloa and Morton etc and sitting mid table after 6 games would be 100 times worse than anything we’re going through right now and the panicking among the support as the reality hits would be unbearable. Any Motherwell fan who is blasé about it being a bit of a laugh and a jaunt round new grounds is deluded.
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    As bad, if not worse than last week, without the excuse of a red-card (and trying use to Barry Maguire being hit with the ball in the face as a factor). I had been generally impressed with what Alexander had achieved in the short time since his appointment. I've had my concerns about the way we've tried to shut up shop towards the end of games, but we had made some progress. But last weekend had the alarm bells ringing such as the lack of activity when the game was beginning to get away with us. That has only been exacerbated after today. It was an excellent finish for Saints opener granted but you don't have to look too hard to see how it could have been prevented. The second, the epitome of shooty-in. The third, further lack of awareness from Polworth on the back of Pittodrie. But Polworth wasn't alone in seemingly learning nothing from previous matches. Three isolated forwards again? Especially when you have little or nothing in the way of creativity to give anything remotely resembling a fighting chance and a make-shift defence that desperately requires all the protection it can get. Still the perseverance with the short kick outs at goal-kicks? No Jock, it isn't dangerous because of the conditions or the pitch. Its dangerous because of the frequency we try to do it, the signal it sends out to the opposition and the standard of the players trying to carry the manoeuvre. Alexander is being hamstrung with the sheer number of players that are available to him, that is pretty obvious, but he's not helped himself in several respects and has now presided over back to back results and performances that have been as poor, if not worse, as those that resulted in the change of manager in the first place. There was absolutely nothing. One attempt to goal to twenty plus from St Johnstone. That is an absolutely horrendous statistic. A team that we could actually have overtaken had we won and we are allowing more than twenty efforts at goal from them. Apalling! That the teams below us have gained no ground and that another game has been ticked off is about as positive a spin as you could put on it. It says much that its as good as it gets. There was some great work undertaken in the early part of this year that put us in a position to really move ourselves clear of bother. We are in danger of completely screwing up all that good work. We have a game in hand that could allow us to put ourselves seven clear of second bottom but do you have any faith that we can go to Paisley in midweek and make that happen. I'm afraid to say that at this moment in time I'm struggling to find it.
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    The manager said "up until the first goal there wasn't much in it". That is an absolutely ridiculous comment. The first goal was at 7 minutes. I turned it off after the third goal. What a waste of 12 quid at a time when like everyone I'm scraping the barrel. The squad will be fine. They'll go home, chill and roll into training next week. Then move onto new clubs or jobs while leaving our club in a mess feeling nothing because they are nothing but a spineless shower. Not seeing anyone in the squad who truly has this club at heart at the moment. In past years we had the Lasleys, Craigans and Hammells of this world to name a few who so clearly loved this club. There is noone in this team who I get that vibe from and it shows. Even down to 10 men I'd expect more. There is a batch of individuals at this club who need to go. Managers are hounded out, why can't players be run out the same...?
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    It kind of feels like we were due that against Hibs. What with the disallowed goal that denied us a win at the start of the season, the disallowed goal that might have changed the course of the game in the defeat before Christmas we've had no luck against them. I suppose you could say we'd no luck today either, but then none was needed with as accomplished a display as we've put in all season. I think you just have to give everyone so much credit for the turnaround after Hamilton and St Johnstone. There was the potential for things to go right off the rails but they dealt with the pressure of that well in midweek in gaining a good point in Paisley and they have built on that in exactly the manner you would hope today. Everyone has stood up and reacted positively to the challenge and they can be well pleased with their efforts from the last few days. We were fully deserving of the win today. Two very well taken goals with a little finesse in the build up, one quite outstanding save Kelly and a performance built on hard work, organisation and very good defending. Excellent stuff that would have seemed difficult to believe possible on either of the previous two Saturday evenings.
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    Hughes - that's not what you originally said. Robinson - that's not what you originally said. Gallagher - that's not what you originally said. Backtracking to try sound reasonable after initially talking shite.
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    Take your word for it - like your claim the contract clause removal was announced at the AGM, when it wasn't? Or that last Christmas, Robinson was definitely fucked because of CCTV footage, when he wasn't? Or that John Hughes will never work in Scottish football again, because of appalling accusations I won't even repeat here, when he's now at Ross County? I know it's all a laugh, but some of the shite you spout on here is quite damaging.
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    Was hoping with Trump gone all the QAnon pish would disappear but, nope, alive and well and flourishing in deepest Motherwell. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    I disagree. Even under fan ownership we are always going to have a top 10 budget and advantages over other clubs of our size in bringing in players. There is no reason why we should be relegated from a league with Accies, Livi and Ross County. Look at our squad just now. Money isn't the issue it's the fact that we have signed dozens (no exaggeration) of shite players who have contributed nothing while letting our captain and vice captain leave. If fan ownership has any problems it's not being ruthless enough. Robinson completely hobbled us and the board were still telling him to stay then when he quit anyway gave him a golden handshake instead of trying to get him out the door at minimum cost and telling him to take his boy with him. If we finish below Accies or lose to a Championship team in a playoff heads will have to roll.
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    Theres been lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth here, but a genuine question, who would you play instead? We CANNOT play 4-4-2 because we have 1 competent winger at the club in Lawless and he is crocked! AND that would mean a combo of Campbell / Polworth / Maguire / O'Hara / Crawford in the middle. The whole reason we play 3 in centre mid is to give an extra man as protection, imagine our midfield with only 2 of those! And the diamond just gives the opposition even more free reign to slaughter us down the wings by making us even narrower. The best answer for me for the rest of the season is 3-5-2 with Watt & Cole as a team up front. But could we do that yesterday? Do we have enough defenders to do that at all? Questions need to be asked of the January signings. It is unacceptable to just go for the "fling enough shite at the wall and some will stick" tactic. IF it was Alexanders recruitment, he needs fucking hammered. If it is the fabled worlds greatest scout Foyle, he needs sacked immediately. Same with Gallagher. If he has indeed been playing the cunt with this contract renewal, I would sack him right now for gross misconduct, and assasinate him in the media. Let the cunt live for 4 months with fuck all and kill any chance he has of the Euros. We cant afford to be this cuddly wee club thats everybodys pal. There is poison running through the veins of this club, and while Graham Alexander isnt completely blameless, you can only piss with the cock youve got! He gets us to the end of the season and its job done, I dont care if its by 1 point or 1 goal. Then we reset in the summer and see how he really is
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    Maybe I'm a dinosaur but a move away from Fir Park gives me the absolute fear on a few different levels
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    Christ, Jock, any chance you could identify a black player correctly!
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    My Golden Goal ticket for 01:00 is much better value than I first thought.
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    A mate sent me this. It made me laugh. Apologies to whoever it was stolen from.... A man from Liverpool, England was touring the USA on holiday and stopped in a remote bar in the hills of Nevada. He was chatting to the bartender when he spied an old Native American man sitting in the corner. He had tribal gear on, long white plaits, wrinkled face. "Who's he?" asked the Liverpudlian. "That's the Memory Man." said the bartender. "He knows everything, remembers everything. He can remember every face he's ever seen. He can remember any fact he hears or reads. Go and try him out." So the Liverpudlian goes over, and thinking he won't know about English football, asks "Who won the 1965 FA Cup Final?". "Liverpool" replies the Memory Man. "Who did they beat?" "Leeds" was the instant reply. "And the score?" "2-1." "Who scored the winning goal?" "Ian St. John" said the old man, without a hint of hesitation. The Liverpudlian was knocked out by this and told everyone back home about the Memory Man when he got back. Many years later he went back to the USA and tried to find the impressive Memory Man. Eventually he found the bar and sitting in the same seat was the old Native American, only this time he was older and even more wrinkled. The Liverpudlian approached him with the greeting "How". The Memory man looked up and said, "Diving header in the six yard box".
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    Hastie was open and up front about leaving. No pretence. He got slaughtered on here by many for wanting to better himself, and being honest about it. And booed when he took to the pitch. Perth I think. Don’t see the same abuse heading Gallagher’s way and, if true, he has been doing a lot more manoeuvring re contracts than Hastie ever did. And we got good money for Hastie. Vigurs was crucified...still is....for allegedly feigning injury to force his way out of the Club. Same accusation has been made about Gallagher, but folk refuse to believe it whereas in Vigur’s case it was taken as gospel. Double standards. Every player has the right to try and better himself, but it does seem that for some on here, if your face fits and you are a “good guy”, then you can do no wrong and can muck the Club about in ways that others get hammered for. And I’m not defending Gallagher. Far from it. Just comparing the reaction to his dealings and those of others who eventually moved on.
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    1- He is out of contract in the summer so we will get nothing for him. 2 - His commitment to the club has to be questioned after whoring himself to other clubs, specifically celtic during the transfer window, 3- I firmly believe there was a extension clause for at least another season after this season, so this seems to have been removed and coincidentally he is fit again and ready to play. 4 - As I say the whole episode stinks, he no longer wants to be at the club, and that's not the kind of player we need right now. He wants to be in the Scotland squad so will he be fully committed to Motherwell throwing himself into tackles etc and risking Injury, I would like to think so but I have major doubts he will be.
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    Sorry but I think he’s an excellent signing.
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    Clubcall was great in the early 90s for some inside info, cost an arm and a leg to get all the scoops though.
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    Now, that offered a bit more reassurance! Regardless of circumstances I'm always of the belief that a point away from in this league is no bad thing. I think to get a point tonight though, on the back of the last two results and performances lifts some of the pressure that's been building and the performance offers some belief. It would have been absolutely lovely to have got the win both to help with the current predicament and to ram it up them for the Covid-19 carry on, but even though it wasn't a win it feels like a goods night work. In a broader sense I enjoyed the fact that reading beforehand I was seeing St Mirren fans saying they were now back at full strength and how they couldn't see anything other than a home win tonight. Well, that full strength side with top six ambitions and all looked second best for much of that game to an under strength away side but the key thing was to stop the rot and that that we did that with a clean sheet was a real boost. A lot of players stepped up out there tonight. It doesn't quite give us a security of a seven point advantage over the bottom two that was a possibility beforehand but I would hope that performances of that standard and if we can continue to eek out the wins and draws we had have been doing, the Hamilton and St Johnstone abominations aside, should see us all right. Encouraging.
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    Great result. The whole dynamic changes again a suddenly we look like a team who could sneak a result or two before the split. The BBC analysis of a few days back would have it that three points will see us safe. I think we may need just a few more than that to be sure. Ross County's epic run under Jim McIntyre in the Baraclough playoff seasons shows that it is possible for bottom sides to put heroic runs together. My wish for tonight (forlorn as it is) is that the branding of players being pish and shite before they have even kicked a ball be tempered somewhat. Jordan Whyte is proof that given a chance these boys can perform and make a difference. Roberts tonight, Lamie tonight the same. They are not professional football players for no reason. A good night all round.
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    Warzone. Catch him and the boys online.
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    Alexander's getting more bookings than the Brothers.
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    As OnTheFringes often says no one is going to come on here and name the person that told them inside info. You'll need to take my word for it.
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    on the topic of Gallagher, Tweeting players is f***ing embarrassing, can we please stop it.
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    Mo Ross has been firing a catapult at players knees, it has taken until now to identify him as he has been wearing a mask.
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    I've seen Motherwell beat Celtic with Jamie Dolan in goals.
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    It is getting to the point where I don't know why I watch this. It just makes an already crap weekend worse.
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    Think that was a few years later. Their owner gave him a glowing reference: “He is an out-of-control womaniser, an Irishman without rules. He is someone who disappears for a week and goes on the hunt for women in Milan. “He has two families with six children, he never trains, he’s completely off the rails. On the field he’s a great player, because he gave us everything he had and more. “In terms of his behaviour, however, he is uncontrollable. My coach told me he cannot sort this player out, so he has to go.” Sounds like Lafferty was lucky to dodge a bullet.
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    Break the covid guidelines clubs agree to. Get caught out. Suspended fine to Killie and points given to us. Appeal the decision and points taken back off but they now have to foot the fine. The Killie fans do a fundraiser to pay the fine. They then fall to a 1-0 defeat in the rearranged fixture many months down the line. Not going to lie that was massively satisfying for numerous reasons. Struggled to get to grips with that pitch and Killie were the better side for the best part, but in regards to chances we had the best ones and Cole should have buried both of his. Don't think Kelly was really tested until the last kick of the ball. Killie performance was a tad reminiscent of us earlier in the season where we enjoyed plenty of possession before the opposition scored. Great chance to pick up more points at the weekend.
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    Eyes are bleeding after that. I’ve not seen a more disjointed woeful display in a long time which if we repeat we’ll get humped. Considering this is the 3-0 awarded game it was beautiful to watch as they will be sick. Looking forward to the rodent shagger popping up on here.
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    Pretty boring for the fans if every game was 0-0, how would you decide who won the league!
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    For me, if Gallagher is match fit he has to play. Harsh as it may seem on Magloire who has done well in the last couple of games. It’s a similar situation to when O’Donnell came back in for Johnston despite the latter having played well. We need our best and most experienced players on the pitch given the situation we’re in.
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    Wish we could sign this guy permanently. Such a great keeper
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    Every low point we have there is the usual knee-jerk reactions on websites about how its the worst squad in years etc etc. But on this occasion I feel it is genuinely a bit different. Anger has to be directed at this current squad who are contributing absolutely nothing to this football club. I have never seen a bigger bunch of passengers in my time watching the club. Baraclough's squad had some talent in it. Hell even Malpas's squad had some talent and fight in it as the same players went on to win third the following season under Muttley McGhee. The present squad feels very much like what I associate largely with Killie and Hibs about 6 years ago - lacklustre and just here for a job, nothing more. If I was within the club hierarchy I would have the club staff list pinned to the dressing room wall as it isn't the players jobs at risk - they can feck off and find other clubs - our staffing that would be trimmed is what is at stake, these guys may struggle given the economic crisis that is inbound is going to make the 2009 credit crunch look like a lottery win. Only draw of relegation I can think of is the opportunity to play and absolutely scud Airdrie if they somehow come up to the championship. On the other hand I see Dundee Utd as the club most similar to ourselves in terms of club size, resources, achievement potential etc and it took them a few years to come back up. That's what concerns me the most As has been said above Motherwell have had it very comfortable pretty much my whole life. Maybe that spark that we have that has set us apart from other teams our size is going out? The past 20 years there has always been a core group of experienced players passionate for the club with a good relationship with the support. That isn't there at the moment (that's going to take years to rebuild) and that's perhaps why this low feels a bit different to the other ups and downs. That said, I don't think we will go down. The media seem to be going all out on Kilmarnock at the moment.
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    Let's be honest about this - Motherwell FC have had a very charmed life. We really should have been relegated before and I think under fan ownership it's only really a matter of time before we are relegated. A club of our size and budget just isn't going to survive in the Premiership indefinitely. Even if we escape relegation this season (I think we will) it's bound to happen sooner or later. I just can't see us surviving, say, another 10 seasons in a row in the Premiership. So while relegation is more bad than good, I think we need to think of it as a strong possibility in the immediate future of the club and something we need to be prepared for as supporters and as an organisation.
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    Something a bit fishy about that mussel injury story.
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    What does this even mean ? I have nothing against you OTF but if I am being critical you are guilty of coming on this forum and giving part answers or hints and often actually telling us nothing. It is clear you are in the know but and I speak for myself it can be quite irritating. You have hinted at some discontent with current management and I along with others are totally bemused as what is unfolding re the amount and nature of injuries. To have 18 players unavailable is probably unprecedented in any football club. Thee could be perfectly valid reasons for all of them but something appears to be amiss.
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    A model of how to do what, avoid relegation and settle for a bottom 6 finish, they have been as shit as us in recent weeks , a couple of results makes a big difference. Compare like for like ie 1st choice players for both teams, not the thrown together shambles we had today, do they have better players , maybe 1 or 2, in certain positions but overall I would back us to beat them as we have done consistently in recent seasons. We are a fan owned debt free top flight club for 30 odd years, multiple European qualifications, do StJ regularly challenge for a top 6 finish or a European spot, no. So are they miles better than us playing wise..no, how the club is run...no, they are a mid table club just like us.
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    Well the youth player, just turned 17 did ok and kept plugging on till the end. Same can’t be said for Polworth and those to jokers at centre half Young boy showed more commitment and guts than those 3 put together
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    What’s the streaming equivalent of throwing your season ticket on the park? Losing your login password and not re-setting it?
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    Faster than Mbappe. Slower than Scott McMann.
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    Can we try Kelly in midfield … … best passer of a ball we’ve got in the team
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    Can I take it he doesn't care who he offends?
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    I'm not quite sure whether to be satisfied or disappointed with yesterday. The start was awful. I might imagine that post Dundee Utd there would have been a lot of emphasis on not conceding early, being tight, growing into the game and trying to sneak the lead and see how they react. Not for the first time this season against Celtic we've conceded early and not taken advantage of any pre-game vulnerability. But then we did begin to do what I think Alexander had asked of them. There wasn't a collapse. We didn't retreat to the 18 yard line and wait for an onslaught and what in so many cases in the past would have been the killer second. Ok, they still had chances, but I would expect them to have chances. But then, so did we, albeit not so many. I thought from the angle behind the goals it seemed to suggest he'd been fouled outside and fell inside the box. I only caught that angle once so it may be from that with further views it has become apparent it should have been a penalty. Certainly they referred back to it in the commentary a few times. When the second went in I thought that would be that but evidently not so. The goal saw the belief build and without doubt Celtic rode their luck a little before the end with the chance at the death leaving a real sense of frustration. Whilst unfortunately not a point there was certainly plenty to be encouraged about that can be taken forward. Hopefully a thumping loss for Accies will mean that one of the trickier away days will have been negotiated with no ground gained by those underneath us.

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