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    Right, the penultimate game of the season, and for me it's one of our most important of the season. We're one point behind St Johnstone with two games to go, so a win here would mean that where we finish this season is entirely in our own hands. By the same token Livingston are playing Dundee at home, and a win for them could bring them to within a point of us, so if we lose at the weekend we could potentially be playing Livi on the last day of the season trying to avoid finishing 9th. Apart from the fact that finishing 9th would be a piss-poor finish for a club who were challenging for the top six until the death, it would mean a financial difference of £120,000. I know a lot of fans say they don't give a fuck about the money, and reckon these games are meaningless, but as a club who regularly have punters outside the ground with buckets for Well Society fund collections we're simply not in the position to dismiss the £60,000 of a difference between finishing 7th and 8th, never mind the additional 60 grand drop in finishing 9th. As an example, £120,000 is the equivalent of over £2,000 a week over a year. That's a couple of wages, or some extra dough to extend contracts or whatever. We need that fucking money. The players had better be up for this game. Anything less is unacceptable in my opinion.
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    Just for a little balance I asked my mate who is a big CU fan for his thoughts on Carroll. He is a level headed guy who has a balanced view on most things so I trust his judgement. This is what he said..... "I quite like him, but that might be because when my boy was a mascot for CU last year Carroll was the player he walked out with. Instead of just ignoring him, he spoke to my boy asking him lots of questions, and was just really friendly. Must admit that this season has been shocking for Cambridge United, and we could well have been relegated out of the league, we were lucky that there were three teams below us who were even worse! Whenever I saw Carroll play I always liked him, but must admit the last month or so he hasn't played that much, perhaps that was because they knew he was leaving." So it appears he was a decent spud who did a decent job but CU have been shit this year and he hasnt played much and is leaving. Given the experience of our own support (see Jake Hastie) it might explain why so many CU fans are angry and lashing out. Why dont we wait and see what he is like? Give the boy a chance.....
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    Davie first and foremost is a 'Well fan so he was always going to make sure that when he leaves the club it would be well recompensed hence why he signed his new deal when he could have easily done a "Hastie" He also has enough faith in his own ability to know that he will continue improving to the stage that he will have a choice of clubs to join when the time comes. A very mature level headed young man who will do whats best for him and Motherwell FC and hopefully go far in the game
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    Why not try being normal and well adjusted and make a judgement on a player after we have actually seen him play for a few months, instead of posting pish like that based on social media rubbish.
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    Careful not to lose your balance there while you backpedal.
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    I think he has looked good since he came back. I’m not sure what the chances are of us signing a better player to replace him so I’m hoping he stays
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    That's obvious, considering the idiots called him Liam Turnbull in the article header.
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    Perfect scenario for me is he stays at the club and becomes a key member of the famous 2023 Premiership winning squad.
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    Kevin Clancy yesterday had an exceptionally poor game from start to finish and could easily have affected the outcome. Very relieved that he didn't. In the first half he could easily have yellow carded Kusinga and MacGowan for persistent jersey pulling on Scott, but only once awarded a foul. Many criticise Curtis Main for preferring to wrestle rather than play football but week in week out we see big defenders resort to this, mainly without any punishment. In the first half Gorrin was yellow carded for a 50:50 challenge and whilst it was robust it was probably not as bad as his opponents one. In fact I thought we'd be awarded the foul. He has been playing on a knife edge of late and picking up yellow cards so yesterday probably wasn't a surprise. His second yellow was also debatable and whilst rash it wasn't that bad. In terms of the 95 minutes yesterday he can consider himself unlucky given what the referee missed/ignored. Late in the second half, Tait was cynically brought down just outside the box by Woods just as he was about to pull the trigger. Foul awarded but the culrpit wasn't even spoken to. A stick on straight red in my book for denial of a clear goal scoring opportunity. The penalty decision was ludicrous, as the ball was not over the by line. We were astonished that Clancy, only a few yards away, consulted the linesman who was a good 40/50 yards away and unsighted, at the insistence of Dundee players and changed his decision. Poor refereeing and officiating from start to finish. I get that referees are only human and make mistakes but standards are poor in Scotland and bedevilled by inconsistency... Over to the SFA.
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    Like 99% of posts on here, that's gone over your head.
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    I want us to win every game, why would anyone want anything else ?
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    He’d have to get out of David Turnbull’s back pocket to collect the award though.
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    If he goes and does what he did for us then he'll be a hero in Gorgie or Pittodrie by Christmas. Don't underestimate what his running and movement opened up for our other players. However he was purchased and played as a striker and misfired in that regard repeatedly.
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    Not sure it was the reason Saints equalised but, why oh why did we not have Livingston at LB, Tait at RB, Cadden RM and Frear LM at the end, instead of all 4 playing out of position?
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    Just renewed my season ticket after about 10 years. Couldn't go due to work however, fuck it. I love my club.
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    Writing a guy off coz of what people on the internet are saying about him has to be the most Motherwell fan thing to do ever.
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    You have to hope it's similar to what happened with Chris Porter or more recently Charles Dunne where we were told the player wasn't up to much by fans of their previous team. Sometimes it just doesn't work for a player at a certain team for whatever reason. John Sutton at Hearts? Stevie May at Aberdeen? Let's just hope it's third time lucky in terms of left backs for Robinson...
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    Give him another season and I think he will have clubs down south fighting to sign him. There is no way he should be going for any less than a club record.
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    Getting to watch a quality player like David Turnbull is worth the season ticket money alone
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    Yeah, everyone should definitely wait and see who the club bring in before giving them the money they will need to bring people in. Smashing plan.
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    You see it all the time and it's incredible to me. A young player gets one start and "he's not good enough" while a player with 30 odd league appearances, who really hasn't been good enough over a season, gets the nod. Maguire, Livingstone and Scott should have got these 5 games and then you analysis it and see where you are. They might not be good enough but you don't judge it off one match and based on last week I'd have a hard time with anyone telling me we would have been better with Main playing, or we suffered due to having selected Scott. Let's not be dull, conservative and settle for the well worn path to mediocrity. The young guys need to learn the game and here's a chance for them to do it. Not doing so is development time wasted. Given the huge rebuild required in the summer it should be inconceivable for us to squander it as we have in the past. Where did that get us again?
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    I hope he doesn't appear and if he does I hope he's roundly boooooooooooed cos I love all that pantomime stuff
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    Hastie's shite, never rated him and glad he's leaving us. Also, would be an absolute joke if we get any less than £500k for him, Hastie's a top player and we should demand top dollar from Sevco.
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