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    Cedric says: "Show your hole to the Tattie-bowl".
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    Just play games at the Duchy Park. None of this messing around with paying Architects and building stands nonsense.
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    I didn’t even know that Craig Thomson refereed down there
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    Like one of the other posters I also disagree with your perception of the team selection. I also think the fact that we continually pressed Celtic high up the park conflicts with your perception. Not to say I am right and you are wrong but your point is certainly up for discussion. Add to that the fact that our subs were all forward positions ending up with Seedorf, Scott and Hylton on the park indicates to me that we were trying to get something out of the game. Yes there may be many things we can and should improve on but I am ok with the overall performance. For me we have only let ourselves down on 3 occasions this year. Hearts in league cup, Ross county and Aberdeen at home.
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    Let's leave the debate about poppies aside folks eh? From the match thread at least. Good old Compost Corner is your place for a good debate about them if the notion takes you.
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    What frustrates me a lot this season is the manner of goals we are conceding. Giving away far too many cheap goals.
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    From what I can gather it simply fell off nothing more, nothing less. No story in it.
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    We can consider this one to be a free hit. All things being equal the chances of taking anything from it are slim at best but then again no direct competitors will be taking anything there either. Fear the worst while hoping for the best. This wont define or greatly affect the season.
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    He'd be off faster than he shared folk's DMs when he ran this place.
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    He'll surely always walk alone.
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    On the whole I like Grimmy. He does have an abundance of energy and going forward he is a joy to watch at times. But defensively I think he is lacking sadly and it is costing us. Watching the highlights he was caught out several times 2 of which led to goals. I get that Celtic have good players and I also get that they will outfox many defenders, but the 1st goal he allows Elyanoussi to cut inside towards the box and make the pass that leads to the 1st goal. Better positional sense and he forces Elyanoussi down the line or does not allow him to have a free run towards the box. Second goal is a good pass but he neither cuts off the pass nor cuts out the cross. To be fair Tait is more culpable as it was a howler of an attempted clearance.
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    I think it would probably take some sort of wealthy benefactor to put up the money, probably on the understanding they get the Fir Park land when we move out. Which even allowing for this benefactor being out there would be a massive gamble that they could break even or close to it... I don’t imagine the planning and execution of such a hypothetical plan would be done in a few months either. Anything over and above your basic concrete soulless stadium probably ramps up the costs quite quickly. My three must haves would be: 4 sides grass pitch safe standing for home and away fans.
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    We'll probably get Thistle away in the cup.
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    The point of defeating fascism was to give people the right to choose to do what they wanted, ie wear a poppy or not, vote for Brexit etc so why cant we all just accept the fact that there are different opinions on everything in life and everyone is entitled to there own, so let's all get along and enjoy the football.
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    Good to see that the point of defeating Fascism was so we could force people to wear bits of paper 100 years later.
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    So why did he refuse? Was it because he was a Celtic fan and playing Celtic? So in the space of a year (he wore one last year for Livingston) he's decided that if playing Celtic on Remembrance he wouldn't wear one(guess who Livingston played last year...)
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    So why didn't he wear won? Go on tell us. Anyway, any cunt who gives anyone a hard time about not wearing a poppy needs a good fucking kickin for being an absolute cunto
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    You can, however, hold more than one thought - even if you're a footballer. It's perfectly fine to hate losing a game, but identify what went well (so you can replicate that positive) and identify the weak points (so you can work on eliminating the negative).
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    I am sure you do. Most of us however recognise that Celtic have a budget and squad that dwarfs ours. It really is the equivalent of Brechin playing Motherwell at Fir Park. Do you think their fans would go into a meltdown were they to lose 2-0 to Motherwell. You would be better hoping that Scottish football fans supported teams other than for religious or continual successes then the Old Firm would not dominate so much.
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    i wish the Scottish mentality was there are NO positives in defeat, our game might not be so piss poor from top to bottom if we didnt so readily console ourselves in continual defeat
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    However, it’s not the worst performance at Celtic Park, so I was wrong to be so negative.
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    Maguire in for LD. Tait in for Hartley.
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    There are over 60 mins to go FFS, what an attitude if it gets to 4 or 5 nil fair enough but 1 down after 24 mins, have some hope.
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    http://www.dubsstreamz.com/e.php Working just now...
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    I’ve found a link here, however, any better links would be appreciated.
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    I'm sure they will have a suitable banner or 2 to mark the occasion
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    Kipre and Gallagher......what a double act that would be
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    I remember when McGhee went to Aberdeen it was mentioned that we were paying him £150k pa and Aberdeen's Manager Salary was £250k. That was a long time ago, but Id be very surprised if we werent still paying £150k or thereabouts
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    Do you have a link to that pig video by any chance?
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    It was a joke. Robinson was Baraclough's assistant at Fir Park. Then Baraclough was Robinson's assistant at Oldham. Now they are both linked to the NI job, it would be mildly amusing if they switched roles again.
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    Lazio 1 - Celtic 2. Time to take this lot down a peg just when they are all puffed up with pride and pasta. 2-0 the Steelmen!!
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    They’ve named 5. McGovern, Carson, Bailey, Peacock and Farrell.
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    Just me chucking some shite out into World Wide Web.
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    Be it him or someone else, that was always going to happen. Let's just be a little happy that the person who took that opportunity was someone who cared enough to get involved with the club.
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    Martin Foyle and the structure and resources he was given (not to mention the changed model where we pay fees for players) were all part of the processes Les put in place. When you restructure a business, it's not a one time deal. It's about putting in process and structures that evolve.
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    Les' involvement has been a relatively benign experience. The Ying being one crazy transfer window in particular and a degree of arrogance and a lack of empathy with the fanbase that a very healthy bank balance affords. The yang being the magnanimous behaviour that he wrote off upwards of £1m? of the money he originally put in and didn't want to get that returned plus the fact that we are now a fan owned club. However some of the things he came out with as highlighted in the former point means that contribution and his efforts may not be fully appreciated or recognised and to be fair there are many things that probably went on behind the scenes that will either enhance or reduce his standing. Maybe in years to come this will be revealed and his stock will go up or down. What can't be ignored is he facilitated and bankrolled where we are now. What is clear now Les is repaid and his daughter has relinquished her seat is that seat can only be taken up by a member of the WS exec board to give the WS members 3 seats. There needs to be a few key questions put to the whole WS membership as to the strategic direction of the club over the next 5 and 10 years respectively. I think many would endorse what has been overseen by Jim McMahon and Flow already but it should still be green lighted in the same way it would have if Boyle was still the owner. The WS is not an additional revenue stream alone for the club and it shouldn't be regarded as such. I've repeated what someone very astute said me me years ago. There is no point in replacing one old guy in a grey suit with 7 old guys in grey suits. All you will have done is replaced the single owner who can make a decision immediately with a committee that takes 2 weeks to debate and agree on a course of action. What is the point in being fan owned if you continue the old stuffy traditional business practices at the expense of innovative new fresh ideas and ways of working focused on the owners themselves.
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    Why? Let fake political posturing and wet dreams about conflicts of the past remain the domain of both sides of the Old Firm. Let’s stick to football and not be dragged down to their level. There is opportunity aplenty in other aspects of our lives to pay respect to our war heroes. Posturing undermines genuine sentiment.
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    I personally cant see him going to either hibs or hearts as best he could do would be 3rd and if he did it would be expected and if he didnt then he would be be a failure. He can imo get 3rd with us with less pressure and not a failure if he doesnt. I know the wages there would be a lot more but I feel too much of a risk for him as if he goes there and fails then he will forever only be at clubs like ourselves and oldham. Get us 3rd and he would have i believe pick of a few english championship teams with obviously then an opportunity to get promoted to premier league and all that brings. Also if he goes to english championship and fails as has been seen with loads of previous managers he would still most likely get a decent job back up here.
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    I think the most respectful way to remember the war dead is to bring them up unprompted as a stick to beat hypothetical Celtic fans with.
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    I always felt the closest comparisons in Scottish football were guys like Christie in particular and perhaps Rogic. Celtic already have these guys. Having said that perhaps Christie will move on. He's performed really well in Europe this season and that's where the scouts really take note of people.
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    It's great to hear that Tom Boyd panders to us when there are no Celtic fans around to hear him.
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    And also his old Liverpool team mate that he brought to the club - Bobby Graham. Graham / Pettigrew is easily the best striking partnership I've had the pleasure to watch at Fir Park.
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    As a gesture, I’d like to see John Philliben get in before any of the Cup-winning squad.
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    This. United will still be spending well over a million a year on player wages. Spending 10% of the wages on a guy who scores that many goals make sense. I think a lot of people seem to think we are only paying around a grand a week despite the fact that total player wages must be closer to 2m than 1.5m.
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    That will depend on whether he's returned from injury and playing well by the end of January. If he is, he'll be off and we'll see perhaps a few weeks of him in the first team at best. If he doesn't depart in January, then we may get more out of him if he can get back to his best. On a personal note, good luck to the lad as he's been through enough for a youngster of his age. I also think we need a goal scorer up front. This coming Saturday will prove to be a good early test as Livingston will be an upgrade in class compared to who we've played so far this season.

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