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    I moved up from Yorkshire many years ago, my wife is Glaswegian. Was a season ticket holder at York City for 20 years. I’ve always watched a lot of football up here and still do. Started supporting a guy with learning Dissabilities through work around 7 years ago and we had season tickets at Rangers, his dad had always taken him before he passed away. We both got tired of sitting next to middle aged men screaming bigoted abuse so moved on to season tickets at a Thistle, Accies along with watching every other team we could. As soon as we started watching football at Motherwell we knew it was a special club and the one for us. As part of the disabled supporters association we have met some wonderful people along with staff and other supporters around us. We just love the club and have both said we would never support any other team.
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    It's sometimes comical how far removed the fans view of something is from the clubs. Robinson is exceeding every single target he's been set and the club are delighted with him. To be fair we should be too, given the remit thus far has basically been "keep us up, make us some money, and do it all on a low budget so we can use that money to pay debts and one-off bills". If that was the on-going remit for the manager of the side going forward then I wouldn't be particularly happy either, but as long as he manages that first bit for now, then I'm patient enough to wait for the "once those debts and bills are paid, any money from then goes to you to improve the side and we can kick on sustainably". Think of the money that's gone to re-pay Boyle and Hutchison, put a roof on the East Stand, put a scoreboard in etc. Then think of what that money could have done to the playing staff. Those are things that have to be done, but only once, so have a bit of patience.... In actual fact given the unexpected and un-budgeted levels of money from 2 cup finals, Kipre, amongst others giving us "unprecedented record profits", Robinson has actually shaved a couple of years off the timescale. Bearing in mind what we're trying to do, ever single one of us should be (albeit a little bit bored of the On-pitch aspect of this stage in the journey), absolutely delighted with Steve Robinson. What we're essentially doing, as a much smaller version of what everyone with half a brain thinks The Rangers should have done on "The Journey"....and laughed at them when they had no patience and tried to do everything all at once, resulting in them being half decent, but drowning in debt again. tl;dr version - We're going to be rubbish for a while until we can wipe our own backside financially, but if you keep us in the league til that point, then your playing budget increases dramatically.
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    I guess it was only a matter of time before the burrows chat started. I think the fact that he is a fan, and that he came from/started these here boards has a few folks thinking that they might be equally qualified. He has also chosen to put himself out there on social media, which many of us appreciate. Otherwise most folk probably wouldn’t even know who the CEO was. The facts are that he worked his way up through the ranks, and has been highly regarded by his peers for some time and multiple execs, owners, managers, board(s) have been happy with his ascent through the club structure. I don’t know what he did professionally before he joined the club, and neither does most folk on here, but it doesn’t matter. As for his current performance, we have made significant improvements to the pitch, facilities, and “matchday experience”, season tickets are up, revenue is up, we’re knocking off sizeable chunks of the club debt, the commercial arm of the club has seen huge improvements, our media team is excellent, and we succeeded in being selected for project brave (let’s not kid ourselves on, this place would have been at him with pitch forks if we hadn’t qualified for that). All this without a rich owner. You may not want to give him a knighthood, but to suggest he should be fired is ridiculous. He recruited the manager (I’m assuming some of the board and les were involved too) and robinson has been responsible for two cup finals. I’m kind of sick of people dismissing that fact, we don’t get many finals and both were great days with great build up. No one complained about our football in those cup runs. Who was the last manager to do that? He also gets the plaudits for signing kipre (if he gets the stick for the shite ones too). So regardless of how Robinson is doing now, if you think the chief exec should go because he signed Robinson, you’re an idiot. The alternative is hardly setting the heather alight in his new job either. We have shown that as a club we have prioritized stability and paying down debt, and won’t make knee jerk decisions. Unfortunately that may be to the short term detriment on the playing side, but it is the right thing to do, that’s how we all budget in real life and the club should be no different. We don’t have individual board members paying players wages like the Dempster / McCall regime had. We’re fan owned whether you like it or not, and whether the club likes it or not, as the fact is that no one has wanted to buy the club since Boyle put it up for sale all those years ago. I don’t think anyone likes our current style of football, I personally hate it , and there is fair debate over whether a new manager could do a better job, but let’s take a breath - this is far from a crisis. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    People have very short memories of Motherwell teams of the past. Anybody thinking Saturdays performance was the worst Motherwell performance ever , has not been a Motherwell fan for long. I have watched many very poor Motherwell displays under pretty much every manager we have ever had. Since McLean's time, McLeish, Kampman, Davis, Butcher, Malpas, Gannon, McGhee, Brown, McCall, Baraclough, (who have I missed), I have watched some turgid dross. Some of the players these managers have signed have been as poor as any we have now (the two Irish boys Keegan and who was the other one, McLeish bringing in Andy Roddie and my personal favourite Estaban Casagolda). The list goes on. We have had our moments under some of these managers too. McLeish's first six months, McGhee's first season, the second place under Stuart McCall being amongst the highlights. However the succcess was temporary with all these managers. McLeish managed to spoil one of the best Motherwell teams in my lifetime. McGhee's second season was painful to watch and McCall benefited from being manager at a time when the standard of the SPL was at an all time low. His teams blew up after 75 minutes because they were not fit enough. Could you imagine Robinson committing that crime? However if you really want to remember the dark days, thing back to the Malpas era. If ever there was a man that was able to suck the life out of a club, Malpas was that man. Weeyin did a very good analysis of McLean's time a few months back. His time at the club was far from rosy and it was only latterly, after he had been given the time to build it, that the Cup winning team came into being. I remember being up at Dalziel Park many years ago and I happened to catch a Billy Davis training session. It was embarrassingly poor. The players could hardly do 5 press ups between them and most of the session was spent lying on the ground pretending to stretch. Watch a Stephen Robinson training session by comparison. There is no comparison. The level of athleticism and professionalism is night and day. I find the clamber to sack managers at the best of times distasteful but at Christmas time in particular it is worth while remembering that we are talking about an honest professionals livelihood. Robinson has a very difficult job as ever Motherwell manager before him has proved. We have no God given right to beat the likes of St Mirren, Accies, Dundee etc. People wanting to take on that attitude would be better served following the Old Firm. I wish Stevie Robinson all the best and hope that things fall into place soon. Merry Christmas.
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    Well, that's the end of a week where the standard of professionalism at Motherwell Football Club fell to perhaps an all time low. When managers are picking and choosing what matches to compete in something is very, very badly wrong at the club. I said at the time it was a deplorable decision. Firstly we effectively given up a match where there was three points to be won. Never mind that getting them was unlikely, they should been competed for but weren't. But then, secondly, for the team to be rested to put in that performance told you everything. The style of play is an affront to top level football. It's atrocious. It's never been worse, never, in 40 years of watching this club. The standard of player is a disgrace. Don't even have the most rudimentary footballing skills. But forget using a football, they don't even have an ability to organise themselves, to run off the ball, to help team mates or even show any pride in themselves. We punt it and we give away fouls. That's what we do. That's what 2 years of Robinson's coaching has done to us. Punt and foul. The manager proved himself an idiot this week. And the players proved that not only are they not footballers, that they shouldn't be picking up wages on false pretenses, they proved that they don't even care that much. Not one iota was given this afternoon until it was far too late. Not one! Same old faces, failing time and time again. They need kicked out of the club. And you know what the worst thing about today was? It was oh so predictable. We are truly woeful. You know how bad? Barraclough's team would murder that lot. Someone, somewhere, has to come into this club and introduce some professional standards. The club right now is a disgrace.
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    "Which one of those diddies do you fancy playing up front with?"
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    Lets forget about injuries , manager ,tactics etc etc and get right behind the team and try and help them out today .We are all well fans with different views but let’s be as one today . Need a big response so let’s forget the negativity for a few hours at least and hopefully we can all celebrate at the end of the game . Then over the next few weeks we can hopefully get the team freshened up . COYW
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    Another poor analogy. You’re a holocaust of a person. She put us in the poor house & didn’t fancy the rebuild.
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    Luton are mental Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Anyone able to confirm if Ross McCormack was in the stand beside the manager today?
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    This is getting really boring. We wanted a change of selection today. We got it. We wanted a reaction from the players after the St Mirren game. We got it. But for a series of circumstances the manager had absolutely no control over, we may have got a result today. Even with everything we had to contend with we were still in a game against the new "cuddly toy" of Scottish football, right up to the final whistle. Nothing has changed. Robinson will be given this transfer window to sort the squad out. If he does and we get a decent cup run and improve our league performances, he stays. If he doesnt, he may get his jotters in the summer. Until we are actually dragged back into the relegation equation the board wont act.
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    I’ve watched motherwell for almost 50 years and I’ve seen so many dross games in my time but that today. Jesus help us. Two appalling non football teams on show, on the occasion the ball was on the deck it was inevitably Turnbull who was responsible but being surrounded by hoof ball specialists put pay to any form of decent entertainment. Having 5 players up front at the end was just an embarrassing example of football in this country, totally devoid of any tactical nouse or skill, utter desperation from a dinosaur manager. Even when we were truly shite in the 80s we at least tried to get the ball down and play. I paid £29 for that today at a time of year I can ill afford to pay£29. I won’t be doing that again in a hurry, Appalling excuse for football!!
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    All is clearly not as well as it might be. Of that you'll get few who'll disagree. But your almost daily attempt at a squeezing in a "Robinson must go“ inference is about as painstakingly dull as half the games we've watched this season.
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    Perhaps. But I think I'd still trust the judgement of the medical professionals we pay to make that call over Tom Aldred's opinion.
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    A quick summary of what was discussed at the AGM earlier this evening. All in all quite low key. Business was taken care of and a short Q&A was all undertaken inside around 45 minutes before shareholders were invited to relocate to the boardroom for nibbles. Or bolt down to try to catch the train back to Bargeddieshire... Financial wise much of what was mentioned was already released when the summary of the accounts was issued a few weeks previously with similar language such as a Haley's Comet style scenario where all factors of the business (football and commercial) were near perfect and a with a bit good fortune we recorded probably the club's biggest ever profit. Instilled is a sense this will be far from the norm and a review of the club operation is ongoing with a view to reaching sustainability. The debts it were noted were reduced modestly to JB and LH. An anticipated sum of around £200k is expected to be wiped courtesy of Les extending the double your money scheme. A large amount of the debt is to the WS and it was put that whilst this could be paid back it is in a sense a protection should the worst ever happen and the WS would be the largest creditor with the greatest say in how to proceed. Costs increased on ground expenses such as the scoreboard and Hunter Stand roof. Quotes are out for a replacement PA system. This is increasingly becoming a necessity rather than nicety since the Green Guide issued to clubs raises standards each year. This will cost circa £250k. The protective sheets seen earlier in the season in the South Stand were damaged (ironically) but should be back in place soon. These helped cut cleaning costs and enabled the club to use the POD for visiting supporters but the club are aware of frustrations of POD patrons as regards away fans in that stand and are reconsidering their stance. I was near the back so missed the full line but I gather some kind of netting or equivalent has been purchased to attempt to limit stray shots smashing into weans in the Cooper Stand during the warm up after a further incident at the last home game. Increasing costs like these and the various refurbs and repairs around FP took the conversation on to exploring Ravenscraig as a potential option in the longer term. Alan Burrows answered a question on the frustrations of lack of PATG options and said on occasion the club have tried to assist by sending MFC staff to sell at turnstiles but this was driven by individual clubs. Colt teams were discussed and it was felt in principle it would be a positive move for MFC to have a Colts side in "Division Four" but to run with a set up would be akin to running almost a second club which would be extremely financially challenging and detrimental to the funds required for the first team. There are discussions ongoing to see if loan options can be expanded upon. Stirling was chosen as the "base" for the 20's primarily as it was the closest available grass pitch that the side could play on. It was felt it would also be beneficial for any returning first team player to return to play on grass rather than an artificial surface. Stephen Robinson is actively looking to strengthen and has two or three on his radar but acknowledged people will need to go out. He remains hopeful David Turnbull will sign but again referenced his agent. He believes the offer made stands well when set against others who have played more games at his age or have had greater representative honours. On international matters he insisted the club were delighted at the likes of Campbell and Cadden going away and representing Scotland last summer but acknowledged it has had a knock on effect in terms of tiredness and that players of that age require to be managed. He was frustrated the Cadden appeared on the cusp of recapturing his form of old before suffering injury at Ibrox. On injuries he bemoaned the freak nature of some of the injuries striking down players. Tanner is unlikely to return before the end of the season and the injury that Dunne suffered earlier in the season was apparently one, the physio of some 30 years standing, had never seen before. Carson is at a point he can run again but no timescale has been set for a return. He is happy with Mark Gillespie and Rohan Ferguson as his number two. An interesting point was made about Robinson's choice of words during interviews and the phrase about having too many footballers was put to him as being unhelpful. SR laughed this off firstly by saying it depends on what interview you read. He went to attempt to clarify saying that he required a balanced team of players with technical ability but who could equally do the dirty jobs. He noted how because of our reputation teams have routinely changed formations and tactics to attempt to counter despite as Robinson said we actually have only two players apparently nudging over the six foot mark. And there my scribbles ended...
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    I would ask the Q why are we even debating it or discussing it. Yes it is a message board but we are so shit and he is so shit - we have recently beaten Aberdeen, drawn with Celtic and won away in Perth. I get a sense that if we won every game some on here would say we should get of Robbo because we have not won every game by 3 clear goals. I would agree if we were sitting where the bottom 2 are - but we are not. He put out a reserve side tonight which after the injuries same time last year was the right thing to do. We have taken full strength teams to the tattiedome and been beaten by bigger margins. Settle.
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    The bigger picture is we gave up 3 points without lifting a finger. It's totally unprofessional and that lack of professionalism is one of the reasons we've been at the end of the table that we are. I didn't go to Celtic Park expecting a win tonight but I did expect the team to put in more effort than I did walking from Bridgeton station. A no effort performance. A nothing performance. A pointless performance. And I'll say it again Celtic weren't even any good tonight. We rolled over like a trained dog.
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    We are 5 points clear of Hamilton and 9 clear of St Mirren and Dundee coming into a run of winnable fixtures. Anyone thinking Stephen Robinson is getting sacked anytime soon needs to have a word with themselves. Never gonna happen.
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    Maybe part of the deal for that Lyndon dykes we were linked with?
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    That actually made me do a LOL ...... You’ve started a little earlier than normal Dewell. Is that the same logic as turning down a bunk up wi Gal Gadot because she might have a wiffy fufu?
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    well spotted sir, and well done for posting it in with straightforward language rather than the cryptic shit that others post on here
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    Scott Burns reporting that Luton are keen on Curtis Main.
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    I would be disappointed if Campbell didn't tell him to go and fuck himself
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    In Robinson’s interview today he said we’re a good bit down the line with a couple of signings, highlighting that we need pace and width, so it will be interesting to see what central midfielder we sign [emoji1] Also said that a couple will probably go out. I wonder if we will see some more of the reserves move out on loan for the second half of the season too.

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