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    I hope you all don’t mind me borrowing the club account for a personal post… I was devastated and shocked to learn of Andy’s passing. Like many of here, I have been lucky to have known him for well over 20 years, be it Supporters buses, exiles, away days and trips, fanzines, FPC, Well Worth Saving, the Supporters Trust, WTFC and so many others - our paths crossed so regularly and he was always so helpful and supportive of me when I needed him. The comments and tributes about his personality and character are so apt, he was a gem of a guy and a top ‘Well fan. I’ll miss him very much. My thoughts are with his wife Angela, his family and close friends at this terribly sad time. Rest easy mate. ‘Flow
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    I was one of the first posters on the AndyP thread, I couldn't take it in at first a we'd been speaking so freely the day before. The African summed up my feelings in a particularly eloquent post. Where my own had none, his echoed where I was in a thread that must can only be a comfort to his family. Today it was announced in that thread that poster Madwullie also passed away. I initially thought a mere "that's sad" not recalling much interaction with him on here. As the thread progressed and it was revealed that Madwullie had a real name beyond his avatar as we all do, and it was one that was familiar, very familiar. Of course you want to check things and make sure you're not jumping the gun, however growing sense of foreboding hit me like a juggernaut as I searched P&B where his posting was more prolific. Graeme was for about 3 or 4 years was my closest childhood friend. I'd have sleepovers at his house, his bedroom a loft conversion that I mimicked in my own place years later. His mum serving pizza's still cold in the middle for week upon week because she didn't notice there were two oven cooking times, defrosted and from frozen. He didn't want to upset her so we ate it grim as it was on beyond the second chomp from the crust. Playing John Madden NFL and I recall hearing the roar from FP through his open velux window that carried further at night in the dark. I recall us both as 14 year olds getting the giggles in the back of a car getting run home when another friends dad lost it with his son. Trying to stifle our laughter made the Dad's behaviour even more erratic, FYI it is possible to get to 60mph along Cameron Street before you have to break at Hamilton Road .... just. We drifted when he went to Braidhurst and I went to Dalziel but were in the BB's together and were part of a group of 4 that went all the way from Bronze to Gold Duke of Edinburgh. At 15 doing the Bronze we got disorientated and lost in the Ochils in 10m visibility and horizontal rain. We followed our training and erected our tent and got in, started blowing a whistle 6 times a minute as protocol. It of course was far too soon, one of our friends broke down and started crying for his mum. Graeme and I again stifled our laughter while cooried in our sleeping bags but the friend must have seen our shoulders bouncing and the whistle blows descend into a series of squeaks as it was impossible to purse lips. I went to Strathclyde and Graeme to Glasgow, he opted for a different social scene to me I'd sometimes see him other than the melee at 16:50 in the streets outside FP and we'd nod and exchange banal small talk. We engaged meaningfully for the first time in about 10 years in the dentist's waiting room about 4 or 5 years ago. We discussed playing golf (with the guy who cried for his mum, I'm still close to him and owe him more for different reasons than I can convey on here). Graeme was incredibly quick witted, playful, mischievous, inventive, well read and coined many a catchphrase. I gravitated towards him because there would always be a laugh. He would roast you if you ever did, wore or said something worthy of it. But he never doubled down, once you got it he ensured the group moved on to someone else to everyone got their fair share. One of the side effects of my coma is I've oddly became more emotional, I've been pretty stoic in life till now having had to deal with a lot of loss myself. I have been "semi" fortunate that my losses have all been from those older which, in life, is expected. This is the first person from my peer group that I know has passed and it is very sobering. This news just hit me for six. I think it emphasises that Carpe Diem is good mantra to adopt but it only has pertinence if you actually engage in it. I wish I arranged that game of golf as much as I am angry I didn't walk across Fir Park Road to recognise the man I was sure was Andy P (but not sure enough) to shake his hand and thank him for the favour he did me. I think it's fitting that this is my last post on here. A culmination of losing two well respected people and being subject to some cowardly behaviour by another individual hiding under the shroud of anonymity. Thanks to Yabba for his endeavours. For those of you who'd like to donate in his memory, Woody now has a Just Giving page started by those on P&B and it's already up over £2,000. Just Giving Page - Woody
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    Like a few others have already said, I only knew Andy through his input on this forum. As this is the internet, you would be within your rights to say that I didn't know him at all really. So why am I sitting here on the other side of the world feeling both sadness and a sense of loss? I think it must be because, in a world of instant communication and unfettered opinion, where trolls and howling loons seem to be the norm, he represented a different style, being unfashionably reasonable, knowledgeable and prepared to let others hold differing opinions, and all done in goood humour with a dry wit that never failed to raise a smile. This place will be the lesser for his passing, but this is just the internet so of no real account. Our loss is certainly nothing compared to that of his friends, family and loved ones, those who really knew him, and to those people I extend my sincere respect and condolences.
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    Been like that for a while if you ask me. Poor imitation nowadays of a once very good forum. First sense of disagreeing with someone very often leads to arguing / personal insults. Pretty embarrassing from some posters to be honest.
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    Rock solid Steven O’Donnell. Always making himself available, passed with skill and accuracy and never gave away possession, and but for a superb Pickford save would have scored a technically excellent goal. Really proud of him and how well he represented Motherwell as well as Scotland.
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    This is such truly sad news. I just want to add an example of my interactions with Andy_P, because this thread is painting a wonderful picture of what a kind and considerate gentleman he must have been. I'd never had the pleasure of meeting Andy. However, he contacted me, a total insignificant stranger, via PM when he read one of my posts about the League Cup final. When I explained that I couldn't make the final because of my poorly grandparents, he insisted on getting my address so that he would send a program from the final to them. Then, months later, when we reached the Scottish Cup final, he again contacted me via PM to check on their health and to see if we would like him to send a program from this final too. God bless him.
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    Turnbull was ignored at Motherwell. He could have played in our team at least 6 months earlier if not a year earlier but we were too busy playing hoofball. He was then ignored by Scotland U-21s when Campbell and Maguire were 1st picks as well as lesser players from other clubs. He then moved to Celtic and was given a cold shoulder by Lennon for half a season until, much like at Motherwell, the manager had no choice to throw him in as a desperate measure. Then after being Celtic's best player outshining guys like McGregor and Christie, he only gets picked for Scotland after injuries and squad extensions and even then doesn't get a single minute of football at the Finals. This is how we treat probably the most technically gifted footballer that the Scottish Premiership will produce from this generation of young footballers. The mentality of Scottish football FUCKING STINKS. The distrust of youth and talent (double so when combined) is why we are where we are.
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    The performance was shite. Some people seem to think pinning that on O'Donnell is the right thing to do. Well, Stevie O'Donnell is a Motherwell player, he has an excuse for being shite. What excuse did McTominay, McGinn, Armstrong, Hanley etc have? We keep hearing Scotland have a great midfield but we don't. We have a midfielders playing at bigger clubs. But when Scotland play the midfield is invariable the worst part of the team. Armstrong, good club player. But he has about 4 good performances for Scotland out of 26. And don't get me started on how Christie and McGregor are starting over Turnbull. McGinn and McTominay were fucking useless. I kept hearing O'Donnell didn't offer anything attacking on the right. Well the Czechs 2nd goal came about because O'Donnell was in a great attacking position and Hendry didn't use him. Had a shot from 35 yards out in a nowhere position and we all know how that turned out. Let's be honest though, O'Donnell looked uncomfortable. But he wasn't hiding like plenty other players out there. One of the reasons he looked uncomfortable was the Czechs were pressing high and the midfield millionaire contingent in our team thought 'you know what, I don't wanna get pressed in a dangerous position, I'll not even look for the ball or make myself available, the guys at the back can look uncomfortable as long as it's not me'. Cue a match of long balls cos our cowardly midfielders won't make themselves available for an out ball. I am fucking bealin' about yesterday. I could keep going till Friday but I'm spare you all! O'Donnell was poor but the team as a whole was shite and bigger better players than O'Donnell fucking hid. I'd rather a guy give it his best, even if it's not the standard required than fucking hide in our first finals match in 23 years. The way the 'big name' players in our squad get shielded from criticism makes me sick.
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    What's Connor Sammon got to do with Danny Johnson?
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    I feel like I'm reading the lyrics to a Fall song.
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    According to the Club's own records his Contract Date end was extended by one month, a month in which Motherwell did not have a game. So that appears to be a fact and certainly points to the duck being a duck.
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    Having been an avid reader as regards the content and discussion on this forum, I decided to join. May I just say for my first post, Mr Fortyarder you must have been some player yourself and to describe our Captain and 20 plus Scotland cap player as Dugshite I wonder why you even post or support the team. Some of your comments regarding our players are outrageous.
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    Disagree. Put together a 5 minute highlight reel of why we went out and you'll have a couple of contributions from O'Donnell where he arguably could have done better alongside plenty from almost every other player on the pitch (who are all on 5/10 times his club wage) - the biggest culprits being our midfielders and forwards who missed plenty of half chances and a few absolute sitters that could have turned all three games in our favour. Likewise, put together a highlight reel of positive passages of play and chances created and you'll have O'Donnell playing his part there.
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    A touching tribute for Andy P from steelmenpins
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    I've already posted on this thread to offer my condolences. It's been strange here, thinking since this thread was posted, we're not going to see any more AndyP posts...strange isn't the word I'm after...but he was such a frequent, eloquent, and dare I say, important poster on this forum...a calming voice whenever posts were getting heated, personal or whatever....as I said before, I never knew the guy, but he'll certainly be missed on here.
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    The Championship is full of athletes and that's when Campbell struggles. The Aberdeen game last season when they stuck two fullbacks in midfield and every game against Joe Aribo showed that. Good luck to him but I think we will see him back in the Premiership before long.
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    Doubt it, St Mirren's current signing policy seems to be "Have you ever bought a baguette from Upper Crust? .... Aye? .... Yer in"
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    Almost as predictable as you coming on here to play your broken record on this subject. Why you insist that what transpired is fully legit and all parties are without reproach without written affidavits from all sides and an Mi5 surveillance sting operation is the other side of the coin. What would you need to change these from baseless to believable? The subject has been covered at length in other threads. He agreed on a deal, got a wage increase, changed his mind, tried to engineer a move, renegotiated and contract end date changed. A 10 year old playing Cluedo could put all the clues together for a plausible timeline of events. Essentially his actions meant we lost out on a decent potential transfer fee (however would he have been pursued if it was attached to his signature?). I accept the alternative was having a petulant wean playing centre half till next summer. When it quacks like a duck, floats like a duck, looks like a duck and is called Daffy ...... it's probably a fucking duck.
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    I like it.
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    took time to settle in but with new contract (and probably new captain) it's great for us to be represented at the euros. Old firm loving media hyping Patterson (who will become a big player) but heres hoping Stevie has a great euros. Is also great profile for the Well
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    An unfashionable Club such as Motherwell have two players and a former Academy player in the first Scottish squad to reach a final in decades. And yet all that some on here want to do is decry the performance of one of our players that played in every match, bemoan the level we are at as a Club and talk down the level of Scottish football in general. Sad. In fact, pathetic. The future of the national side is rosier than it has been for years, if Clarke is brave and determined enough to trust the youth coming through to support established players like Tierney, Robertson, McGinn and McTominey. And as a Club we were better represented than clubs with much better resources than us. Something to be proud of.
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    We were never going to qualify for one simple reason. We can't score goals. While the rest of the team aren't world beaters, they are good enough to match up to other 3rd place teams. Inability to score, however, will kill you every time.
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    Rather we signed his more sucsessful cousin . Jason Amawina.
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    Really saddened to hear this. One of, if not the best poster on this site. I used to enjoy reading his post match analysis after every game. Condolences to his friends and family.
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    Not the intention- it was a joke, you seem a bit up yourself , lad
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    Good on you mate
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    Looking forward to your comments when it clicks about three of the four opponents having those plastic pitches you were so delighted we wouldn't be playing on next season...
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    Polworths mrs is going to be living the high life in kilmarnock.
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    Thanks… I’ll flick through those economics books from my many Uni years and see if I can’t get to grips with simple deduction again.
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    This isn't true at all, he is good enough, like I said, some folk had a serious bee in their bonnet cause he never smiled. According to transfer market he played 66 times for us, 17 goals and 9 assists in that time, A goal contribution every 2.53 games. FWIW, Moult had a goal contribution every 1.48 games, Ryan bowman every 3.18 games, Devante Cole every 2.16 games, Callum Lang every 3.5 games and Tony watt every 2.55 (if my maths is correct) Now I know that doesn't paint the whole picture, far from it, however I think saying he wasn't good enough for us is even further from the truth.
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    And Leicester City should never have signed Jamie Vardy from Fleetwood Town. Probably a good idea to write him off now. Then when we coach him into a better player, the usual suspects can start complaining about not tying down players to longer contracts and moaning that we never get high transfer fees.
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    Incredibly proud of O’Donnell tonight, doing our wee club proud. And Gallagher not in the squad. Fanfuckingtastic.
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    Great first half. Clarke showed faith in him and supported him publicly. Great management.
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    Starting tonight. Absolutely chuffed for the guy.
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    With resigning Fox, and rumours we are trying to get Kelly back on loan, you would have to think that Carson is not ready to return to the first team. All just speculation and the rumour about Kelly could be completely groundless, but that is what happens in the phoney war before a new season gets underway. I genuinely hope there is less to it and Trevor can make a full return to fitness and between the sticks for us. He is an excellent player and deserves a bit of good luck for a change.
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    I don't understand that argument to be honest. If he was playing for us in an opening game of the Euros against England at a packed Hampden or Wembley, then fair enough. He was playing against the Czech Republic in a half-full Hampden. A team he played against in the Nations League also in a half-full Hampden when we beat them 1-0. It's not as if the Czech team was suddenly better because it's the Euros. Or are we thinking that O'Donnell suddenly lost it mentally because despite the surroundings all being the same as previous times he's played for Scotland, it was the Euros? I actually feel for the guy to be honest. He must know every single foot out of place will be highlighted by the Glasgow media and Rangers fans on social media as to why a kid who's played a handful of senior games should be in the team ahead of him. A kid who, if he played for any other side except Rangers or Celtic, would never be near the squad in all probability. Looking at it subjectively, he was no worse than most of the players out there yesterday. We were bang average all over the park. The Czech's took their chances. We didn't.
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    Marshall was criminal for the second goal. Five yards from the 5 centre circle when the ball was in the middle of the other half.
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    RIP Andy, one of those guys who was a gent to the core, his contribution here, to the email lists and message boards over the years cannot be overstated. One of the good guys, gone too soon.
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    Take him a square go maybe
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    I love the Onthefringes posts. Reminds me of Johnny the shoe shine guy from Police Squad or that scene from Oceans 12 when Robbie Coltrane winds up Matt Damon. Thing is I get caught every time when OTF posts. I'm shouting to my family 'OTF is posting. He (she?) has a scoop..... Oh no (s)he doesn't!! It adds to the forum for me and I would love to know what connection OTF has with the club so to that extent the posts work. Football forums should be about intrigue and rumour. OTF has it nailed! Even the username is filled with mystery!! Anyway, is Louis Moult signing or not?
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    The problem here is you come across as a man with inside knowledge. That is clear to everyone on here and you do nothing to dissuade that notion. So a by product of that is that what you post carries more weight (imho) and an assumption of factual background. Of course he would go if approached by a bigger club and we received compensation. That is an everyday occurrence for successful Managers so hardly news. My reading of your response is that GA is already agitating to leave. That may well be the case if he struggles to get any of his targets or realises just how tough it is to attract decent players to Motherwell. I maybe over reacted. However I have called you out on your riddles before as they tell us nothing but leave us guessing.
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    Knowing how Billy Bowie operates I wouldn't be too hasty on jumping fully on the side of Killie here.
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    Showing my age, but for football an all black kit was for referees or Eastern European goalkeepers.
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    Both championship level players, just not in the same country.
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    My argument would be he was also one of the most predictable players you would ever see. If you look back at any montage of him you know exactly what he’s going to do which was usually cut inside and shoot, and managers soon worked out that if you stopped him doing by closing him down and not just standing off he was ineffective. I remember watching him at games and knowing exactly what his next move was going to be. He then started to get taken off and seemed less than happy and you thought that maybe his head had been turned but tended to think he’s going to develop over time, it’s never happened. I’m no longer convinced that’s ever going to happen.
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    The selection of Paterson really boils my piss. Eight first team games and he is in the squad. Is that because Rangers had only one other player there? To be a defender for 8 games in the team that wins the league by miles is not exactly someone who has been put under any pressure. Reminds me of Jack Hendry who played half a season with Dundee who were at the bottom of the league and under pressure every week - no where near Scotland squad and was then transferred to Celtic and only played intermittently for the rest of the season but got into the Scotland team. Old firm bias holds this country back. The press touting their players. No doubt we will now get extensive coverage of the Lowland League next season and there will be some wonder kids we will be told about and then never hear of again after next season. I hope O'Donnell does really well and keeps this recent media darling on the sidelines.
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    Hard to disagree with what has been said well ok maybe no they grizzlyg jokes SoD make a great captain of Motherwell? I think he could be at least a lot better then some others have been. I base being a great club captain on one of our best captain’s this club has had both on and off the park and that was the great Joe Wark.
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    Inside Motherwell (YouTube) DEC: "Hopefully when I come back here I won't get too bad a reception ......." WHOLE WELL SUPPORT: "Is that right? Aye?"
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    Or you could just admit GA Is a decent manager and got the job done with a terrible,lacking in confidence,destined for the drop squad lol. Nothing really in it between us and Killie squads all came down to manager selection and our board got it right.
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