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    I feel I may have earned the right to a view on this. As far as I can see the government can do no right here. For many its draconian and for others it is too little too late. Issue is with social media is everyone has a voice it just tends to be the biggest roasters who post the most and shout the loudest ...... I shall refrain from pointing any fingers. I'll hold my hands up and say if I wasn't affected I would have had a healthy feeling of invulnerability and arrogance. Since I have been affected much more than most I have a cautious respect for the virus and what can develop. It comes back to the selfishness of many those lifestyles have been eroded and their intolerance to inconvenience. I can only imagine this is fuelled by: a) I'm young so it won't hit me as bad as it would a granny b) hubris and perceived personal fatigue of adhering to a few basic requests c) some bullshit and misplaced rant how they are looking out for hospitality workers and the economy d) citing personal freedom and a nefarious government plot or e) itching for their hole. Now the debate seems to be tailored local shutdowns over a blanket UK wide one. It's fuelled by whataboutery .... "why can I go to a bank and stand in a queue, go shopping in a supermarket but not have a drink in a pub with music on?", "Why can someone in London can go for a pint and go back to a friends house with 5 pals from 5 other houses?". I even seen it on here on Saturday where people assumed its Grimmy as Barnsley is tier three and he must of got days off in the past month. Lets ignore that Glasgow and Lanarkshire are as contagious as any of the worst pants anywhere else in the UK at present. There are reasons for all of this not fuelled by conspiracy theories or megalomaniac devious political leaders. It is devised by public health experts, immunologists, virologists, NHS logisticians, other medial professionals, statisticians and of course politicians as they ultimately issue and direct enforcement of policy. When this hit if we limited people visiting the UK and only allowed residents or nationals to return, tested them in the airport and ports upon arrival and sent them home under quarantine then this would be mitigated and we wouldn't have one of the worst statistics in the world from preventable deaths. Localised measures are the way forward but only if people adhere to the rules and there's a high degree of "fuck it" just now. There was support and Dunkirk/Blitz spirit back in March through to May but that has dwindled. Evidence is how many OF fans travelled to Fife or over into Cumbria/Lancashire. The amount who gave it serious thought or planned it shows where we are. Our society went through a change in the 80's due to Thatcherism where the self and a notion of as long as I'm OK, to hell with everyone else seeped into wide British society. Community cohesion and compassion eroded, Christ even empathy did too. We are predominately a more socially minded country than down south but as a whole things changed here too just not to the same degree. Flow said privately in July that they'd be nobody in FP before Ne'erday when there was soft talk about a mid September opening of grounds. Safe to say that has been an astute observation.
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    I dunno why they are voting on anything when there's already a full set of rules that have been in place for years. Original game goes ahead regardless. If the other team only has 6 available players then their keeper can come out, any man save and we can't shoot from our own half. Don't mess about with an established system.
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    Tell them both, to take their face for a shite, the patronising fannies
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    add "bellend" to Tom Boyd
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    I don’t get this dislike of McGinley. I know there always has to be a fall guy at Motherwell but I just don’t see how he’s been any better, or worse than most other players in the team. Given he’s new to the club and has had a stop start season with injuries he’s done ok.
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    Were it genuinely the case the Scottish Government were seeking to covet the votes of football supporters in Scotland they could have followed the line adopted in several other European countries weeks ago and opened stadia in an even restricted form. That they haven't and for the last three months have left themselves open to criticism by fans, pundits, club representatives and whoever else wants to have a pop, justified or otherwise, does not suggest to me these actions are taken with vote winning in mind. And you'll be aware that rugby is in exactly the same situation with both Glasgow and Edinburgh playing behind closed doors as indeed did Scotland when they hosted Georgia on Friday evening. For me forthcoming discussions in the immediate future with the footballing and rugby authorities are sensible to have. There has been a re-classification of the Covid arrangements announced, UEFA I believed changed their guidelines in terms of fans attending shortly before the last set of internationals and there further games to come next month as well as the ongoing European ties. There are Scotland rugby internationals in November and December too. Clubs are feeling the lack of fans. It makes perfect sense to reconvene to discuss how the land is lying and what the situation is for everyone around the table. I have not seen anyone with the authority to make it happen however quoted or even infer that the opening of stadiums is imminent. It's clickbait pure and simple, which given and given as steelboy suggests, is almost certainly not going to happen, is only likely to have the effect of whipping up more of a frenzy by whose who believe they are being hard done by. A cynic might suggest that is ultimately the point of such pieces. But football fans who I continually read already perceive themselves to be second class citizens, who have been denied access to stadiums, who having been given a chink of light by "a source" in the Daily Record, that they might return have their hopes dashed by the Scottish Government - and that's supposed to be them trying to win votes? I don't buy it.
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    There’s quite a big reason why we won’t pick up two points tbf.
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    How good was big dec there,how could mitrovic think he was going to score that penalty when he was still in the big man's back pocket.
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    Nathan Thomas checks in at the herbal Local Indian CBD Foy Fountain of Superseal Hope arena
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    The commentator is the one and only Mr Bobby Allan from Bellshill. For years he commentated to blind supporters who sat in the Main stand. Sadly missed top Well supporter.
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    I just realised, since Thursday, our nation became England. I'll take you back to the 2018 World Cup, England are in not the hardest group, but loose out to Belgium (they are pretty good) hump Panama (expected) and squeeze by against Tunisia (not expected). They then get Colombia (tasty but crazy streak) and get through on pens. Next is Sweden who won their group and probably most people's weakest team when the draw was made in F, crazy in itself as Germany and South Korea went to shit. 2-0 vs them and then Croatia, the first team of any pedigree or class other than Belgium, and then they're out at Semi Final stage. They meet Belgium again third place playoff and again papped. They faced 3 games against decent teams and were beaten in all three. The come home as 4th in the world, Southgate given an OBE, English press say "its only a matter of time". I don't want to take anything away from our achievement, the nations league by definition puts teams of similar stature in the same group so games are going to be tight. We scraped through a few, rode our luck in others (but we've been at the worse end of that in our time so I'm happy to accept it). The Czech team getting covid and having to field a virtual brand new one was a major bonus for us away from home. We had 10 points and all we had to do was see it through. I wonder if Clarke regrets not fielding more from Thursday night against arguably the weakest team in our group on Sunday. However the Czech's won it and fair play to them on balance they deserved it as they got results that we didn't ..... but we were in such a good place going into these games. Thursday night heroics maybe masked a few issues we still have. We got there via another penalty shootout in October where an outstretched arm was the difference. While we were immense, Serbia were unexpectedly chronically bad and then it went to a penalty lottery as we didn't screw the nut in the final minute. We just need to be more lethal with our chances in the way Motherwell were so wasteful for the first 6 games or so this season. I don't think McBurnie enhances the squad, he seems there based on the stature of his club team rather than what he has brought.
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    This. At 29 and with a young family his priority will be maximising his income for the next 4 years +. That will not be possible at Motherwell. I would love for him to sign an extension but I would put the chances of that happening at no more than 10%. January will be interesting. There will be interest and you would think a team may be willing to throw some money at us to tempt him away rather than relying on a pre contract agreement. If that happens then what constitutes a good offer. Qualifying for Europe was worth 750,000 Euros. Not saying we would not qualify if he leaves in Jan but it would be more difficult. In saying that I expect it would need to be £500k + before we would consider an offer. SOD is interesting. I don’t think he has been great for us and arguably he has played better for Scotland. But again you would think there would be interest in a Scotland Right back. So we could have neither of them come Feb 2021. Still I will always remember the time the Scotland defence was players from Man U, Arsenal, Liverpool and Motherwell x 2 :-)
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    Polworth forced Turnbull out the club, Gilmour wouldn’t fare any better
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    Never mind turnbull ,he's not our player . He made his bed he can lie on it.
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    Credit to Clarke for being loyal to the guys that got him into this position and credit to those guys for digging deep to produce this performance. Dec was immense.
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    The punishment should be to have St Mirren make a public statement that we were by far the better team in the '77 Cup game and never being allowed to complain about it again.
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    TV revenues weren't the same then, the Champions League didn't exist in the way it does now and we regularly got 8,500 average where as Celtic couldn't fill up Hampden when they rented it. We were much closer to them then compared to now. Bosman and Euro runs beyond Christmas is what opened the gulf and our dwindling attendances because people looked for alternatives to spend their money on. I can't think of where we'd pick players up from but it certainly wasn't Forest Green Rovers and alike. We now have a mindset against the OF which isn't shared by a few other teams in the league (Killie and ICT being two standouts with budgets around our level or less). The 20 year league thing against Rangers is quite a noose round the neck until you remember they've had "The" in front of their name since 2012. I just wish we'd actually show up and give them a game more often than we do.
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    A busy forum when we're losing is more predictable than Shaka telling us what Robbo will say in his post match interview
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    Twenty seconds? I suppose she might want a cuddle too
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    Good to see the introduction of the not good enough, never a midfielder Barry Maguire wasn't a large enough handicap to prevent us winning the last two matches.
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    I actually dont mind the mini leagues. But I agree that the regionalisation will get tiresome before very long. We have already played the same teams a number of times in a fairly short period. Part of the initial attraction was away days to places we hadnt been before. I think they need to get rid of the regionalisation and find some way to compensate the smaller clubs for their travel. Id love an away day to Brora, Cove, Peterhead, Forfar, Montrose or any number of the clubs up north. Lots of grounds Ive never seen Motherwell play.
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    Are you sure it's not just you attempting to mix some fairly transparent clickbait and the re-classification of the Covid-threat levels to fit your pre-determined view that everything the Scottish Government does is with a view to entice people to vote for them in an election six months away?
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    He's just a very naughty boy.
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    Clarke has found a winning system with a big target man up front. We've got absolutely no-one to replace Dykes when he's out so Clarke has a choice of changing the entire system to fit the likes of Griffiths in, or trying to find another target man. He's obviously hoping McBurnie would be that guy, however Clarke will be well aware that it's not really working. With international games few and far between, persevering with McBurnie or trying to find a whole new system is a difficult balance to strike. I'm sure he'll make the right judgement either way.
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    The Cobra, Dougie and Owen Coyle. Has there ever been in recent times a more lethal or more intelligent strike force at FP?
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    He is one of my all time favourites,what a player .
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    After so many pundits predicting both would be dropped because of the "upgrades" available, it made it even more pleasing to see how well they performed. That kind of loyalty won't go unnoticed by the players in the squad and backs up the "play so well you're too good to drop" philosophy Clarke was talking about.
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    Declan was immense. Amazing considering he has spent little over 2 years at the top level in Scotland and had their star man, a 20 odd million pound striker, in his pocket.... whilst on the softest yellow card ever. Stephen o donnell was also absolutely solid. His best performance for Scotland. Not a failure in the team tbf, but these are OUR boys, and two of the top performers for me. Hardly slept a wink, but still wide awake off the adrenaline of last night
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    For me Gallagher is a contender for motm, solid all night, never missed a header, absolutely brilliant performance.
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    Both players were immense.
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    I'm not sure how you're managing to miss this but the point isn't that Tierney can't and doesn't play wing back, it's that he won't for Scotland because that's where Robertson plays. Tierney will play on the left in a back 3. Robertson won't play LB as you said, because we don't play with a LB.
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    I genuinely think we competed, we just got humped.
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    If you dont think resources are a huge reason why we struggle to beat the old firm AND no other team outside the glasgow cunts has won the league for over 35years, then there is no talking to you...the gulf is as wide as it's ever been and only going in one direction
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    Yip probably being harsh here but I’m not impressed with the big keeper
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    I agree it’s not all about formations but Killie’s personnel is very different to ours. Two absolute dogs in midfield while the likes of Burke is a far more intelligent player than our wide options. On that note, our front three have looked clueless out of possession today.
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    Two out of three matches in the domestic league this season Celtic have dropped points to a team playing 4-3-3. Kilmarnock and Rangers. OK, Rangers are a level up but if Kilmarnock can do it? People go on and on about formations but I think most of the time formations are smoke and mirrors. You either perform or you don't and it seems like we haven't again against the OF.
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    Guarantee everyone kicking off for us going with 3 up front would be saying we gifted the points to them if we'd went with 5 in the middle and one up top saying we didn't show any ambition. They've had struggles defensively, we thought we could get at them and we have. We've had chances. Can't be giving away a cheap goal like the first though.
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    It’s pointless singling any individual player out here it’s all about the team. I’m pretty sure come full time when we’ve lost by how many it ends up that Robinson will point out the lack of pressing, closing down, energy, just the defeatist attitude. We’ve looked absolutely frightened to death from the kick off, no one in the team looks to have any belief. It really is depressing stuff against a Celtic team that’s really very average.
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    I don’t think it’s ever a good time to play a team with far better players in truth.
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    Cole, Watt, Lang should be thinking this a big opportunity. Alan Campbell should have beeb sitting with his feet up watching Brown and McGregor getting made to look old. No showing respect.
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    The variation was any man can save.
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    Think our forward line that night was Smith and Walker, decent pairing and both crisp finishers!!........ah'll get me coat
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    When big Higdon was terrorising their defence, we won because we played to our strengths and played well. No luck or poor performance from them required.
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    Hopefully it's a runners up medal.
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    Do the linked tweets show the video for non Twitter users?
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    Goalkeeper is a unique position. One that you enerally don't change unless you have to. Chapman has possession of the jersey, but only by the most tenuous of margins ( sixty minutes or so). Still, he did nothing wrong on debut so I would be tempted to start with him. Longer term, a decision will have to be made by the manager. Important that he gets it right as the difference that a good goalie can make to the whole team's performance is significant.
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    A real pal would never invite you round to watch a game at Livi.
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    Name a youth goalie at the club
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    Good post Goggles. I think many, possibly even most, folk have breached the Covid 19 guidelines in some way. Mostly in a very minor way though. However as you say a "significant minority" are simply not prepared to do so ie large scale house parties, refusal to wear face coverings, refusal to self isolate or quarantine. Surprisingly, its sometimes those you'd least expect to breach guidelines or be irresponsible. Its costing all of us especially the elderly and vulnerable. I don't doubt that a significant proportion of infections are down to selfishness, although financial considerations do come into it to some extent. Not being Political but you're right about Thatcherism and you've been able to see evidence on these very fora for some years now - "I'm all right Jack" & "Whats in it for me?" That said these fora have also shown the best in our society from time to time. I can't see fans back in grounds for months to come maybe even until next season. We all need hope though to pull us through.
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    Guys that never play get better with every game that passes. Guys that upset the fans when they leave were never that good. Personally I thought he was a decent player that contributed to some of the team's better moments and more than earned his move.

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