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  1. I think Gallagher is so good, the rest of defence has been getting away with it. Tonight made it even more obvious what a player he is.
  2. As a seasoned 'Well fan, the first thought that honestly occurred to me at half time was "I'll bet we lose this one on penalties now".
  3. I don't disagree, but it's hard to find any kind of quality that's available in January. Especially for free.
  4. Never boring being a 'Well fan, eh? (Also, get Gallagher's contract extended as it seems he's the only player we have that can defend).
  5. Not the "14 days quarantined on a ship" type of flu, I hope.
  6. Interesting that Watt and MacIver starting together. I had thought it would be one or the other to start and replaced after 60 mins or so.
  7. weeyin

    ? Game on.

    The English Leagues do it all the time now, even to the extent that I've seen League One games being broadcast live on Euro nights. As far as I know, they just pay the fine (which is insignificant compared to the TV money they receive). It used to be even worse. The old rule used to be you couldn't even play a game on a Euro night, never mind broadcast it.
  8. weeyin

    ? Game on.

    If it's not on the telly, we can't get a stream as it's the TV stream we use. (I'm also not sure what our deal is regarding Cup games anyway. The only guarantee is that we show all home league games).
  9. weeyin

    ? Game on.

    If you've got a sitter, worst case you can still go to the pub.
  10. I'm a fan of the 18 team league. Never going to happen, unfortunately. The original (and stupid) 10 team SPL was designed to allow each team to play the OF 4 times each, purely to generate revenue. The new version's split was for much the same reason. It would be great if we had a sponsor or big TV deal to sweeten the pot, but until then, we are stuck with 12 max.
  11. James Scott's Season is Over From The Herald, Hull confirm Scott is out for the remainder.
  12. And yet Robinson was moaning last week about having to train indoors in one of those buildings with (artificial, of course) pitches inside them. If they were that good, you'd think teams wouldn't waste any money on outdoor facilities and the cost of their upkeep. And still doesn't address the issue of the maintenance work on the pitch we have do every summer as soon the last ball is kicked. Or will we do that indoors too?
  13. Looks the reserves are picking up some good tips from the senior squad. Come back from 2 - 0 down against 10 man Killie to take a 3 - 2 lead, and still manage to lose two goals in the last 6 minutes for a 4 - 3 defeat.
  14. June is really the only month we don't play competitive games these days. If we did play over the summer it would mean we'd be trying to do pitch maintenance and resurfacing in the middle of winter (which is basically impossible), and pre-season in a school hall somewhere in in Jan or Feb.
  15. I'd rather we cancelled this one too than play on a surface and in conditions that are "touch & go".
  16. Rangers "Under-21 weeks before we punt you on loan" team.
  17. If Bowman was that good, Aberdeen would have signed him by now.
  18. His goal scoring has certainly been more regular in his Conference career. There's also a good possibility that training and playing for us in the Premiership made him a better player and he's benefiting from that in League Two now.
  19. He scored 10 goals in 72 games - which isn't a great return for a striker. I think he was a good foil for Moult, but fell into the "hard worker" category rather than "goal scorer" category at Fir Park.
  20. Surprisingly smart decision today to call off the game. I hope the game is on for Tuesday, but only if the conditions will be better than the first tie in Paisley.
  21. I'm not entirely convinced that's the equivalent to suggesting different outcomes to different independent events.
  22. He wouldn't have done his ankle in Hull if he was training with us, though.
  23. weeyin

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I'd pass on Tait. He's been a great player for us in previous years, but has faded badly this season.

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