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    Season Tickets

    I think 'Flow talked about it in a radio interview. From memory, it was first week in (or maybe just "early") April that he mentioned.
  2. weeyin

    91 CUP FINAL

    I didn't suggest it was intentional - but it was 100% a foul and 100% a yellow card even in the 90s. Even then keepers received more than generous protection.
  3. weeyin

    91 CUP FINAL

    Even our cup winning team was useless at seeing out a game with a 2 goal lead.
  4. weeyin

    91 CUP FINAL

    It's been fun watching the retro 90's rules where you can pass the ball back for the keeper to pick up and assault the keeper in mid-air without getting a foul against you.
  5. weeyin

    Season Tickets

    Certainly another good way to support the club for people who are able and looking for an option. And with the early bird being extended, it will help make sure that those who want to (or have to) wait won't miss out.
  6. Not sure why it's unrealistic. We'll resume playing at some point in the future and it would seem to make more sense to spend a month wrapping things up with 8 more games than scrapping the previous 30.
  7. They have been trying to get control of a Scottish club for a while. Last year it was Patrick Thistle, but were knocked back by Colin Weir. I guess they thought some of our clubs may be struggling and looking for a way out. After all we did to become fan owned it was a bit of a long shot.
  8. weeyin

    The Well Society

    I hear Rangers need a cash injection.
  9. Doesn't matter what the eventual result is, it will tie up the courts and the authorities for far too long. As for the money today, that was coming anyway. Hearts being relegated or Dundee Utd not being promoted after the millions they spent is guaranteed to generate 20 different law suits. Their survival might depend on it. The obvious and least unfair way to sort it, of course, is use the first 4 or 5 weeks of whenever we can start playing again to play out the remaining league games. Once that is sorted, there can be a modified new season (with less games, extra mid weeks, no league cup, extended or whatever we need) for one season only. That way everyone will know ahead of time what the format will be and everyone starts on the same footing. Sporting integrity and all that. The only hurdle there is working out how to handle the transfer window, but that will need to be dealt with anyway - assuming we can't play any games until after the summer.
  10. And then the lawsuits begin from every team that might have been promoted, but wasn't, and every team that might not have been relegated, but was, and every team that might have won the league, but didn't etc. etc.
  11. Spoiler Alert - I know which games we won and played well in,
  12. Just from today's Scotsman - see if you can guess the "star" players from the Headline: 1) Ex-Rangers star blasts Celtic hero over title talk 2) Rumour Mill: Former Rangers star faces the axe from team he left Ibrox for Answers: 1) Hugh Burns 2) David Bates
  13. The OF punters don't read stories about routine aftercare. They need to see their team mentioned at least once per paragraph and contain either "despair", "elation', "dream move", "war chest" or "outrage".
  14. MFC TV has an archive of our full match streamed games going all the way back to Sep 2018. Time to start digging in I think.
  15. Looking forward to the sequel video. DT II. The steel man with steel pins in his pins.
  16. That's what I had heard. TV companies saying they don't pay out until the season is finished.
  17. Economists didn't cause the financial crisis. It was the bankers that did that. Not the same thing.
  18. If we do end up playing the last 8 games in the summer (or whenever) it would make sense to delay the transfer window. As complicated as that would be, it seems less problematic than letting a team load up with new players to fight relegation. As for season tickets, I'd imagine fans care more about helping out their clubs and would do what they can to help - including buying them before k knowing what happens to the next season.
  19. I'd have thought we all need to take the lead from UEFA as they need to coordinate the Euro qualifiers and Finals and the European competitions, while accommodating unfinished league business. The EPL will just do whatever makes them the most (or loses them the least) money.
  20. There are 8 games left in the season. So assuming we get 2 post split (which I hear is what we were due this season) that is 4 remaining home games. The majority of our home support are season ticket holders, so we don't lose gate money from them. So if we estimate that maybe a third of our gate will be lost as income over those 4 games + the addons for programmes, hospitality etc. (but minus stewarding and policing costs) it's undoubtedly a bad state of affairs, but sounds like it should be manageable for the next few months. If it extends into the start of next season's schedule, then a lot of clubs will be in trouble.
  21. Maybe they should just play "The Last of Us".
  22. It was on Real Time with Bill Maher - here's the segment on youtube (I think it should work outside the US). Also, here is a link to the Wall Street Journal article I read yesterday, which lays out all the facts so far. While it is still obviously a concerning situation, it contains zero hysteria and makes for a much more informative and balanced piece.
  23. I've had to stop watching the news. The wild and pointless speculation just drives me nuts, and the media seem intent on whipping up their favourite fear, panic and hysteria. I watched an good interview last night with a guy that specialises in human assessment of risk and fear, and he was much more sensible. He wasn't for one second playing down the potential seriousness of the situation, but was pointing out how irrational human responses can be in an attempt to give them some sense of control. Bulk buying of toilet paper when there is no shortage of the stuff is a great example. According to a recent article New England Journal of Medicine, the overall mortality rate may be less than 1% once the final number of infected people is established. Evidence for this comes in part from China where once the the Wuhan outbreak had been identified, the other areas of that had time to prepare to care for patients are seeing a mortality rate of 0.7% - still substantially more than the 0.1% of the flu, but not the figures originally feared. The recent SARS virus had a mortality rate of around 10% and Covid-19 is far less deadly than that, and far less deadly than MERS or Ebola. I'm not for one second suggesting we don't need to take steps to address the situation and keep people as safe and healthy as possible, and it's better that governments prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. I just find the 24x7 "WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!" coverage as exhausting as it is unhelpful and suspect it will lead to a lot of unnecessary stress. The various regional and national health agency websites are providing information in a much more balanced and helpful way.
  24. I think we are agreeing regarding relegation. I meant that it would be unworkable to not have relegation. If things are better on the artificial deadline of April 30th, we wouldn't need to extend the season by much. No need for any preseason if the players are keeping themselves fit. If they aren't OK, then I'd be surprised if UEFA is starting any of their competitions on time. (Although with UEFA, you can't be sure of any common sense).
  25. If the disruption continues for 12 weeks, then we could just cancel the League Cup and play out the end of this season at the start of the next. The interesting question then would be can teams buy new players before the delayed conclusion. I think scrapping relegation/promotion is the worst option for all the obvious reasons.

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