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  1. Aye, Ross County are one of those "wee" teams that have an owner happy to dig into his pocket as and when required.
  2. Has he not started playing first team football since he came back from injury? I'm sure I saw him last week in their Man City game..
  3. I know what you mean - I think it's just come a little early to judge.
  4. If the new gaffer starts moving us up the table with the same set of core players, then maybe those players need to take more responsibility for their efforts so far this season.
  5. Maybe if we call this a "must win" game now we'll take something from it* *This claim about "taking something from it" is disputed.
  6. Ross County are the only Premiership team Curtis Main has scored against this season, so he missed his big chance today.
  7. That will be the same Hearts fans who thought they were too good for the Championship.
  8. It's early for them. They don't usually meltdown until the run-in.
  9. It was difficult to judge Frear as Robinson kept trying to make him into a wing back. That was one of my few pet peeves with his tactical approach. He kept saying how he loved a fast winger, but when we had them we rarely got the best from them because he wanted them to spend more time defending. He did well enough at Forest Green Rovers, but maybe that was his level.
  10. If Rooney wants the £4k a week he was on in the National League then Fir Park won't be his final destination.
  11. Victims for infecting their own players through wanton negligence? They're lucky one of their own infected staff didn't make a claim for health and safety breaches If I was our Board, I'd be insisting we receive documented evidence that all the required protocols have been followed before every game we play against them, and ask for extra testing at their expense.
  12. He's a Burton Ablion player that has spent the vast majority of his professional career at Partick Thistle.
  13. Imagine if one of their staff had become seriously ill or died after the breach? The SPFL might have added another £5k to their fine.
  14. Outrageous. And an even bigger slap in the face for the lower league clubs that are getting stiffed because of behaviour like this. Plus another reason for the Government to consider shutting our game down if the governing body doesn't take this seriously.
  15. The players that aren't asked to return, I'm guessing,
  16. The clubs least likely to be impacted are the Old Firm. And, remember, calling the league impacted Aberdeen (who could easily argue they lost out on 3rd place money) and Rangers (who argued less convincingly, they still had a shot at the league title). But that decision stood. More importantly, nobody has suggested teams forfeit games for Covid outbreaks. That wasn't the issue here. The core issue was that Killie and St Mirren knowingly and flagrantly ignored the protocols that the Scottish Government asked be put in place when they granted them special permission to restart the league. So not only did they intentionally put their employees at risk, and the employees of other clubs at risk, they also opened the door for the Government to shut down the game completely.
  17. They stood by their decision to relegate Hearts even after they dragged them into court. That's one of the reasons they didn't make the decision themselves, but let an independent panel review and decide.
  18. When he left, Lawless couldn't get a first team start. However, the players ahead of him were Murphy, Humphrey (and Omar Daley) in a team that finished 3rd in the league. It also seems to need pointed out every January that for any team - but moreso for a team our size - the best players aren't available. Contracts don't end until the summer, so the only available players are those that are being ditched for some reason other than being wildly successful.
  19. You mean Motherwell Academy product, surely.
  20. Would be funny if the appeals panel came back and revised the punishment by deducting 3 points per cancelled game from them instead.
  21. I assume they appealed because the process allows for an appeal and there is no downside if they fail. Their fine was suspended anyway, so dropping it shouldn't make much of a difference. Celtic haven't (yet) failed to fulfill any of their fixtures and, according to Jason Leitch, didn't break any rules by traveling to Dubai. The SPFL/SFA are much less concerned when games aren't cancelled, so I wouldn't expect to see much action there.
  22. Just wanted to be the first to say "Naw" to Kyle Lafferty this window.
  23. A good performance and narrow defeat to continue our trend of fooling the gaffer into thinking we don't need any new players until the transfer window closes, and it's too late. Or a 4 - 1 skelping.
  24. In his interview earlier this week he said he didn't think he'd have anyone new in by the Rangers game. I'm not sure we can compete with Hibs on the wage front. They have much more cash to splash around than we do.
  25. Despite my lack of confidence in the governing authorities in general, I always thought the appeals would fail. This was based on the published judgement that pretty much addressed every objection either club might have and explained the justification for the punishments. Of course, we'll find out soon enough if my optimism was misplaced.

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