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  1. Not to offer support to them, but I think it's pretty standard for the league to move a club's game to a Sunday when they play a Euro tie on a Thursday.
  2. I'm not even sure now you know what "found out" means.
  3. I'm happy to hear GA just talk about playing well and offering an attacking option rather than all the "we need to play our best and hope they have an off-day" patter we've suffered with prior managers. Still don't think we'll win, but I do expect a solid performance.
  4. I also read the £6.75 million share offer that closed on July 16th this year was never recorded at Companies House, which most likely means the required £6.75 million was not raised. So sounds like another season of scrapping for pennies wherever they can get them.
  5. That's league appearances. He also had 7 FA Cup and 5 League Game games.
  6. 66 appearances in 2 seasons suggests you're correct.
  7. I'm on the same fence about Davie Cooper. Great player for us no doubt, but for me, more of a Hall of Famer for Clydebank and Rangers. I understand the balance the club is trying to achieve though. They need to honour past legends, the cup winners and living legends (who can make appearances/speeches at the dinners etc).
  8. I suppose it's possible they'd have made different arrangements for the Celtic fans, but much more likely they would be losing money letting in 'Well fans so came with a plausible excuse.
  9. The detailed explanation was something to do with how setting up the red zone meant there was a displacement of their own fans into areas where our away support would be. How realistic that is, of course, is open to question - but it's difficult to argue against. A pie and a pint in the Cooper sounds much more civilised.
  10. Him (and Glass) were complaining that KVV should have been sent off for a couple of fouls after his initial yellow.
  11. Their story is that some home fans need to be displaced due to Covid Red Zones in the ground, and that means they need to use the away section to house them.
  12. Yes. Get the best of both worlds by not contributing a penny to support their monthly losses and then take money off them at Fir Park.
  13. Restricting the space a striker has and forcing them to shoot in areas that Kelly can easily cover is good defending. They had a couple of decent chances early in the first half, but after that I thought we were very solid. Having said that, I have zero expectation that we'll beat them.
  14. I was a fan of McGinley last season, but I don't think it was unfair to say his early season form was surprisingly poor. Was delighted to see him back on his game this weekend.
  15. Yesterday was the first game played after the transfer window closed, and even then we still had a few players out for various reasons. GA keeps saying there is a lot to improve, and now we have our squad confirmed I expect to see that improvement over the coming weeks. The positive is that we have picked up a decent number of points while we've been building the squad.
  16. The paper talk is Siegrist could be back in goals for the derby next week thanks to a quick recovery.
  17. Will be interesting to see if he keeps his spot when Siegrist is available again, or if he's still regarded as a backup. He's certainly worth a start in most teams.
  18. Plenty to choose from, but I'm going for Slattery. He's been putting in some shifts the past few games without a lot of recognition, so giving him a shout out in this one.
  19. I thought, overall, Beaton was OK. Given the needle in the game I was happy that he was able to keep control without flashing a red card (which I was expecting). The biggest difference between him and Collum - which was especially obvious watching the stream - is that he was chatting to players with a smile on his face at various points during the game. I also think he cut Watt and Brown a bit of slack because he knew they were mates winding each other up.
  20. I assumed he bought a ticket given he was a spectator at Van Veen's goal.
  21. I disagree with that. They created one good chance early in the first half, and I'm willing to put that down to our new combiniations in defence taking a few minutes to get up to speed. After that, and especially after we scored, I didn't think we allowed Aberdeen anything much. The defense kept things really tight and only ever offered longer range and restricted sights at goal where the only option available was to hit it straight at Kelly. They didn't have their shooting boots on because we took them off.
  22. A natural striker would have done that instinctively, but no real complaints for me on that miss. It came at chest height pretty quickly.
  23. Doesn't do it for me for some reason. If the black trim was broken up (as if it was an Adidas stripe) it might do the trick.

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