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  1. They're both backups in that squad, but I wouldn't say either was "playing terribly". They were both good in our win at Pittodrie, for example. Also, I'm a better full back than McTominay so any natural full back in the international team would be an improvement.
  2. McGinley? I know fans love to judge players far too early in their 'Well career, but McGinley has had 2 games thanks to injuries. Maybe need to give him a few more starts for consistency before we start getting the knives out. A string of games has done wonders for Mugabi.
  3. They supposedly have a rich owner who "wiped out their bank debt" - although that typically means "wiped out their bank debt and expect large sums to be paid back to new owner instead". That was after they had promised to let fans own 51% - and why Leann was employed there - and then abandoned that idea and sold majority ownership to some US businessman. However, given how much they have complained about being skint in the past few months (including shutting down their academy) it would be surprising if they had money to burn.
  4. Funnily enough I saw this report yesterday. He's still quite a long way off playing.
  5. You don't need to be a scientist, however, to work out that drunk people inside pubs are much more likely to spread the virus than socially distant football fans sitting outside.
  6. Except for the play-off when he prepared us better and ran his press conferences better than any 'Well manager I can remember taking on an OF team.
  7. Despite what you see reported in the media, the problems in the US vary significantly from state to state - as the Covid regulations are implemented locally. It's Republican run states that have the worst issues, but that's a different topic. My state locked down pretty quickly and has been following the science as much as possible, adapting when new information was available. They recognised early on that indoors was more dangerous than outdoors and even from day 1 of lockdown, outdoor activities were restricted in numbers rather than shutdown. Conversely, pubs and nightclubs were closed and remain closed - restaurants that serve alcohol were allowed to open their outdoor dining first, and later their indoor facilities with restrictions. As a result, after initial caution, they have been allowing crowds of 25% into sporting events (with social distancing and mask requirements) and starting next month that will be increased to 50%. The bars and nightclubs remain closed as the combination of tight indoor spaces with drunk punters is still regarded as the highest risk. Meanwhile, the infection rate peaked (as the original models predicted) in mid-April and declined to the low, flat level it has been at for the past couple of months. So it's definitely possible to safely manage crowds at outdoor venues if the will is there. It seems the UK, however, was more focused on pubs and offices and is now paying the price with the recent infection spikes.
  8. weeyin

    Big Dec

    I like Dunne, but he has a lot to do if he's to replace Mugabi - big Bevis has been well worth his place this season.
  9. Unfortunately, for as long as I can remember, governments of all persuasions (north and south of the border) have at best been dismissive of, and at worst actively hated, football. Of course football hasn't helped itself. This is especially the case in England where billions of pounds are generated every year and instead of helping the lower league clubs, it goes straight into owners' and players' pockets. So it's easy to see why there is reluctance to bail out a business with that much cash available. The financial situation is different in Scotland, but the attitude is pretty similar. I'd be hard pushed to identify many high ranking Scottish politicians who are active football fans.
  10. The Northern Ireland guidelines say: Gatherings indoors or outdoors, not in a private dwelling, of up to 15 people are permitted. The limit for gathering indoors and outdoors does not apply where that gathering has a recognised person responsible for organising or operating the gathering and it is organised or operated for a particular nature,, including those organised: for cultural, entertainment, recreational, outdoor sports, social, community, educational, work, legal, religious or political purposes Make of that what you will.
  11. The only manager I have seen us win a cup played some of the most dire football ever seen at Fir Park for a few seasons first and only avoided relegation thanks to reconstruction.
  12. We'll set up to play it tight and hit on the break. Lose the first goal inside 15 mins. Keep it tight until we lose the second goal just after half time. Lose the next two chasing the game. More or less.
  13. Somebody's told them that Watt scored the winner against Barcelona.
  14. Not sure they needed to water the pitch so much before kickoff. It's cutting up already.
  15. Stream is perfect here. My nerves, not so much.
  16. The lowdown on tonight's opponents (from The Herald):
  17. According to official Twitter, overseas fans can stream the game through our international subscription.
  18. Season ticket holders just get home games. Our overseas package includes away games.
  19. I'm not season ticket holder, but am an overseas subscriber (which seems to share the same site). For the Glentoran game I had to set up a different account at: https://ppv.motherwellfc.co.uk/ I was up and running in about a minute.
  20. This one looks more like wee Al than Ronaldo
  21. Aye, but so were the ones we were missing in previous games.
  22. They have still spent some money on it, though, even just on planning and the original work done. Plus the Aberdeen chairman claimed they were losing £1 million a month during shutdown.

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