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  1. Foyle doesn't actually recruit anyone of course, and I remember Robinson on a few occasions saying how he was sent videos by agents on an almost daily basis. So while he obviously has some say in checking players out, who we ultimately sign is down to the transfer policy/budget set by the board and the manager deciding which players he fancies. If we continue with the philosophy of signing players "with something to prove" the risks are high, the rewards are guys like Marvin Johnson and Cedric Kipré.
  2. The race is on to see who will Hibs it.
  3. He mentioned it in this week's presser. When team's aren't playing well, there are always some players who end up wanting out ASAP. While not trying to make excuses for them, I imagine in this season with all the Covid training protocols, training bubbles and no fans etc. that when you go through all that and the team is underperofrming it can be pretty demotivating. Especially for players that are separated from their families and may have been unable to visit them down south (or overseas). In fact, not being able to visit family and friends could have been reason enough for some players to want to move away. I think Robinson just reached the point that most managers reach at a club when his ideas and methods were getting stale and stopped working. If you want to see how difficult that is to turn around just look at the long list of clubs that still get relegated after they switch gaffers mid-season. So to that extent. Alexender is doing OK with the resources available (including those that wanted to leave). When he'll be judged is when he brings in his own players to play his preferred style. That might take a few windows, of course, but we should see the framework at the start of the new season.
  4. One thing guaranteed is that there will be zero entertainment. Even if we don't pick up anything, I'll console myself with the fact that I don't have to pay money to watch that team on that pitch every home game. In a business that is supposed to be about entertainment, that is criminal. Having said that, we seem to play OK after a bad performance, so hoping this will be our bounce back display. If Accies repeat their Dundee Utd performance of 27 shots with zero goals when we beat them, it will be even sweeter.
  5. He gave the game away in this week's presser if you read between the lines a bit. I don't think he's too impressed. Definitely shows how much we miss Watt and Roberts. We can get by without one, but not without both.
  6. Good of them to wait for me to come back from my Covid jag before stepping it up to win.
  7. Hearts are coming up though, and that is much more of rivalry. And I always enjoyed my trips to watch Raith Rovers and Dunfermline more than I did to watch Accies. (More importantly, I just was as few plastic surfaces in the league as possible).
  8. Given the way they dealt with the Covid breach, the SFA would probably end up awarding St Mirren a 1 - 0 win for Crawford's handball.
  9. I'm hoping we replace all the players that aren't as good with players that are better.
  10. Once her boy gets the jail for being a nonce (allegedly) that will be the beginning of the end.
  11. I'll have time to see us wrap it up in the first half hour anyway, so I'll be back on the sofa in time to enjoy the last 15mins of showboating.
  12. The cynic in me thinks if there had been a 3pm race at Ascot this weekend, there would not have been a service at 3pm. The Motherwell fan in me thinks this is a terrible kick-off time because I have my 2nd Covid appointment scheduled for the start of the second half
  13. To be fair, Campbell, Cadden played 100+ times each and Maguire has made 33 appearances so far. Turnbull was a special case - although I would have preferred to keep him for another season, as I don't think there was any risk of his value dropping. For guys like Lee Erwin and Jake Hastie, at least so far, it looks like we came out ahead on both those deals. Although you can never tell how they might have developed if they had stuck with us. It's definitely tougher, now though, as even the multi-billion pound teams lose youngsters to rivals on a regular basis.
  14. 100% I don't care about one team when it comes to the league. I care about where we finish in the league. I don't care if we take all our points from Celtic & St Johnstone or Ross County & Aberdeen. I'll look forward to beating Hearts next season much more than I worry about Accies. Accies season revolves around a relegation battle and beating us. And given the nature of this Covid season, staying in the top flight is all I really care about so we can get it over with and move on to a season with crowds. I don't really care how we achieve that. As I've said elsewhere, I'm delighted we managed to play a season during lockdown, but I'll also be delighted when it's over.
  15. Finishing 7th while losing again to a relegated Accies and with Killie losing the play-off, would be very acceptable.
  16. I was reading today the BBC had to set up a special complaints form on its website to deal with the huge volume of complaints regarding the cancellation of Friday night's telly and radio programmes. The SFA might be wise to take note. (Spoiler Alert: they won't take note).
  17. I was surprised we let him play on after his initial injury when he clashed with the keeper. I know he's been an important player in recent weeks, but I'd have hooked him at that stage as a precaution.
  18. Totally agree. There is no way we get zero points in the next 4 games and even less chance Accies, Killie and Ross County each win 3.
  19. Of course, it so unlikely, you might want to stick a tenner on that sequence of events so that if we did finish bottom, you could retire to a small island with your winnings.
  20. Given there will be no crowds, we could pretty much play it any time over that weekend starting on Friday evening without causing any problems for the teams or the SFA Lodge Meeting.
  21. I think Accies can win 4 and get 39 points. Killie can win 3 (losing to Accies) and get 38 points, but with better goal difference than us. Ross County can win 3 (losing to Accies) and get 39 points. That would be worst case for us if we pick up no more points.
  22. Could it not pan out with Accies winning 4 to get 39 points, Killie winning 3 (losing to Accies) to get 38 points and Ross County winning 3 (losing to Accies) to get 39 points? Leaving us on 38 points, but bottom due to goal difference? (Zero chance of that happening, of course).
  23. For some reason, ESPN were streaming the Accies game here so I was keeping half an eye on that. From what I saw, Accies really should have taken at least a point and gifted Utd their goal with a terrible error from the keeper. That one is going to be tough.
  24. Pretty close, I think. If Accies get max points they end up on 39 and Killie could get 38 max. And Ross County could get 39 max, I think. So Killie and Ross County could avoid the relegation spot on goal difference if we don't pick up another point. If we get a point in our next game then I think that means we are mathematically, arithmetically and Liam Kellically safe. (Or maybe we need 2 points - sums are hard). (I may also have got this completely wrong)

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