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  1. Sounds like a few late fitness tests tomorrow to find out which of the "4 or 5 players sent home sick" have recovered.
  2. If Hartley has recovered from being sick, I expect he'll be starting. If not, quite happy to go with the same starting 11 again.
  3. You might benefit from one like PureVPN. That lets you add a button on your browser (Chrome or Firefox) where you can choose BBC as the website you want to look at.
  4. I use a VPN and set it to the UK. The one I use is Vypr, but there are loads out there to choose from and lots of tutorials on how to access BBC iPlayer. Most of them only cost a few dollars a month and they often have deals running.
  5. Just watched the game on Alba. Both his finishes were top drawer.
  6. That's just over 20% of St. Mirren's goals conceded have been scored by us. Not too shabby.
  7. weeyin

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Exactly what my boss said at my last performance review.
  8. Fine if you're driving. Not so simple if you take the train as I doubt there will much happening after 9pm.
  9. Club going to run buses to the game.
  10. The medical experts on here are about as insightful as most of the football experts on here.
  11. St Mirren don't offer a video stream, so audio only for this one.
  12. weeyin

    2019 Finances

    It almost certainly won't include the post-May 31st fees agreed for guys like McAlear, McKinstry (or Hastie and Cadden come to that) which will have generated a decent slice of income. McAlear in particular would have given us a cross-border development fee for a youngster moving to an EPL level club.
  13. To be fair, it blows the previous record for a League One right back called Chris who's really a midfielder and has a brother that plays in the Scottish Championship, right out the water.
  14. weeyin

    2019 Finances

    As I said further up the thread, best idea is to ask questions at the AGM. I think Kmcalpin is right when he says end of May is when the books closed, so things must have been in decent shape between June and now to allow us to pay off our interest free loans.
  15. weeyin

    2019 Finances

    I don't think we'll be running up losses, but I'm sure the folks at the AGM will be happy to answer questions along those lines. They are usually pretty open (as they should be) about the finances.
  16. weeyin

    2019 Finances

    I haven't seen the latest accounts yet, but they get a bit skewed by the fact the footballing financial year isn't the same as a footballing season so the transactions don't quite align.
  17. Team selection depends a lot on who has been affected by the bug Robinson says had been spreading throughout the team. We should be looking to win this one, though.
  18. I know I keep saying this, but I'd be delighted to see Turnbull play for us for another season and a half. We shouldn't be flogging off our best assets before they even manage a full season in our first team. While it's valuable to be able to develop players to sell on later, the fundamental reason for our academy to exist has to be to provide a quality of player that we could never afford to buy. And the only reason our team exists is to provide entertainment to the paying punters on a Saturday afternoon. It's not a business that needs to expand its range of products, increase shareholder dividends or fund a takeover. And while £3 million or whatever should never be dismissed out of hand, it has to be balanced with providing value to the club. And under many circumstances, value to the club doesn't always mean money in the bank. (Of course, if we were desperate for the cash, or Turnbull was desperate to leave, it would be a different story).
  19. In particular, when you sign players using the "out of favour with a point to prove" model, there is always the risk that they remain out of favour for the same reasons that they hadn't been getting a game in the first place.
  20. Did he not take enough drugs to be accepted as a Celtic player?
  21. When we sign players there are always a few that, for whatever reason, can't hack it in our first team (or SPFL football). Seems like Sloth has been one of those.
  22. Just as an aside, looking at statbunker (which seems pretty accurate) Polworth and James Forrest are tied top of the league in assists. Polworth edges Forrest out when it comes to percentages, though, as his assists have contributed to 24% of our total goals this season compared to Forrest's 16%. That's my kind of luxury player.
  23. Our league position, for which he's partly responsible, suggests otherwise.
  24. On the other hand, you might say that doing enough to win against 4 - 0 against a team that has 8 points from their last 5 games (won 2, drawn 2, lost 1) is ok.

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