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  1. On the side is edgy and urban chic. In the middle is for auld yins like us.
  2. Much less money, I'd think. Especially where families are involved. One household of 2 or 3 people watching a stream would generate the club's cut of a tenner or less. 2 or 3 people going through the gate would generate much more than that, even at season ticket prices.
  3. Biased() match report on the Utd website
  4. He scored his first against Dundee Utd today.
  5. It's been proposed, but don't think it's been rubber-stamped yet.
  6. Plus, if the League Cup does go ahead, no winter break, Euro games and a likely backlog when we hit some bad weather in Jan/Feb I imagine there will be a lot of rotation required.
  7. Looks like it. 12pm kick off (but no stream). I presume the Rangers game is being streamed to let them test UK access for the season ticket holders. For those outside the UK I notice there is a £30 discount on the annual sub if you sign up before 22nd July. (My sub doesn't renew until August but it looks like I get the discount too).
  8. Ah sorry. I see what you mean now. For me the European competitions died when they went to groups. I used to love the 2-leg knockout format. But as with all things in modern football, big clubs' profit comes first. And don't get me started on teams that are "demoted" to the later stages of the Europa League when they finish 3rd in their Champions League group.
  9. I don't know what you mean by "play-offs" but the Preliminary round, which is the first round of the Europa League, is normally 2 legs. You can argue about group stages being wrong (and I have many times), and I even suggested scrapping them for this season's tourneys. That shipped has sailed, though, and the only benefit is that it generates a bit more revenue for the share we will be getting.
  10. It's certainly a bit unfair to give a team home advantage in a tie that is normally 2 legs.
  11. Nicola is the messenger. It's those pesky doctors with their science and their data that keep spouting all these facts. If you want to see what happens when you ignore them, take a look at the graphs from the past 2 months of all the US States that eased restrictions too quickly (because they didn't believe the science). They have had spikes that would impress Vlad the Impaler.
  12. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, we are losing the entire revenue from every home game because the season tickets are guaranteed to give 19 home games. So whether we lose the income now or when we honour the guarantee next season, we lose the income for the entire crowd, not just the away fans.
  13. Signing a player from a Championship team who has 1 year left on their contract is pretty ambitious for us. I hope he's good.
  14. The official site has PJ listed as number 23. They still have Cole Starrs listed, right enough, so maybe that isn't as definitive as it should be.
  15. Looks like the Wigan Warriors Rugby League club (who share the stadium with the football team) are planning to buy Wigan. So there might not be any fire sale - which is good news if they do sell Kipré.
  16. The club has guaranteed 19 home league games on season tickets. So whether we take the hit now or later, we will be losing money on every home game with no crowd.
  17. If we get £200k I imagine we'd be banking it to help tide us over during the "no crowds" part of the season.
  18. If you have a higher than average income, the last thing you want to do is pay off a mortgage. It's one of the most efficient ways to leverage your money - although lots of people make that mistake when they come into some cash. Far better to invest it for a return with an average higher percentage return than your mortgage APR. Miles away from the point I was making, though. There may be 19 year olds out there who make job decisions based on some plan to support their family over the next 20 or 30 years, but I've never met any (and I include myself in that).
  19. I wonder where the flash car fits into the financial security plan. (Not that I blame Hastie for his move. At that age, however, I'd be amazed if he considered anything other than his own lifestyle. I know I wouldn't be planning for my family's security at 19 or 20).
  20. I wouldn't wear that even if I was following Trump's advice to drink bleach.
  21. I think the general point is that his early, impressive impact fizzled out pretty quickly after defenders sussed him out and kept him on the outside. I even heard a couple of opposition managers say their tactic was to keep him out wide. The fact that the same happened when he went down south suggests there may be some truth to it. That is all part of learning the game in the first team, though. When you are young, the older defenders are good enough to adapt. The key then is to develop ways to address that, and that is what good coaching will do. That's the main reason myself and many others suggested that his game would improve more if he had stayed at Fir Park for another season. Now we'll find out if that's true.
  22. A lot of face masks are donating portions of the cost to charity. For the MFC version, they are donating to the NHS. The one I bought in the US was donating a second facemask to the local foodbank. If you don't want to buy one though, there's loads of guidance on the internet on how to make one. The best one I own is made from a $5 bandana and 2 rubber bands.
  23. You know I was joking , right? He obviously had to cut inside to score in the example given because it says "the keeper sent him away up the left wing".
  24. Only if he beat the defenders on the outside. From memory, it was a typical (excellent) run where he finished by cutting inside and shooting.
  25. Even Turnbull turned out to be replaceable.

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