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  1. Agree. BFS was saying about WBA that all he is asking is for each player (hence position) to improve a little. If everyone can improve a little then the team will improve a lot. I have total confidence that Campbell will come good again. He has the talent, he has the attitude and he has the strength to get through a rough patch. I think we judge him by his standards and on our expectations of him. He is no worse than many of the others but certainly is not as good as we know he can be. But for sure, he never hides, so merits our support and encouragement till he gets back to the player we know he really is. COYW.
  2. I thought our substitutions were much better today. Seemed like under Robinson once we started subbing we would lapse into total disorganization. Today we kept our shape and momentum in defending and continued to look like a team.
  3. Part of the problem is we struggle to do anything with the ball when we get it although we were doing ok in that respect for the first half hour.
  4. Unfortunately when we get the ball we can’t do anything with it
  5. Polworth back to not passing to our players.
  6. I think we need another goal before we get to 70 mins.
  7. Do we play 5 at the back with Gallagher and O’Hara and Mugabi either side of him in the middle?
  8. Unfortunately lethargic and uninspired is us on a good day
  9. Yes. Of the Era where 7 was outside right and 11 was outside left and they would sling balls into the box for centre forward 9 who would push his granny out of the way to get to ball and steer it goalward. Pretty sad that I’m old enough now to where there are multiple old fashions to consider.

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