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  1. That would be the excellent ball winning challenge that Mugabi had where the referee did not even consider blowing for a foul but unfortunately Turnbull got hurt.
  2. Agree. I thought his inclusion would be more gradual. Found it surprising that the manager kind of threw him in at the deep end.
  3. I’d say Justin has shown more than Goss and more suited to a right midfield role. perhaps as below with +1 being any one of Sondre, Lamie or Mugabi kelly O’Donnell Ojala +1 Carroll Justin Slattery O’Hara Roberts KVV Watt Alternatively stick Grimmy at right back and push O’Donnel up to mid right
  4. Not a terrible display but far from a good one. We just didn’t look fired up for it. At least Justin looked up for it when he came on. Despite loosing our last 2 games we are still only 6 points behind the leaders which is pretty decent for us considering the last couple of seasons. Need to start scoring again and pick up some points for the last 2 games of the round.
  5. Still in it. Just need better second half performance all round.
  6. Might be worth sticking KVV on against their center half and take off Woolery or Roberts. Need a bit more out of Goss.
  7. I’m always hoping they do well and certainly happier when they win. So am I a Scotland supporter? Yes, yes I am. Possibly tougher than being a motherwell supporter. While I felt good that we beat Israel I did have some other feelings in that i began to think of the reaction, comments and reports. Such jubilation at beating Israel 3-2 at Hampden. Changed days indeed and a reflection partly on how many smaller countries have improved but perhaps more so on how far we have regressed or failed to improve along with the major teams. Yet, we still managed a decent result against euro finalists at Wembley so how far away are we from being a decent national side? Quite the conundrum. Die hard ‘Well fan and still patriotically supporting Scotland.
  8. I’m hoping for a “Where did that result come from” kind of day with a legendary KVV performance but willing to accept a crappy 1-0 fluke goal, stolen 3 points. Hmmm actually that might even be better.
  9. Did I hear them say Dykes and Christie to miss Moldova game? Who will they draft in?

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