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  1. Good free kick then good set up from Van Veen
  2. I think both Van Veen and Woolery will prove to be good signings but look a wee bit rusty with their touch. Once they play more together I’m hoping they will develop into a very good combination for us. With Watt joining in there we could have a pretty dangerous attack. Unfortunately balanced by a pretty dangerous defense but hope that will get fixed.
  3. Totally disagree . Shock horror probe differing opinions on tactics.
  4. When you do the same every time it becomes predictable and easier to play against. Whether that’s free kicks, corners or jake Hastie’s one move.
  5. It’s the same every time that’s what’s wrong
  6. Can we please stop doing the same corner every time
  7. You could probably pick 11 off of here to bounce back big style against Annan so I won’t be counting that as much of an achievement. Although they are currently showing in second position in league 2
  8. I’m not sure where to start so I’m just going to be quiet and wait for a few games into the league before forming any opinions.
  9. Be sure to click one of the player boxes
  10. The league cup has been like that but not normal compared to last few years
  11. One for the old folks there or do they still show re runs on tv?
  12. He’s gettin on. Maybe Grannies favourite
  13. Shaky in defense. Lost in midfield and toothless up front. Looking forward to all the improvements in time for first league game.
  14. That was tough watching

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