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  1. texanwellfan


    So the answer is not yet then. If i had seen an answer I wouldn’t have asked so many times
  2. texanwellfan


    So it’s confirmed now??
  3. texanwellfan


    I believe it was St John. I can recall being in the stand watching willie Hunter play
  4. texanwellfan


    Any official announcement from anyone at all?
  5. texanwellfan


    So still in limbo I assume?
  6. texanwellfan


    Have you been talking to his pals?
  7. texanwellfan


    Agree but it could be awkward if MFC want him to go to club A but he wants to go to club B. I wonder if there was anything in the contract he signed that makes it his decision who to go to or is it as you say, the clubs call on where they want him to go? Not really knowing, I’m guessing that maybe Turnbull gets to sign for the club of his choosing as long as they meet some minimum amount? Which may be less than 3M?
  8. texanwellfan


    And so joe from 30 years ago is so concerned that he suddenly turns up to offer advice and apparently knows that Turnbull wasn’t involved in the decision. WTF!! I’m assuming this is another piece of wonderful Scottish journalism pandering to the old firm??
  9. texanwellfan


    Not sure how many were expecting a bidding war. I was assuming it would be a club that offered MFC what they were prepared to accept and that Turnbull accepted the personal terms. We now know that we will accept 3M (or perhaps less depending on other terms) so its pretty much all down to Turnbull, assuming of course there is another club that will meet MFC requirements. As someone asked previously though, what happens if some club bids, say 1M and no sell on clause but a great personal offer to Turnbull?
  10. texanwellfan


    How do you know this?
  11. texanwellfan


    While this has been entertaining (well, since he knocked back celtic) I’m hoping it can get wrapped up soon one way or another.
  12. texanwellfan


    Nah! That’s too good to be true
  13. texanwellfan

    Hall of Fame

    I guess that could be allowed in any thread !
  14. texanwellfan


    I think Johnstone started the rumor. FFS first McRae now Turnbull
  15. texanwellfan


    Perhaps a move to Sheffield, or another championship team, would be a good stepping stone in his career advancement ? Plus give MFC a chance at decent sell on fee percentage.

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