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  1. Who is the player in the middle picture? Looks like Peter Miller but can't be him as he appears to be going for the ball
  2. texanwellfan

    Season Tickets

    What do season tickets cost now? Never actually ever had one.
  3. You may be giving some people way too much credit
  4. Not how anyone planned it I’m sure but perhaps summer football on the way after all
  5. Ahhh that’s it. The pools panel. Thanks!
  6. Wondering if any of the older people on here can help me decide if I’m just making this up or not but I seem to have a recollection of something in English football a good number of years ago where they convened a special panel to decide the results of some game that were not taking place for some reason. Can’t recall why but perhaps I’m just going senile ?
  7. If they decide to just cancel that also results in no money coming in plus the league and cup placing a will be left in limbo. Not sure what best option is or how it will pan out
  8. Perhaps they will consider finishing off the season behind closed doors?
  9. Credit to both MFC and David Turnbull. Nice we boost ahead of the Aberdeen game !!
  10. All down to which team turns up on the night. COYW
  11. Has there been any news about his injury at all?
  12. I think you’ve been picking up tips from the Trump campaign team with that selective quote you posted.
  13. I just assumed it was well documented somewhere I don’t go and read articles
  14. His pass looks fine to me. Gave the player 2 options to continue the attack. Slide in the man on his left or give it back to Hylton. Perhaps played it just too far ahead of Hylton?

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