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  1. Agree but under current ruling I think they class that as making yourself big. I prefer the simple, was it hand to ball or ball to hand? Apparently that’s too complicated.
  2. Well a lot of people may not have realized he was actually playing ! I recall seeing him get a head injury but that’s about as much participation as I remember.
  3. Not sure if that was rhetorical or not but that’s how bad a night it was.
  4. McGuire was the only who at least tried to control the ball and do something with it. Which is probably why he got hooked.
  5. Kelly had nothing to do except pick the ball out of the net 3 times. And that despite the fact we were atrocious. First half was just a dreadful game with both sides absolute pish. Unlucky to go in 1 goal down. Get a good equalizer and things looking not so bad but still playing crappy. They get man sent off. They up their effort, we switch off, totally, so now we are not even playing bad we are just not playing at all. McGinely does what he famous for and we are 2-1 down. Still heehaw response. We look like the team down to 10 men. Then Mugabi tries to block a cross while yelling “Danger! Will Robinson” and we are now totally fkd at 3-1 so let’s just lethargically see who can kick the ball the furthest while trying not to look overly interested in at least trying to pull a goal back. While you can’t always play well there’s never an excuse for lack of intensity and effort. Bring on the next game so we can fix the issues and put this one way behind us.
  6. Although I have to think he was ok with the long balls since it went on the whole game?
  7. Apparently our players were under the impression that we would be awarded the 3 points after their player got sent off. At least I can only assume that based on how they played.
  8. We totally switched off after they went to 10 men
  9. Both teams fairly dreadful. Hard done by being a goal down. Was looking like a stick on 0-0 now looks like a stick on 1-0

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