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  1. I’d like to see us perhaps put some more cross ball’s into the box for Cole to attack with his head. We have options now with both Scott and Hylton able to dribble, shoot or cross. The more options the harder to defend against us. Hastie pretty much had one trick and defenses Sussed him out. But I think Hylton and Scott have a few other tricks for defenders to contend with.
  2. Hopefully we can take care of business At Fir Park and get a wee bit of luck with Hibs, Aberdeen and Killie results. A quick couple of goals to settle us and make their heads go down would help make the game more enjoyable but I’ll take 3 points however we can get them.
  3. Hopefully he continues his goal scoring exploits on Saturday. For him and Cole I think they both need to be aware that in some cases an easy pass could set up another player with a better scoring opportunity. At the moment they are sometimes too keen to score themselves when a pass is a better option. Not so much a complaint but more advice to make them better, which hopefully is coming from the coaching staff.
  4. I think I’ve tried before and failed miserably.
  5. How do you get to watch Alba? Is it some hi tech jiggery poker?
  6. I’d like to see us get a couple more goals to kill the game and help goal difference. If they score they are right back in it.
  7. Which is where I expected but wondered since he has 2 goals
  8. Indeed. They are not as bad as position suggests. They have been a bit unlucky and obviously pressed Aberdeen all the way. We never do that well there. 6-0 for us. COYW !
  9. The situation is what it is. I think the club handled it appropriately and we live with whatever the outcome is.
  10. Apparently they match up well against Aberdeen since they actually beat them in Paisley earlier in the season. In our favor though is they don’t seem to score a lot of goals. Let me apologize in advance for that statement
  11. Certainly dropping is not warranted but I’m hoping he picks his game up a bit and gets back to playing as well as we know he can.
  12. I’d also go with Scott on the right. Said it a few times I think you need to pick Long or Cole to play through the middle. I think Scott’ s defensive failings you mentioned can be easily fixed.

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