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  1. Felt good the other week when we done it. I could handle that again.
  2. Actually I think that’s where Turnbull stands out. He very rarely gets caught on the ball and always seems to have plenty of time and space. Donnelly and Polworth tend to get caught on the ball, more so the later it gets in the game. Edit: having said that Polworth is quite clever at cutting across players catching him up from behind and “making” them pull him down. Donnelly just uses brute force to win it back.
  3. I thought last night was a tremendous physical hard working effort from the whole team. However I felt we didn’t really play any glowing football when we had the ball. We have played some nice stuff this season in flashes. If we can combine last nights hard work with some nice football then 3rd place will be a skoosh
  4. So who do we drop for Turnbull? What formation do we favour ?
  5. Maybe we should wear it at home! 5 of our 8 defeats have been at fir park.
  6. Thanks! That was a good read. Not sure how far back you went but my favorite was one guy saying “ Long could cause our defense problems” to which another sheep replied “long john silver could cause our defense problems”
  7. A hard working well earned 3 points. Every man put in a great shift. I think right at the end that was Carroll pressing up past the center circle. Was worried when we showed our hand and put Mugabi on with 15 mins to go but the team done well. After all that effort I hope we can recover for the weekend. But fir sure, our boys showed up.
  8. We don’t have enough energy to press high and get back
  9. Did illic hit the post with his shot? I couldn’t see if goalie saved or not

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