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  1. I hope with the likes of Turnbull playing regularly and Watt in the team we will make better use of Long’s speed and be able to play him in behind defences with real chances instead of making him have to chase 50/50 balls down.
  2. Maybe Norwich might be a more attractive option than previously? Perhaps more playing time in the championship and a team challenging for promotion? having said that I hope he plays all season for us.
  3. That was very good from Peter Hartley with the Twittter post.
  4. First time I read it as banana which is why I read it again. Had you actually done it using a banana then that would have been more than deserving of a blue peter badge.
  5. He with is for now so I hope he does very well.
  6. I think we would only take him in our terms
  7. Hastie is an easy one for me. I’m going to let Robinson decide.
  8. I would think they would be trying to sell their assets. So maybe we will get some cash out of it but probably not likely to get Kipre?
  9. Completely changing tempo and not sure if it’s even the right thread but will be good to see Carson back in the team this coming season. I always thought that Carson was the better keeper but for do’s to Gillespie, once he was in he really didn’t do anything to warrant getting dropped. Maybe came close but would have been harsh to drop him. Here’s hoping Carson has a blinder of a season. (Had to correct my typing there. I really actually had a typo and put blunder. Hope that’s not a bad sign)
  10. Since it’s a one off game with no crowd (I’m assuming) what about the club that has to foot the travel bill??
  11. I also like your positive phrasing, using the word campaign, which sounds much better than game
  12. I’m good to leave it wheee it is now and move on. Nothing to be gained by going round in circles discussing. Good luck Tait hope you do very well (except against us) and we move on.
  13. I’m technologically challenged so i pay my money and hope it works every game. Not bad so far.
  14. Perhaps but whichever one it is let us know so we can plan accordingly.

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