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  1. Is Lamie gone? He has showed up much better as center back
  2. Haven’t seen the video but thought it was a penalty at the time
  3. We might still hang on to Gallagher. Probably depends on how euros go. If he plays and plays well he will get snapped up. If he doesn’t play then maybe he won’t get too many offers and end up signing back with us?
  4. Good business. I know he has his critics but I’m happy to see him sign in for another 2 years.
  5. Why the negative responses to this if It is feasible? We cant finish any higher.
  6. We have been shite but still managing to squander a few good chances throughout the game
  7. I think we are pinning our hopes on other results holding up.
  8. Not sure how we are still level. Very poor performance.
  9. Try another player. I’ve got normal crew
  10. Watched a Scottish chef in Australia making rolls a few months ago on Instagram, Jock Zonfrillo. I’d been making them for a while but got better after watching him.
  11. A couple of rolls survived so far but not for long. Logan and his grandma will soon make them disappear with butter and jam on them.
  12. Jock is hilarious. “Roberts becoming a goal machine”

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