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  1. We have 4 games coming up against similar level teams where we should be aiming to haul in a few points. I’d say if we are in top 6 by end of Oct. it would seem daft to be looking at replacing the manager. If however we are in bottom 3 after these next 4 games then it certainly a valid topic for discussion.
  2. Based on Mugabi’s recent matches. I’m ok with him. Yes, he might turn bad at some point but I don’t think we can drop him in anticipation of him loosing form. Of course, you may think that his performances are not up to scratch.
  3. I’d start with same team that done well at Aberdeen. Hopefully rested and Fired up to get another win under our belts.
  4. The 2 guys from Accies that went south weren’t exactly blessed with blistering pace either. There are a good number of midfield players in the EPL even who can’t be described as having pace. Milner, Noble, McGinn, to start with so I’m sure he would do well in championship at the very least.
  5. Looking for us to take 3 points from this one. Not easy but certainly achievable.
  6. Is moult still injured? Not suggesting we get him back, just wondered since I noticed he wasn’t even on bench this weekend
  7. Would have given to Grimmy if he hadn’t gave up penalty. He’s plYing much better now and done well in 2 or 3 different positions today. I’ll give it to Carson for his early save and free kick save. Campbell and Watt both put in a power of work and get pass marks but both need others to help.
  8. On the bright side We have a good goalie and Watt had another decent game, working hard and holding up the ball but we Need the other forward to be helping too. Not getting as much out of Laing as I’d hoped and Long just seems to have an attitude issue although he did ok when he came on. Campbell badly needs the rest of the midfield to step up and contribute. At least you can always count 100% effort from Grimmy there’s a few players could learn from that. Thought McGuire looked worth a try in future games. Seedorf Done pretty well when he came on too.
  9. I was just hoping for a better performance than what we gave
  10. Mugabi was not making his body innaturally big According to the International Football Association Board, if the ball hits the hand of a player who has made their body "unnaturally bigger" then a foul will be awarded.
  11. We look totally scared. Yes Rangers are much better than us but we give the ball away too easily too many times. We should at least be doing basic stuff right.
  12. I thought it had hit him on the front of his shoulder but perhaps not then

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