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  1. Craig Moore never scored a league goal?
  2. Yet, the sycophants on here had him pencilled in as a ‘better option’
  3. Sick bed for one & after effects of a head knock last week for the other.
  4. He’s struggled to compete in midfield all season. Tomorrow would be an exception rather than a rule.
  5. I’m on the quiet coach on the relegation express
  6. Refuse to play 2 hours prior to kick off on Sunday, so not to prolong the agony.
  7. Sanctimonious. This is the deal Robinson had nearly ‘over the line’. Let that sink in...
  8. Imagine the seethe when it’s an extension to a loan for Robbie Crawford...
  9. Still be some moaning at a ticket scramble
  10. That’s because it’s a 4-3-3 Jock Brown says so...

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