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  1. Offering what benefit? Not sure the right hand side of a three is a best fit
  2. It’s not even close. Donnelly and Slattery is an imbalance straight away unless we play with 2 deep lying midfielders with 3 others around them. Certainly not how this team is set up.
  3. That’s only an air of professionalism… plenty at the club would support referring to him along the same lines
  4. I bear the kid no ill will, but, get this standing ovation patter in the bin. It’s a nonsense.
  5. Maybe start with point being made? Perhaps dominating midfield may not have been the best analogy, what is for certain is we’re not set up to retain possession (which I agree I’d like to see improvement) in the way the rank and file on here feel we’re disjointed & outnumbered. It’s all about retaining shape. I’d suggest on the evidence since January it will take a massive swing in change of thought for that to evolve. Dress it up how you like, there are 9 bodies currently discounting the two attackers you mention for effect. I’d question Donnelly being a direct replacement for Grimshaw - despite being a defender trying to be a midfielder, he’s asked to be deep sitting, holding type. Not what is asked of Grimshaw. Your understanding of being out the picture differs greatly from Alexander - Crawford (regardless of opinion) is a matchday squad regular. Cornelius not given a loan chance as his development is seen to be best served around our first team environment may be questionable, just have to trust the management judgement on that. Lawless? Highlights previous poor recruitment. Robinson was rightly criticised not for his ideal rather as his strengthening of his 12-18 wasn’t by the natural act of strengthening a first 11. Getting those we feel are not contributing to move on isn’t as easy especially in current climate. Well aware how we constantly improve. Investing as we have in players of Slattery quality isn’t to fill squad places - next step in quality is realms of fantasy for our club perhaps questioning your grasp on how we as a club operate?
  6. If Goss is the answer, what is the question? Not a slant on the player - suspect he’ll offer a better balance and a creative spark when fit. Surprised some repeat the belief about dominating midfield. Alexander has never set us up to do so relying on retaining shape and it’s hard to argue against its effectiveness. Another body in there in January? We have 9 vying for 3 places as it is. Granted a few are contributing little, other options being a drop in quality is how positions 12-18 in a matchday squad work no?
  7. Bully for you on your opinion. ‘so we shouldn’t have gone for him, is that what ur saying ?’ At no point have I alluded to that so playing with words is exactly what you’ve done
  8. Contrary? Perhaps read what was said rather than playing with words? A 30 yarder when? 5/6 years ago? Certainly added to a massive career tally… Nobody has mentioned finished articles and taking chances. You’re advocating taking a punt on a 27 year old. That’s the stretch for me.
  9. Hence, why I mentioned him
  10. Eh? Injury was how the others sussed him being a threat… kicked him off the park. I did see what he did for us last year & recognised that - if we get that consistency we’re onto something. Plenty to say we may not, but, he scored a worldy & failing under the coaching of Robbie Neilson is something to base hopes on? Deary me!
  11. Better hope they all overcome injury before end of September then…
  12. Not disagreeing. Bigger step up for both the players you mention & whilst it’s a stretch to expect them to be having the best spells of their career with immediate impact I’d wager if Roberts doesn’t maintain his 2 and a half game form of last season he’ll fare no better than them.
  13. Alright if he maintains the tune Alexander got out of him. Stats don’t lie & his ain’t great bar 2 and a half games last season till teams sussed him out.
  14. For the avoidance of doubt, Maguire is a midfielder by trade & brought to the club on that basis - different coaching outlook was to convert him.
  15. To say we’ve not seen anyone breaking through does them a disservice. Like I said, too many variables. Being afforded opportunities would help.

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