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  1. Anybody who follows the reserves on a regular basis will tell you Manzinga’s cameo performances have been the exception rather than the rule. It’s no surprise McIver was given the nod. i don’t buy the Brian Graham interest either.
  2. Enough evidence to suggest McIvor is ahead in the pecking order over those mentioned.
  3. Shankland doing well against defenders a yard slower in thought and in pockets of space they create is a whole different ball game to that in the top league. His pension pot is on a winner on his current deal.
  4. Don’t. Just don’t...
  5. Sloth? Seeing him based on what? The manager stated he has youngsters ahead of him. O’Hara? Defensive midfielder he isn’t. As much as the midfield unit failed he was the weakest link against Accies.
  6. Not condoning the action, but, more to the story than being published. The club lawyers working overtime on a few media based ‘issues’ this week.
  7. I’d be surprised at ‘may be 1 or 2 who turn up there...’ Given places on the trip are limited. Mr Robinson describing how we manage that recently.
  8. That opinion counts for little, it’s always been the case, the evidence is there. All 3 are very different players.
  9. I’m not having Accies fullbacks being worth a look from our scouting department at all.
  10. Semple is one of the young players ahead of Sloth going by the managers’ recent AGM address. I suspect Cornelius is more in the club thoughts also. Both only 18 years, they won’t be introduced together.
  11. Nothing vague. Nothing to tell. Think it’s been described best in another post. I’ve not seen anything that Tait offers more than Grimshaw & I’ve watched him more than most on here this season.
  12. Certainly doesn’t tell the full story... I’d question releasing the erm, article 5 minutes prior to the AGM - information has been available for weeks.

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