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  1. Based on what? O’Hara not a no.6 type
  2. Eh? My point wasn’t budgetary, although how much we’ve utilised on an international defender may well be debatable. Who knows? Not party to that. The numbers I alluded to were a streamlined squad will already have around 80% of its core already at the club & those retained. Add in the development players and this sprinkling of quality and we’re on bloated squad numbers... again. Simple logistics or too simplistic a view? I’m seeing talk of a rebuild, adding quality - what are the expectations? Robbie Crawford for example, as a squad filler is a fanciful notion, where’s the improvement?
  3. I’d expect development will change as recruitment method changes. The bulk of our development group aren’t contracted so interested to see the wastage, natural and enforced. Shipped out those who felt needed the experience & decided others development was best served around the first team but, haven’t offered game time - that’s a false economy. Before the usual suspects downcry that ideal - I’m well aware of the position we’re in and the variables involved. It’s a fine balance, taking Fortmartine as an example we decided at 4 and 5 nil up to introduce a loan player, an ageing short term deal who’d offered us 7 minutes previously then Lamie was given appearance money. For a club who advocates a clear pathway, they certainly aren’t practising what’s preached.
  4. The model we’ve worked with this season was always unsustainable. Alexander has already intimated this so a squad reduction is a given. Still plenty of that core group remain as we’ve seen by those re-signed also. A streamlined squad with a sprinkling of quality supported by our academy graduates? The numbers don’t stack up...
  5. I think some need to temper understanding of rebuild and what that entails. Not going to discount rumours. Recruitment will differ though, nothing cryptic, there’s change afoot...
  6. spot on at what? Symptomatic of our poor recruitment. If he’s the long term option for any replacement of Alan Campbell I suspect we’ll be revisiting the thoughts of his admirers soon enough...
  7. Re-hiring so far not enough of an idea of what to expect?
  8. No different to when Hampden was converted for the Commonwealth Games? Move to another stadium? Certainty one of Ibrox/Parkhead will be empty...
  9. This is the rebuild? When you saw the shortlist of candidates he seemed like the one who might have fresh ideas...
  10. Doubt I will, be missed by some & not by others most likely. New regime, so it shouldn’t be of surprise he’s moved on - let’s see how they view development moving forward.
  11. He’d have been my pick for the job certainly with a view to the longer term. I’ve been consistent in my approach, just failed to catch the same enthusiasm of some at his soundbite. My point on Saturday reflected losing 4-1 against the bottom team twice in a month as not learning from mistakes & selection and formation against St Johnstone aligning with not managing change - not setting up to be more compact and harder to beat was folly. Fair to reserve judgement.
  12. Don’t think you’re too far away. I’d be interested to see how the management view development moving forward. Well aware of current predicament & the need for balance - surprised if Semple and the likes were to get game time. Think the kid has regressed. I’d suggest he’s way down the pecking order. Time will tell.
  13. It’s the balance of options in the middle rather than enough. Foley now back in training, a loan opportunity now unlikely. Plenty of willing takers, rightly or wrongly - have to trust the club have seen his development best served around the first team environment.
  14. After match comments an honest assessment? Screams not learning from mistakes and managing any change to me.

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