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  1. He’s not getting caught up in a Tweet that has since been deleted. An interesting development maybe, belies the investment made in our forward line though? The critique offered is peak SO.
  2. I’m actually with you on Odoffin - his statistics last season were amongst the best in all European football. Wouldn’t be the creative type we’d be looking for. Ali Crawford? He’s Mark O’Hara in drag
  3. Granted, better than both Mugabi and Lamie who was signed as having experience of the league, but, was Taylor ever an option apart from wishful thinking of some on social media platforms? I’d like your opinion on similar thought for our midfield?
  4. Genuinely interested to see who you’d bring in as leaders and with experience?
  5. Expected formation change today. I’ve had to bite my tongue and stop reading at the description of decent midfielders. Donnelly as an anchor, I’ll give you.
  6. Definitely confirmation. To state the fans never see any commitment is just false & should be dismissed. For the avoidance of doubt, I’m far from happy with the midfield unit & how it’s performing. Passing from the back with our limited players is folly given we’re regularly forced to go long which bypasses our midfield. Swamped in a midfield 3 against a usual 5 means you’re dizzy given the dog runs required all game. Things like being in the right areas to block the opposition route of attack etc. It’s not always obvious, but expected to be bursting to get back into the shape. That’s a hard shift. That’s the positional sense they’re being asked to maintain. Perhaps against my better judgement, surely Alexander is more qualified to judge than the porridge dribbling on here? That system stifles though? Holding midfielder protecting the back line, pressing higher, box to box and going beyond would be a preference… That’s only in offensive transitions though - when we’ve lost the ball. Alexander wants the midfielders to rat (as Allan Campbell excelled) and I think he sees those attributes there. Not aesthetically pleasing, but, Whilst we feel they may be playing playing with reigns on… under closer scrutiny Allan Campbell didn’t last year - it actually suited him under Alexander and he ended up getting in more goalscoring positions. He wants strikers to make first contact on passes, and for midfield support to join in off second balls etc. That’s where it’s felt our midfield can really come alive. Our forward line are so off the pace, the issues above become apparent. Good hold up play? What’s required is a discipline to protect & not be profligate in possession - Donnelly offers more than the others asked to do the same. The creative force that can carry the ball forward is lacking. That’s on Alexander & his Head of Recruitment. We still need to add midfielders as we’re light (particularly as a few don’t have great injury records in there), but like Barry Maguire in recent seasons, the challenge for the current kid is to ensure he is fighting hard for his spot. It’s never easy, but he’s a grafter. I’m certainly not convinced we’ll sign any ready made replacement or improvement. Your closing point is nonsensical. Before you reply in kind, read what’s being said, not just look. There’s a world of difference.
  7. Look at the comments objectively rather than personal slate? Could’ve quoted any of a few posts with regards our midfield. A lot of the things he asks midfielders to do, fans will never see or understand, there are those who do them to effect and tactically, they get the game. Do I agree with that approach? Far from it, the balance isn’t there.
  8. That’s confirmed to me that there is little understanding in how our midfield are being asked to play.
  9. No. Ownership was transferred to their majority shareholder when restructuring finances.
  10. Bit of a stretch saying he was at West Ham. He played a trial game…
  11. Had it noted I won’t be making my way to the back row of the South Stand Upper to watch Ricki Lamie and been asked to contact the ticket office and they’ll try to move us. Keep this up and I’ll be in a padded seat & hospitality.

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