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  1. Belter. nuanced philosophical standpoint? Who is kidding who? Nobody trying to kid anybody on, it’s exactly the shock factor they’re looking for rather than a leaning to any far right/fascist ideal was the impression I was giving. Again, I’d question your sizeable claim. Not one person challenged by the authorities suggests it was a non event & not the ineffective stewarding I was referring to. The club actively encourage their attendance & support their aims - That’s not even up for debate & been well documented for the last decade. As I reckoned, not always amicable, but, a level of respect between both parties. So you attended the match with some penny chews. Care not a jot. Miserable day out by the sounds of it, it’s akin to going to a match with Aberdeen & Spurs fans - who’d get the drinks in? Football and the matchday experience has changed as has society - uncouth shouts & some supporters treading that fine line hasn’t & been around since the dawn of time. Saturday suggests to me a football terrace isn’t really the place for your mates. apparent apologist/minimiser? Laughable. Yeah, I’ll defend the youthful element of our support when required, just as much as I rebuke when they’re out of line. Given calling out offensive behaviour isn’t bashing your keyboard in my book, the holier than thou take is the need for mock outrage by some who don’t understand & never will.
  2. Behave yourself. Sizeable? Few token chants is hardly letting rip. You do know the definition of Sieg Heil? Hail Victory is it not? Unfortunately its connotations in the German thought mean its in poor taste to all intents and purposes. Football is not a sanitised environment though and it just happens to fall into their current moniker. Lets have it right, 'fans' & 'followers' they certainly are and to many of the locations where our uber fans and those who can't wait to version events on various message boards don't bother. The club actively work with them so fair to say they appreciate the support. Any effect on reputation, both parties require to work on - not always amicable I'll bet but, high time the holier than thou in our support evolve. For the record, inefficient stewarding has become the norm at Hearts, our club know it and Police Scotland helped create problems that didn't exist on Saturday.
  3. Fair enough, bit of humble pie. Tait is a hard watch & with Hylton in front I maintain it’s not as strong as it could be.
  4. Strong? Deary me. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome is borderline insanity. Time will tell...
  5. Maguire? Physical presence? Really?
  6. Hadn’t read that post. Hint of sarcasm, maybe even being facetious in my reply to the posts mentioning the lack of reserve fixtures.
  7. Tait, despite a good second half in the cup game when we were on the front foot was murder on Saturday & culpable again last night. If I hear "play him in his natural position" once more I think I'll scream. Never blessed with pace, he's lost a yard at least from last season and our tactic of getting the ball to him and hit and hope up the line for the last 20 last night was painful to watch. Grimshaw, constantly overlooked by some was pivotal to how we set up. I don't buy "he can't cross the ball" claims given we have an abundance of wingers poor or not to deliver crosses. It's his drive and energy that forces the team up the park. Been crying out for that of late, yet the substitutions offered little to no change. Midfield 4's are easily swamped in Scotland. As much as he's a good player, Maguire doesn't have the physicality. Midfield is screaming out for fresh legs, unfortunately, giving one of our youngsters game time in current climate may crucify him. Match fit Watt and Long as traditional strikers is an attractive option.
  8. Not interested in supporting our great club? Don’t know how you come to that conclusion certainly suggests you’re tapping into something you have little knowledge of. For the record, our lot became involved as innocent fans were being targeted.
  9. Carroll out longer term. Mugabi being checked in hospital for an eye injury.
  10. Not denying that, but, the main focus has always been on the rugby.
  11. Your closing paragraph answers your own question. Investing in Dalziel Is impractical. It’s managed by memorial/heritage trust that wouldn’t relinquish any control to meet the requirements for our club given their main focus is their rugby interests. Suspect they’ll be strangled by their own constitution too. Community hub facilities align with various funding opportunity streams - there are individuals placed at the club and society presently who know how to attract these to the clubs’ best advantage without joint venturing.

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