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  1. You don’t get this ‘closed door’ ideal do you? For the record, it was on the top pitch which has no view from outside the perimeter, hence, many didn’t try. Location has been regulated to get the players in/out daily with local access denied. Won’t be any different next Friday.
  2. I think it’s a stretch to be mentioning ‘his outing as a fan of that club’
  3. Footballers are no different no matter what stage of career development. Differing agent approaches proved between Turnbull & Hastie circumstances.
  4. Those who won’t feature at reserve level this season?
  5. As I’ve mentioned, blocks pathway of others. To pay a fee, was he the best available?
  6. Sets our youth development back though? On what I seen of him last year & it was more than most, I’m just failing to see value for money in acquiring him.
  7. Great? Doubt we’ll see the same joy when he’s seen as a replacement for either Campbell or Turnbull...
  8. He’s not going to ride you.
  9. Certainly not referring to you knowing. Lets just see if the club secure the deal, certainly fits with recruitment so far.
  10. Certainly won’t be pinning any hopes on either. Moving on...
  11. Unlikely Scott Fox in an away shirt methinks. His old employers are known though...
  12. No precious, no bickering from me. I inferred the non-competition as fact, you being a moderator would know that?
  13. Poor analogy for me. We were on the front foot as we had to be against St Mirren, Tait had his game of the season then too. Didn't represent value for money for me last year, paying a required fee further compounds that problem. We do have players in front of him and there are those who watched him in other quarters where he was no better than what we have & again those being promoted behind him. How do we progress the next batch if they aren't given that chance?
  14. Aye. Nae bother. Cheers for the input

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