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  1. The wrath. For what it’s worth, clearly understand the point you were making.
  2. That’s ridicule. Expect the wrath.
  3. O’Connor can be discounted.
  4. Money invested with Heritage Trust at Dalziel for now to develop Dalziel Park
  5. Certainly the lower of the two quotations above mentioned in despatches at club AGM. Unsure if removal of the front 2 rows of the East Stand to facilitate the works is still the option.
  6. Good. Pleased for you now you’ve got that off your chest
  7. Wasn’t Maths or English taught at our school, it was survival. That shapes you.
  8. Suggest away. There are those who want to know and those who want to believe.
  9. There are those to be ridiculed and debate to be had for those with validity in their posts so reply as such. For the umpteenth time, pointing out why they are wrong isn’t an option in many cases on here to protect where information can be got. It’s not in-the-know, don’t think there is anymore information than others, just better.
  10. And another… Wind your neck in. Never have done the mock team selections & certainly not for fear of ridicule. High percentage posted are nowhere near what those paid to do so select & it only serves to fuel ire at Alexander by not getting with their programme. As for offering differing opinion, I reply in kind. Some of the theory on here is open to ridicule rather than debate given the outlandish nature - smacks of not reading the room at any rate.
  11. Jeez. Dress that up how you like. O’Hara out the team skews that finding as he was injured and couldn’t possibly influence. I suspect the midfield are doing what they are asked to by the manager hence, they are selected on that. The rights and wrongs are open to debate.
  12. Read it further up the page & still in disbelief. O’Hara’s inclusion been done to death over last few posts. Tierney on the right side of midfield? Roberts who’s not kicked a ball in weeks (never mind all season) Alexander picks that & I’ll about turn at the turnstile he’d deserve to fall on his sword. i don’t do team selections. Don’t expect formation change, defence is problematic & I wouldn’t be going with 3 forwards, choosing to pack out the midfield supporting as required.

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