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  1. Football has evolved in the 30 or so years since Joe Wark retired though. I certainly don’t recall Richard Tait excelling at the defensive side of the game when he did play at fullback. Defensive headers? It’s as if others don’t make mistakes.
  2. This better positional sense showing the player on the outside you speak of opens the gap between fullback & centre back which the dependable Gallagher doesn’t always fill... The split pass between the two is favoured by Polworth against the opposition regularly.
  3. You’re I’d fashioned. There. Still never answered the question... i never said I didn’t want him to defend, it’s a major flaw in the modern game with many full backs. Well aware he’s not a natural defender, suspect the player himself does - he’s our best option currently. I’ve seen Tait more than most this season - Mr Consistency has lost at least a yard in pace & watching him last Monday Was painful & felt he’s trying to over compensate with performance dipping. The longer he doesn’t fill the right back slot the better player he’s become to the sycophants on here. It is that simple, if he was better than Grimshaw he’d be playing a lot more regularly - he isn’t, are messrs Robinson & Lasley wrong?
  4. Pray tell us where you think he should’ve been positioned that wouldn’t have cost us? He’s very much fitting a modern full back style at the moment. Have a look at the bigger picture or game management as it’s termed. Offering much needed drive and energy he regularly serves as our only outball.
  5. Point none the less valid. It was more about embracing change.
  6. How very... parochial. We’ve moved before and done alright.
  7. Left previous employment there under a bit of a cloud. Physio involved, but, it’s allegedly a requisite at club closer to home.
  8. Suspect you’re not far away with that.
  9. Think both need to give your heads a wobble... I’d be highly surprised if Grimshaw made way for Tait.
  10. I’d wager differently with Turnbull...
  11. Ex-Thistle? Certainly not better than what we currently have developing on first viewing.
  12. Casper Sloth isn’t a holding midfielder and hasn’t featured there in reserve matches I’ve seen...
  13. Fast becoming worst away matchday experience - only having Hamilton as poorer. Club and Society should be questioning the allocation of that end of the main stand with all away fans expected to use the single passageway to access food and toilet facilities .
  14. If Tait was the best right back at the club he’d be playing. That argument has more holes than Swiss cheese! A back 3? It’s been a while...

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