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    Sorted, premium upgrade organised. Get jaked for free, but not too jaked.
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    11 hours from LA to London, couple of hours wait, fly up to Glasgow, watch the game, airbnb for the night, back to London on the Sunday afternoon, crash on a mate's sofa, then a 7am flight back to LA on the Monday. Please make it worthwhile Motherwell! Safe travels to those that are coming from afar, hopefully this is our year.
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    What to you gauge as progression? 2014/15 season - 3 apperances 2015/16 season - 21 apperances 2016/17 season - 42 apperances, called up to the Scotland Under 21 team 2017/18 season - 44 apperances, Scotland U21s and now called up at an international level. When he was injured this season we went on about a 10 game losing streak. He is 21 years old and has played over 100 games for Motherwell. He must be doing something right!
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    Not to white knight Ciftci here but the version we had this season probably needs a bit of context. He's clearly not a gym bro in the same way that many of our squad are and it's fair comment to say that he's erm, not blessed with natural fitness but it's worth mentioning that Rodgers left him out of Celtic's pre-season training camp last summer, he didn't sign for Plymouth until 21st August so missed their pre-season as well given their league season started 5th August. By all accounts Adams signed him for Plymouth and had no idea what to do with him. He picked up an injury playing for Plymouth's u20s in mid-October and his spell with them amounted to 8 appearances and 537 mins of first team football in 6 months. When he signed for us he had 19 minutes of football since mid-September. His two loan spells previous to Plymouth amounted to: 373 mins (Pogoń Szczecin) and 883 mins at Eskişehirspor where he had 4 goals in 12 appearances. His time and lack of opportunities as a Celtic player is pretty well documented. So the upshot of that is you're talking about a player who hasn't had regular first team football since he left United in July 2015. So, that's a player who arrived at Fir Park with no pre-season to speak of save kicking about with Celtic's u20s last summer and has had no regular first team football for going on 3 years. It's probably fair to say that his fitness would have been a pretty low base when he arrived (and probably still is as a result). The St Johnstone game earlier in the month was his first start for us since the end of February (so going on 2 months). The "fat Turkish waiter" shouts were still with him at United but I don't think anyone on here would deny that he was a very effective player for them. Similarly it's surely no coincidence that his best form tied in with him playing regularly and being a valued member of the squad/team. Which is presumably what Robinson is offering him if it's true that we're in for him. My take is that he's clearly a naturally talented (if not a naturally fit) footballer who needs to be playing regularly to get the best out of him. While we've got plenty players who will graft and put in a shift we don't have many gifted players around the squad and such are our resources the pool of players with natural ability who will be accessible and want to come to Fir Park is going to pretty limited and there are undoubtedly going to be caveats there. Long story short, I'm well up for us signing him.
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    I'd rather lose the cup than be a celtic fan.
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    Was able to go back to bed after the final whistle. Probably did me good to get a couple of hours sleep. Disappointed with the way it went obviously. Unfortunately we lost goals at bad times and the game was pretty much over when the second one went in. Cannot agree with anyone putting the boot into McHugh. The guy looked utterly dejected. At our level you win as a team and you lose as a team. Also felt that, while we did improve when Bigi came on, he benefitted from the state of the game at the time. Celtic had taken the foot off the gas and the midfield opened up nicely for him to show his abilities. Absolutely no guarantee that he could have done that from the outset. Cannot fault them on effort and attitude. as I sat watching, alone in the dark at 2am on a cold Kiwi morning, trying to ignore the shite commentary on BEIN sport’s covera, I was sure I heard the applause at 19 minutes for the lad who passed away a day or so before the final. I felt a shiver down my spine and stood for a moment, holding my late father’s scarf just a little tighter. At the end of the game, watching their players and support celebrate, I immediately realised that I could never support a team like that. If you are a Motherwell fan, you are in it for the long haul. No religion, no politics, no “we won and that makes me better than you because you lost”. Just a sense of the place from where we or our families came from and a love of the game and trying to play it the right way. Today my team gave their all and behaved with dignity when it wasn’t enough to win the prize. I can live with that. And so the story continues.
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    It's better than Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants, but not as good as Definitely Maybe.
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    That Connor Sammon shout will take some topping, even this early in the close season.
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    Hello everyone. Grant Russell, communications manager at the club, here. Sorry if any of you haven't had your codes to renew your season tickets through yet. The transition to Ticketmaster saw us bring across our existing season ticket database and then send out an email to everyone we had email addresses for, which was about 80% of our database. We've now followed this up after the cup final with letters to those of you we don't have an email address for. If anyone is still waiting on a code, please don't hesitate to send us an email at [email protected], send us a message on Facebook or send a DM on Twitter. We've opened up as many lines of communication as possible in the last few months to make us more accessible and answer any questions or queries you have as quickly as possible. We're always looking to improve how we communicate, and I'm always open to any ideas you've got as well. Feel free to get in touch any time!
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    Leave politics out of it. The well has been poisoned already by the Ugly Sisters. Scottish football is the worse for it, and has been so for yonks. For those who have chosen to disparage MFC on here today, I have seen far more talented teams (from 1962 onwards) who have never even sniffed a SCF, so think again, Poindexters. We have a young manager and a young squad who will learn much from today: I've bought my season and am looking forward to next season already, damn my happy-clapper hide. Our trolls can swivel, imho.
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    Because I work for them and I'll see about getting you an upgrade since you're making an epic journey. Give me the flight number and I'll check who the captain and cabin manager is
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    In my 41 years of going to Fir Park, as far as Im concerned, its been a damn decent season. Ok, no silverware, and the December performance impacted our chances of a top 6 place, but to have 2 cup finals, winning 11 of the 13 cup games, scoring 29 goals and conceding just 9 has been superb. And we did beat the likes of Rangers, Hearts and Aberdeen (twice) to get there. Of those 4 games, scored 10 and let in 1. Thats good cup form. In terms of the Scottish Cup final squad that started, only 4 were here or regulars last year. 7 were new to the club and Main and Aldred only joined in January, whereas Celtic had 10 of their 11 from last year. As for the playing budget, we have the 2nd lowest in the Premiership, Celtic are 15 times ours. Remember they got pumped 12-1 from PSG with their superior budget. So the positives, we have the lowest squad age in the league. We had our record 20 clean sheets. We played more domestic games than any other in the Premiership. Attendances are up 29% from last year (saw that figure on twitter). Players play for each other and fight till the end. We gave several u20 players their first team debuts. We have one of the fittest squads. We have a manager who talks the team up and is not afraid to make changes and drop players. We have an excellent team with regards to Social Media, such as the Hartley video, Time for New Heroes etc. The Up The 'Well re-release from The Banter Thiefs gained coverage on local and national papers, TV, Radio, Twitter, Facebook and youTube and helped promoted Motherwell. A CEO who engages with the fan base. The money gained from the cup runs, hospitality, merchandise etc all help with lowering debts, improving the facilities at FP and hopefully some will go towards the playing budget. Disappointing as it was not to win a cup, Ive been proud to be a 'Well fan this season and enjoyed the highs we have had. For next season, top 6 and fingers crossed, a cup win.
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    A post like that deserves rebuke. Well beaten today no doubt but gulf in wages and resources is huge. Not a happy clapper just a realist. Love my team and proud of what we have achieved this season.
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    I personally thought the rendition of Flower of Scotland was a tad embarrassing. The Celtic Palestine display was also cringe worthy as politics should be kept out of football. No doubt they will face a fine from the SFA.
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    Ciftci is silky as fuck. Knock a few pounds off him and he will tear defences in the SPL a new arsehole. Some of the stuff he was doing against Hamilton was outrageous and to be honest thats what I want to pay to watch. His rabona pass in the middle of the park against Accies was one of my highlights of the season.
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    We are talking about one single game. There have been other times this season when Campbell or Grimshaw have made way first. I don't think anybody would argue that McHugh played well on Saturday but it is only one game. I would agree that McHugh has struggled in the second half of this season at times but he has still made a massive contribution to the cause. What interests me is that when fans look for a little bit of loyalty from players they don't see the need to reciprocate. For me McHugh has encapsulated the fighting spirit of the team this season. He puts his head and body where it hurts for the cause. He has flung himself into his duties as team captain both on and off the pitch and has played no small part in cultivated the togetherness that is apparent within the squad. I watched an interview where Tanner singled out McHugh as being of great support during his injury spell. Maybe he is just burnt out at the end of a long hard season. For me he deserves our support and that some are looking for him to be cast out after a poor cup final performance is a bit disappointing.
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    Not even with direct flights from Auckland to Dubai. Think it is about 23 hours in the air from New Plymouth to Glasgow. When you mentioned it, I did briefly consider it. My wife is at the gym. I could have just left her a note.
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    I’ve watched Motherwell legends since I was 3, beginning with the Ancell babes, St John and Andy Weir. I’ve seen amazing players: Joe McBride, Willie Pettigrew, Joe Wark, Phil O’Donnell. I’ve seen some amazing goals, ridiculously good football. But I don’t remember a team so wholly and collectively committed, so universally industrious and so tightly knit and focused as this current team. They deserve success. However, they must earn it on the pitch this Saturday. They have been amazing in the run up to the final : each and every one speaking with a relaxed self confidence combined with an intense passion and drive to win. Tomorrow I hope they channel this superb collective energy and run over the top of Celtic. We can do it! COYW...
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    having lost my Dad almost 4 years ago Saturday is going to be very emotional and I am wearing one of his well t shirts and pin badge for the game. I know he will be watching and I just hope we can win it. I was a 19 yr old in 1991 and know how much it meant. I want all our younger fans as well as the auld yins to relive that moment. altogether now...Commmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
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    Enjoyed last night's second half. The first forty-five was a bit of a non-event for us - we struggled to cope early on with Thistle's front three and took a good 20-25 minutes to grow into the game. Bar a flurry of crosses and corners into the box, we didn't do much, and had to rely on Carson looking back to himself (after Saturday) with some smart saves. Second half was a different story though, credit to Robinson for changing the shape from our usual line-up to the diamond as it worked a treat. Just watched the BBC highlights and, although Thistle undoubtedly created more chances and we had to ride our luck a little late on as they threw everyone forward, they make it look like we were under the cosh for 90 minutes. That certainly wasn't the case in the second half, I'd say we edged it as the better team, looked dangerous on the break, killed the game when required, and overall put in a very decent - not fantastic - but very decent second-half performance. Stand outs for me were Carson looking confident and commanding again after Saturday, Cadden who looked far better when he went centrally later on in the game, McHugh who - despite continuing his season of misplaced passes - put in some superb challenges in the middle of the park, and Bowman who ran himself into the ground, gave the Thistle defence a torrid time, and well deserved his goal. However, the really big mentions have to be for Allan Campbell and David Turnbull. The former put in the kind of performance that we've come to expect now, and the latter was tremendous - his composure and technical ability is obvious and he looked like he'd been in the starting line-up for months. There's something really enjoyable and entertaining about witnessing the Youth Academy lads not just progressing into the first XI, but being the best players on the park - if we're going to be watching those two pairing each other in the middle of the park regularly next season, take my season ticket money now.
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    He was absolutely horrendous and did his best to relegate us single handedly.
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    {Every ticket thread on here} "We're in the Final" -- "Brilliant - how many tickets have we sold?" "I don't know - we're in the final" --"Great - but why has 'Flow not insisted on more tickets?" "We're in the Final" --"Aye, Brilliant - can we stop calling it he Celtic end?" "It's our second final of the season" --"I know, but the tickets - how many? "It's the FINAL" --"Aye, but the tickets need to go to real 'Well fans, not day trippers" "2nd FINAL" --"Only half the tickets sold? That's poor" "IT'S THE FINAL" --"Do I need to sit in my allocated seat?"
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    Absolutely. I think Grimshaw's character has got to be commended here. He's gone from captaining Manchester United youth team and probably dreaming of stepping out at Old Trafford to no doubt seeing some of his team-mates going on to bigger and better things while he was getting relegated from the English third tier, then struggling to get a start at Motherwell. Other players might have huffed and puffed or come in with an ego, but he strikes me as a grafter who just absolutely loves playing football and is a good character to have off the pitch. Fair play.
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    Liam Grimshaw and Andy Rose have signed new deals great news.
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    Me the wife and grandson booked up a while ago to visit home arriving in Scotland May 30th, due to waiting on his school year finishing. However, hidden away somewhere in the depths of the league cup final thread I said I wasn't coming over to league cup final ' cause I was saving my money for the Scottish cup final. So leave here Thursday arrive Friday morning then back on the plane Monday morning. Back in Austin for. About a week then back to join in the extended celebrations. The wee man said he'll colour his hair claret and amber if motherwell win the cup. COYW. ive got that 1991 feeling !!
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    Simple indeed. Can we leave you to handle the phonecall to the shirt sponsor to let them know that a portion of the advertising space they have just bought will now be left blank? But thanks for all that money though...
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    Agreed, it's the sort of shite that is making this website unreadable ,,,,, fact !!!!!!
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    Do we know for a fact that McAllister showed no interest in the motherwell job? I was of the belief that he was in the running when “forever claret and amber” Stuart McCall got the gig? I can’t say that I can get excited about him going to Rangers. There are two sides to this coin, We’ve won a cup, qualified to Europe and played in the champions league under the leadership of ‘life long’ Rangers fan management. We’ve had many ‘life long’ Rangers fans in C&A. We named a stand after one FFS!!!! So, perhaps it’s a little hypocritical to chastise one of our own for doing the same thing. His appointment is a sensible one for Gerrard. They are old mates, he knows the league, he knows the people and they’ll have each other’s back. Football is an industry. A profession. Im surprised at the shock and awe by some.
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    He was offered to us on a plate and of low cost. Fitness doubts are well recorded throughout his career especially in Scotland. A maverick, we played to his strengths in last match and reaped reward. Can we replicate that regularly enough? Remains to be seen. But, for the life of me, can't see why genuine talent and creativity is often disregarded amongst some on here. Who would you advise Robinson to utilise his budget on in a similar role?
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    Ok then lads, exactly who is signing Bigi and Carson as you both are apparently "in the know!" Thats the main thing that gets on my tits at this time of year , "Player A is away, heard it here first" Aye? Well why dont you enlighten us? Either substantiate your claims or stfu, its tedious
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    Most people in England are the same as most people in Scotland, decent hard working individuals with the same values. When I moved up from Yorkshire 20 years ago I was told all sorts of prejudiced nonsense about life in Scotland, it was all obviously rubbish.
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    We were beaten by Robinson's tactics. Two up front and and out numbered in the middle of the park. A Grimshaw, McHugh and Campbell midfield is never going to be able to take the pressure of the defence. Individually I thought the players did ok. Campbell and Carson were outstanding. Kipre was very good. Dunne was his usual self with great defending and terrible passing. Hopefully we use the money from these runs to bring in some footballers and open up a bit so we are better to watch next season. The worst bit of the day was when I noticed Petracvicuis warming up..... The people who are raging about the Gaza protest would probably have raging about a Free Nelson Mandela protest in the 80s.
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    A friend got his son a picture with a certain former player .... he will always have a special part of my manlove I thought only Tommy Coyne could own fully
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    A deflating day, although I must admit, my disappointment eased a touch having gone back to Fir Park after the game for a bit. It was nice to be around like minded souls. Obvious stuff but the game was won and lost in the first half. It was just such a disappointing first half performance from us. I think just about everyone bought into in the air of assurance and confidence that all at the club were showing beforehand but I think that just made the tentative and hesitant performance in the opening half hurt all the more. We performed much more creditably in the second half but Celtic obviously had the two goal cushion and had no real requirement to push on at that stage. If Bigi's free-kick had gone in or Cadden's header gone in or even veered further in the direction of Frear, who knows how the last few minutes might have panned out but the better team won and on this occasion we only have ourselves and not Craig Thomson or any official to blame this time. I think there's definitely a debate to be had about where we stand currently and what we need to do to progress and move forward but are those few minutes after full time when the rawness after a Cup Final loss is at it's greatest the time for that? Or when some of the contributions smack of capitalising on an opportunity to air negative opinions when morale has taken a hit. Rather than any perceived failing on the support I actually thought that most waiting around to applaud the team after the game and when they got their medals reflected well on us. A fact remarked upon by one or two in the media and some of the opposition support. I've seen loads of finals where the losers have fucked off pronto but I think it's to our credit as a support that we've sucked up the results of the League Cup and Scottish Cup Finals and hung around to show appreciation to the team. It can surely only enhance the rapport between the players and supporters and be viewed as a positive when attempting to attract or retain players. So, a disappointing end to the season without question but undoubtedly a season that's been a success on so many levels be that the improvement in league position, the success we've achieved in Cup competitions that have been so coveted and are so valuable to the club financially. But the club's Twitter account is right, it doesn't end here. It can't end here. A success it has been but there remains a fairly high ceiling in the league for improvement, an opportunity to expand upon to the style or at least add a variety to the type of football played and of course we will always retain aspirations of lifting silverware again (oh for the fortune of playing a non-Old Firm side in the Final again!) I'll be renewing the season ticket next week!!
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    And the winner is... Irene Savage! I'll be in touch Irene to make the arrangements for the MFC season tickets... congratulations! (I have recorded the draw from start to finish, and will post it on my Facebook page, to show that it was legit). Thanks everyone who made a donation... my sponsors have raised over £3500 for the MS Society, cheers!
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    My uncle was a big traditional Scottish music fan and he bought me the single way back in 1969. I still have it, however, I don’t remember ever seeing us playing in the pictured all white kit. I went to every game, home and away so it must have happened at some point and I’ve blanked it from my memory.
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    Don't know if it has been posted anywhere else but it deserves to be posted here too, the banter thiefs have done an updated version of "up the Well" which in itself is fantastic but they also got other fans and players involved. For anyone that' not seen it here is the link.
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    there was no need for boyd's antics back in the 2011 final,he was lapping up the attention from the celtic end on the walk around the pitch and as soon as he got too our section he was kissing the badge on his celtic scarf,considering he started his career with us and lifted the scottish cup as captain,you would think he would have shown a bit of respect that day.in short he's a total cunt and is just part of a really long list of reasons why i would love us too stick it too they bastards on saturday.
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    From your several posts about him in the past you've clearly formed your opinion of him and those are very unlikely to be changed, which is fair enough. For me he had done everything and more that could have been asked of him since he arrived up until the injury at the start of the season. He had produced several assists towards the end of the season when he came into the team, got that all important goal against Killie last season and grabbed a couple of late winners in the League Cup games against Edinburgh City and Berwick. But it's just been stop start and never happened for him since between injury, never quite getting the necessary level of match sharpness and it has to be said questionable form. I'm sure that when he when was persuaded to head north it would not have been with a vision of playing left wing-back nor is it a position that I think that gets the best from him. But he has proven himself to an adequate stand-in, in the role and provides the necessary versatility as and when we do go with four in midfield. Next season is a big one for him though. He has to make a bigger impression or he's going to find himself increasingly more vulnerable as the likes of Livingstone and Hastie return to the club with a hunger for more first team action following their respective loan spells.
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    Can’t comment about the buzz in the home land but my house is proper buzzing. The whole family is coming up for the game. This will be the Mrs first Well game and the kids first trip to Scotland and the weans are absolutely bouncing with excitement. My boy who’s only 6 knows every one of the squads names to faces and is having dreams about what Hamden is going to be like. I think the Mrs is secretly more excited about having fritters (just don’t get them down south) and a trip to Cafe Shebab (does anyone recommend a better Indian buffet?) but putting that to one side, she’s even volunteering to wear a motherwell strip. For this to happen, it must truly be a monumental occasion. on the topic of tickets, I was a telephone purchase and I had to wait. Having suffered by this with proper shite seats in 2011, I can’t fault the staff. A Well daft member of my group is travelling up with a double ankle fracture and is gonna be pretty immobile on the day. The team did a good job (even as a delayed order process) of giving us tickets that will be easier for him. All the people I speak to have written us off and think I’m daft for being so optimistic but I cannot bloody wait for the game and I honestly think we are gonna piss on their chips. COYW !!!!
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    Why do none of the mock ups show a pot-belly so that we would know what it really looked like
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    Yes it was to to remove the SPFL vote from 11-1 majority to a more balanced system, but it was more an opportunity for clubs to stand up to Old Firm and set a precedent. No question the SPFL has more influence than the SFA these days, the fact Doncaster is on the SFA board tells you that in black and white. Aberdeen decided they wanted to fill the "void" left by Rangers and blocked it - a decision they will regret when/if Rangers take the league back to a two horse race. Aberdeen rightfully deserve all the critics going for such a judas act. Keeping Rangers in the league was a different thing altogether for me and yes the club got initial stance wrong - but the chance to wrestle power and control from two teams was priority. Fact is, the chance to make any kind of change in the status quo of Scottish Football has been and gone so not matter how utterly stupid having a "end" at our neutral national stadium be, its not going to change. As others have said, the west and north stands are better anyway. Better parking for buses, better pubs, closer to train station and if it's a sunny day you won't have the sun blinding you if you are in the front 30 rows! Of all the things we can pick a bone with, this is way down the priority list for me.
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    When met McCulloch, were you in the East Stand with an umbrella?
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    It's been a while since folk had it out for Burrows. Good to see seating number is the choice of moans this time
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    That can't work everytime though. Nadir is 26 years old, we are in a position to sign him as Celtic are paying him off. If he has one good season with us then there is a chance a Championship side might sign him for £500K . Or he might just stay with us for 3 seasons and get double figures each time. I have seen enough this season to confince me he is a really good player and he also seems to be really happy at Motherwell. He can eat as many Kebabs as he wants, as long as he continues to nutmeg three accies payers in a row then knock it into the pokey.
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    It's not updating things I object to. It's the "modern twist" phrase which is, more often than not, used as an excuse to add some ridiculous feature to an existing design and call it new to sell you the same thing twice. Same with food where "modern twist" means sticking chocolate on your steak and serving it on a reclaimed roof tile.
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    Fuck sake! Was near greetin’ reading that from Maxwell there!
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