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    This one from a few years ago made me chuckle. I actually played on that team and played in that game. I remember a few of the boys from that team but no idea where they are now. I was #7 and played on the right hand side. Here is what I remember. Willy McLean and Bobby Jenks were in charge of the team. GK - James ??? (played club football in Edinburgh, played for us in Milk Cup and the following year in BP Youth Cup), RB - Jon Combe (I think, another Edinburgh lad), CB Paul Doyle (signed YTS after tournament), LB - Tam Augatis (sp.) also signed YTS after that tournament. Me at RM, CM - A lad called David Gemmill, Up front were 2 Bathgate lads. Paul Ferguson was one (was a YTS signing), the other was a lad called Les Malone (I met Les a few years later, I was studying at Heriot Watt, he was also studying in Edinburgh. I roomed with a guy called James Mulgrew (Dixie), I think he went on to become an attorney. The others I can't really recall. We played Colraine at their home ground in opening game and won. I remember the Man United game the most. It was 0-0 after extra time. Beckham had a penalty saved in the 90 minutes. We lost on penalties and walked off with Nobby Stiles arm around me. The other United coach was Brian Kidd. That was good team. I signed YTS after that summer and played the following year. We had a good BP youth team that year too and went to the semi final. Losing against His at Easter Rd. Alex Burns was in that team, Innes Ritchie, Paul Lavery, and a few of the boys I mentioned earlier. Best I can do. Brought back some great memories. I wish I had the program.
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    Scott Brown is a fucking embarrassment to Scottish Football...... If only we could bring out off retirement COLIN O'NEIL for just one tackle.!!!!!
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    Absolutely. There's too much negativity going around just now about the team's playing style. In our situation a manager's first priority should be to stabilise the team and sort out the defence to reduce the goals aginst column. Thats what Robbo has done. Once thats been achieved then the next stage is to concentrate on improving the attack. You're right, some of wee Tommy's early teams were "dire" to watch - soaking up pressure, not conceding too many, and then breaking away to score the odd goal. Jim MacLean adopted the exact same approach at Tannadice and was lauded for his "attractive" footballing style. I've only ever deserted our team twice, albeit temporarily, once during the dire Alex Mcleish era; and once in the mid 80s when I went to Tannadice to watch Dundee United and Hibs in preference to our own game. I'd been brainwashed by the media into thinking that Jim MacLean's team was the finest footballing team Scotland had ever produced. I got carried away and just had to see this game for myself. Hibs pounded them for 89 minutes and penned them back in their own box but couldn't score. United broke away twice and scored twice to win 2-0. The Arabs went crazy as did the media over this footballing "masterclass". It just left me cold. I decided there and then that there was nothing wrong with following our own club. Much more recently our 1-0 defeat to Kilmarnock seemed to go down very well with the Ayrshire fans despite their style resembling two parked doubler decker buses. I didn't hear many moans and complaints at the game from their fans or read scathing comments afterwards. Maybe some of our fans have unrealistic expectations? Right now I'm perfectly happy with us winning 1-0 by playing defensively, playing the long ball or whatever. Yes, playing flowing silky soccer is nice but that comes later. All that said, it seems to be in vogue for certain fans to criticise fellow fans who wanted Stephen Robinson sacked a few months ago. All I would say is live and let live. These boards and football in general, are all about opinions and no-one should be sneered at for holding a different view. Our team is doing quite well just now and despite internal differences our fanbase should stick together. There's room for all shades of opinion so long as we show mutual respect.
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    At this rate there'll need to be a motherwell end soon
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    Accies really need called out on the disgraceful way they treat away supporters. What other entertainment industry would encourage you to buy a £22 ticket in advance and then: Make you queue for 25 minutes in pissing rain watching empty cash gates with folks going straight in Have the police and stewards give you lip when you dare suggest it might be a good idea to let folks with tickets use the cash gate. (Ridiculous amount of police there just standing about) Outright refusal from the match commander to delay kick off to let everyone in. Get searched before you finally get in Piss poor catering Third world inadequate and dangerous toilets And if you had the misfortune to park in the covered car park and leave early to get a quick getaway you can just sit in your car while your exit is blocked by 3 stewards so while they could have let that traffic get out and away naw lets just keep them in and add to the congestion with everyone leaving at same time. Judging by the horns blaring there was a fair amount of anger. Not even mentioned the appalling pitch. A win or a 10 man draw just about makes it all bearable but that performance today just rubbed salt into the wounds. Doubt I will be back, Accies do not deserve our money Sent from my SM-A320FL using Tapatalk
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    I see the club are running buses again... Getting to Hampden The club are operating a bus from the Cooper Bar on the day of the game. The bar will be open before departure for food and drink. The bus, which will take supporters to and from Hampden Park, will cost £8. Supporters will be able to buy this shortly. Semi final hospitality Come and enjoy the day in style with our pre and post-match hospitality here at Fir Park. For just £80, you can get: Your match ticket Hot breakfast roll Match programme Official bus to and from Hampden Park Pay bar facility at Fir Park Hot buffet served at Fir Park on your return
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    Great team performance thought the back three were outstanding with everyone else working their socks off. Pity the captain will miss the semi as he played a real captains role yesterday even after he got booked .Who would have thought we would be in two semis this season ( not me) so let me eat a bit of humble pie and say well done to Mr Robinson and his staff and hope he can make it two finals in one season
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    That was just brilliant. That is the type of game and result that makes all the miserable cold wet afternoons watching 1-0 defeats worthwhile. Right through the team we had great performances and a real togetherness. After the penalty Dunne put his arms around Cedric and encouraged him and Aldred did the same after the winning goal. I thought the three of them played great as a unit. Who would have thought that we would not miss Hartley and the much maligned Dunne would become such an important player. Carson showed why he should be POY. Apart from his game saving save he commanded his area and spreads confidence. Tait was good too. He is so two footed and his versatility allows us to change formation. He started at left wing back and finished at right full back. Then there is little Alan Campbell who runs around terrorising players that are bigger and look stronger and he can play too. Then the captain who does so much to protect the back three and his wonder strike will live long in the memory. Mains dribble at the end and completely doing the wee laddie in the Hearts team just epitomised the strength and fitness of the squad. Levein was hilarious in his interview. He was feeling so comfortable that he was thinking of making a positive change to nick it. What with 5 minutes to go. Our boss did it with 15 to go. He changed from 3-5-2 to 4-4-2 then took off our right back and put on a left winger whose cross led to the winner. On to Hampden. Hopefully we can make the top six too. Maybe yesterday will lead to a Hearts collapse and we can sneak in. So many positives yesterday but the doom mongers on here need to find something to moan about so we get moans about the low home support. Whether you were there or watched on the telly for God's sake enjoy a great performance and result against a club who have way more resources than us.
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    I think the low crowd was down to the poor performances at home over the last few months. Apart from the absolutely freezing St Johnstone second half it's been grim at home since September. There's not been much to keep the casual fan interested and they stayed at home today. We showed our good side and bad side today. Started well and got a goal through pressure. Fell out the game, couldn't pass the ball for 25 minutes but stayed alive through sheer bravery and commitment in our own 18 yard box. Then worked our way back in by winning 50/50s by superior fitness and scored a jammy/amazing goal. I'm delighted for Carl McHugh. He's had a difficult season but he's constantly battling for the ball and putting his body on the line. I think he has took a lot of the blame for the our shitfesting style of play, he's a centrehalf playing in midfield and the amount of challenges he contests and wins makes him well worth a start.
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    By my reckoning, we went into this season having lost 10/10 cup games against top flight opposition since the final in 2011. To win 6 this season is incredible. Huge credit to Robinson for turning the mentality of the club around.
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    Great article in The Scotsman today about Peter Marinello. I was at that Cowdenbeath cup game (along with half of Lanarkshire it seemed) and remember that goal. A classic 70s tale of wasted talent. Still one of my favourite 'Well players, though. The strike force of Marinello, Graham, Pettigrew is unmatched in my lifetime.
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    Just saw this tweet from the club marking Robinson's first 50 games in charge: Given the fact that we were debating whether he should be binned a few weeks ago, and some are still not keen, I hadn't realised how impressive the stats were. However you look at it, that's a superb record so far.
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    Aye fuck it - let’s do it
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    Is it time you went to bed?
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    One of the performances of the season all things considered I think. A terrific response to the disappointment of last weekend and we looked a much better balanced team with another striker alongside Main and a lot more width than was evident at Hamilton. I thought we were unfortunate not to be ahead by the time Kipre was red-carded. Main was unlucky with the header, and it was interesting to see the power generated in his free-kick too. Bowman was also unfortunate with his volley. Add in the amount of times we were getting crosses in, forcing errors deep inside their own half and the few chances they had been limited to it was a very encouraging start to the game for us. And then the sending off. From my perspective it looked retaliation at the time as you could see Kipre's foot in the air but having seen clips since it seems incredibly harsh, though hardly surprising. The evidence speaks for itself over an increasing number of game that we need not do very much at all to coax Mr Thomson into action. The second half was just a wonderful example of what can be achieved when you have organisation, determination, good players who are on it, and of course a wee bit of luck. Early on it seemed like it was going to be only a matter of time but we grew into the game more and more as the half wore on. For a minute or two I even had a wee feeling it was going to be one of those special afternoons but whilst that never quite materialised I think all concerned can be proud of their efforts. I must admit it for all the chat about new scoreboards and screens I was pretty happy I was in blissful ignorance as to how long was left as that second half wore on. It was only when the injury time was announced it dawned on me how little time was left and the nerves really kicked in, albeit we'd a few close shaves before that. In truth I think the result means little in terms of top six, if not perhaps league position, but it sends out lots of signals to McInnes who was there and to Celtic themselves should we have a further encounter with them at Hampden in May. We've had two draws against them this season but I think it says much about our performances against them that I still don't quite think we've had the rewards our displays against them have meritted. It would be so so sweet were we to make good on that in the Cup Final.
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    Richard Tait but it could easily have been Carson Campbell or main
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    McDonald is talking pish. Kipre hasn't hit Brown with any more force than Brown hit him with. If Cedric intentionally gets himself sent off during a relegation battle then Skippy will be the man to quote for insight.
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    Top trolling by the SFA! Sent from my Wileyfox Swift using Tapatalk
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    A wee trawl through you tube came up with this cracker.....so much goalmouth incident and great goal line clearances from old rubber legs himself. If we get Killie in the semi final would love to think we will get this level of excitement. Find 11mins and sit back and enjoy! Sent from my SM-A320FL using Tapatalk
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    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the announcer who sounded as though he'd been landed with the job at about half past two.
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    Happened upon this insightful video again recently and after the chat of 'well fans to play for the team thought I'd give it a share here.
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    I am bound to take stick for this but I think Cadden is baws. He's strong and reasonable when it comes to pace. He's been found out at our level by most teams and hasn't put a decent cross in for ages.
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    Most annoying to be beaten by Panathonaccies' 2nd XI after last week's euphoria. The only concession I would have made for this potential shitfest would have been to play Main and Bowman up front with Tanner in behind and let battle commence. I suppose Robinson is inexperienced as a manager, unlike Clarke, but as long as he learns from this dreadful performance, all may not be lost. I thought we had got The McGhee Tinkerman performances out of our system but this brings back terrible memories. Trying to match Accies like this is like trying to wrestle a pig: you end up getting covered in shit but the pig really enjoys it all.
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    There has been much to complement about our team and management this season, but this isn't one of those times. I thought we were way off it on and off the park today. I understand the thinking that you win the battle and you then impose your game on the opposition but we set ourselves up for a midfield battle that simply never happened and as a consequence the minute they went ahead we were chasing the game with a setup and formation that did not give us the best chance of remedying the situation. It was all the more curious a decision when you consider that the formation and line up of recent games was sufficient to win games where we've been on the back foot and the front foot. Why the lack of faith that it could take care of a depleted Hamilton side? What I would say is that I couldn't fault the team for effort and they kept going until the end. Nor were exactly under the cosh at any point, they have beaten us through getting a break off the ball and a defensive balls up. But in terms of us actually attacking we were so lacking in quality, nous and imagination and when openings did come we blew them, such as Cadds dancing along the touchline only to put his cross straight out and Main standing unmarked waiting for a pass from Cadden that never reached him. That second opportunity was particularly galling given the fuck up that came a couple of minutes that gave Accies their second. Oddly I find myself not that upset at losing because it was Hamilton and a derby, nor the fact that it kills off any lingering top six hopes, but with St Johnstone and Hamilton gaining ground and some difficult fixtures ahead of the split it leaves that annoying lingering whiff still hanging around that we might get dragged back in. Over the season this team have accumulated a lot of credit in the bank but that was such a disappointing and lacking display today. Some reflection from the management team and a harsh word or two required I think.
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    Contain Accies LOL whit a load of pish we should be running over the top of them
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    Aye right. For the very limited time he's been on the pitch he's looked pacey, energetic and come close to scoring a few times. He's also only 21.
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    Yeah probably punishment for those fans who didn't turn up on Sunday
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    I'm just chucking this out there and many (most) will probably disagree, but if we make the Cup Final i'd rather be bottom 6. The more chance we have of arriving at the final with a winning mentality, the better. Not taking wins against bottom 6 for granted, but it's more likely. This is assuming our safety is assured obviously.
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    I am looking out my crash helmet as I write this. I was as peed off with him as anyone on Sunday but with the benefit of rewatching the game I have to say he got the major decisions right. Disallowed Cadden goal, technically correct Hearts penalty, correct Hearts penalty claim denied at the end, correct Aldred and McHugh bookings, correct (first fouls maybe but bad ones and we would have been screaming for them) Hearts booking after halfway line clash with McHugh, correct Naismith booking, correct. Kipre booking, correct. Was it a perfect performance, no...lack of playing advantage, and you could argue a few yellow cards could have been issued to certain Hearts players for persistent fouling, but it was far from the awful performance I thought it was and all the major decisions were correct.(imo) It is not his fault who is father is, all I can see is a young inexperienced guy making his way in the game, probably in top flight ahead of schedule because the overall standard is not good. We all complain the standard is terrible but I find myself wondering how many capable folks are put off getting into refeering given the stick dished out. (and I plead guilty myself to that). I think there is a bit of a witch hunt starting with this lad because of a few dodgy performances and who his father is, rather than judging on his own merits, which in time may or may not prove to be good enough. I am now disappearing into my nuclear bunker for a few days Sent from my SM-A320FL using Tapatalk
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    Seriously? Ciftci before Bowman everytime.
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    Aye...polite, general discussion. Sad and terrible stuff right enough.
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    Very happy with the performance. We were the better side.......just. Our "first goal" was scored by Tanner from the corner. When the Hearts' keeper got a foot to the ball it was just over the line but I'm not confident the referee would have awarded it given the mood he was in. Not an OG nor down to Main, who made sure. We bossed the first half but lacked a killer touch in the penalty box. Hearts changed things around and it worked for them. Kipre gave away a silly penalty and the Jambos then overran our midfield but fortunately couldn't score a second. We defended deeper and deeper and narrower and narrower. However we got a second wind in the final 10 minutes and McHugh scored with a volley fit to win any game. A good team performance and I liked Carson, who made a crucial save, Dunne, McHugh for his winner, Campbell and Main for battling hard against big uncompromising defenders. Robbo and Keef deserve great credit for masterminding our win and we now have another Hampden day to look forward to. I thought the referee was atrocious and let Hearts players off with murder yet booked our lads without hesitation. Inconsistency at its worst. i would also say his chalking off of Cadden's "goal" was touch and. had he allowed it there would have been no protest from Hearts players and that says it all. A great all round team performance with character.
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    Having Carson in goals is a very solid foundation, went for him. Campbell, Dunne good too, and no sub par performances from anyone
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    McHugh started that whole move by blocking a hoofed clearance with his face. He was probably concussed again when he hit the shot. As the old joke has it, "Send him back out and tell him he's Pele."
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    Piffle. If safety is more important to you then you literally cannot be any safer than finishing in the top six, as there is zero chance of us being relegated or finishing in the playoff spot. We don't have to sacrifice a cup run for top six either so that doesn't fly. If Robinson wants to blood youngsters he can do it in the top or bottom six. At a time where every penny counts we should be doing our damndest to finish as high up the league as possible, for obvious reasons. Playing the Accies away and giving Ross MacLean the odd 20 minutes aren't good enough reasons to not care about finishing on the bottom side of the split.
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    Can't believe people would actually prefer to finish in the bottom six...
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    "Ssome of wee Tommy's early teams were "dire" to watch - soaking up pressure, not conceding too many, and then breaking away to score the odd goal. Jim MacLean adopted the exact same approach at Tannadice and was lauded for his "attractive" footballing style. " Very true, Kmcalpin. I remember in the early days of Tommy's tenure all we had up front was a very young Andy Walker and old war-horse Andy Harrow. John Reilly was then a panic signing from The Arabs whose career was virtually ended soon after by a knee injury, so zero attacking options after that. There was one game at FP when Charlie Nicholas played for Aberdeen in which we actually scored early and spent about the next 70 minutes defending desperately to win, if my memory serves me correctly: nerve-racking stuff.. Our team has a strong spine now and I am sure Robbo will planning Stage Two of The Project.
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    If we get top six we'll probably have Rangers, Celtic and Aberdeen away. It might be more entertaining to get bottom six, play some kids, cut out the shitfesting and at least get a good away day at Partick and a chance to help relegate Dundee and/or Accies.
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    Murphy has the ability to play for Scotland...no doubt about it. As for any celebrations that are causing offence in games that dont even involve Motherwell...sort your life out. I know if I had the chance to score a goal for my boyhood team, I'd be giving it big licks.
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    After last week's game against Kilmarnock there were 207 replies by midnight on the Sunday (we lost 1-0). So far today, admittedly with 2 and a half hours still to go till midnight, there have been 75 replies to yesterday's game (we won 1-0). But carry on telling yourself, and others, that that is the reason, if you really think it.
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    Why not merge both of them into liquidation then Scottish football can progress and the other 40 teams can enjoy it

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