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    A BIG Thank To The Following: (In no particular order) Kenny from Portadown, a Motherwell fan on the way to the game who helped us with directions in Glasgow All the locals we met on the way to the ground who wished us luck and hoped we enjoyed our time in Motherwell All the staff in Club 100 who made us feel welcome before and after the game All the staff in the bar in the ground who looked after us All the stewards and staff inside and outside the ground All police we met, some we had good banter with! Andy, who has the Motherwell Football Programmes on Facebook who sent me on some Motherwell programmes from past European games to put in our programme Stuart, your historian who sent me some bits and pieces And Lastily, the BIGGEST THANK YOU goes to the 2 girls (I have to be careful here, maybe early 20's) who gave a Motherwell pin page with the crest and poppy together to my son. We tried to go into the club shop after the game but it was closing just as we tried. I never noticed them but they saw us trying to go in. We then were heading over to Club 100 and met Willie McStay on the way and were chatting to him when they come over. They were so apologetic that the pin was all they had to give him, they were so nice and a credit to your club. He wore it on his jersey that evening and yesterday on the way home and will be wearing it next Thursday. Safe trip to any fans travelling over.
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    That chant - or any other bigoted, racist, ect chant - should never be heard at FP.
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    I'm almost the polar opposite of that. If I was that bothered about winning then I'd support a team that won things. I fully understand the whole "it's the result that matters" attitude, it's just not for me. If it's just the result that matters then I'll just check the result and spend my time and money doing other things. If you want me to actually come and watch, and pay a relatively high amount of money to do so, then you have to give me something to watch. For me, entertainment isn't tied to the level of football being played. I can walk round to my local public park and watch games that are very entertaining, but that doesn't mean they are EPL level. On a similar note, I got rid of Sky Sports a couple of years back because the majority of EPL games were eye-bleachingly boring and unentertaining. Again, not a comment on anyone being right or wrong, just an illustration of what different people are looking for from their matchday attendance. I fully agree that peoples jobs aren't linked to whether or not I'm enjoying myself or not though. And the exact reason for that is because of the above...there's not a concensus of opinion. For every person who is bored out of their mind watching the team at the moment, there's another one who is only interested in results and relative achievements, and no-one's getting the sack for only appealing to half the customers.
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    I might be easily amused, but I always find it funny that the anti-science crew are quite happy to use the science that gave us global instantaneous communication to share their insights.
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    Hearing the abuse shouted at Alexander when he was giving his post-match interview was really embarrassing. I thought he sounded a bit shaken. I don't care what the industry is, no one should have to go to their job and get shouted and sworn at, no matter what you think of them. He's human and deserves a basic level of respect and anyone who thinks it's okay to address someone else in that manner in any circumstances should take a long hard look at themselves.
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    One thing you need to bear in mind though is a decent amount of our support consists of absolute roasters at the moment for some reason, and as such their knee-jerk reactions and short-term rage should never come into the decisions being made by the professionals who make up our board. We're booing our own team consistently, throwing bottles onto the pitch, threatening YouTubers, singing questionable songs and generally not painting a very good image of the clubs support at the moment. Which is a shame, as we actually have a club that fans of many other clubs would give their right arm for. We're well-run, we have a CEO who doesn't only give a fuck what the fans think, but is actually out there interacting with them on social media, we're fan-owned which gives us a say and insight into the club that other fans don't get, we have a social media team that produces some really cool content that provides us with a window into the club and the players, and despite the rattle-throwing and constant fear of impending relegation we've actually done really well over the past five to ten years. Since 2012/13 we enjoyed the following: Finished 2nd twice Finished 3rd Finished top six five times in the past ten seasons European football of some kind in five seasons of the past ten Reached two cup finals Finished 11th once, and even then it gave us the play-off games against Rangers I know this might not be popular, but in all honesty our fans have absolutely nothing to be complaining about. Even if we do have a bad season this year and finish in the bottom six. I honestly think much of our fanbase at the moment is spoiled.
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    Not news but one for other oldies like me. I'd recorded The Big Match Revisited on ITV4 thru the week. Highlights of 3 games from August '74 presented by Brian Moore. The 3rd match was a 2-1 win for Man City at Maine Road v Leeds. The City 'keeper was Keith MacRae. Good to look back at a show from an era when there wasn't much football on TV. Despite that the main game was Gillingham v Charlton in the old Third Division. I've seen a few of them on ITV4 over the last year or 2 and they liked to cover plenty of games from the lower leagues. It's also good to see games from the latter months of the season back then, anyone who complains about the state of pitches now should see what those guys had to play on.
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    I agree with much of what you both say. The board are damned if they do damned if they don’t. Being a board member or a manager of a team like Motherwell presents significant challenges and it is so easy to be an anonymous armchair critic. I think Alan Burrows in particular has been a huge positive for the club over the last few years and the Board have done a remarkable job of picking the right man at the right time over the last 15 years to ensure our top flight status. The naysayers criticising manager after manger does get wearing after a while. Alexander is actually the first manager since Maurice Malpas that I completely lost faith in. For me the Sligo result and performance was unacceptable. I just get a sense this time that this is the most crucial of appointments and the most challenging to date. I would be delighted and impressed if they have called this one correctly. There is no doubt that it is a very tough call to make. If there is a man that I would want to be successful, Stevie Hammell is the man but I do have the fear for him. He has a really tough task ahead of him.
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    Well it went as expected. Fans can go on about Alexander or this or that player but here's the absolute truth here. The team that's fifth in the League of Ireland came to Fir Park and not only deservedly beat us, they looked better than most of the teams we played last season. As I've said for some time the overall standard of Scottish football and the Premiership is very low and no one should be surprised about what happened tonight. Sligo would most likely beaten St Mirren, St Johnstone, Livingston, Hibs etc as well. This probably won't be a popular opinion on here but the rest of us live off the Old Firm. Without them our league set up would be on a par with the League of Ireland. Maybe worse because they probably aren't completely deluded about the level they are playing at in Ireland. You can sack the manager and bring in 22 new players but nothing changes until we tackle the fundamental failures that have plagued Scottish football for 30 years and are getting worse as every season passes.
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    19 shots today. Nice change, I've often needed 19 shots after watching us to recover my Saturday.
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    Need to get someone from the East Stand as the assistant if it's not Hammell who's manager. The East Stand can judge a player in 15 minutes...
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    Played correctly there is no doubt Stephen O'Donnell should be an asset to our squad.
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    Spiers clearly struggled with the pace/occasion when he came on but I can’t imagine the adrenaline rush he was experiencing. He did very well in the last 5 minutes. Congratulations to the kid on a winning debut. Huge 3 points.
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    Quite honestly I could not care less about those three teams. And I'm not sure any other Motherwell fan cares about them either. My concern is only about Motherwell and the performances under Alexander. Are you suggesting we should stick with the wrong man simply because other Clubs did not see an immediate benefit from change, even if it continues to harm us ? Or are you saying Alexander is the correct man for the job? If so, say so. I might disagree but I will respect your view. If you believe he should be given more time, then how long and how bad does it have to get? Perhaps you could clarify. If last night had been a one off, then fair enough. Painful but fair enough. Benefit of the doubt and all that. But it wasn't a one off. Far from it. Fans have been suffering performances like that since January, and before if folk care to be honest. When you are winning it is easy to turn a blind eye to the direction that is being taken, but when you lose in the pathetic manner we lost last night then it is impossible to ignore. And please don't confuse a lack of surprise at the result with a desire for wanting Motherwell to lose just to prove a point. I don't for a minute believe any Motherwell fan thinks like that. I had hoped that the different approach to the last few games of last season, which ultimately secured a creditable fifth place and Europe, was an indication that Alexander had had a rethink and was prepared to amend his set up. But last night and his moves so far in the transfer market/coaching recruitment do little to support that hope for change. Neither did his post match analysis. Also his game management last night was simply a rerun of last season. How long into the game was it before he made a substitution having watched us struggle? What options has he actually given himself tactics wise? What did he do to affect the way the game was heading? I could just about live with him being given leeway on the basis of of the achievements last season, but only as there was a hint of change. Well I suppose there is a hint of change. We are even poorer, with even less leadership. I read in another thread a theory that folk had an irrational dislike for Alexander because he came across as arrogant and wore nice clothes. Seriously? To me that's deflection tactics by the lessening number that are still behind him. The only reasons folk don't take to Alexander are the product he is putting on the field and the outcomes on a game by game basis since January. If we were performing on the pitch nobody would care if he wore a Tutu and spoke Morningside. Success, entertainment and avoiding embarrassment are what fans hope for. And they could not really care less who delivers it. I might be wrong but I think it is inevitable that Alexander will not last the season, even if we do win in Ireland. For the sake of the Club and the fans I would rather it was sooner rather than later, even if it does cost us financially. Surely the positives about making a change are what should be the deciding factors, not the negatives. especially if those potential negatives are based on other Club's experiences.
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    Not putting each post under scrutiny but, I’m not reading anything like that
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    Kelly and (when he eventually got recalled) Lamie are about the only two that had 5 decent games all season. And they made mistakes as well. Plenty of others........to name a few in no particular order....Carroll, Mugabi, Goss, Shields, McGinley, MacGuire and even Watt and Van Veen....had a run of games where they made the same mistakes over and over. But they were not treated in the same way as O'Donnell. That is, benched and ignored until season end no matter how dire the situation got. Short time memory seems to work both ways. So no. I'm not going to scapegoat O'Donnell for making errors. He sure did, but so did everybody else. Almost the entire team was underperforming from January onwards, if not before. Just some were singled out more than others. O'Donnell was not alone in that but he suffered most. Grimshaw came close but in his case he disappeared from the matchday squad for not being good enough but was not made to sit on the bench game in game out. As for fan votes. I'll take those with a pinch of salt given that many of those voting would not have voted for O'Donnell if he had scored a hat trick in the last five minutes against Celtic/Rangers in a cup final. And if we are to believe fan votes online, then us Motherwell fans voted Goss as our player of the year in the matchday BBC poll. I think O'Donnell was treated appallingly. You don't. We'll just have to agree to differ.
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    We better hope Alexander either lost a significant part of the dressing room or hadn't a clue what he was doing tactically, because if that was a happy squad of players playing to the best of their abilities, we're in deep shit.
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    Don't know where he got the toxic fans stuff from.
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    Could you get anymore patronising if you tried.
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    As one of the more respected posters on here, Im a bit disappointed with a lot of the content of your post. Sure there are some fans who have irrational expectations and sure there are fans who have never liked Alexander, but thats not where we are at here. Last Thursday and last night we have a situation where the vast majority of fans have turned on the manager. That didnt happen overnight, it was a slow war of attrition as gruelling as watching Alexanders brand of football for 18 months. I normally base things on where my thoughts are. Im a pretty loyal guy and one of the last to turn on any manager. So when it gets to the stage that Im at the end of my tether things are pretty bad. I fully supported Alexanders appointment, I thought it was brave out of the box thinking keeping us away from the usual "jobs for the boys" merrygoround that is Scottish Football. I havent been a big fan of his brand of football, but in the first 12 months I saw teamwork, organisation, togetherness and spirit that made us the highest points accumulating team in the top flight behind the big two. In the last 7 months, that has all gone. The boo boys will always be there. Every club has them. But when you lose the majority of the support, its because something is seriously wrong and it rarely ends well. I dont think most fans do disrespect the league of Ireland. I think most understand it has improved significantly, whilst ours has, in the main, regressed. But no one looking at that game last night can come away thinking Sligo are world beaters. You can talk about standards slipping and you would be correct. You can talk about them being half way through their season and yes, that does make a difference. But you know what, Alexander knew all of those things before we broke up for the summer. He knew the dates of the games and he picked the pre season programme and schedule. Despite our dwindling resources we still have a bigger budget than Sligo, we still have better facilities and infrastructure. One of our outfield players WAS a stand out in the League of Ireland, thats why we signed him, but because we wont play to a system that suits our players, he was invisible last night. So Im sorry, any failure to be ready for these games falls on Alexander, and its just one failure too many for me. He has lost the support, he looks like he has lost the players and shows no sign of accepting this and doing anything about it. Thats what will get him the sack.
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    Craigan was ruthless tonight, clearly knows of a rift between GA and O’Donnell and voiced it for all to hear, alongside a scathing breakdown of how utterly shite we are. And good fucking on him for doing so.
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    If you think we have a decent squad then we have traced the root of your delusion. I'll judge Alexander on our league performances. If we have a poor opening round of matches he'll be under a lot of pressure. I'm not judging him on these European matches where facts show we are the minnows while our support adopts a delusion based assumption of superiority. We had exactly the same situation last season against Airdrie.
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    I want to start off by saying that I disagree with the sentiment that Sligo were the better team. They were not, they sat in and defended while we had plenty of possession. We were the better team, but that doesn’t mean we were good. Far from it. We were fucking minging, unable to break down a disciplined team who worked their arses off. The way to beat this team was to switch the ball quickly, work the overload on the wing and whip low balls in for Van Veen and the attacker on the other side to attack. The ONE time we did that Shields managed to miss from 6 yards. Our left side linked up well in the first half a few times but did nothing in the second half. We absolutely must turn this around next week. We can’t get knocked out by a mid table Irish team. Get Bevis and Shields to fuck and find a way to start Tierney in behind a front two of KVV and another striker we sign ASAP. Losing at home to Sligo is very poor, but getting put out the tie altogether and it’s time for Alexander to go. Sitting in Glasgow airport just now and the Sligo squad and a ton of fans are here. Fair play to them they are absolutely buzzing the lot of them.
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    There's a lot could be said about tonight but much has been covered so won't go over that. Couple of things I haven't seen mentioned.. Spittal. No doubt some will simply say he was "shite" but it looks like another case of square pegs in round holes. Playing on the left of a 3 man midfield and being so right footed means he was always running into traffic. Swapping Morris and him with Spittal at least cutting in further up the park could have made sense.. Tierney. A bright spark, someone willing to run with the ball and not take the easy way out and simply throw a cross into an area. Fear that we'll never see the beat of him as he never gets enough time to make a difference... And can we please stop with the 433 leaves uou outmanned in midfield. Pretty much every side plays three in midfield. Wide players in a front three can sometimes drop back to make a nominal 5 in midfield. 433 isn't the problem, 352 isn't the problem. It's not having the players to play a formation that's the issue. As I said earlier, square pegs in round holes...
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    Obviously it's one game and you don't want to read too much into it. However, I think we only scored more than two goals once under Alexander last season. It was a pragmatic approach when this league probably doesn't warrant it. I'd be willing to bet there wasn't a single game under him where we had that many attempts on goal. Every manager has their own philosophy but if Hammell's is to play football and try to score plenty of goals then I'd rather watch us lose playing that way than win trying to stagnate poor opposition. Feels like a long time since we've had someone in charge who actually understood the importance of entertainment. I was getting apathetic about coming to games. Was definitely more habit than desire. Now I'm intrigued to see how we build on this.
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    Didn't take long to reach the stage where some posters would rather Hammell fails so they can say "I was right" than see him succeed and prove them wrong
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    My dad was a Rangers fan also though had not been to a live game for about 8 years and had become scunnered with the OF , though quite the opposite as after he went to his first game with me supporting the Well he enjoyed it so much that he kept going back , bought the season ticket and was as glad as anyone when we won the playoffs His last win seeing the Well at Hampden before he passed on was the 2-0 semi in 2017 which was a great day
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    The grizzlyg serious head says now is time for all of us to unite and get right behind Stevie and team. It wouldn't have mattered who got the job, there would still have been split opinion. My dad was a well fan and so glad as it meant he had me going to games since Ajax friendly in 1977 onwards, no fun supporting old firm, always guaranteed a trophy at some point. Supporting Well is a rollercoaster full of lows but by jeez the highs are great (1991 Scottish cup, the cooper years, 2015 play off pumping of gers and plenty more). Let's get the feelgood factor and cut out the negativity at games, yes it doesn't guarantee success but it's all part of the experience supporting this great club....... COYW
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    Burrows has to take some blame. When Alexander comes to you and asks for Paul McGinn point to Stephen O'Donnell's contract that he signed off on 12 months ago. When he wants Blair Spittal point to Cornelius, Goss and Slattery and ask how he fits in. When he wants 31 year old journeyman Morris just say no. We have only signed three players and we didn't need any of them. Managers are financially insulated from failure by the nature of their contracts, they cannot be allowed to control the club's budget with no oversight.
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    Hammell starts with my support like every other Motherwell manager but we've basically swapped out an experienced manager with a track record for an inexperienced manager with no track record and I think that highlights that no high quality candidate wanted to work with our squad, budget and toxic fan base. When you fire someone you should have a plan to bring in a replacement. I don't think we did and the club has meekly folded to the idiotic knee jerk roasters in our support. Hopefully it works out for Stevie, the club and my season ticket investment but I think he has a very, very hard job ahead of him.
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    Stop talking shite , out of order, a player of his status .....he was the club captain ffs it was exactly his job to speak to the players and find out their views etc, so if that's what happened it was well within his remit. God knows why you and others have this love in and obsession about defending Alexander and trying to convince folk he was hard done by the fans players and club, wake up and smell the coffee ffs and have a look at what state he left the club in
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    What the fallout was about is irrelevant its the fact that there was one that's important and GA'S stubborn refusal to resolve it and play a senior pro, who was still getting picked for the international squads ffs at a time when we were struggling big time. So yes Alexander deserves all he gets from the fans for his shocking man management and the state he got the team into.
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    I've stated elsewhere that this squad plus Tony Watt and Kayne Woolery showed itself capable of winning games in the SPL last season (I know O'Hara, Donnelly and Grimshaw were also here but they weren't exactly crucial). It shows the difference just two or three of the right types of player makes. Personally I reckon an organiser at the back or in midfield and some direct pace up top so teams don't feel they can defend as high against us, those two would improve us hugely. But the next manager's biggest task is getting guys playing to their best. Take Mugabi. He was never Beckenbauer but last season looked solid for the most part with the occasional howler thrown in. In other words, an average SPL defender. Yesterday he, along with most of the team, looked terrified. Not an ideal mindset for playing football. Talk of 6 or 7 new signings is fanciful. New manager, whoever he is, needs to identify 2 or 3 to address problem areas, yes. But also has to remind the guys that are here how they can play...
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    David and Yorkyred I admire you for your ongoing robust defence of our former Manager. If you believe there was no animosity between Alexander and former/current players which affected moral within the squad then I think you are in the minority. Like everyone else you are entitled to your opinion and you fight your corner well. Whether any such animosity was justified or otherwise at times is another discussion. As for O'Donnell being "shit", even an out of form O'Donnell was miles better than Mugabi at right back. And I'm not having a dig at Mugabi as he was clearly trying his best and doing as he was instructed. SOD is one who certainly has his detractors (as you highlighted) but how many of them were on his back before he even kicked a ball for us? Whatever, he certainly brought a better balance to the team when he featured. That's the same Mugabi who was repeatedly exposed at right back by Alexander ( and we are seeing the effect on Mugabi to this day) whilst a reportedly fully fit SOD was left to rot on the bench. Why, if not for spite? Drop him altogether if he has no chance of featuring. Like he did with Liam Grimshaw. Alexander even resorted to O'Hara rather than O'Donnell on occasion. Seems quite clear to me, as it did with Slattery, Woolery and others who seemed to be ignored no matter what. One thing you cannot deny or deflect from is that the performances on the pitch were really what was "shit" for 6 months, and arguably longer. Both in a tactical sense and a results sense. And that in most people's view was down to Alexander's refusal to adapt or try a fresh approach when his approach was failing. Sure, the players were not blameless, but it was the depressing and seemingly clueless match day performances that brought his time as Manager to an end. In fact but for a loyalty shown by our Board Alexander might not have lasted to season end. He was given credit for earlier achievements and allowed to take us into a new season in the hope that he could improve the situation. Had he shown any inclination to adapt he may well have survived a bit longer. Alexander does have his supporters amongst the players he left behind, but I honestly think the number thankful to see the back of him will be in the majority. Whatever, as professionals they all need to pull together to take the Club forward. No matter who the new Manager is.
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    Have to love how these rumours just suddenly become fact. It seems we've forgotten the calls for O'Donnell to be dropped for being rank rotten, and are overlooking the idea that Woolery is now playing in Turkey most likely making far more coin than we could ever hope to pay him.
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    I think when you have a situation where clubs in the English 5th tier can pay more money than our club for players we need to re-assess the model and ask whether trying to sign players from these leagues is of benefit to us. For every Louis Moult and Cedric Kipre that are unearthed, there are another half dozen who are nothing more than journeyman professionals who are doing nothing to improve the quality of our squad/league. The future for clubs our size has to be developing young local talent. Yes, we may lose many of them to english academys before they play a first team game, but it shouldnt stop us trying. Your Cadden, Turnbull, Campbell, Hastie, Cornelius' are the way ahead for us and the only chance we have to try and challenge and improve because there is no ceiling on the level that talent could pitentially reach. We do of course need a core of experienced players to support and guide them, but these should be handpicked, known quantities rather than just the "total punts" we seem to have favoured over the last few years. In my opinion, our next manager has to fulfill those criteria if we are to halt the current malaise.
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    I agree but hopefully a fresh start without Alexander means the tension drops for the upcoming games.
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    There's no way back from this,he needs to go.hes assembled a squad that can't defend,no ability to pass there way through the opposition,no pace,no width and no goal threat.give him his nice little pay off and chase him before he does anymore damage if it's possible.
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    All the facts are there since December, if you care to acknowledge our performances since then. None of this "It's only two games" deflection. What have you seen that suggests Alexander has the ability to turn things round? How bad does it have to get before you will support change? That bad that any new Manager is inheriting a lost cause? Change now and give the new man a chance. I do actually think we have the basis of a decent squad. But not under this charlatan and his blinkered, stifling approach.
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    We've won 1 out of our last 15 European matches and that was at home against Glentoran who caused us all sort of problems until they had a player sent off. Scottish teams don't compete in Europe because they are crap. That's a depressing fact but it's not what we should be defining the club against. I don't mind if we fire Alexander and bring in someone better. But I think our fans need to think very carefully about that. Alexander has a 7th and 5th place finish in two seasons. Are you really that confident that the next guy does better? With this squad of players? With our finances? In our league? What if the next guy does worse? What if he gets us relegated? Fans need to give it a break with the moronic raging two games into the season in a competition that we pretty much had no chance of going further than qualifying rounds.
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    Yep agree with this. I like KVV but too selfish at times and workrate questionable at times. I feel fact he is guaranteed a start when fit can sometimes work against us as he hasn't got anyone on the bench threatening to take his place. However when fit and in the mood and avoiding stupid bookings he is definitely an asset
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    At 24 I don't believe he has it in him to develop beyond what he is. Appreciate this won't be popular but I don't think he's good enough for the 1st team. A strong, hardworking midfielder who can stop teams playing, that's about it. Had he come up from Englands D2 rather than through our youth system I don't think he'd be anywhere close to being as popular as he is.
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    It was not humour to laugh at, banter or anything like that it was sectarian shite that has no place at Fir Park, or anywhere else for that matter. The club should have called them out for it. And its a sure thing that UEFA will fine the club for whatever dickhead threw the water bottle at the linesman, again the club should have called that out as well, I hope the culprit is identified and banned from Fir Park.
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    The reality is that he has no credit in the bank with the fans after last season, rightly or wrongly. He did achieve a fair bit but thats now history and the team is now his and his alone. If we lose next week he won't get sacked but he will be under great pressure from the support. If we start the season badly, or even with mediocrity, and by that I mean late September, after a relatively easy start to the season, then the support will force the Board's hand, if that is indeed required. He angered a lot of fans on Thursday for a number of reasons: poor preparation; underestimating Sligo; failure to change much from last season; and his post match comments. I agree he won't get sacked on the back of next week's result but it will result in ramped up fan unrest and could herald the beginning of the end for him.
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    It’s Motherwell we are talking about not any other club
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    And yet he was involved in just about everything positive we did by your estimation. How shite must the rest of the team have been?
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    By November we could be sitting 3rd in the league, looking forward to fixture congestion with league Cup semis and Europa conference league group stage matches , playing well and there would still be people moaning on here, you all know who you are. I really would love to know what some people expect from a team like Motherwell over a season ,winning the league is never going to happen, so is it constant top 6 finishes, deep cup runs, euro qualification or be greedy and expect all 3. As a club just beginning our 35th season I think in the top division, reasonably frequent Top 6 and Euro qualification, runners up in the league twice with champions league entry for a club our size I think we do very well compared to other clubs of a similar size and even better than some so called bigger clubs at times, and all achieved with various managers, so let's try and talk up our achievements over the years instead of constantly whinging and slating the club.
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