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    Difficult to know what to say in circumstances like these, but as someone who’s been on here since the WTFC days, you kind of get to know all the regulars like a big family, and this feels very much like losing one of your own, even though I’d never met Andy in person, I follow a few ‘Well accounts on FB, and someone shared a short clip of Andy’s last trip to FP, and unashamed to admit I shed a few tears. It was pure class to see all the staff lined up outside to pay their last respects, and is the mark of a club that’s led the way in fan, community and family support over the past few years, particularly latterly in suicide prevention and in what’s it’s done for it’s season ticket holders recently. Sorry I never got to meet you Andy but felt that in some small way I knew you, rest easy mate, your ‘Well family won’t forget you.
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    We're all off work here celebrating the end of British oppression
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    Just noticed a tweet from AndyPs sister which says that he will be making his final visit to Fir Park at 11am on Friday on his way to the crematorium. It didn’t specifically encourage people to gather but I certainly plan to head up to pay my respects.
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    I think the major concern is the absolute lack of motivation by our players to play for the jersey going back about 3 seasons. They play when they feel like it and generally show the passion for their trade of a slacker office temp at a photo copier. This is something that goes back beyond Alexander's appointment and was probably what lost Robinson his job. If you ask me there has been far too many dross journey men pass through the club over the past few seasons. In our pursuit to find The Pele of Exeter we've stripped away our own aura and status as a club. We're supposed to be a top level club yet we are sifting through the bins looking for a diamond someone threw out with the curry scrapings. We've become a clearing house for the inept of character and the bereft of talent. It still makes me angry that fucking Jacob Blyth sidled up here and got a contract from us. Sometimes it seems like we will literally take anyone. And as I pointed out yesterday our most experienced player has 39 appearances. There is no one in that dressing room that really gives a damn about the club. Everyone looks at everyone else to pick them up but there is nothing there and so they all flop. We have a dressing room full of hopeless transients. Next season half of them will be gone again. When I first started coming to Motherwell games our results were just as shite as ever but the players had some technique in their locker, some fire in their bellies and some actual personality. Not only do our current lot lack the technique, they are the very epitome of the modern day robot footballers. They aren't passionate about what they do, they don't care if they win or not, they have no ambition, they seem to me like automaton mediocrities going through the motions. If I played for Motherwell I'd get sent off after 3 minutes in every game. I'm not expecting players to be fans and act mental. Just show us you aren't bored to tears or daydream in the dressing room about the heady heights of being a solicitors cashier. Housewives in the Soviet Union had more joie de vivre than our players.
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    You are so unnecessarily pedantic sometimes. He signed for Hull on the 31st January. After that we lost to Livingston, Celtic, St Mirren & St Johnstone, couldn't beat Hamilton, and got put out the cup by St Mirren in a replay. We missed him badly. We played 9 games after he left before the season ended and won 1 of them. Even the most happiest of clappers will admit that there was almost no chance we would have held on to 3rd place.
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    Just a quick reminder that AndyP will be passing Fir Park at 11am tomorrow and it would be great for the family to see a few people there giving him a wee send-off.
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    As much as its a good bit of recognition for the clubs initative, Gove and his tory cronies are the reason why the industrial base in Scotland has been wiped out over the past 30 or 40 years, creating the unemployment issues we have now, so the less that gobshite says the better.
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    I would like to be Kevin Van Veen fat. I'd even settle for Robbie Crawford fat at this point.
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    Balloting those who have stuck their hand in their pocket by buying a season ticket is the only way fairway to do it
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    I quite like it personally. I see it's agitated the usual "petttrrull bloo, hoop, sash, traditional shorts" helmets.
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    Not using my position at all, just posting like anyone else. You seem to have an issue with O'Hara. I'm not the only one who's noticed it. Other members get a little jab when they're seen as being a bit OTT, don't they? Take it for what it is. A bit of a ribbing on a football forum. Not all posts are cryptic you know.
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    How much of a genuinely decent guy Andy was comes through loud and clear from all the posts on here. I consider myself lucky enough to have known him in some capacity for many years, since the old WTFC days - regularly engaging in conversation online originally, meeting him at the odd game or a train on an away day over the years, getting to listen to his really level-headed and thoughtful views when recording podcasts with him a few years back, and often receiving messages from him with ideas and suggestions for the Well Society in the last few years (the Exiles Club in the Society, for example, is the direct result of him e-mailing me with thoughts on how his original Exiles Club from the 90s could be re-introduced in some way as part of the Society). A true gentleman who'll be sadly missed.
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    Liam Kelly signing for us permanently would be a bit of a coup, but the cynic in me thinks that this story is possibly bait from his agent to attract bigger fish. And I will also say that Trevor Carson, for us, has been class in every sense of the word. Quality both on and off the pitch and the model professional. If he is about to depart then I wish him nothing but the best. He has had dreadful luck with illness andinjuries and, as such, never got the life changing move that his performances deserved.
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    Your use of quotation marks around the word variant suggests that you believe that the government (and indeed the rest of the world) are just inventing new variants to stop you from doing the things you want to do. Is that foil hat comfortable?
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    Especially spelt that way they won't
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    Some mate you are.
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    I think you said something similar last pre-season and look how the regular season turned out The idea that there are subtilties in the performance of pre-season games that only the well initiated can understand has been doing the rounds on this board for some time. The fact is that a 2-0 defeat of a pro team to Airdrie in any one of the 365 days in a year is a sign that the pro team is mediocre at best. That is not to say that Motherwell will be relegated this season after all they will be playing in a top division littered with mediocrity. That is a really poor result tonight and indicative of a professional team that by and large plays at a very poor level. I don't think Rangers lost one single pre-season game last season, including a thumping of Motherwell. As it turned out they then thumped us in the regular season to and went on to be unbeaten in the league. The right attitude starts pre-season and good teams beat poor teams pre-season or not. As an aside, tonight was a competive game so farcical though it is, our season has actually started.
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    FFS the pant wetting is starting early this season, 45 mins into the 1st competitive match.
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    They all sound the same…………Branigan, Fannigan, Milligan, Gilligan, Duffy, McCuffy, Malachy, Mahone,Rafferty, Lafferty, Donnelly, Connelly, Dooley, O'Hooley, Muldowney, Malone,Madigan, Cadigan, Lanihan, Flanihan, Fagan, O'Hagan, O'Hoolihan, Flynn,Shanihan, Manihan, Fogarty, Hogarty, Kelly, O'Kelly, McGuinness, McGuinn.
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    Made this report on the summer window and players we could look at signing - not a lot available for cheap/free in Scotland or England. Covers 22 players in detail[emoji1360] https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/65752786/motherwell-fc-summer-2021-recruitment Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looks like the aerial fell off the roof
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    Have to say that's one of the best penalty saves I've seen
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    Let's be honest here, Airdrie won with two wonder strikes that probably every keeper in the league would not have saved, were they preventable yes all goals are but sometimes a team needs a bit of a boost and the 1st goal gave that to Airdrie. Did they overrun us, constantly get in behind us, force Kelly into save after save , no they didn't so let's get a bit of context here. We had 2 maybe 3 really good chances to score, O'connor and Woolery should have done better and really should have scored had either of those gone in we would have won the game. That said the root of all our problems as it has been for several seasons now is midfield, and needs to be sorted ASAP that will take some pressure off the defence and hopefully provide decent service to the strikers. Yes we should be beating lower division sides but shocks happen and last night was one of those occasions. So a bad night at the office, hopefully we learn from it and move on.
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    Fans like you are the biggest problem that we as a club have. “Let’s just accept getting beat by our lower league local rivals cos they scored two great goals and the pitch was hard tae play oan”. I’m glad you aren’t embarrassed by that shambles.
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    It's a cup tie against our so called rivals from 2 leagues below,I'll call that embarrassed everytime
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    Don't think you're allowed to say that on here mate
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    QOTS probably tired because of the work we made them do in the first half, the play was switched from side to side many times. I felt we controlled that half in a way we didn’t on Wednesday. Their first goal was a needless free kick because Lamie barged the boy to the ground when he was going nowhere. A free header and an acute finish. I assume the second goal was a deflection as Kelly looked stranded. If the half had finished at 40 minutes there would have been appreciative nods as the guys went off. The second half was more encouraging and Van Veen should have cemented his cult status with a bit more composure.
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    We were more like ourselves 2nd half. Woolery is rapid. He can fairly turn a man as well. Lawless was a handful for the opposition and unfairly tarnished by the usual suspects on here. Van Veen is going to be a star. As for Tony the guy just never gives up. Thought O'connor was calm in defence and mopped up well. Was great to be back in the stadium. Great day for it as well. Panty wetters can calm the fuck down now. Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Have a day off with the negative pish FFS, your getting boring now
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    You're in danger of going down the Steelboy route with this yin
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    It's the first game of the season, can we all just calm doon
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    Is it not basically pre-season for them as well ?
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    I watched the game today. O'Connell started the game along with another really physical centre half who had the same phyisicality as Kipre. His first name was Christrian. O'Connell didnt have his best game but hard to judge as Millwall were impressive. Donnelly played first half and played well. Van Veen played had some noce touches but looked a bit short of fitness. Woorley looks decent, never gives up and looks to have pace. At half time a trialist came on in middle of park, anotger big physical player, reminded me of Andy Rose, he looked calm on ball, his first name was Mikel and has been at the club for 4 months. Amaluzor came on, reminded me of Seedorf but a bit more physical. Max Johnston looked decent, Watt put in a really hard shift and Kelly made some great saves. Interesting that McGuire played full 90
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    Their strips can be as honking as they like, considering someone like 'flow was involved I'm surprised at the accented badge and complete non Motherwell appearance of the shirt.
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    I made a note to come back to this post when the aforementioned head inevitably unscrewed, I just didn't think it would happen so soon.
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    I thought you were meant to be a day ahead in Oz, not two days behind :-P
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    Dress it up how you like, you’re fucking boring.
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    No need to use your position to be sanctimonious. The poster answered his own question so thought it wasn’t worthy of reply - simply put, others on here have remarked who offers the energy that I (and I don’t doubt they’ll be others) dispute. You’ve levelled at me I have a weird, creepy fascination - churlish to say the least. Your closing gambit only serves to ingratiate you with the forum sycophants the rest of us see as bullied at school wankers.
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    The new Hull strip then?
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    People moaning about 433 need to have a look at what 343 does for your midfield. Effectively a 523 today. To play 343, your two wide men up top need to be players that will drop into midfield or you end up outnumbered in there. Whatever qualities Woolery and Amaluzor possess, dropping into to solidify the midfield isn't one of them. If the centre forward is being asked to do it, make it Watt as his passing is better than Van Veen's... I don't think we have the players for 343. I felt sorry for Donnelly and Maguire today. Hung out to dry by the manager....
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    Illuminate us then oh wise one......
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    Fans like you are utterly laughable. I could go through match threads from the end of last season when you were creaming your knickers at the opportunity to scream how we were definitely going down and quote the mountain of utter utter drivel you post. Every fucking week since you came back. And would you look at that you’re completely fuckin wrong always! If we had been knocked out then aye it’s a shambles, and quite embarrassed. But tonight doesn’t change anything, we will still go through, and as a result it’s more about minutes in the legs instead of some faded rivalry from the 80s. Just because I’m not “fucking embarrassed” or in the “we are going to get relegated” camp doesn’t mean I can’t see the clear need for signings/improvement. I’m just not seething with rage and mashing my keyboard for every fourth post like you. Now ring out your knickers.
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    Section B, wank wank wank......long time since that's been heard at a game....
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    Stream is so slow, goallllll, get In Tony....comeback is on!! Lol
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    Give O Donnell a break , it's a big step up from Scotland to Motherwell .
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    We weren't bad in the first half but we had so much more intensity when we had something to chase. If we can start games with that intensity instead of waiting to fall behind we could be a very exciting team to watch.
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    Depends, can I confirm your age first please.
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    jesus steelboy ypu actually happy with something the club has done ???? the next thing you will be saying is " michael higdon was really no bad "
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    renewed my season ticket on the back of that signing. Excellent stuff. Can't wait for the new season now
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    it shouldn't matter if infection rates rise , its hospitisations/ fatalities which should be the driver....presumably with majority of vulnerable vaccinated , it shouldn't hapoen
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