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    This forum is so negative! We were put out by a side with a 40,000 seater stadium who can sign players from Porto. We more than held our own for over 60 minutes and with a bit of luck could have scored which would have made it a very different tie. Also all this roadmap pish, in case you forgot we are in the middle of a pandemic and can’t have fans in the stadiums, I think Motherwell and most clubs worldwide are just thinking about basic survival right now. End of the day we got a decent wee run in Europe that will have netted the club a wad of cash. Spare a thought for clubs not in our position who without fans could easily go to the wall. There are far bigger issues out there right now than how we spend £4 million like it’s fucking football manager time!
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    Or maybe they are accountably for public health in the era of a previously unknown, highly infectious and potentially deadly virus. Football, far from being strung along, has been given significant exemptions.
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    Can’t believe the amount of stick mugabi gets yes he was wrong side of player in last minute but just like Kipre in League Cup Final shocking decision to give penalty and send him off . Lammie is a Zombie and has been all season Mugabi been great last few games yet Lammie gets off Scott free if they had scored 30 seconds earlier before our 1st goal when once again Lammie went to sleep again but they missed clear header wound have been different game . Mugabi is young and coming on leeps and bounds imo so give the guy a break
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    You've got an actual hard-on right now don't you?
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    Decent write up in the Athletic about Stuart McKinstry:
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    At least he isn't a complete fucking wanker Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    What players should be at our club in your opinion? Who would be an affordable, reasonable signing that we could have made that would make a monumental difference to how we are playing at the moment? I don't know how long you've been a follower of the club, but for the 25 or so years I've been a supporter, we've been consistently inconsistent - a couple of years of relative success, followed by dire, dire seasons, with the occasional middle of the road season chucked in. In that time we've had players who have been stellar during their stay, players who have been duds from the word go, players who have made slow starts and gone on to better themselves, and others who have faded as quickly as they shone after first signing. The players that got us a third place finish last term have had a dip in form, no doubt about that. The players that have been brought in this summer haven;t hit the ground running. Both of these factors have contributed to the sluggish start. White was brought in on his pedigree of scoring in the lower leagues - the step up to the SPFL was always something he was going to have to get to grips with and he's had very little quality service from midfield or the wings to help him. Lamie was signed after being part of a Livi squad that defied expectation for the last couple of seasons. He hasn't looked the sharpest, but just like Gallagher the year before him, he looked a decent player at Scottish premiership level last season, so was a worthy signing. Debut aside, Lang is full of running and effort and has taken the goals he has scored well. Is he as good as the hype around him suggests? Not yet and possibly won't get there, but if he was, he wouldn't be playing for us. We knew what we were getting by re-signing Long, a player who showed what he can do in fits and starts for a club like us. It's took him a week or so to get his fitness up, but he's back to being full of running and a nuisance, as he showed from the bench last night. O'Hara and Watt were re-signed on the promise of what they showed previously for us, and to an extent, you could add Hastie to that list as well. No one is disagreeing that the start to the season has been limp at best, but given the budget we have and how well the team performed to get third place- even if it was a bit of a slog after January - saying that the signings made should never be at the club, in my opinion, is a dreadful take.
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    If it was bad players I'd excuse it but theres decent players in that side. Carson is a good keeper, gallacher and O'Donnell are good players, Campbell obviously and Polworth and O'Hara are good enough for this level, and I think Land, Long and Watt are all decent players. So that should be enough to be a whole lot better than that. The problem is deeper than not having good enough players.
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    Apart from 5 years of solid goalkeeping which lead to a couple of successful seasons. It’s not all about cash return although that would have been a bonus.
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    This shitfest of a soccer ball win was brought to you by Verizon, in Association with the Scotch Premier League Sports Devision where the Mothers of Lanark-shire pounded to a one to zero victory against the Saints of Perth. This message was brought to you by Verizon
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    Managed to find a Hapoel forum. "Group of physical monsters" and "on Thursday we will see the UFC and not football" were particular highlights.
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    I am almost NEVER right so I am going to take this opportunity to pretend I know what I am talking about. I am also going to take the opportunity of a great result to make a couple of points about some negative comments over this last month. 1. 'We are favourites to be relegated' We were no more favourites to be relegated in 12 place after 7 games than we are to favourites to finish 8th now after 8 games. We should try looking at the bigger picture. 2. 'Robinson should be sacked now because after Hibs and Aberdeen beat us we will only have 4pts.' Let's try to make statements about sacking managers based on the facts of what has happened, rather than negative speculation of what might. 3. 'Motherwell were not really 3rd last season because Aberdeen would have finished 3rd' Can we be absolutely certain about that based on today's result? They might have but like point 2, I would rather base judgement on the fact that Motherwell did finish third, rather than that Aberdeen may have in some mythical end to the season. Great result today. Let's give our team the benifits of the doubt and give them some proper backing.
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    Possibly the cuntiest thing you've posted.
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    Edinburgh publication headline: Former Motherwell defender Cedric Kipre seals move to English Premier League with West Brom Glasgow publication headline: Rangers kid Calvin Bassey congratulates ex-Motherwell man Cedric Kipre over Premier League move
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    If my Aunt had balls she'd be my Uncle! Lets ignore how we ended last season and the issues that were very visible. Wipe the slate clean and start afresh from May of this year Robinson made a big thing of the defensive issues we had, the striking problems we had and how correct & early recruitment was a priority. He was backed to the hilt by the board, and his new players all came in early. He was given weeks of pre season to gel the team, and we are now 2 months into the actual season and how does it look? We STILL struggle to score, have no shape or purpose going forward and look utterly toothless. Unfortunately Joe Lewis cant play for every team. We STILL have a poor defence, if anything its actually worse than the end of last season We STILL cant defend crosses into our box Our own attacking set pieces are STILL comically bad We STILL dont know the best starting 11, best formation and are a badly organized shambles! Our squad is evidently a lot weaker than last season and our lauded new signings look like some of the poorest players weve had in a long time We have now sold all of our best Young talent and have NOTHING LEFT in the Academy, so no back up there! We are giving away penalties at a rate of 1 EVERY MATCH. After 9 fucking matches! We are making the same poor decisions and the same mistakes every week. Where is the accountability? Where is the leadership? Where are the consequences? Why, after 12 weeks does the manager not know his best 11 or the most effective formation? Why is our Plan B "stick on Seedorf & hope he has magically learned to play football"? I understand the manager shouldnt publicly crucify players, but when the same players are making the same mistakes or putting in the same poor performances every single game and still getting picked the following week, where is the incentive to change their ways? Why cant Maguire get a start? Or Devine? They cant possibly be any worse than what we currently have! The only thing saving us at the moment is that the SPL is as poor as I can ever remember it. The Rangers result yesterday doesnt bother me 1 iota, neither does the Beer Sheva result in midweek. What does bother me is that those teams didnt need to put any effort in to beat us, they just needed to wait until our inevitable implosion. They never got out of second gear because they never needed to. We should be pushing these teams and making them use their undoubted quality to beat us, not giving them penalties for nothing and not bothering to mark or follow Attackers. We SHOULD be learning from our mistakes and cutting penalties out, not actively going out of our way to concede MORE. The players have a lot to answer for (Carson, Campbell & Watt excepted) but the biggest issue is how poorly coached we clearly are and that is 100% on the manager. We know we dont have money and cant afford even Hibs / Aberdeen level of signings. So how do we combat that? By making our set pieces count, being a fit, well organised and hungry team and being defensively sound. The management team drill the players and organize us so that we MAKE teams have to break us down. But that isnt happening, and if its not happening after 3 months working with the players are Steve Robinson & Keith Lasley really the men who can make it happen?
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    Rather than jumping two feet first into a tirade after the game, I decided to take a breath and put this into context. It’s utterly appalling that as a club, we have not managed to win against Rangers/ sevco in the league for 18 years - that’s one part of this. In what you can only assume is some sort of mental block, it’s a woefully embarrassing statistic. The performance today, itself, was absolutely appalling. As I commented early in the match, do I expect us to turn rangers over in every match, no, but do I expect us to compete - without a shadow of a doubt. Today, we showed no quality, leadership on or off the park, Grit, ideas or invention. ‘Flat’ did not cover it. Going out with a whimper at home is pathetic. For me, the performance today and Robinson’s subsequent comments were clearly indicative of a spiral of decline which is currently surrounding the Club. In context, we are playing in the middle of a pandemic so yes, there are no supporters and supporter finance (except season tickets and Ppv) but that doesn’t accurately portray a picture as to how/why we find ourselves in our current state as all clubs, bar the Old Firm, are bound by the financial uncertainties which no fans bring. The reality of the matter is this. Last season, we finished 3rd whilst budgeting for 10th and were awarded prize money as such. Yes, we missed out on some home gates however all things being equal, the club should have found itself on a relatively equal footing given that budgeting for 10th doesn’t mean playing the OF at home after the split. Factor is the transfer of James Scott and the announcement of being debt free, we arguably came into the start of the new season with as little impact on the overall, financially, as any club out with the arse cheeks of Glasgow. We released senior pros and large earners in both captain and deputy captain from contracts in the summer and brought in Lamie and White on Pre-contracts, as well as adding Mcginley, Hastie and Lang. We’ve sent our own youngsters on loan whilst bringing in loan players from other sides In the league in a questionable strategic move. We sold our biggest talent to a league rival and bowed out of Europe after netting 750k Euro in prize money, have our captain in the press saying survival is the only objective after 5 matches and meanwhile learn that yet another young prospect is likely gone before seeing First Team action. Throughout the course of all this, the pandemic means that unemployment is rising And times are hard for many, yet I, like most of us on here, will continually put hand in pocket every month to contribute towards the Society, giving what possible to support the club; knowing both the state of transfer fees and prize money generated. I’ve never been one for chanting about sacking a manager or criticizing Burrows but there comes a time, when as a supporter, you think, what’s the point? As Motherwell fan and attending Fir Park for 30 odd years, do I expect to win all the time, absolutely not, but I expect to be entertained or at least feel a sense of pride in the club. The looming apathy of all of the above was manifest in a single match today and thus it’s time for the club to take action. So, now, is a challenge to the Board. Do we believe in Robinson? If so, then as supporters I expect to be entertained and given the state of finance, money must be made available to allow him to bring players to do so. Or, as a board, do you not? If so, the time to act is now, to secure a new manager in time for making changes and new players under that person. Doing nothing will breed apathy and continue the spiral towards relegation which is becoming ever more a possibility. For a fan owned club in the current economic environment (despite the big selling of assets), that’s the biggest danger of all.
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    There was a pot of gold if we could have got past the next few games, Hapoel had pedigree but were beatable. We had a mare defensively (not for the first time) and a couple of short circuits at critical moments. In that flurry of yellow cards for them after half time we should have been streetwise (a favourite phrase of Robinson so why the fuck don't we do it) and got in those particular players faces and drew more fouls. That would have given us a fighting chance. They were full of that any touch, roll about on the floor holding your face bullshit. The wing backs don't press and whip in balls and despite having a plethora of wingers we're not using any of them and when we do, they don't take on the opposition, they run until they are closed off turn and square ball if we're lucky or pass back to the defence. The front two partnerships of Long and Watt now seem to be inter-switched with Whyte and Lang, to hell with Hylton, Seedorf and Hastie. I have to wonder, you compete all season long to finish as high up the league as you can, progress as far as possible in the two cups, blood youngsters and hope players you bring in get added value. 2019/20 we finished 3rd (an extra 150k was it over 4th?), this gave us entry to the Europa and conservative estimates for prize money minus travel expenses means another 500k. The business over the summer has been more misses than hits, I can only hope the youth academy is getting a fair chunk of this extra wedge otherwise where and who is it going on or is it being banked as a rainy day fund? I follow this team and give my money over the years because I want to see an improvement, a rise to where the datum is higher than the year before. When windfalls come in I want to see it used on bringing better players in or at least being spent on that potential through our youth setup (which has paid dividends to the nature of 5 million in the past couple of years). Turnbull, Scott, Hastie, McKinstry and no doubt Campbell who will go before the deadline, all this talk about signing him up etc. Campbell has refused multiple contract offers because he's seen the guys he grew up with and had less consistency and impact cut about in Merc's on 4x his salary and upwards. To think the club haven't put something in front of him repeatedly is naivety.
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    Aye, from behind the sofa with only one eye open.
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    So thats three trout and a Mullet then.
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    Coleraine went from being a top end championship team to being comfortably beaten by a good junior team, lets not forget this same team knocked out Maribor in the last round away from home. Regardless of how far along they are in pre season going over there with the attitude that we should have progressed comfortably is ignorant to say the least. The park was terrible, that brings any side down a level or two, you cannot play football on that. Scotland might not be blessed with great surfaces but that is on par with a council run sunday league pitch. Both penalties looked very soft, the ref gave us nothing all night. We could have been out of sight in the first half and probably should have been but conceding that early penalty makes it a whole different ball game. At the end of the day, it wasn't pretty but we are in the hat for the next round and they aren't.
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    Tortuous but somehow ultimately triumphant. As drained as I've felt watching a Motherwell game for some time. And all looking so good too. We had a shaky moment or two in the first half, the free-header immediately springs to mind, but two up and a couple off the line it seemed like we were well on the way. And suddenly.... It wasn't actually that much of a surprise that Coleraine did get a penalty as they seemed to go out of their way to claim for absolutely anything and everything inside the box throughout the game, the vast majority blatantly chancing it. And they were none too shy in trying to create a picture for the referee. I don't know if there's any better angles of the incident emerged than the brief view we had of the first but from the snippet it seemed Carson was comfortably claiming the ball before a few seconds there was the coming together. First reaction was the going down of the Coleraine player and claiming for a penalty was in keeping with their previous attempts to win one, and if O'Hara did foul him when Carson had it under control it was incredibly stupid, We then had a horrible 15 minutes or so before the change of shape seemed to restore some order of a sort but we never at any time regained control of the game in the way we had in the first half so were always vulnerable. We rode our luck with the disallowed goal and just when it seemed we'd done enough another penalty and red-card to boot. Again another questionable decision. At that point it looked grim but I would at that stage, for all the performance was had been largely abysmal in the second half, have to give them credit for re-grouping in extra-time. How much of that was down to Coleraine tiring I don't know but down to 10 men, the substitutions having largely destroyed the midfield and the home side having the momentum I thought - again riding our luck once again with the one off the line aside - we did pretty well in extra-time. I might also have expected Long to do better with his chance in the first half of extra-time. And so to penalties. I think most of us will have thought us doomed when it got to that stage. Memories of several lost shoot-outs, Carson having already been beaten twice, their win against Maribor. It just seemed set up for disaster. But there you go, what a shoot-out from Carson and we're through. I've seen us go out in Europe in unfortunate circumstances and plenty of what might have beens so I'm not going to get too hung up on fortune being with us last night to see us through. The performances of many, and collectively for a fair chunk of the game is a different matter entirely.
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    Just had a look, we are 3 points off 5th place. Certain relegation...... jesus wept!
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    Craig Conway's belly has given me hope I can still make it at this level.
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    Referring to Fir Park (or any fitba stadium for that matter) as "The Old Girl" is a heavy rid neck.
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    Who has returned to us "simply because of Robinson"? Hastie came back cause he has his wedge from Rangers and probably fancies convenient games where he can stay at home, and Long came back cause nobody else wanted him! Robinson gets lauded for "bringing in millions in transfers" but in reality any manager of Motherwell would have brought in the same. Cadden, Turnbull, Hastie, Scott, McAlear, McKinstry were the cream of the crop in our academy, and apart from Cadds, who was established long before Robbo, the rest played less than 40 games for us combined so his developing of them was limited in the extreme. We are lead to believe this guy Foyle is a player scouting genius so Kipre wouldve most likely have been here so what exactly has Robinson done to get us these millions of pounds apart from simply being here? Its the same with the Cup Finals, as a club by fuck do we count "success" in the loosest terms. Releasing DVD's of the 25th anniverdary of winning the Scottish cup and celebrating getting pumped in cup finals. Since we last won a trophy Inverness, Ross County, Falkirk and Raith fucking Rovers have won silverware, 2 of those teams never even existed in 1991! It was a couple hundred grand extra in the bank and a day on the piss for the fans, thats about the success of them. And as for league form, last seasons form is very relevant, because it was plain to see from January that we couldnt score in a brothel with a blank cheque, and were struggling badly. Since then we have had a transfer window where the club have backed the manager and brought in several players and if anything we are WORSE now! We now cant score AND are guaranteed to chuck at least one in at our end every single game. I swear we could be down in the Championship next season having not won a game in 6 and there would STILL be people on here saying "aye but he got us to 2 cup finals 4 year ago, give him time!"
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    It's going to be Albania and Decorator will need to rise to the challenge. The Albo 1.
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    The form for all of 2020 has been shite so from a fans perspective, he's under pressure. Rightly so. The board will however have a different take on things. Aye, their minds will be wandering into "what if" territory, however for the last 4 years Robinson has absolutely excelled in the job he's been asked to do. The club have been open that his remit is to keep the team in the league and to sell players. I'm led to believe we budget for 10th. 16/17 Kept us in the league when we were in freefall. 17/18 Finished 7th 18/19 Finished 8th 19/20 Finished 3rd. 7 million pounds worth of players sold + the finances from 2 cup finals and now European football. When you've been asked to do a job, and you proved season after season that you can do it then you'll be given plenty of time to get things right.
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    You wanted him out in 2017 Yodo, I’m not sure you’re judgement is that sound.
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    Personally I think Hartley going was the right decision, we just failed to replace him.
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    By the letter of the law these days that’s a pen, watch the pens given down south over the weekend. Roy Hodgson got it spot on with his after match thoughts yesterday. Should it be changed yes, but it is what it is until they change it.
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    Except for the play-off when he prepared us better and ran his press conferences better than any 'Well manager I can remember taking on an OF team.
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    not sure what you mean by authorities, but your dig at government would indicate you include them, I’d argue it’s the football businesses, and the associations that have to be coming up with the solution, there’s no doubt a few hundred in lower league and junior grounds could be accommodated, that might help save some operations, but it’s football that needs to plan/ act not the government, who can only then review proposals, totally agree that enthusiasm is dwindling, No it isn’t, Is it? from your (and most football fans perspective it might seem like it) but it’s simply not the case. What other spectator sports are operating events with crowds? rugby? horse racing? motor racing? pro golf? athletics ? , swimming? Cycling? Marathons? Pro-Darts? moving away from sport what other events with crowds are operating? Concerts? Wedding? Funeral? Gala days? Religious gatherings? Clubbing? Festivals? im not aware of any quantity of event types with crowds that could suggest that football is being singled out. I’ve see attempts at comedy gigs with around 20 people or ‘drive in’ events that look shite I believe there is opportunity, for 2-300 , increasing to maybe 500, and maybe more, IF transmission rates drop again , and IF clubs , leagues, associations , each as groups and individual businesses put together detailed risk assessment and mitigation plans and detailed proposals of operating practices, but from what I can see , football isn’t doing any of that, seems quite happy to hide behind blame being pointed at government guidance, and for the top clubs , hundreds of fans , just doesn’t seem to interest them . shame as they really need to be putting long term plans together to deal with this pandemic, everything so far was panic firefighting
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    So you confirm your approach is mainly Political. Good to have that confirmed once and for all. Social gatherings of any description can lead to rising infection rates. That's a fact you cannot deny. There are numerous examples in sport and elsewhere, in the UK and overseas. Some have been listed but you choose to ignore that evidence to suit your own purposes. As another example, a charity football match in England resulting in a requirement for 300 folk to isolate. Restricting Social Gatherings across all settings is a sensible response as is trying to find an economic and mental health balance. Until an effective vaccine is available to all, I hope our Club and our Government continue to take a cautious and realistic approach.
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    Thank goodness you are on this message board Andy. I was beginning to think I had watched a different game from some of the suicidal posters venting their spleens once again. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but to suggest there was nothing good in last nights performance and that everyone is shite bar Campbell and Watt is raising the doom mongering to new levels. Compared to where we were 3/4weeks ago, we have improved dramatically, and while we beat ourselves last night through naivity and indiscipline, there was plenty in that performance to show that we will be ok this season.
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    Thats exactly the attitude to take, as has been proved by all the new students not giving a feck and getting mad with the bevvy and whatever else during freshers week and spreading the virus. Assume the worst case scenario and legislate accordingly, peoples health and lives are more important than fans getting to watch football.
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    This one stings. It wasn't an especially poor performance by any manner of means, we weren't great but for a large chunk of the game we were more than half decent. And I don't think the opposition were particularly startling either. If, as was said Glentoran and Coleraine were roughly a Morton or Queen of the South, then I'd say this lot were perhaps going away to a Killie, Hearts or St Johnstone. Difficult sure, but by no means unbeatable. But a combination of naivety and stupidity cost us dear. Break it right down and your sliding doors moment perhaps, they put the free-header they had in the net, we put ours over the bar. The free-kick given away by Long was naive, the marking in the box appalling. But until then I thought we'd played pretty well. Long did well with the turn and shot, Watt a little unfortunate to get his feet tangled and the shot from close range blocked. But we were matching them comfortably. Their theatrics that were garnering them fouls I think we'd one shot to concern ourselves with. So frustrating for Long to be suckered and the poor defending so close to the break. I thought we started the second half purposefully but without creating a great deal of chances. And you can't then pass up the kind of chance that fell to Gallagher. I was anticipating a change and when McGinley gifted them the opportunity I thought that was the time to go to four at the back and put on a winger. But then Gallagher killed it. If there was some justification in "taking one for the team" with the first yellow, to immediately follow that up seconds later by attempting to strange someone in the box. I mean come on!!! It was done then. The third adds what feels like some undeserved gloss but in much the same way as we were clinical at Pittodrie so too were Hapoel tonight. I don't have Odense, Stjarnan, Katowice or MyPa style regrets but this is most certainly an opportunity lost. Particularly when so much of the damage was self-inflicted.
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    McGinlay may not be great (and should have conceded a pen himself) but he's playing as spare man in a back three, probably not a role he's played very often. As a left wing back, he needs work but Carroll started last season slowly so you never know. I know who I blame tonight and it's not Nathan McGinlay...
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    McGinlay is another haddy to add to the collection.
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    I'd love boot Chris Long in the balls. Utter prick of a man.
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    No coincidence that both those teams are more attacking - especially at home. Where we struggle is when teams come and sit in - which tends to be the "weaker" sides.
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    4 wins in 5 isn't it? Robbo out.
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    Does he come with his own physio and a years supply of bubble wrap?
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    All of our wins have come since Turnbull left, if Campbell goes the sky’s the limit.
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    Motherwell 1 St Johnstone 0 We stay bottom, St Johnstone go up a place into the Top 6.
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    I never thought i would say this after the first 2 or 3 games this season but mugabi is coming on leaps and bounds,he had another good game today and actually doesn't look to bad with the ball at his feet now,long may it continue.
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    ——————————-Carson O’Donnell———Gallagher———Mugabi——-McGinley —————————-Maguire ————O’Hara—-——————-Campbell—— ————————-Polworth ——-——-Lang————————-Long
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    The main thing holding us back is that some folk cannot be trusted to act reasonably. That and the fact that some footballers think guidance does not apply to them, bubble or no bubble
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    I don't remember a post you've made where you weren't angrily ranting at absolutely nothing at all, or things that havent/might never happened. I imagine you being at home like, "I just sat on the fucking couch! What if that couch hadn't been there! I'd have fell on the floor for fuck sake! But it's all fine though I'll just break my hip to go with the embarrassment of being the only house in the street without a couch."
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