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    Thought this deserved a thread of its own..... Was really pleased for Keith last night that we managed to get the win that kept all the fans behind and in great spirits to give him the send of he deserved. You could see and hear it was a very emotional experience for him and his whole family. There can be a lot of cheap talk thrown around when it comes to football players about who is a club legend and who is not, but for me I dont think there can be any doubt that Keith falls into that category. For a player to spend almost his entire playing career at one club in the modern era is almost unheard of these days and for me, over the last 20 or so years Keith has been Mr Motherwell. Coming in as he did in the administration season with the likes of Hammel, Faddy, Pearo et al, he quickly grasped the ethos of our club and became very much part of the fabric of it. For someone who wasnt brought up Motherwell fan, the fact that he and his whole family now are, says a lot. During his time at the club we have enjoyed 4 Cup finals, 2 League Runners Up spots and 8 European qualifications, including playing in the Champions League. To be club captain for such a large part of that success, says lot about him. The fact that he is also a damn fine human being, means he will be sorely missed by many at the club, including the fans. Ultimately, all good things must end and he is off to further his career in a new role. I for one, wish him all the best and thank him for some wonderful memories. ALL THE BEST "KEEF"
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    Just to play devils advocate as you are making some definite statements there... How do you know hundreds of fans can't make it? What about the fans that couldn't make the Sunday kick off? Perhaps more fans can now actually go. Perhaps it's negligible. Two from my group can now attend who couldn't for example. No benefit to us? How do you know? Maybe the management team prefer to prepare for Saturday to Saturday games? Rather than Sunday to Saturday. Maybe Alexander would prefer a normal week ahead of an arguably bigger game v Dundee Utd, rather than moving rest days about and essentially losing prep time. Feels like a lot of people are hiding behind a lot of other reasons not liking this, but it's the fact we are agreeing to do this for one of the Glasgow two is the real issue here for most. Which is valid. But just say it.
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    This last page alone really shows how out of touch with reality some fans are about Motherwell true'place in the football food chain. It is a minor miracle that Motherwell finish 4th/5th in our league, end of story. It is a minor miracle that Motherwell have retained their top division status since the mid 80's. Baraclough took over a team that was heading for relegation when he took over in December and saved it from relegation, thumping one of the two biggest teams in the country 6-1. A superb achievement!! Ask Hibs fans, ask Aberdeen fans, ask Dundee Utd fans, ask Hearts fans what it really feels like to underachieve. Alexander has saved us from relegation in his first season, attained a top six finish (with European football) in his second. He has earned our backing. The notion that Motherwell have historically been a free flowing attractive football team untill this season is complete make believe. What is not make believe is that for a small club, we have massively over achieved spanning the last 4 decades including this season. Cause for celebration and congratulations to every single board member, manager, player that has contributed to what should be a very proud history. Look at our European qualification record since the turn of the century. Something that many Scottish football fans can only dream of. We really need to enjoy these times. We will not always be so successful.
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    Ya Bezzer, whilst I support your right to express your opinions on the present state of our football club and the abilities, or lack thereof, of our current players and manager and admire your loyalty no matter how misplaced, I think you are deluded and, judging by remarks made in response by a fair number of posters, you are in a minority of one. For my own sins, I’ve been a diehard fan since 1967 and like countless others I’ve ridden the Motherwell emotional rollercoaster that comes with that and I can honestly say that in all that time, the present squad of players is the worst I’ve ever seen. As for the manager and his football philosophy (for lack of a better adjective or perhaps a piss-poor vocabulary on my part) I think that it can best be described as, well, shite. Like many others, I can no longer work up any enthusiasm for going out to pay to suffer what can only be described as the equivalent of having your balls jammed in a vice whilst your teeth are pulled out one by one, and all without the benefit of anaesthetic. Make no mistake, if this guy is permitted to remain as manager, then at the end of next season, we will be relegated and consigned to the Championship and as other clubs of our ilk have discovered, it is no easy task to get back out. In some of your posts under this topic, you have berated fellow fans for expressing honestly held views with contemptuous ripostes like “When we are on the ball we are hopeless. I know that and Alexander knows that but a lot of our fans haven’t caught on to that yet cos they operate on mollusc level logic.” AND “Its easy to mock when folk display a complete lack of understanding of the whole situation around Motherwell FC.” Now, this seems to imply that you alone possess personal insight into these matters that us lesser mortals lack. If this is the case, then perhaps you could enlighten the rest of us; but if not please accept this in the same spirit as your aforementioned ripostes, and f*ck right off.
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    What enjoyment do you get out of trolling fellow 'Well fans like that? Given the hardship a lot of people are feeling right now, this is a really shite post.
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    I invest lots of money in my predictions so I can get a massive tax break. I'm really in the non-prophet business,
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    Seems Alan Campbell has been more of a hit with the Luton players and fans than we thought https://www.lutontoday.co.uk/sport/football/luton-town/town-duo-campbell-and-naismith-win-big-at-lutons-end-of-season-awards-night-3685668
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    from memory you had the hump with robinson too, so I reckon ur just a negative dude
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    One thing that's worth considering, although I'm perfectly aware that certain people won't, is the Covid situation up until recently. At the start of the season, Alexander and other managers mentioned the fact that they suddenly had to increase the size of their squads due to the rules around Covid. This didn't mean they had a larger budget to play with though. They found themselves in a position where they had to stretch their current budget to incorporate another load of players who would act as cover if there was an outbreak and players were ruled out due to isolating and suchlike. The fact that virtually every team outside the top three has been playing like they don't know what a football looks like tells us something. If it was just us, we could point at the manager and ask the question of why all the other clubs are coping fine. But it isn't. It's every club almost. So in short, we're probably sitting with a squad a good bit larger than that Alexander would have wanted, and due to that we've had to stretch our budget to accommodate that. I imagine that the likes of Victor Nirennold, Justin Amaluzor etc will all quietly disappear. Hopefully we see the club take the wages that were spent on the larger squad for Covid purposes condensed and used to bring in quality over quantity this season. For me, Alexander deserves immense credit for not only saving us from the relegation mire we faced when Robinson left, but he also navigated the incredibly tricky waters of a season where Covid was wreaking havoc with our game and ensured we not only avoided relegation, but that we're going to secure 6th place at the very least, and the bump in money that finishing 6th over 7th, 8th, or 9th provides. With that said, the reset button is hit come the end of the season. He knows what needs to be done to get us back on track, and it's on him to do it. He's got a summer transfer window where he can bring in players based purely on his desire for them to be in his team and not based on needing extra bodies for Covid emergencies, and if we're still playing shit and we're down near 10th come October or November, he'll be facing the sack like any other manager would. But, let's not kid ourselves on that we're going to start playing like Man City. We all knew what Alexander's teams were like when he came into the job, and more importantly, so did the board. That they hired him in the first place tells you that they place results over entertainment, so we shouldn't expect them to bin the guy due to him not playing entertaining football. Gary Neville got rid of Alexander at Salford looking for something more easy on the eye, and has since admitted he got it wrong: "Last season, to be fair, Graham Alexander should have never left this club last season. I should have never made that decision that I made." And for those claiming Alexander is clueless or a total mug, his record in management doesn't suggest that to be the case at all: Fleetwood Town - Won promotion via the playoffs in his second season Scunthorpe United - Took them to the playoffs and narrowly missed out to Millwall, who were promoted to the Championship Salford City - Won promotion to League Two in his first season, got to the final of the EFL trophy which wasn't played due to Covid. He knows what he's doing. It may not be pretty on the eye, but he's got a history of getting results and accomplishing what he's hired to do.
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    I sincerely hope that fans take a step back from the doom and gloom surrounding Alexander (hard to do at the moment I know) and look at the bigger picture here. It's easy to get swept along with the despondency when you are reading it over all our forums. Yes the football has been dire but the talk of not renewing season tickets is concerning and would surely put the club into financial difficulty and affect the amount of funds available for Alexander or whoever replaces him at some point( if that happens) to strengthen the team. So if we think the football has been dire this season think what it might be like next season if we can't afford to go after better players. I'll be renewing mine regardless as it's the club I support, not the manager players or board members and I want to see us around in the top division for as long as we can. We've come a long way and I would hate to see us going backwards because of one (or 2 depending on how you look at it) bad seasons.
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    I fear the injury time equaliser against Livi could be a Sliding Doors moment for all the wrong reasons. The possibility of going 1 win in 18 and Alexander not even being at risk of losing his job is outrageous.
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    You need a title something like "19 Incredible Ways to Chill out This Summer. You Won't Believe Number 12 is Even Legal !!!!"
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    Putting aside the 2 draws at Ibrox this season, in the 70s, 80s and 90s Rangers and Celtic were in various states of financial crisis and we even had Aberdeen and Dundee Utd win the league (and Hearts blow a title chance when they should have won it). There was a financial disparity between the clubs, but not nearly as wide as it is now. As someone who grew up in an era of 70s, 80s & 90s you will have witnessed the restructuring of the leagues, the re-structuring of the prize money and tv money and the restructuring of the gate money from 50/50 to home team keeps everything. All these things were instigated by the OF with the sole intent of making them richer and ensuring the gap between them and the rest of us widened to the extent it would be impossible for us to compete. The rest of the clubs, including ours, bent over to accommodate them because they were scared the OF would leave the Scottish League. It happened everywhere of course, from the EPL to the Champions League. All of it designed to keep the rich richer and reduce actual competition. It could be changed, but nobody in Scotland has the balls to do it. So at least for my lifetime I don't expect we'll be able to offer much competition at Parkhead and Ibrox when they can pay individual players more in a year than our entire salary budget.
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    Stephen O’Donnell is as good a full-back as we’ve had at the club for a long time. The guy gets picked for regularly for Scotland and has rarely if ever had a bad game. When he’s dropped he never complains and you never hear anything bad about him. In short, a model pro. Sure he’ll have some poor games. All players do. Even the late great Joe Wark wasn’t perfect in every game. He’s the best full-back at the club by a mile and the fans need to recognise it and get behind him.
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    Wasn’t Maths or English taught at our school, it was survival. That shapes you.
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    David, normally I agree with almost 100% of what you post. And I more often than not disagree with 100% of what Yodo posts. (no offence meant as everybody has the right to their opinion). And to be clear, I don't know either of you. But since you like facts here is something to consider. And something that perhaps explains why a large number of our fans are extremely concerned. At the winter break (Late December) every team had played 21 games and we sat comfortably in fourth place with a grand total of 31 points. So despite the style of football we played most people were accepting and supportive of our Manager. Particularly as he dragged us out of the relegation mire last season. Credit to him for those achievements. Since that date every team has now played a further 13 League games. Points gained by those crap teams in the bottom six as follows - (if the tables I unearthed are accurate!) Dundee 10 points, St Johnstone 17 points, St Mirren 14 points, Aberdeen 8 Points, Livingston 18 points and Hibs 12 points. I'll add Ross County with 19 points because I think what they have achieved is fantastic and they were third bottom at the break. Other than one post split game, all those sides played the exact same teams as us. We have amassed 9 points, so only Aberdeen have gathered less than us in 2022. And given their Budget (and manager) I would suggest their poor performance will not be repeated next season. So the question is. When does current form take over from historical form and become the basis for predicting the path that lies ahead? Add to that the lack of light at the end of the tunnel and Alexander's apparent reluctance to alter an approach that has been failing since the restart.... having been sussed by every other team in the League. You clearly have great faith in our Manager and credit to you for that. But fans....even Yodo...have grounds to be concerned. That does not mean that most of us hope the present run continues. I prey we can at least overtake Ross County and secure a European place. But I'm far from convinced that will happen and I worry even more about what next season will bring if the current trend is not reversed. And I'm also far from convinced that Graeme Alexander even recognises the need to adapt his approach. Hopefully I am wrong and his supporters are correct because I don't think he is going anywhere.
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    He actually stood today for 20 minutes chatting to his buddy in the dug out as 10 man rangers tore us to shreds. He offered no instruction in that time and no encouragement or direction , looked like he was checking his paddy power account on his phone. Apart from not starting woolery his biggest tactical fuck ups were putting Cornelius to right back and having efford and Carrol on the pitch. His tactics also allowed tavenier all the space and time in the world whilst they had 11 and 10 men - very similar to Macgregor against Celtic . How can a professional manager not see that threat and guard against it? Top 6 matters fuck all when you offer zero entertainment , bring zero youth through , waste money on needless signings and the next month bring in all your chums to the coaching staff. We are losing fans all over the place and I am another on the list who will not invest any more time , effort and money whilst I see little or no effort from a number of players and watch a team with an absolute clown at the helm who thinks he will be ok talking shite to our nice wee chummy media team. as for ya bezzer reveal yourself - are you a actually burrows , McMahon or alexander himself ? Keep kidding yourself on that this year and season and signings and tactics is acceptable . Worst Motherwell team, worst squad and worst manager I’ve seen at fir park in 35 years - results this year back up that statement. Those saying the defence is shit are correct to a degree but fuck me the 3 in midfield ahead of them doesn’t help. We simply don’t have a defence , midfield or front 3 that allows us to play 433 but he still persists with it week after week after week.
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    Who stood and watched (yet again) Mugabi prove that he has never been and never will be a right back? Hibs in the cup should have seen the end of that nonsense. Sakala ripped him to shreds today. Centre Back or nothing. Who stood and watched (yet again) Efford prove he should have been left playing lower division football in Belgium? Woolery must be woeful in training if he is behind him in the first team queue. Lots of effort but nothing else. Who stood and watched (yet again) Ojala prove that he could not catch a one legged blind man? Embarrassing seeing him floundering as Kelly saved his bacon yet again following a long hopeful punt forward from the opposition. sadly injury appears to have taken its toll. Who stood and watched (yet again) Goss put in another Imposter of the Year application? Has he any idea what a forward pass is or that he is meant to challenge the opposition for the ball? He did make two decent passes up in Aberdeen though. Two a season must be rated a good return. Who set the team up to play narrow (yet again) with a lightweight midfield (yet again). See almost any game you like this season. Who did nothing about the shambles we were watching for over an hour (yet again) until the game was over? In fairness he got out of jail at Livi. Not so lucky at Perth or Dingwall though. I think we all know the answer to those questions. Yes, teams go through bad spells and luck plays a part. But Alexander has done nothing to address issues we can all identify every week and in fact he seems to delight in trying to prove his point over and over again. He is hanging many players out to dry.........Played out of position or out of their depth. One League win in almost 5 months and he is bleating that he is not getting enough credit for finishing top six. He should be thankful he is still in a job because in truth, from the position we were in,4th position is the least we should have achieved. Teams quickly caught on to his one dimensional approach and he is either unable or unwilling to adapt. Now he is about to bring in more of his similar minded team of coaches I fear for what we will be presented with next season. Enough is enough. Football is not enjoyable any more. Time for Alexander to move on and let someone else try to repair the damage.
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    steelboy's bedroom wall...
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    First of all pretty much every club that replaced a manager this season went backwards or at least didn't improve any - Aberdeen, Hibs, Dundee, St. Mirren. You could even argue Rangers went backwards, at least in terms of their league challenge when Gerard left. The idea that you replace the manager and things get better just doesn't stand up. The context of the Scottish league is such that the major problems for any manager don't actually change any by replacing one for another, especially when the main thread of criticism is 'better style of football'. The players just aren't there to play good football. Across the league we export anyone with a hint of talent almost immediately. Season after season after season of sold off talent is why we are where we are. At Motherwell and pretty much across Scotland. Only Rangers and Celtic have the millions to replace who they sell. Secondly if you look at the clubs that actually got top 6, they were all managers that were supported by their clubs through quite severe criticism from fans that, quite frankly, often are more concerned about cathartic output than level headed analysis. Hearts fans were desperate for Robbie Neilson to start badly this term so they could continue their Jettison The Manager campaign. Ross County waited till round 11 of the season before they got a win, Dundee Utd had the second worst run of defeats (6) and had a run of 2 wins in 16 mid season. Yet by sticking by the manager they all achieved top 6 finishes. Meanwhile, outside the Top 6, Hibs and their clown owner fired two managers and are currently 8th in the league on a run of 2 wins in 16. The same record Aberdeen currently have although they are even more lowly in 10th. Dundee sacked a manager and haven't won a game since, while St Johnstone stuck with Davidson, despite 8 losses in a row (the worst run of any team this season) and they might well survive. Certainly they have a better chance. I've been arguing for year and years about the steep decline of Scottish football. When we do relatively well people don't want to hear because they feel it is a sort of attack on the achievements of the team. When we do poorly folk make the usual reflex kick at the managers and pile 25 years of game wide mismanagement across Scottish football on a provincial coach a season and a half in. It's time supporters start actually talking a wider view on the poor standards of Scottish football. Every single manager in this league, newly appointed or not, is swimming against a tide of decline decades old.
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    Today we had more possession, chances, shots on target, Kelly never had a save to make, hit the bar and post, great save from Siegrist from Tierneys header but had no luck at all. Untd got a lucky break with the deflection off Lamie to go 1 up and that was all they offered the full game. We done more than enough to win that game today, but lack of firepower up top cost us, KVV was a big miss. That said its 3 games to go and we are still in the running for the Euro places this will run to the end, I've not seen any fat ladies singing yet, coyw
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    You do come across as a bit of an arse in your replies. I mean, it's a football forum. If this isn't the place for wild opinions then I don't know where is.
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    For me it's about current form and hopes for next season. Yeah, we finished ahead of six other teams at the time of the split and credit to all for that. But it is so blinkered to hide behind that achievement. The reality is we are now terrible. Our cup performances are also held up as worthy achievements. Well, we exited the League Cup at the hands of Dundee having scraped through a Group of lower league part timers. We struggled past Morton in the Scottish Cup and admittedly then put in a great performance against Aberdeen. Only to then blow it at home to Hibs. So one, and only one, decent performance. How have we performed since the turn of the year? Four long months, not just a couple of weeks. How many games have we won in the League in that time ? How entertained have you been? What improvements or changes of tactics have you seen during this shocking run we are on? How does our form over that same period compare with those six "poorer" sides? Are you confident this poor run will not continue under Alexander, and if so, based on what evidence. Were you more surprised at our capitulation to Rangers or that we stole a point from Livingston? As another poster said, ambitions ( if not Managerial targets) change over the course of a season. Given our position towards the end of 2021 fourth place was a realistic target and a European place even more so given the OF or Hearts were likely Cup Winners. Since then we have been woeful, have under achieved and there are no signs of anything changing soon. Unlike some on here I actually don't think we have that poor a squad, although it is disheartening to see what I consider our better players leaving/being forced out the door. Players are repeatedly played out of position and hung out to dry in a formation that has now been sussed by our opponents and no longer effective. Mugabi at Right back as an example....least said the better about trying to solve that situation on Saturday by asking Cornelius to step back. Continuing to play so narrow defensively despite that set up being repeatedly exposed by all and sundry. Three players being overrun and outfought in midfield. No wonder the players look confused and angry at times. I admire you if still retain hope and excitement for our future under Alexander. For me that's the thing. Hope and excitement are not two words that spring to mind when I set off for Fir Park nowadays. And I say that as someone who was delighted to see Alexander appointed. Enough is enough.
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    Burrows should say no bother Steelboy. Come up to fir park and we can sort this out. You paid £0 for your season ticket, divide the cost by 19 home games = theres your £0 refund.
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    Helping the Scottish team in Europe. Simple. If it had been Aberdeen or Hearts no one would have bothered ,except sinjy’s in-laws.
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    Spot on,he comes across as a complete twat in every post he makes.
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    Interesting that a team with Pearson, McManus and McDonald finished 11th yet this lot with the poorer players finished 5th. It might just be that Alexander is able to organise a team to get the very best out of his squad while Barraclough could not. We have come back countless times this season. Ibrox twice, St Mirren, away and home, Aberdeen and Morton in the cup, Livingston all spring to mind recently. This indicates the players are motivated and think positively. That might just be down to the manager.
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    I'm so chilled out I thought the game was tomorrow. Went onto the BBC website and saw the headline Celtic 6-0 Motherwell and nearly fell out my chair.
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    Would take Ricky Lamie, he's good
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    A lengthy post, but i have time to kill this morning... So, with the season end almost upon us, I believe below is the situation regarding players out of contract: PJ Morrison Ricki Lamie (pre-contract signed with Dundee) Victor Nirennold Liam Grimshaw Mark O'Hara (pre-contract signed with St Mirren) Liam Donnelly Liam Shaw (end of loan) Jordan Roberts Justin Amaluzor Darragh O’Connor At this stage, I'd absolutely look to retain Lamie if he's willing to stay, possibly Morrison as a backup keeper, and O'Connor purely to see if he has anything to offer. The rest could go as far as I'm concerned. Contract-wise, the rest of the squad looks something like this: Liam Kelly - May 2024 Scott Fox - May 2023 Stephen O'Donnell - May 2023 Jake Carroll - May 2023 Max Johnston - May 2023 Bevis Mugabe - May 2024 Juhani Ojala - May 2023 Nathan McGinley - May 2024 Sondre Solholm Johansen - May 2024 Barry Maguire - May 2024 Callum Slattery - May 2024 Dean Cornelius - May 2023 Ross Tierney - May 2025 Sean Goss - May 2023 Kaiyne Woolery - May 2024 Kevin van Veen - May 2023 Joe Efford - May 2023 Connor Shields - May 2024 Robbie Mahon - June 2023 I think we can all agree that the squad is pretty bloated at the moment, although that was intentional due to potential Covid suspensions and us needing cover for that. The same applied to other clubs in the league. With that said, I'd look at things this way: Goalkeeper It's pretty obvious that Kelly is going to be our number one, so that's not in doubt. I did notice that the past few games we've had young Matthew Connelly warming the bench for us, which is a good sign, but I think if we're going to renew PJ Morrison's contract there has to be some sort of progress made there. He's been at Alloa this season, and has bounced around on loan at various clubs. But he's 24 now, so he's not a kid. If we're not going to offer him a concrete position as the club number 2 behind Kelly, then let him go. For me we either go with Kelly, Morrison as a solid number 2 and Connelly being brought into the fold with a possible loan in January while Fox is there to see out his contract and assist with coaching, or we go with Kelly as number one, Morrison moving on and a combination of Connelly and Fox backing us up on the bench. Verdict - I don't think we need a new body in for this position. If Morrison moves on we can cover with Connelly and Fox for this season. Right Back A position of much contention this season. With Liam Grimshaw's contract ending we lose an option for that position, but with Max Johnston returning we gain an option as well, if the management team see him as being good enough. If we don't bring someone else in during the window we will start with O'Donnell, Johnston, and also Mugabi as options for this position. Personally, I'd go with O'Donnell if he's fit, and try to phase Johnston in occasionally and at least see what he can do in the last year of his current deal. If he isn't up to the job then we can let him move on next May. In an ideal world we'd be phasing Max in as a replacement for O'Donnell over the next few years. If O'Donnell performs this season I could see him getting another year or two extension, which would hopefully be enough to allow Johnston to come in as his eventual replacement. If he's good enough, of course. Verdict - O'Donnell, Mugabi and a returning Max Johnston should be enough to cover this position. Left Back Although not everyone's cup of tea, I think we're going with Nathan McGinley as our first choice left back next season. He signed a new deal until 2024, he's 25 years old, I think the manager likes him. Jake Carroll has another year left on his current deal, and I think he'll be the one challenging for that starting place with McGinley. I don't see much changing in this position. Verdict - I don't see any changes in this position Central Defence We go into next season with Bevis Mugabe, Juhani Ojala, and Sondre Solholm Johansen on the books at the moment. We could potentially retain the services of Darragh O’Connor and Ricki Lamie as well depending on how things go over the summer. My preferred defensive pairing would be Lamie and Mugabi. I'd keep O'Connor at the club for another year if he was open to it, as I quite liked what I saw of him. Ojala isn't working out in my opinion, and if he was agreeable I'd look to move him on. Johansen is a weird one, as he's looked okay at times but dodgy at others. He's only 26 and has another year to run, so I guess we'll see how he does this season coming. I'd go with Lamie, Mugabi, and O'Connor as my three centre-backs of choice, with Johansen in fourth and looking to prove himself, while Ojala would be a distant fifth choice if we couldn't shift him. If we can't retain Lamie then we need someone else in I think. The idea of Mugabi and any combination of Ojala and Johansen gives me the fear. We've seen that combination enough this season. If Lamie knocks us back I'd get O'Connor tied up for another year and see how he does early season alongside Mugabi, with a new signing coming in also. Verdict - If we can keep Lamie and possibly O'Connor I think we'll stick with what we have here. If Lamie goes then I think we'll need a new signing. I doubt we can shift either Ojala or Johansen before their contracts expire, but if we can that would obviously free up wages for a new player. Midfield As of now we head into the summer with Barry Maguire, Sean Goss, Callum Slattery, and Dean Cornelius on the books. I'm not as anti-Donnelly as many are here, but I wouldn't mind seeing him move on. I have a sneaky suspicion that unless St Mirren come calling he'll get offered another year with us though. O'Hara is offski, much to the delight of some. Again, I'm not all that fussed at losing him. If we go into this thinking that Donnelly is for the off, then we effectively have four midfielders in the squad. If we lose O'Hara and Donnelly we could maybe use some of the funds freed up there to bring in someone else. If Alexander is serious about utilising a smaller squad then this is a good place to implement that. Barry Maguire, Sean Goss, Callum Slattery, Dean Cornelius and a new signing would work for me. Verdict - A new midfielder coming in would be needed I think. Up Front As of now we go into the summer with Kaiyne Woolery, Kevin van Veen, Joe Efford, and Connor Shields as recognised forwards of varying positions. We also have young Robbie Mahon, who seemingly plays up top and on the right, and also Ross Tierney who's played up front for us of late, but can also drop back into an attacking midfield role as well unless i'm mistaken. Van Veen and Shields seem like the two out & out strikers on the books, while Woolery can play down the right and left, while Efford plays down the left and also through the centre. I'd let Jordan Roberts and Justin Amaluzor move on at the end of their current deals. That would free up the wages needed to sign one relatively proven striker if available. I think if we can head into the new season with Van Veen, a new striker, and Shields as options through the middle, supported by a combination of Woolery, Efford, Tierney and Mahon we'd be in decent shape. Verdict - A new striker should hopefully be on the cards to add to what we have. Overall In my opinion we'd be looking to shift at least seven, and maybe even eight players from our current first team squad (PJ Morrison, Victor Nirennold, Liam Grimshaw, Mark O'Hara, Liam Donnelly, Liam Shaw, Jordan Roberts, Justin Amaluzor), with one returning from loan (Johnston) and two potentially being re-signed (O'Connor & Lamie). I'd look to sign a new midfielder and a new striker if O'Connor and Lamie sign again, with either of them needing replaced if they leave. So that would see maybe as many as eight out, two in from loan, and two new signings (three if Lamie isn't coming back), meaning a three-man deficit from this season, which seems about right. Of course, what we'll actually do is release the seven mentioned, lose Lamie and end up signing eight new players no doubt
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    So your hoping the pitch is seeded too? Take that Grizzly!
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    Maybe but I still think most managers are far too cautious about giving players a chance. For me you'll never know unless you give players first team football. There have been lots of youth hotshots that do nothing in the men's game but I think it works the other way too. There are players at youth level that only reach their potential when they start playing 'real' football. And I've said this many times, not every youth graduate needs to be 'Turnbull' level. The standard of the league is pretty poor so if players can come in at 18, 19 and compete and then gain experience and improve over the years that's good enough. I think some times we focus on bringing through sellable assets rather than players that are going to serve the club.
  34. 4 points
    Ya Bezzer makes a fair point, and its that kind of realism that has kept me from calling for the managers head despite the atrociously poor fayre we have had to endure this season and the very poor run since xmas. All that said, there are some things to like about this team. They definitely do appear to have a certain mental strength about them. Numerous times this season we have gone behind and come back to snatch points that appeared gone. There were certainly some games in the first half of the season when we won games by the sheer force of willpower. That level of grit and determination forged a pretty strong bond between the fans the players and the manager early on in the season. Its a shame it was mostly undone in the second half. The last few weeks though I have seen hints of a change of attitude from Alexander in respect our style of play. We played a lot more thru the midfield last week and the little bits I saw today seemed to be the same. That is encouraging, and with some of the things he has said in interviews this week it it clear he knows fine well what we have all been saying and appears he seems minded to address it. Thats all I needed to see and hear. If it continues for the final 2 games and there is a clear plan in place to improve the squad for hopefully a tilt at europe, then he will have earned my respect back and the right to go into next season with my full support.
  35. 4 points
    Not saying we were not a better team when Watt was with us........he showed us on Saturday how good his hold up play is.... but to highlight his departure as the major reason we have struggled to score does not really stand up. Which truthfully did surprise me. Someone can maybe check my arithmetic but your post got me looking over the results post and pre Watt. In the 15 League games since Watt left Motherwell the team has scored 14 goals. So less than a goal a game which is just not good enough. By comparison, in the 15 League games before he left we scored a grand total of 14 goals. The exact same. Not looked up how many of those he scored but he had gone off the boil following his excellent start to the season. And his scoring record has not returned at Utd. Certainly no more talk of a Scotland call up. In summary I think the decline is down to much more than letting Watt leave. Add to that the fact that our opponents have sussed out our tactics/set up and our paltry goal return is no longer good enough to scrape wins. Our determination to stick with certain players and an undermanned midfield became predictable and hurt us. Unsurprisingly our improved performance on Saturday coincided with a long overdue change of set up. For the first time in ages I thought we deserved something from the game. VVD also deserves his arse kicked for picking up needless yellow cards which meant he missed two winnable games where we created chances but took zero points. To me VVD had taken over as our major goal threat even before Watt left. Regards "supposed" targets. Top 6. Achieved so well done for that. But let's not go overboard. We are in a poor League. Europe and 4th/5th was entirely possible given our league position pre break. Might still be secured but it will be a disappointment if that does not work out and our points gathering earlier in the season is not properly reflected in the table. Cup Results. Not really much of a target or achievement reaching a Quarter Final. League cup we were rotten and were lucky to qualify from the Group. We then went out to the first Premiership team we faced. And that team are about to be relegated. Scottish Cup we struggled to beat a mid table championship team at Fir Park, played well to defeat a bottom six Premiership team at Fir Park and then blew it at Fir Park against another bottom six Premiership team in the Quarter Final. So despite the hype, our Cup Results were poor and in both cases a great chance to make a financially rewarding trip to Hampden was missed. Targets need to set a real challenge. Not so sure ours did.
  36. 4 points
    It's just what a good supporter does. Times change, teams and managers change, but the love of the 'Well never diminishes, You should try it.
  37. 4 points
    there's plenty of games i don't think we have played well but today I thought we were decent, another day tierbey coukdve had hat trick ....play like that next week and our luck got to turn
  38. 4 points
    It's quite simple. He's more than likely going to be judged on the entire season, and quite rightly so, which has been a success as far as our actual results go. When the first ball was kicked this season I seriously doubted we'd make the top six. When the league consists of the teams it does at the moment, the top six should usually be a combination of Celtic, Rangers, Hearts, Hibs, Dundee united, and Aberdeen. I saw that as a tough group to crack, especially considering their wage budgets and overall resources. Our "current form" is that we've just qualified for the top six, we've gotten to the quarter finals of a cup, and we're sitting one single point off fourth place. If we all put aside our "fan brains" and thought about this logically, we'd surely have to accept and realise that the club would have to be daft to sack a manager who has just accomplished the above? Our recent run hasn't been great, but again, we judge on the entire season. The actual league positions, the points. Stephen Robinson parted ways with the club when we were on a winless run of nine games, but were sitting tenth, two points off the bottom of the table. If we find ourselves in a similar position around November or December then I'm sure questions will be asked and a similar result reached. The question I'd ask you is what exactly you want to happen? You're voicing concerns over our form, which is fair enough, but what would you have the club do? Sack a manager in the summer who could potentially get us to fourth in the table? Who at the very least has, over the course of a season, gotten us into the top six? if you don't want to see him gone, then what's the answer? For me, he's been handed a list of requirements at the start of the season, and regardless of how he's done it, he's managed to hit those targets. The football hasn't been pleasing on the eye, the results since Christmas haven't been good enough. But we put enough in the bank early in the season to carry us through, and just as much as Alexander is deserving of criticism for his teams performances post-Christmas, he deserves credit for the performances pre-Christmas surely? He's hit his targets for this season. We still have a chance of a European position. Next season? Well, it all begins again, doesn't it? He's handed the remit that he was at the start of this season, and it's his job to make sure he hits or even exceeds those targets again. If it looks like he's in danger of falling below that remit, just Robinson, he'll likely move on. I'm not going to concern myself with next season until we're a week or so away from kick-off. By the time next season rolls around we'll have a fairly different squad of players. We'll be playing against different teams, and all of those will have different squads, so we really have no idea how it's going to play out. My only concern is seeing us do enough to push for 4th. And if we're honest, that's a nice target to have at this time of the season. I bet Hibs and Aberdeen fans wouldn't mind concerning themselves with that.
  39. 4 points
    Boyle owned the club and made some bad business decisions. He acknowledged that and decided to sell. He chose not to sell to anyone likely to be detrimental to the club like that property developer and the infamous South Americans. Instead he thought the way forward was to make it a fan owned club and set that in motion. On top of that, he wrote off a lot of the debt he had accrued with his mistakes when he could have insisted he was repaid in full (what we repaid him was a small fraction). That is what has been the death of many clubs over the years. So like it or not, he was instrumental in making us the first fan owned senior club in UK football. Like Al B, I don't really care, but feel free to froth and be outraged that a guy that owned our club gets to watch the games.
  40. 4 points
    I don't care.
  41. 4 points
    I can’t argue with that. I wasn’t looking for us to beat Rangers today but when the circumstances presented themselves I did feel the worst we would get would be a draw. However we need to face the stark fact that we very probably have the worst squad of players that’s ever been assembled at Fir Park. It’s packed full of utter dross. Added to that we have a manager in charge of the aforesaid utter dross, whose football philosophy makes me cringe. We are bereft of football ability; we lack cohesiveness as a group; we are uncompetitive and utterly unwatchable. We’ve only taken 9 points from a possible 42 since the turn of the year and that’s relegation form. Thankfully it won’t happen this season but it’s an absolute racing certainty that it’ll be on the cards from the start of next season. We are also starting to lose fans with even some diehards finding it tough to keep going. Radical change is badly needed in our recruitment philosophy as the quality of player being brought in from lower and non-league English and Irish football has been abysmal for some time now. It’s time for the chairman and board to wake up smartly and smell the shite.
  42. 4 points
    Steelboy's 1st name is Karen
  43. 4 points
    A purist? He was a diving wee bastard. Nothing purist about cheating. Sent from my Pixel 6 Pro using Tapatalk
  44. 4 points
    I don't get this. You'd rather Motherwell lose out because of what Rangers fans say? They are intolerable anyway, even with 1 trophy in a decade or whatever it is. Motherwell fans should be focused on Motherwell.
  45. 3 points
    We are all too busy chilling out.
  46. 3 points
    We are utter shite though. And yep thats the reason I picked that example. That team were so bad we ended up in the playoffs and then smashed Rangers. All I'm saying is that we have regressed to such an extent that they would also destroy us. A team with Pearson, McManus and McDonald through the spine, and Ainsworth and Johnson on the wings would totally destroy our current team if they showed up primed for the event. Carrol v on-form Lionel? Come on. Skippy v Ojala? Pearson and Las v Goss and Slattery? Now line our current team up with McGhee's first season or McCalls superstars. Its frightening to imagine the outcome. Now of course we don't need to worry about it, we are finishing 4th or 5th but it just shows how poor not only Motherwell have got in a relatively short number of years, but the rest of the league as well.
  47. 3 points
    Maybe. There's certainly some characters on this forum who've not been as active since the full-time whistle last night as they would have been had we lost.
  48. 3 points
    OTF you mustv been in ma class and at ma school of survival of the fittest we are survivers a wee bit of banter on a forum doesnt even scrstch oor skins
  49. 3 points
    top 6 is an excellent outcome. No quibbles with the outcome of our league position. Anything higher will be an even bigger bonus. How we got there was brutal and will continue to earn debate until we get some form of entertainment.
  50. 3 points
    Can't wait for Saturday then we will have something sensible to discuss 1. How shite we were and how we never turn up against them , Burrows is responsible etc 2. Wow never saw that victory coming Europe and 4th place here we come. Topic 1 is Currently odds on Favourite
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