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    25 years to the day since Davie Cooper died Still my favourite Motherwell player.
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    You'd have been jealous of him and all that he achieved. People come and go from all sites like this. It's part of their natural life cycle. The vast majority of discussion boards wither and die fairly quickly. That happens even quicker when there is no moderation and the trolls and spammers take over. It's a testament to posters and moderators on here that the site has been ticking over for so long with minimal intervention required.
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    Some points; Perhaps it was not your intention but you give the impression that the ' fans' only spouted 'Sieg Heil' not in its offensive context but due to some nuanced philosophical standpoint on the term's origins. Who is kidding who? As witnessed and heard by me and mates it was a sizeable group both inside and outside the ground. Fact. As to the club appreciating their support I think it's fair to say that some doubt has to be cast on this when we look at the club's position on inclusion ( family club) and us being a signatory to the SPFL's position on Unacceptable Conduct. Moreso as the club would be at serious risk of being brought to book. Finally, I attended the Hearts game in the company of a few guys of the Jewish faith. To say they were pissed off with these 'fans' is an understatement as is their anger with your apparent rationalisation of Sieg Heil crys from this group. Would have been interesting to see you justify your post to them!! MFC have now lost my mates potential support despite my efforts to persuade them to give it another try. This is really sad as they were drawn to the club because of its good reputation. As to my comments as you infer being holier than thou . Well if that means calling out offensive behaviour ( when it is clearly that) then I can live with that. Rather that description than that of an apparent apologist/ minimiser.
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    4 bought, 1 adult and 3 children, renew everybody renew
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    Aye, they changed that rule at the end of season 2013/14.
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    They went into a bit of detail on this on Sportsound earlier. As Santheman has said, it is open to players however only if the club do not have any work for you to do (and would otherwise be making you redundant). This includes generating revenue or marketing. So players who are still doing promotional bits for the club or community stuff (phoning round elderly fans) wouldn't be eligible for Furlogh. I've not really thought about our club doing it, however I do find it repulsive that businesses who operate in the hundreds of millions (not just football clubs) are applying to the Government for it. It's not free money - it'll just be lumped into the national debt which we'll all be paying back in higher taxes for years.
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    My mate has just told me his old man received a phone call from Tony Watt yesterday, asking if he was ok and if he needed anything. Apparently the club are calling all season ticket holders over 70. Really nice touch.
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    Wee thought . Perhaps a further benefit of this site. If any of our fans are struggling to get supplies in during this crisis I wonder if others could help. I'm in Livingston and would be happy to assist as far as possible. Just pm me and I'll get back .
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    I may be a CV-vulnerable wrinkly who's had pneumonia twice and been hospitalised as a result but at least this crisis has spared us the cringeworthy "Curtis Main will come back to haunt us" froth we normally have to endure in such a fixture. Since Friday night will probs be our last match for a while, I will proudly take my position on top of the POD and rain sarcasm on Cosgrove and the other Mutton Molesters from a safe distance. Tobar na Mathair gu brath, ya bass!
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    Got mine and family,s today 3 purchased
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    I think the current team running the site are the longest serving at doing so, a lot of self policing and genuinely decent members have helped keep things extremely smooth during our time looking after the place.
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    The old fence S Terrace no more ....stand
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    Season 2021-22 is not too far off and I would love see us celebrated the 90th anniversary of our only top league title victory by wearing a commemorative shirt for a season. I’m sure Macron could produce a modern replica of our title winning shirt, however, still sticking closely to the original 1930s hoop sleeve design. I know Copa produced a replica of this iconic shirt a few years ago, but this is my photoshopped take on how I envisage a Macron version might look like. I appreciate that the older Rugby style football shirts are not to everyones taste, however, when commemorating an anniversary I think it’s fine to revisit older designs. It’s an important part of our history and should be acknowledged. I know I should really wait until the 100 year anniversary, but I’m impatient.
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    Other teams do it. I’ve seen shirts celebrating different years. Personally I prefer the 100 year thing, although it wasn’t that long ago that I helped in the production of a 125 anniversary shirt. That particular shirt sold out, and I’m sure they made some money from it. If the club can benefit from sales in these cash strapped times then I’m happy to release it 10 years early. Long forgotten perhaps, but still the clubs greatest ever achievement. Our 52/91 cup wins were a walk in the park by comparison. The 1931-32 league championship flag is hoisted at Fir Park before the opening league fixture against Kilmarnock in August 1932. And, the holy grail, a 1931-32 gold league championship medal.
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    They might have been considering building the toilet blocks at that time, if you're lucky!
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    It's been fun watching the retro 90's rules where you can pass the ball back for the keeper to pick up and assault the keeper in mid-air without getting a foul against you.
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    In about two weeks no one will give a fuck about the football and the outcome of the league. Far more important things to worry about right now.
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    Simple answer is this... Each team nominates someone who's decent at FIFA on PS4. Games are played in the executive lounge or wherever in each teams stadium, which constitutes a home match. We have the games streamed live on YouTube for fans to watch, and the teams manager is allowed to sit a few feet away from the players and shout at them while offering encouragement. Bish bash bosh, season sorted. Who we nominating? Turnbull? He's had a decent amount of time on the couch this season, his FIFA game must be strong.
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    I've had to stop watching the news. The wild and pointless speculation just drives me nuts, and the media seem intent on whipping up their favourite fear, panic and hysteria. I watched an good interview last night with a guy that specialises in human assessment of risk and fear, and he was much more sensible. He wasn't for one second playing down the potential seriousness of the situation, but was pointing out how irrational human responses can be in an attempt to give them some sense of control. Bulk buying of toilet paper when there is no shortage of the stuff is a great example. According to a recent article New England Journal of Medicine, the overall mortality rate may be less than 1% once the final number of infected people is established. Evidence for this comes in part from China where once the the Wuhan outbreak had been identified, the other areas of that had time to prepare to care for patients are seeing a mortality rate of 0.7% - still substantially more than the 0.1% of the flu, but not the figures originally feared. The recent SARS virus had a mortality rate of around 10% and Covid-19 is far less deadly than that, and far less deadly than MERS or Ebola. I'm not for one second suggesting we don't need to take steps to address the situation and keep people as safe and healthy as possible, and it's better that governments prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. I just find the 24x7 "WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!" coverage as exhausting as it is unhelpful and suspect it will lead to a lot of unnecessary stress. The various regional and national health agency websites are providing information in a much more balanced and helpful way.
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    250 deaths in Italy in the last 24 hours. 189 the day before. See who’s pant-wetting in a few weeks.
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    If you had common sense you'd realise everything else that comes with it. Crowds travelling on public transport, crowds pre-drinking in pubs. It's not all about the actual open air match. Not to mention the police and health care professionals that have to attend that will be much more useful elsewhere. Engage your brain.
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    This could go on for a while though. Apparently 70% of the population will get it at some point but governments are willing to go into near lockdown when less than 0.1% of people have it. It seems like madness to me. Surely it would be better for vunerable people to isolate and everyone else to get on with it.
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    Can't believe the grief I got at the weekend for my claret and amber Swastika flag either. It's an ancient Hindu symbol of good luck ffs.
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    Second time the boy has signed an extension when others may have opted to let the contract run out and make more cash elsewhere. Fair play to him, shows a level of loyalty to the club that is rare these days.
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    I feel this could be a great opportunity for all of us wee teams to use our collective power. At the moment for anything to happen in top league 11 teams need to agree to it with the 2 glasgow teams always sticking together to kybosh any ideas from us wee teams. Interestingly this so called vote by spfl is going to be based on if 75% vote for it why is it not 11-1 to work. Surely if either of ugly sisters want our vote all other teams could bargain with them by saying if we vote for whatever you want then from now on any proposal in future only needs a 75% majority to go through. This would then stop those 2 having as much power. Thoughts?
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    I really don't get why any Well fan is concerned if Rangers or Celtic end up winning the league, they're 2 cheeks of the same arse so feck them both. Bottom line is that our club have had a tremendous season and I'd be gutted if we didn't get the reward for that. I'd rather we delayed as long as possible to give us a chance to finish the season, if that can't happen then they can call the season and reward clubs appropriately for their efforts up to this point. Any suggestion of trying to null and void the season will be a real kick in the balls for the club.
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    Awarding Celtic the title would be absolutely wrong... Its that simple as far as I'm concerned
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    There's no need to make any decision any time soon. Blaming the SFA/SPFL for not making an announcement yet is ludicrous.
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    He's an absolute weirdo. That said, if the season is voided, or if the title is awarded - we're going to have years (decades) of seethe from either Rangers or Celtic, which I'll quite enjoy. Only down side is that there isn't a scenario which leaves them both absolutely raging.
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    It certainly makes more sense to me to change up next season if needed and finish up this one whenever we manage to resume.
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    I haven't bought one the past few years due to travelling, but fuck it, I'll maybe buy one this season. Even if I don't get as much use out of it as I'd like.
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    How's the big chap doing Yabba - miss his "banter" on here.
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    Former forum member SpecialAKA sent me this video from before and after the final. I'm sure he doesn't mind it being shared to a wider audience.
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    Even now, 29 years later, I'd still love to batter fuck out of Darren Jackson
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    I was only 8 back in 91 so i dont remember a great deal from being at the game or the day in general but the one thing i do remember was my rangers supporting pal begging to be stevie kirk when we went for a kick about out in the street later that night .i never get tired of watching the final,seeing darren jackson greeting like a big lassie when he went up for his medal is a particular delight.
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    For half a season, a true Motherwell great. What was your favourite #Vigz moment? His beautiful cross field pass at Tynecastle that nobody bothered to film? His late winner in Inverness that helped secure 2nd? His Zidane-esque volley on his return that all sensible Well fans reluctantly applauded? His handsome Highland smile? Feel free to share more!
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    Not sure why it's unrealistic. We'll resume playing at some point in the future and it would seem to make more sense to spend a month wrapping things up with 8 more games than scrapping the previous 30.
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    Looking forward to the sequel video. DT II. The steel man with steel pins in his pins.
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    I haven't bothered with a Season Ticket for the past couple of years but I'll definitely get one when they are released to support the club through the spring and summer so hopefully we can get back to playing this year.
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    Being deputy Chief Economist at RBS in 2008 surely isn't something to brag about. It only cost taxpayers £24 billion and led to austerity.
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    Not being funny but do clubs asking the fans for money think we have suddenly all became millionaires overnight?Alot of us are in the same boat not on 200,000 grand a year,most folk right now are struggling right now.
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    I genuinely- in a completely un-snidey way- love Steelboy's willingness to come out to bat for the most controversial position in every single argument on this website
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    Well, why don't you get on the phone to the major sporting leagues around the world that have all cancelled or postponed their seasons? The event organisers taking hits worth hundreds of thousands to cancel open air concerts and suchlike? Tell them all to just continue as normal, because despite what the medical professionals say, it's just a nonsense. I know you're the resident fuckwit, but take a day off, eh? Away and "self-isolate" for a few weeks, will you?
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    So everyone, say, over 60 who has followed MFC all their lives doesn't count just so you can see your game regardless of them? Fuck off you selfish cunt.
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    So maybe the video wasn't all about hooring him to Celtic... Great news.
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    Don’t disagree with anything you say BUT he would still be in the goldfish bowl that is the West of Scotland and all the hassle that goes along with that ( unable to go out and about socially without a minder being 2ft behind him ) As I’ve said previously look at the young boy Gilmour at Chelsea ( younger than Turnbull) if your good enough you’ll make it at any club.
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    I'm not convinced our options in summer were- a) a guy who was playing in the Spanish third tier and had just been released from Wolves' academy, b)a 26 year old winger from Solihull Moors, or c) Scotland internationalist Jamie Murphy who cost Rangers 7 figures from a Premiership team a few years ago.
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    With the best will in the world, if we do finish third, we will be arguably one of the weakest sides in recent times to do so. We have a plethora of wingers/forwards which are utter dross. None of Illic, Seedorf, Manzinga, Ndjoli, Aarons or Hylton will go down in folklore as being anything like top class players. They are mostly jobbers, whereby six small salaries could arguably be condensed into 3 decent salaries and a higher calibre of player (a tactic that I along with others have been calling for). Watt is likely to move on as will Long. The later has been exceptional in the past couple of matches however has been a frustrating figure and questionably does not score enough goals for the amount of opportunities that his pace presents. We are probably looking at a completely new forward line for next season which wouldn't be a disaster. In midfield, we will need to strengthen. Turnbull will be gone and Polworth has blown hot and cold all season and needs competion. O'Hara could however be worth offering a contract to. We need a new right back as Grimshaw still can't defend over 90 minutes and Tait's legs sadly look to be gone. A new centre half would also be welcome as well as a new goalkeeper given that Gillespie will be away. It will yet again be a busy summer rather through necessity than design, particularly when it comes to forwards.
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