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    That's a bold statement.
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    I am absolutely desperate for Craig Tanner to get back to the level he once was. Not for the team, but for himself. By the commentary and media stuff he sounds like a superb guy and he thoroughly deserves it.
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    Hi there, My name is Sean. You may have seen me on the video the club put out a few weeks back: I'm new to the area and new to the club and have set myself the task of tracking down the Motherwell kits from 1991 onwards. I'm documenting my progress over on Instagram if you want to give me a follow - https://www.instagram.com/steelmansean/ Always on the lookout for kits (especially the Hummel home & away and the black Pony away kit), so give us a shout if you are willing to part with any. Likewise, if there's any kit you are trying to track down yourselves, do let me know and I'll keep an eye out! Thanks, Sean
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    I think we are going to win the League Cup this year. The only thing I can control is my own thinking, so I'm going to be positive and enjoy it till I can't anymore. Then I'll be negative at the appropriate time. Being miserable all the time with the only reward being able to say "I told you so" is an absolute fucking mugs game.
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    Has he not equalled Main's tally for last season now ?
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    This is most of my collection at the last count if anyone cares:
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    We should be fully supporting anything the club can do to eliminate the weirdos that are grown adults wearing football tops at any time other than playing 5's or going to a game. Not allowing these people to buy one before their holiday has clearly been decided at board level, and should be applauded.
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    Easy win at half pace. Best player in the first half - Polworth - was taken off at half time and that took a wee bit away from us until Hyltton and Scott came on as subs and pepped it up again. Sloth came on and looked decent. Fair play to Donnelly for the goals but most likely the goal run ends here and we'll need to concentrate on his ability in his actual role. Was disappointed in Ilic and Seedorf today and we definitely missed Gallagher and Campbell today despite the easy win. And I'll say it again - James Scott should be starting matches as our first choice striker.
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    I've committed to going in all guns blazing on this now and it's too late to back out.
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    Manzinga - what a name. He could be absolute shite, but to have a player who sounds like a porn star is a new high for Motherwell. We are also assembling quite easily the coolest looking squad in the division. Key move was to get rid of the ginger and bring in the Zinga!
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    "How do you spell your name?" - "C-a-d-d-e-n" "Is that a-n?" "No, e-n" "a?" "No, e" "Have you met the Queen?"
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    If nothing else, he'll be a fine addition to the long list of "Players Whose Names Our Fans Can't Spell"
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    I can't pretend to know the detail of the various options and contractual negotiations, and neither do you. So it's an unanswerable question. But in broad terms, he could have instructed his agent that his move should not be structured in a way which avoids his boyhood club receiving a minimum development fee. If a player want to force a move which doesn't work well for the selling club, they can generally do that around the end of their contract. Some young players choose not to go down road out of respect or a sense of loyalty to the development club. There's an obvious example all over the papers - if Teirney was minded to force a move, Celic would most likely have accepted an earlier offer and he'd be an Arsenal player right now. Like it or not, Cadden has opted for a deal he would have known left Well screwed, to the degree we are now considering legal action. There is no point in pretending he was powerless, it's simply not true.
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    Sampdoria style but green instead of blue.
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    Aye, it’s definitely the tops that are getting smaller
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    What we can say is that.... Our League Cup campaign so far has been significantly more impressive than last year. Gallagher looks like an upgrade on any of the centre halves we had last year. Some of our other signings have shown early promise (Hylton, Carroll, Polworth) Others look like they still have a way to go fitness wise so the jury is still out (Seedorf, Illic, Cole, Long) Donnelly looks much improved but without DT its unclear what our best midfield is and whether it can be as effective. Sloth could be the answer to that but too early to tell. We still have questions up front. James Scott has shown promise but he will need back up and no one else has stepped forward so far. We have 2 of the best goalkeepers in the League. A lot to be positive about I would have thought. The next few weeks will let us know for sure.
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    Don't think we should rule out extradition for Cadden tbh
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    Were you at the game caller? Agree on Scott, but thought the exact opposite of Semple/Polworth - Semple poor, played with his ample head up his arse - Polworth first class some nice incisive passing and very comfortable on the ball.
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    1. Who’s this polsworth guy he seems pretty poor man that’s 2 people said that. 2. That new guy we signed LIAM POLWORTH is a tidy little player I like the look of he was excellent vs Morton, got stuck in and very nice on the eye when in possession.
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    I think everyone knows that we have to give all of the new signings a chance, but this idea that any criticism of them based on their career to this point should be off the table is getting tedious. How boring would the place be if everyone just responded to a new signing by saying "great, I trust the managers judgement, let's see how this new guy gets on." It's natural to see a new signing and immediately look at where he's been before and what he's accomplished. Is that a cast-iron indication of how he'll do for us? Absolutely not, but to completely dismiss it as not worth discussing is mental. Personally, I'm not impressed by this guys career to this point. It's a signing that has me scratching my head a bit, as I'm fairly sure there are players available in Scotland for similar money who have a better track record. In fact, even though playing with a lone striker isn't really playing to Danny Johnson's strengths I'd have more confidence in him than this new guy based on what they've both done in the past. Johnson can score goals for us if given the chance, he's done it before. Now, just to clarify, this isn't me not "giving the new guy a chance," it's me, as a fan, looking at what he's done until now and forming an opinion. That opinion will change as he gets chances to play for us, and obviously I hope he turns out to be a superstar.
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    Lafferty bullet dodged.
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    Aye cos bringing in players to our club to actually play in our first team is exactly the same as laundering a player through a third party team to avoid paying a fee.
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    Dumbarton shipping six to Morton and then four to Queen of the South, sides who we've put 4 and 3 past without reply. Nil-nil written all it over on Tuesday hasn't it?
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    Good to see the majority of the crowd show their appreciation for John Sutton when he was substituted.
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    Fairly comprehensive dismantling of Morton, was 4 going on 5, 6, 7, 8. We should probably reserve judgement until we are playing teams at the same level but in my opinion the standard of player in the squad is much higher than it has previously been under Robinson. From home growns like Maguire, Semple and Scott to the guys brought in like Hylton, Seedorf and Gallagher. For me there are plenty of positive signs there. Even the type of football we are playing, playing the ball out from the back with the centre halves or short passes from the goalkeeper to the full backs, is almost unrecognisable to the type of football we were playing this time last season.
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