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    I’d have went with “flag day at Ibrox yesterday and the only cunt not waving his was the fuckin linesman” should I apply for a job?
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    Former Motherwell Captain Declan Gallagher was on the losing side again today, but was considered too shit for a starting place in a team that loses a lot. (I love this post. I get to copy and paste it every week)
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    Was at my first Scotland match for years yesterday and disappointed that SOD was not selected. What pleased me though was that not one fan around me had a bad word for him. Those fans represented a wide range of clubs, although Rangers were not one of them. Their comments seemed to echo the reception he got at Wembley. To a man they questioned Patterson being selected ahead of him. That view was backed up by Patterson’s first half defending and his mistake which led to the first goal. Everybody was tearing into Patterson and McTominay at half time and expecting SOD to be brought on. In fairness to both those players they improved dramatically in the second half, and justified Clarke’s persistence. That said, Patterson frequently reminded us that he has a lot to learn defensively. In an attacking sense he was excellent second half. He is young though and likely will improve his defensive qualities. He may well be the future. In short, I don’t think many fans who actually attend Scotland matches have an issue with SOD. That seems to be more of a media thing, who no doubt have their own Rangers focused agenda. And a few Motherwell fans who resented his signing and will not be content until he moves on. Hopefully the player pays more attention to the fans and Managers, both Club and Country, who recognise his value rather than those with an axe to grind.
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    That’s nonsense. If Van Veen or Ojala wanted to tweet about teams from their homeland then fair enough. The team that employs them are not in direct competition with these sides. Domestically though, I think it should be a case of doing your job and keeping your mouth shut. Especially on a platform that is so public. We all know Tony Watt supports Celtic but does he bang on about it? Hardly. Dom Thomas was also guilty of it, which caused him not to be endeared by many.
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    Seriously dude. Do you ever read your posts back? Your having a go at a guy for questioning how you support football, by having a go at how others support football? Ive watched Motherwell for the best part of 50 years and Ive seen plenty of turgid shite. Same with Scotland. But I dont do it to be spoiled with silky flowing football. I do it because its in my blood and its who I am. If Scotlands not for you thats fair enough, bit dont try and pretend that its because watching Motherwell is more entertaining. Its just not true.
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    He deserves a good reception always done the best for our club unlike others who jumped ship at first chance and left us with nowt , but its a dead cert hes on the score sheet. Hope its a OG.
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    I wasn't at the game yesterday but if I was I'd probably have gave Turnbull a polite clap when he was warming up then basically ignored him the rest of the game. When it comes to a guy that's by all accounts a genuine Motherwell fan, who pretty much singlehandedly made the 18/19 season worth watching, went out of his way to ensure the club got our record transfer fee for him when he could have run his contract down twice,has never publicly badmouthed the club in a situation where lots of other footballers would have and - let's be honest- will most likely be back at Fir Park in ten years once he's made his millions and lost the rest of his pace- I really don't think it's worth getting worked up about.
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    I don’t really bother that much about international football, be that qualifiers, Euros or World Cup finals regardless of who’s in it. Obviously as a Scot if Scotland are involved then my interest increases to an extent but to nowhere near the same extent as when Motherwell are involved, in any competition. Each to their own, but I would consider Motherwell winning a League Cup group match against the likes of Annan or Stranraer as being better than Scotland winning any match in any competition.
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    Fukn hell you sound like one of the religious bigots . If your a football fan and dont enjoy watching your country succeed and win then I'd suggest your not a football fan. Dont try and explain as it does not wash. Scotland doing well brings a sense of joy to all us motherwell football fans.
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    Hope everyone has their cigars out Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    The colour of the kit this boy is wearing should have no bearing on the fact that he was faithful and true to the club who stood by him during injury, by signing a contract that guaranteed the club a substantial fee. I for one will not boo the boy and anyone who does due to the colours of his employer should be ashamed.
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    I bear the kid no ill will, but, get this standing ovation patter in the bin. It’s a nonsense.
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    Declan Gallagher left out of the latest Scotland squad.
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    Would we be having this discussion if it was KVV tweeting about whatever Dutch team he supported as a boy, or Ojala about his favourite team or even Lawless tweeting about Partick Thistle or any other team , I think not. But because its a tweet about the ugly sisters winning / losing etc every one is all over it, some people really need to get a life and leave all the who tweeted what shite to the blue and green morons who thrive on all that crap.
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    I see Motherwell FC won the best Social Media team award at the 2021 Football Business Awards today beating Man Utd, Everton and Leicester City in the final list.
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    If you've never seen Joe play it's difficult to explain just how good he was. His timing of a tackle was unequaled, his passing was excellent and he was running up and down the wing before wing-backs were a thing. Despite never shirking tackle, he managed to avoid picking up a yellow card for about 20 years (until some jobsworth ref booked him when we were in the First Division). Also, unusually for full backs in those days, he had great ball skills and used to entertain us during stoppages with a few keepie-uppies and catching the ball on the back of his neck. Most impressive of all, though, was his consistency. He was on top form almost every game for his entire career and his mistakes were incredibly rare.
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    Nonsense! Hammell is worthy but Joe Wark was in a different league and I saw them both many times.
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    That was because we went to Ibrox (Butcher, Woods and all) and defended for 85 minutes then opened up and scored a great header from Ray Farningham it was brilliant!
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    I love it when a plan comes together.
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    David Turnbull will always get my respect for doing what he did to make sure Motherwell got the £3m fee for him, but I will not be cheering him or booing him. He plays for another team, so we move on as he does.
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    You've mentioned that twice now, despite surely knowing the difference? If Lawless was texting his comments to other Rangers-supporting mates then there's no issue. He's posting them on Twitter, knowing fine well it'll annoy the fans of the club he's currently playing for and who are paying his wages. Big difference.
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    Slattery is a very clever player, getting him on a three year deal is a cracking bit of business.
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    The most despicable most horrible football club on the planet. Let's get right into them. COYW
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    Former Motherwell captain, Declan Gallagher was recalled to the Aberdeen starting 11 and helped cement a continuation of their most consistent run of results in years.
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    For what it's worth, don't think we applied enough pressure on Celtics defence, the Joe Hart wobble showed how fragile they are at the back. Disappointed big Kev didn't start as I thought he would have been the one to pressure them. On David Turbull, terrific finish and absolute class the way he handled himself when scoring. Put some of the boo boys on here about him to shame
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    Shape or players? Bit of a chicken and the egg situation. However our midfield has been absolutely garbage in every match I've seen this season. We've had 40% or less possession in 5 out of 9 matches this season and we've averaged 38% over all the matches. I think we've been reasonable at the back, we've scored in most of our games, midfield is where the improvement needs to be.
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    I said as much the other day, the man is an absolute cunt. A dribbling, whinging chump with a massive chip on his shoulder. The worst type of Celtic fan. Any Motherwell fan who was at the 2011 SCF and saw his behaviour that day would know what he is all about. There’s middle aged guys propping up the bar in the Railway Tavern that don’t come out with the amount of Celti-fied pish that he comes out with and yet he’s a club ambassador and regular commentator on their official channel. The arsehole’s arsehole.
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    Speak for yourself. I like seeing the national team doing well but I’m not a ‘Scotland supporter’ in the same way that I am a Motherwell supporter. Scotland winning does not bring me anywhere near the sense of joy that Motherwell winning does, likewise a Scotland defeat doesn’t annoy me anywhere near as much as a Motherwell defeat does. To suggest that anyone who doesn’t support Scotland or enjoy them winning makes them “sound like one of the religious bigots” is absolutely moronic patter.
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    1) wind your neck in, I have never said anything bad about him and even stuck up for him when he was spotted at the Rangers game. I was purely curious about whether or not he was allowed to sign for another club. 2) and it turns out I was right to be curious because despite what you and your petted lip seem to think, he’s actually not allowed to sign for another club.
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    Obvious to say it, but Bobby Ferrier is a most worthy addition to the Hall of Fame. I am just a little surprised that he was not inducted at the same time as George Stevenson, seeing as the pair were famed as a combination as much as for their individual abilities, but that obviously isn't how these things work and his inclusion is no less deserving because of that. The piece on the official website is excellent and well worth a read, but if you get the chance, look out for the obituary written by Bobby Ferrier's son which was included in the book written for our centenary by John Swinburne.
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    I think we have a decent chance of getting something from this game. They are nowhere near as good as they have been and we have certainly got a bit more about us then the last couple of years. A lot of it will come down to ounr attitude and whether we can limit them as an attacking threat. Hopefully we realise that playing for a draw will be a fool's errand. We need to put pressure on them and hope for a clinical day in attack. We will probably need a couple of goals to get a result. As for David Turnbull, I am a little old for pantomime so giving him abuse for simply being an ex Motherwell player seems unwarranted. However the idea of any sort of orchestrated outpouring of thanks and appreciation is not necessary. He has shown a certain amount of class in the past and was an excellent player for us, but he is no longer our player and, as such, doesn't require any special treatment.
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    Turnbull should get a standing ovation, the respect he showed in signing an extension put those new seats and make overs in the stands.
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    I would like to think a good one, never demanded a move, signed new contract and got us £3 million, but mind you I remember Lambert getting booed when he returned and he left us to Join Dortmund and win the champions league!!
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    So he a Rangers fan who feckin cares what team he supports, we should be calling out the no life arseholes that trawl social media looking for any comments like that and reposting them . Motherwell player tweets support for the team he has probably supported all his life...aye OK nothing to see here.
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    He's been involved every week. Works hard on and off the ball. Good tackler. Never wastes a pass, has a footballing brain in his head and can take care of himself when things get physical.
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    Stevie Hammell never played in goals, never played left wing or CF, Joe Wark's feats on the field are somewhat overshadowed by his length of service, Stevie Hammell doesn't know my father either.
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    Pleased with a point but totally scunnered at the refereeing. Offside goal, penalty denied and 6 minutes of injury time. Absolutely blatant cheating that I hope doesn’t get overlooked due to us getting something out of the game.
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    SOD was playing him offside. Neil McCann too embarrassed to keep pretending it's onside on RTV.
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    I am sure that we all have our moments, but some do show genuine talent in that regard.
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    Sadly I don’t think we’ll ever beat Celtic, or Rangers for that matter, ever again. We don’t have the quality, the luck or the belief that we can get these results. We might manage the token draw here and there but that will be our lot.
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    Pretty much my view too. I used to attend Scotland games in my youth but lost interest many years ago as I saw how the system worked ie treatment of players like our own Joe Wark, and the actions of the SFA. I'm a Well fan end of. Comparison of Spiderpig and others like us to the religious bigots is out of order.
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    Steve Clarke is hopeless he won't bring anyone in he will give Kevin Nisbet a start, all this nonsense to only get to the playoffs to get pumped by a better team, Scotland are brutal.
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    I hope it's nothing serious and big bowman makes a quick recovery.
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    Fucking hate these international breaks man!
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    We could have played till next Saturday and not scored .The three in midfield were poor as were the full backs Van the man would have better sitting next to me he was shocking .Tony Watt put a power of work in but never got any help as for GA his after match comments are getting up there wae Robinsons
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    looking forward to hearing this at Tynecastle!
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    Aye we look like a well coached team which hasn't happened often. The defence has been constantly changing because of injury and suspension but every single player has been solid which is a big credit to Alexander and Lucketti. Our fitness was superb today as well and I think we are pacing ourselves over the 90 very deliberately.
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    He’s an absolute gem a winning free kicks out of nothing
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    The seethe from the crowd is glorious, I really hope we hold on. If we nick a winner I'll pish ma frillies.
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