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    That's a really strong entry into any "extreme opinon on a topic you don't understand" competition. Daily Mail reader...absolutely nailed on.
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    Those kinds of figures are exactly why I tend to get a little bit pissed off when our media describe Celtic getting hammered by Man City or a similar club as "an inevitability due to the huge gulf between the clubs, any result Celtic can get is a bonus," while us losing heavily to them is "the rest of Scottish football has to up its game and try to compete."
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    The analysis on Gorrin was bizarre considering he only featured for 14mins and hardly played all season......but on a lighter note I ordered 4 kindles off of Amazon on black Friday and they sent me a '2 Ronnies' DVD!!!! Ba boom
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    This is on tv so the players will probably put a bit of a shift in. Should guarantee no repeat of our recent 7-1 scoreline! But as the Manager said, the poor lamb has been forced to play footballers recently, and after our latest horror show, we need to go "back to basics"! So Andy Rose Cm, 3-5-2 and long ball our way to a "spirited" 2-0 defeat. Then for next weekend we "go again" because we do have "a great bunch of lads" and a squad of "honest professionals" after all
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    Can't agree with this. This sounds like a quote from the Gordon Strachan book of how to regress the National game by 40 years. If Messi, Modric and his band of fellow midgets had been playing yesterday would Livingston have won? It comes down to quality not height. I don't think there is a single Motherwell fan was thinking at 2.30pm yesterday that Robinson had it all wrong. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Who would be a football manager?
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    Most clubs operate that way. i.e. loans rather than investments. It's not every club that can rely on dodgy financing from Russia or the Middle East. If it wasn't for Les, there might not even be a club. He loaned us that money at zero interest and has continuously written off large chunks of it. Part of the deal was that he restructured the business operations of the club into a more professional and fiscally responsible outfit. Something that has reaped benefits in the short term and put us in good standing for the long term. He also added the incentive to boost the Well Society membership which, again, has made the club more sustainable. Many clubs operate on bank loans or loans from investors, and the investors are either paid back from income and transfer revenue at preferential rates (like Dundee Utd) or the the loan is converted into shares at some point (like Rangers). Banks wouldn't touch us after our administration, so loans were the only way we could survive. JB could have called in his entire loan and screwed us. Or worse, just sold Fir Park to Morrisons. The fact that he wrote off a huge chunk he was owed has also benefited the club. So feel free to the tell the society what you like, but it sounds like you misunderstand how JB and, in particular Les, kept the club afloat and helped put us in the position of relative strength we are now.
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    ARod for me... He was instrumental in his 14 minute cameo and has been the real driving force in the recent 3 wins.
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    Michael Stewart once again showing his total ignorance of anything Motherwell related. Talking mince about Rodriguez being one of the main reasons Well are looking better recently. He hasn't played for about 10 f*****g weeks due to injury. I think somebody told him Turnbull has made a difference in midfield and he saw a number 23 on his shirt and assumed that this must be this guy Turnbull. His only contributions to punditry is to argue with Thomson and talk shite about HIS interpretation of the laws of the game. .
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    The draw for the Fourth Round of the William Hill Scottish Cup will take place at 5.45pm on Saturday afternoon, following the conclusion of Saturday's Third Round ties. You can watch it live right here on the Scottish Cup Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/scottishcup/
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    TBF, there are posters on here who don't think any current Motherwell players should be in our team.
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    Unexpected win, excellent result and spirited performance. Actually thought Aberdeen started the better team and created 3 or 4 chances to our zero. However Johnson's clinical double more or less ended the game. Two chances, two goals, three points and that showed the importance of having someone that can finish limited chances....something Aberdeen don't have. After that Aberdeen descended into a bit of a shambles and we took control of the match and looked very comfortable. Excellent team performance - Gilliespie did well coming in, I'm not a fan but credit to Grimshaw had an excellent match at right back, Mbulu looked a little nervous in the opening stages but settled in, Campbell is just an enormous step up from McHugh, Turnbull looks like a veteran, and a good one at that, and of course the cutting edge Johnson gave us has won us the match. Only disappointment was that at 3-0 up, Livingstone should be getting game time from the bench. Overall though very good performance, hopefully Robinson is slowly learning.
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    On current form, wherever the fuck he likes
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    ‘Begorra, begorra, Guinness, potato, go on , go on, go on, to be sure’.
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    . 'All our big performances have been when everyone has worked there socks off. As soon as that drops we look awful ' This is my biggest concern, I mentioned it last season. The amount of effort the players have to put in to win with this style of football is simply not sustainable. Hence a lot of injuries and our inability to 'kick on' after the occassional big performance. They are spent physically and mentally. I'm desperate for Robbo to succeed and was cheered by the change of emphasis recently, but these comments worry the hell out of me. Really disappointing, just hope it is a misquote. Sent from my SM-A320FL using Tapatalk
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    Absolutely. Aberdeen are the tallest team in the league. Wasn't a problem last week. For me there is an attitude out there that winning 1 in 4 is 'good enough'. The attitude of the players was shocking from the start of the match. Just didn't fancy playing on a gloomy day in front of a small crowd on a bad pitch. It's excuses, excuses, excuses with this team. We've got injuries, we can't play on artificial grass, we can't compete against teams with bigger budgets. I'm fucking sick of it. It's £28 for a ticket at Tynecastle next week, if any of the players are reading this can you let me know if you feel like extending yourselves outside of your 'finish 10th' comfort zone?
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    A manager that changes formation three times in 45 minutes, drops 10 men into the box when Livi have a throw in and plays with zero width definitely won't get a mention.
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    Fully agree - do both. 5 shares in the club gives you exactly the same benefits as 500 shares. You will be able to attend the AGM and view the accounts in full. You'll also own a little piece of the club. 5 shares might cost you about £50. As for the Society- join as its a no brainer. Pay a little up front if you wish. What has it done? Well its kept our club alive and has allowed us to put a team on the field every week. If it wasn't for the Society and members' donations, the likes of David Turnbull would be plying his trade elsewhere. As Ropy says though only spend what you can afford.
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    Picked up knee knock against Rangers … … worse than first thought, heard he could be out for up to a month Young Livingston at left back and Tait to right back Lets stop trying to be smart and stop trying to put square pegs in round holes
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    Seems they were scrapped due to over analysis on some forums.
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    Hughie Ferguson would be a great nomination for The Scottish Football Hall of Fame . Although individuals can make a nomination, I wonder if that's something The Well Society could take on board as it might carry a bit more weight coming from such a high profile body. Ferguson certainly merits a place when you consider the likes of Frank McLintock was entered some time ago. Although McLintock had a good career at Arsenal, I don't think he ever played at a senior level in Scotland and he only ever received a handful of caps. Tommy Docherty is another inductee with little playing time in Scotland and limited success on the field or as a Manager. Sailor Hunter is also mentioned in the article about Ferguson and his record of managing Motherwell for 35 years could also merit his inclusion.
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    Astonishing that Hugh was never selected for Scotland when you read his goal statistics. Bit of a theme with gifted MFC players (little national recognition) but this man was a goal machine and proved himself in both countries. A sad story but a fine gentleman.
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    Possibly our greatest ever player? He'd make my all time top starting 11.
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    https://www.mfc1886.com/mfc-podcast-2018-19-episode-18/ Sparra is joined by Daniel Gray and Gordon Reid for a special episode of the MFC Podcast. As well as reflecting on the Irn Bru Cup clash with Ross County and previewing the Scottish Premiership fixture against Aberdeen there was plenty discussion around Daniel’s brilliant new book ‘Black Boots & Football Pinks’. Matters discussed include modern football stadia, programmes and the culinary habits of Scottish football fans.

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