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    How the Lyon shirt would look in C&A with the addition of a hoop.
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    Always the bridie, never the bride.
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    Let's look at the facts. Robinson took over from McGhee at the end of February 2017 with us sitting 10th in the league, 3 points above Accies in last place. We'd just been scudded 5-1 at home to Dundee, the latest in a run of 4 defeats on the bounce, which also included a 7-2 tanking off Aberdeen. We'd won two of our last thirteen league games. We eventually finished 9th, went out to Rangers in the 4th round of the Scottish Cup, and lost 5-0 to Celtic in the last 16 of the League Cup. In his first full season he brought in notable signings in Craig Tanner, Trevor Carson, Charles Dunne, Cedric Kipre, Liam Grimshaw, Curtis Main and Peter Hartley along with Tom Aldred on loan. We saw Allan Campbell really step up his game, and we saw Robinson hand debuts to Davie Turnbull, Liam Brown, Barry McGuire, and James Scott. Notable "duds" include Alex Fisher, Russell Griffiths, George Newell, Ellis Plummer, Deimantas Petravicius, and Stephen Hendrie on loan. We finished 7th in the league, lost 2-0 to Celtic in the Scottish Cup final, and lost by the same score to the same team in the League Cup final. That summer we sold Kipre for a reported £1 million, a player signed under Robinson on a free the previous summer. Notable signings include Mark Gillespie, Alex-Rodriguez Gorrin, as well as both Tom Aldred and Gboly Ariyibi on loan. We also saw the emergence of Jake Hastie, and Davie Turnbull really came into his own. "Duds" that year include Taylor-Sinclair, and Sammon and McCormack on loan. In his second season we finished 8th in the league, lost to Ross County in the 4th round of the Scottish Cup, and Hearts in the quarter final of the League Cup. Personally, I think he's accomplished all we really could be expecting of our manager. Pushing for top six, finishing 10th or above (which is what we budget for), his cup record is pretty decent, he's brought in one player who's netted us a million quid so far, and he's brought the youth into the side fairly consistently. Would it be nice to win a cup or finish in the top six? Aye. Should we judge a manager a failure if he doesn't accomplish either of those? I don't think that's realistic.
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    The same amateurs that are both publicly and within the game, the envy of clubs all over the UK? Let me assure you, these "amateurs" are the reason we still have a club at all right now, let alone one that is sustainable and profitable. Just wait and see where we go in the next few years, all thanks to the current regime.
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    This probably isn't the thread for it but the notion that discussing this is wrong because of Rangers fans point scoring has meant that the victims had to wait an extra 20 years for justice and are still waiting on an apology and compensation. Celtic promoted that line through the media to protect their reputation and it's sad to see after so much information has become available that people are still mindlessly parroting it.
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    The media giving Rangers hand jobs beforehand and the outcome has to be the best case of 'get it up ye' for a long time.
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    Honestly you really would be better just forgetting about Motherwell and supporting Celtic. I can’t remember you ever having anything positive to say about the club, you seem to knock everyone from those running the club, the management, to the players, and every poster on here you disagree with. I am actually allowed to have an opinion without you coming back with one of your oh so witty put downs. Even when we get to two cup finals it’s not enough for you. I like to see positives about the club, and yes there are many, you just seem to take enjoyment from putting everything about it down.
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    When I think back to that 5-1 defeat to Dundee in McGhee's last game in charge, 5-1 at half time and the way we lost that day then I think we have came on leaps and bounds since then. If Robinson was to leave tomorrow he would leave us in a much better position than when he took on the job. All things considered I think he has done a good job in his time in charge. Any extension to his contract is deserved in my opinion.
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    Get that ‘amateurs running the club chat’ in the bin. Handled the situation well thus far & making strides to realise full market value.
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    You are obviously a lot younger than me with less experience of the bile the bigot brothers bring with them on match day. I have been a fan for well over 50 years, nearly 60 years, followed them everywhere. But being called a f****n bastard or an orange cunt, on numerous occasions, even asked by a h*n cunt what religion I was when sitting in the main stand, I gave up attending those matches. But I gave it a go again in 1993, a few days after the IRA killed two wee boys in Warrington, we had to endure almost 5,000 bigots giving us varying renditions of IRA songs. Even a Police officer next to me was visibly upset. Then John Boyle made me give up my season ticket seat in the Cooper Stand to accommodate this vermin, I gave up and have never been back. Celtic and Rangers are the scum of Scotland and I hate them with a passion that is unhealthy. Anyway, I have said my bit.
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    Main was no where near as bad as some folk made out
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    Can they set up a separate Hall of Bawbags for Tom Boyd?
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    I think if we do sell Turnbull to Celtic then i'll be done with the fitba regardless of the fee. This is not a knee jerk reaction but more of a sick of the same old pish for the last 50 years. it'll be like the SFA giving McLeish the Scotland job. Nothing's changed and never will . It's not the selling or the fee that matters most to me but who we sell him to . If Hastie had left for any other club bar Rangers or Celtic our support would have just shrugged their shoulders and went " that's pish" but going to one of those two is not on for all the reasons we know too well. I am not going to spend my time and money watching Turnbull rattling 12 goals a season into us. We stood up to Rangers when they fucked us over in the Play off ticket allocation , we've papped their scummy fans out the Main Stand, now its time to stand up to Celtic and their money. Let's see if a fan based club can do what's best for the fans again.
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    It is a shame that people cannot be relied upon to behave themselves, but this change in policy is a necessary result of the times that we live in. It has obviously got to the stage where the aggravation caused by visiting fans in the main stand is just not worth the extra income that they generate. It is also worthwhile for our club to work to try and make the match day experience for our own fans as safe and enjoyable as possible. What beggars belief is the attitude of the fans of certain clubs who cannot comprehend that, when they turn up and behave like the bunch of c*nts that they probably are, that people decide that they want nothing whatsoever to do with then. Losing the £25 that each pays for admission, two or three times a season seems a small price to pay.
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    Apparently Sevco and Celtic fans will also be barred from the Cooper Suite.
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    For me, Robinson has done an excellent job. I think it’s easy to forget he’s a young and relatively inexperienced manager himself so will still be learning and developing but in his 2.5 years with us he has; saved us from relegation, taken us to 7th and both cup finals, and now an 8th placed finish with our highest points total since McCall’s tenure. That’s the on the pitch stuff, off the pitch he has dealt with our transfer to fan ownership, reducing budgets and brought in serious cash for Kipre, Hastie others to follow. He identified that the first half of last season was a shambles and managed to instil an entirely different style and philosophy on the squad in the space of 4-6 weeks which has taken us to the 3rd best points total in 2019 and seen the emergence of one of the best ever we’ve seen in years, who’s transfer will likely see the club becoming debt free. Sign him up Burrows!
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    We have the 3rd highest SPL points tally in 2019, 6 points less than Sevco and zillions less than Celtic, but better than all the rest, including Killie. But thats not good enough for some apparently Sent from my SM-A320FL using Tapatalk
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    I still think we have a decent manager. Yes he has made mistakes. But he is working with very limited resources trying to unearth diamonds in the mud. There is inherent risk in that endeavour. He also had the courage to change our whole style of play midseason making us a whole lot easier to watch. You also cant ignore the progression of young players into the first team under his guidance. Can do better. Undoubtedly. Trust him to get better. For sure.
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    Some of it should go to Craig Thomson’s retirement fund, Just to make sure he doesn’t come back.
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    And they never had Michael Higdon.
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    Spoke to my mates about this recently. If someone had said you are going to have a poor season but will beat gers 6-1 in play off I would probably have said.......aye I will take that
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    Disappointed with some of the call ups but Mctominay's inclusion isn't one of them, ran the show at Old Trafford v Barca, dominated PSG, A lot of Man Utd fans would agree he was the one positive of the last 3 months or so. there is a player there, more so than Lewis Morgan and Liam Palmer.
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    I liked the freshness the changes brought to the competition but the regionisation is increasingly taking much of that freshness away. It's becoming repetitive when you are restricted to only half the teams in the country in the group stages. What's that now Morton twice in four seasons? Queen of the South twice in a row, Annan twice in three or four seasons. We've also had two trips to Stranraer and played Edinburgh City twice too since the revamp. Time for another tweak, or for us to qualify for Europe again methinks!
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    We broadcast it, because it helps us attract players to the club that may, otherwise, not be interested in coming to Scotland. If you listen to guys like Aldred and Moult speaking, they had no idea what SPFL football was all about.
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