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    The football across the league is dire. I watch every game in this league and believe me our games are no better or worse than anyone else's. Alexander's job was to keep us up and do so working with Robinson's awful legacy - a terrible and uneven squad with few dependable members. However while I think the standard of football in this country is, well, total rubbish, I do think it's a totally unfair comparison when comparing football watched in attendance and football watched on a computer screen in front of empty stadiums. Let's be honest. Pretty much the only good thing about Scottish football is the going-to-the-game, meeting mates, atmosphere, being in the stadium etc. The standard of football stinks and has done for a long time. We finished 3rd last season and we were verging on unwatchable. There has to be MASSIVE change in Scottish football to make the football worthwhile - things much more fundamental right across the game than Motherwell bringing in a new manager. As for Robinson - seemed like a nice guy but where did it get us? What's that got to do with anything? Alexander maybe doesn't come across as likeable a character but he's won twice as many games in less games this season with, basically, the same players. You'd be looking for improvements next season but I think criticising Alexander now, when he came in when he did, in the position we were in, is just ludicrous stuff.
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    Jeezo mate,I'm sorry to hear that,it puts football in perspective,we all get annoyed and pissed off with the game but in reality there's always more important things in our life going on.i don't know you pal but I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you,all the best to you.
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    Teniously linked to the topic, but I took a wee drive earlier, popped in and parked up outside Fir Park and looking into the South Stand for a wee while earlier today when I was out with my wee boy. He's nearly 4 and just about showing an interest in football, so naturally, being a basic dad duty , I'm developing that as carefully and thoroughly as one can. I had him in the car shouting "Mon' The 'Well" full voice heading down to Asda, so much that on the return journey, passing by FP, he automatically bellowed it out with zero encouragement from me. It was a proud moment, have to say...!
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    I’m hoping that both of the plastic pitches get relegated. No place for plastic in a professional league.
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    Games like this scream 'nuke the entire squad'. I've said before that there is an unprofessional attitude at the club in terms of the standards that are demanded and tonight is that squared. We are being out grafted by a team that might well be in the League 1 next season and we don't seem that bothered. There is an absolute pall of apathy out there in a Scottish Cup game - it's not good enough.
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    We can't finish worse than eighth now, not bad for the worst team in the history of football.
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    What a cracking player he's been for us over the last 5 years or so. He's conducted himself brilliantly. Although clear that he was leaving there's been no public outreach of "come and get me". It's all be very professional. Wish him the best of success.
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    Is that what is known as the Big Dec clause?
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    Lamie has shown since Alexander came in that he's actually quite good. No problems whatsoever with him being in the starting XI next year. Some of the doom and gloom stuff above about how we are doomed for relegation and we have a squad of Championship players is just repetitive pish. We've been reading it all season and when it came to it we weren't even really close at all to being relegated. Lighten up a bit.
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    And the Celtic whose fans were happy to laugh at Rangers predicament but were gutted when we cuffed them in the play-off as they weren't getting the bigots days out for another season. My in-laws are Celtic fans and the sheer seethe from them after we beat Rangers 2-0 in the League Cup Semi was worse than anything I heard from Rangers fans because they'd missed out on an OF final (especially after St Brendan had his rant about how physical we had been). 2 cheeks of the same arse, I'd love to see them head south, fail miserably and have to come crawling back with their tails between their legs. A cancer on the Scottish game and Scottish society as a whole. God knows why the English teams would want their fans anyway near their grounds. To clear out some seated sections for free for them before they fit Standing rails in those sections?
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    Not sure I share your enthusiasm. Good news in the short term, but as soon as restrictions are lifted it should be binned and focus turned to innovative ways to get more folk through the turnstiles.
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    Wheesht, when I read Andy's post I saw it as him not drawing equivalence on the player or their contribution, it highlighted how fans may have a rule of one and another based on their future in C&A and current popularity. It was consistency of viewpoint not marred in prejudice nor affection he was highlighting. If you can't see it objectively as that then you should follow your own advice. As for Declan, covered it already. He has enhanced the squad in his time here. I wish him no ill will and that he gets the move he is blatantly desperate for and feels he deserves, I can't ask anything of a player I wouldn't want in my own career. I doubt I'll clap him upon his return but unlikely I will give him it tight him unless he acts the smart arse which is a 60-40 chance knowing how lippy he is. If Reynolds who left under good terms, for OK money, outside Scotland, being academy graduate and local lad gets boo'd returning for Aberdeen then I may be in the minority. His actions in January means he's now in the Tom Boyd camp rather than the Louis Moult one of ex-players. I wish Campbell all the best, I hope his eventual move to being among better players allows him to flourish. He recently featured as 1 of 4 on a SPFL starlets youtube article (3m 40s). The guy has 420k subscribers so I guess some influential people down south may have been alerted if not already. He's watched all his contemporaries leave (Scott, Hastie and Turnbull) for massive wage increases while he shows up at FP with the milkman, put 150 games under his belt and has been by-and-large consistent. He has regressed a bit but tell me someone who hasn't other than Watt this term.
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    The "Motherwell rollercoaster" chat grinds my gears a bit but I guess it's a perfect description of events yesterday evening. Quite the mixture of emotions. It wasn't a surprise how we lined up nor the aim of attempting to keep the game as tight and restrict Hibs as much as possible. The surprises came later at the point we went two behind. One nil you always have an opportunity. When you go two down that's altogether different. Cole's opportunity and the shot straight at the keeper apart from Allan Campbell I was thinking what a bland, nothing way to exit the competition having struggled to lay a glove on them. And then... I suspect Lamie was simply trying to put the ball back in a dangerous area but it looked the part and suddenly the switch was flicked and it was all Motherwell. I'm trying to imagine what the scenes would have been like had we all been behind that goal, a day on the sauce in the capital and grabbing an 88th minute equaliser in front of us. That would have been carnage! The chance to seal it was the one that just fell out of reach of Lawless and then Cole. That was the moment. Unfortunately it wasn't to be. Kelly continues to impress when facing penalties with another save but when our own players don't make their keeper make a save well... You're left with a mixture of emotions from the despair of the exit, the pride at the recovery from looking totally out of it to taking it virtually the last kick of the ball and what if's about adopting that more positive outlook earlier in the game. We can take credit for sticking with it, feel a bit more encouraged at what we can do when let off the leash but ultimately we're out and that's still a bit of a pisser to wake up to today.
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    Never heard such pish in all my life, we were 2 down with 11 mins left, he changed our line up and we got back to 2-2, we then went on to boss the game, had a great chance in extra time to win it. Was it GA's fault O'Hara and Lawless made a mess of both their pens, I think not, if you need to blame anybody blame Magloire for giving Doidge a free header, or the linesman for not spotting an obvious offside, but blaming GA is feckin nonsense.
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    With this whole affair I think there are a few things everyone can agree on: There was a trigger clause in his contract, brought to public attention in a newspaper article (more about that below), known about in private before and confirmed by AB by what he didn't say at the AGM. The trigger clause was a win win for both player and club, here is some extra money .... play well and you'll earn a move in Jan and we get a wee kickback. If not you get that extra money for 2 years, stability and we retain your services to next summer and get a larger sum or see out your contract till 2022 and retain an International defender in the squad. He's not played as well as he did last season. Most rational supporters will have no issue with a player looking to move to better themselves at a higher level, make more money or for family/geographic reasons. It is no more than you'd hope for yourself in your own career. Most rational supporters will have no issue if a player conducts themselves with a degree of decorum and respect for their employer, especially if they are captain. However, most rational supporters will have issue if a player looks too much like a mercenary and does their talking in a tabloid opposed to on the pitch. The timing of his injury was unfortunate for fuelling conspiracy theorists and for retaining his Scotland starting position. He will be boo'd by a significant amount of the home support upon his return in anything other than C&A, (if Reynolds is despite leaving under the best of terms then Dec has no chance). I do have an issue with the club captain either under his own volition or at the direction of a representative to use a friendly hack to remind those of his availability and that in a few weeks time there would be a transfer fee required because he would then have 18 months left of his deal. "Roll up! Roll up! this offer won't be here for much longer".
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    As has been said before, you don't need to see shite to know its there, Gallagher and / or his agent spenr the January transfer window whoring his services to Celtic trying to cash in on his international appearances, then we had the alleged injury, and total radio silence from the club. As for the facts they may be thin on the ground but he was at it big time to try to either get a move or renegotiate his contract. I have no issues re a player trying to get a move to another club, for whatever reason, but there is a correct and decent way to handle yourself, he should have followed Campbells example. So for me Gallagher was at it big time, his performance dropped this season, so the sooner he is off the better, I would have dropped him 3 or 4 games ago.
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    The guy he made the comment about isn't from Africa - he's Dutch. Intentional or not, it's reflects that "you're from Scotland, but where are you really from" attitude which is more than a hint of "you're not really Scottish in the way I am". It alienates people who have grown up in a country they consider home and that's why it's just a shite thing to say. If you're going to make a comment / joke that can only apply to someone based on the colour of their skin, you've got to be sensitive to how it might be taken - especially if you are in a position of authority like he was. As Maurice Ross loves to do, sounds like he's opened his mouth without thinking.
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    It's always entertaining to read the comments on here when a good player leaves. Gallagher's performances were good enough for an international call up, where he ended up being one of the top performers in the team that qualified for the Euros. That's good for him, and elevates our status as a club who can help boost your career - helping sign a better quality of new players. I'd be delighted if we managed to replace him with someone else that follows that trajectory.
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    Fuckin gie yersel peace ffs
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    I hate the cunts...I've nothing else to add to the debate
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    Lucky teams win cups, and in the context of Scotland that usually means the rare seasons that both ugly sisters have went out in earlier round. We have made 4 finals since 91 which I think is a decent record for a club our size. 2005 LC Rangers 2017 LC Celtic 2011 SC Celtic 2017 SC Celtic So no easy Diddy teams in the final for us, occasionally a team will have a good result and beat Celtic or Rangers in a semi final as we did in 91 but it is very rare for both of the ugly sisters to be out before the semi finals. So would the likes of StM or StJ have won had they been playing Rangers or Celtic, probably not.
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    Alexander was brought in to stop the rot and keep us up which was everything to us all in the current economic crisis. Barring a catastrophic disaster he has accomplished this , so for that I am certainly grateful. Sadly a lot of people have forgotten though that Robbo and his signings put us in the horrible position he came into. The however in all this for Alexander and the club and fans is if you honestly think resigning/being left with the core of players that put us in this position is going to improve us next season you are deluded - resigning Crawford and Mugabi has already set the tone for what is in store next season and Alexander signed some dross when he arrived as well. Some will be happy with the small wee club , punching above our weight for years pish but I’m not . We should be challenging top 6, especially with the revenue we have generated of late, have some form of entertainment value along with giving youth a chance - signing crawford and mugabi alongside Lamie I just don’t see us improving. I’ve seen better junior and under 18 players . I hope I’m proven wrong but just can’t see it . Robbo and those that gave him free reign have a lot to answer for .
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    It's never been a Derby, up until this recent spell in the premiership they were never in the same league as us, we only ever played them in in the Lanarkshire Cup when that still ran and the occasional Scottish or league cup game. You need to be an explorer to find an accies fan, anytime we are at the cannabis stadium or whatever its called we outnumber them about 10 to 1,, the same when they are at Fir park, no fans. So all this derby and feeling a bit more needle talk is pish, when they get relegated they will be the same as Airdrie, and Albion Rovers, ie another shitey wee Lanarkshire side wishing they were as well run, well supported, and as good as the best team in the county ie us.
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    Right! We should get Jennings fixed up. Hmmmmm maybe “fixed” is not the best choice of words in this case.
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    Not for me, plastic pitches are for Championship teams and Killie need to go down.
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    Thought this might bring back memories
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    The "racist bit" is used at every opportunity because lots of people are still saying racist things - sometimes, without realising it. The same way that lots of people are still saying sectarian things.
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    That's a bit revisionist for a guy that took us the the Scottish Cup final in his first season and led us to 6th, 3rd, 2nd and 3rd league spots. (And he's hardly unique in having a poor record with us in Cup competitions, or bottling games at Ibrox. We haven't exactly set Govan on fire with our performances there before he arrived or since he left).
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    The first leg at Ibrox
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    He had the old Derby County stadium named after him.
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    And for those of a certain age, "There's only one united and that's a chocolate biscuit" Shankland to score after I slagged him off in a different thread, but not enough to overcome our 3 goals.
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    Screw the "best of the rest" league and the split skewing the data, read the "Last 6" stats and weep.
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    I thought Scott Brown was going to Aberdeen
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    It grinds my gears too, because pretty much every fan in Scotland outside of the OF goes through what we go through. Ditto for every other league in the world. The expectations may be different depending on the size of the club, but the vagaries of the game are what keep us coming back. You just need to watch a handful of games across the leagues on any given weekend to see that.
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    Does anyone have Marc Fitzpatrick's number?
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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56865597 Quite like Moyes but this is pish from him.
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    Sooner they leave Scottish football and take all there baggage with them the better, the Scottish game will be better for it. Plus if they did end up in an expanded English premiership / British super league they would quickly find out they are not as good as they think they are. The other 40 clubs in Scotland would be glad to see the back of them. However as Ya Bezzer says it will never happen, the English turkeys won't vote for Christmas, so this is the usual bullshit story that surfaces every few years.
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    What I find quite interesting is the number who were dead set against Tommy Wright coming in because of the awful style of football we would undoubtedly suffer and he we are with justification after justification for a style that is every bit as numbing, if not more so, as anything Wright has served up. Alexander has achieved his primary aim with a few games to spare. I give him a lot of credit for that, particularly after the losses to Hamilton and St Johnstone that really me worried we were about to fall off a cliff. But I don't think it unreasonable to have hopes that the style of play will evolve. I fear that feeding off scraps, the smash and grab wins and the attempts to kill games by shutting up shop and throwing on defenders won't be sustainable for too long. And when I think back to some of the flak Robinson received when we were in higher positions in the table for the kind of football played neither do I think some of our support will be accepting of that indefinitely. Interesting times lie ahead for sure.
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    You surname isnae Polworth by any chance?! :-)
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    While it's entertaining extrapolating one January signing to represent every future piece of business a manager is likely to do (and easy to use to support any views you might have, good or bad) it's not exactly a huge sample to form an opinion. If you'd told the fans in Janaury that we'd be guaranteed league safety in April and in the Cup quarter finals, I think most of us would have taken it. Once he's reassembled a team for next season we'll have a better idea of where we're headed.
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    The only entertaining thing for me in the past 4 months is the league table tonight and Hibs away. The rest has been like paying £1,000 for a lapdance and yer maw comes out
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    OK, we got the 3 points, but the approach to the second half was ridiculous. Some will say that it served a purpose, but if we can't take control of a game against a 10 man Hamilton side I don't know where we go from here. Ultimately, where is the entertainment. Where is the desire to entertain? Why should any of us buy a season ticket next year when the entertainment on show this season has been so, so poor? Glad of the 3 points, great that we are staying in the top league, but a plea to Motherwell FC, please, please, please remember this is a sport, but it is also meant to entertain.
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    That was the best time ever. Guys mostly playing for the love of the game and no fancy 4 3 1 2 or 3 5 2 just go out and play.
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    Yes I agree with that, but that’s really my point on him moving on from us for the sake of his career and development now. If he seriously wants to challenge and improve himself further then I think it’s now time for him to test himself at a higher level.
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    Motherwell v Airdrie was the real Lanarkshire Derby
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    I’d be surprised if he plays any higher than that level in all honesty.
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    The “wee club, punching above our weight” thing is nonsense. Self defeating nonsense and a ready made excuse for not performing well in games or competitions. I am under no illusions about the size of club we are, we are obviously a ‘smaller’ club than the Old Firm and the City clubs but outside of that, there is not much difference in size of supports etc. From our point of view we have been a top flight club for well over thirty years, in which time have won the Scottish Cup, regularly competed and finished in the top half of the league which has on a good few occasions now earned us European qualification. And yet STILL, we have supporters saying “oor wee club, we really shouldn’t expect anything other than survival” and other such nonsense. Some inside the club seem to buy into that too it would appear. So how long do you have to punch above your weight before that becomes your weight?
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    Did Jock just say "up there unmolested"
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    Morton have a player called orsi...we have 6 donkeys!!
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    "I think there was something at the start of the season that I wasn't privy to and when I came in [as manager] it was about keeping him here until the summer and having another conversation with him - and that hasn't changed." Quote from Alexander. Not sure how that confirms anything was bollox.
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