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    I’d have went with “flag day at Ibrox yesterday and the only cunt not waving his was the fuckin linesman” should I apply for a job?
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    Scored on his home SPL debut. Can trap a bag of cement. Told Willie Collum to "fuck off". It's certainly a decent start.
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    Stephen O’Donnell represented his country and his club tonight with industry, integrity and a considerable amount of skilful enterprise and as Motherwell supporters we should be proud of him. He is a far more complete player than Patterson and , in the face of a media groomed to fawn over every emerging Old Firm prospect, Stephen played much better defensively and at least equally well in attack than young Patterson did - and against considerably better opposition. Maybe some of his passing was wayward but he busted a gut for the team, got into some great positions and represented a genuine threat going forward. So well done the Motherwell captain!
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    I'm sure both of my mates who passed away would have a different outlook on personal decisions to vaccinate. Always baffles me that putting others at risk is seen as a personal choice.
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    I am not sure what the big deal is. Get jabbed. Get yer QR code. Get to the fitba. Or don't and stay home.
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    Declan Gallagher was on the losing side today
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    Saying we are signing a player, it’s Watergate all over again!!!!!! Lighten the fuck up.
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    Non vaccinated are far more likely to catch the virus and pass it on. Non vaccinated are more likely to become seriously ill or die when they get the virus. I think everybody can agree on that. But it is not purely about the non vaccinated attendee. Non vaccinated are more likely to be hospitalised (Lots of stats published showing the dominance of non vaccinated admissions at present). When hospitals become overrun people die or at best operations/treatment for other conditions are cancelled. The bigger picture is the thing here, not sitting in your wee seat at Fir Park. The scenes first time around when doctors in places such as Italy and the US had to decide which people to let die because hospitals could not cope or provide ventilators were harrowing. The UK almost got to that stage. I don't think any Government is wrong in trying to ensure a similar situation does not happen here as the virus continues to evolve. Those that can be vaccinated and choose not to are not only endangering themselves, they are endangering the lives of vulnerable people, directly or indirectly. I think that is selfish. I'm not supporting that vaccination should be enforced, but if people opt not to be vaccinated as is their right, then I have no problem with them being excluded from specific events. That is the choice they must make.
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    I still don't see the problem. It's akin to bumping into the CEO in the street, or sending the club an email and getting a good transparent response. The fans who ask questions get an answer. If we want a club that belongs to the fans, then communication and access like this is a good thing. It seems like youd prefer a wall of silence when the CEO is asked questions, or him to give a stock business response "announcements will be made through official channels". That would be a step backwards - I hope fans continue to have the engagement we've got just now.
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    It's feck all to do with politics its main purpose is to encourage people who have not yet done so i. e. the younger age groups who just happen to be the people spreading the virus now to get vaccinated. It's a public health initiative ffs to try to help control and stop the spread of a virus that kills people, so if that means me spending 30 seconds extra going into Fir Park to show proof of vaccination then so be it, it's not a lot to ask. No doubt all the anti vaxers, conspiracy theorists, David Icke fans and general fuckwits in society will be up in arms about it, but its about saving peoples lives and learning to live with the virus as it's here to stay, so we need to deal with it.
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    I thought Kashket was what they used to bury Sir Sean.
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    Right on cue. The most miserable poster I have seen ever in any forum in the world. [emoji23] Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    I see Motherwell FC won the best Social Media team award at the 2021 Football Business Awards today beating Man Utd, Everton and Leicester City in the final list.
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    If you've never seen Joe play it's difficult to explain just how good he was. His timing of a tackle was unequaled, his passing was excellent and he was running up and down the wing before wing-backs were a thing. Despite never shirking tackle, he managed to avoid picking up a yellow card for about 20 years (until some jobsworth ref booked him when we were in the First Division). Also, unusually for full backs in those days, he had great ball skills and used to entertain us during stoppages with a few keepie-uppies and catching the ball on the back of his neck. Most impressive of all, though, was his consistency. He was on top form almost every game for his entire career and his mistakes were incredibly rare.
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    Nonsense! Hammell is worthy but Joe Wark was in a different league and I saw them both many times.
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    That was because we went to Ibrox (Butcher, Woods and all) and defended for 85 minutes then opened up and scored a great header from Ray Farningham it was brilliant!
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    I love it when a plan comes together.
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    Nobody is forcing anyone to get vaccinated. It's not a basic human right to get entry into a football match any more than it's a basic human right to smoke inside the ground or a basic human right to drive to Fir Park if you don't have a licence. It is a basic human right to not have people put your health at risk because of their personal choices. It is a scientific fact that people choosing not to get vaccinated are prolonging the spread of the virus, increasing the chances of mutation and extending the need for all the protocols we all have to deal with. There is plenty of law that surrounds human rights that goes back centuries. They all say basically the same thing: "Liberty is the power to do everything that does not interfere with the rights of others: thus, the exercise of the natural rights of every individual has no limits save those that assure to other members of society the enjoyment of the same rights.” tl;dr "Your rights end where mine begin"
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    If it gets even more folk vaccinated and therefore stops the spread,and more dying. I’m ok with that. I would be happy to know everyone around me was vaccinated. If only we could get over10,000 into the park,
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    I'm pretty ambivalent on Sturgeon (I voted Green) but if all Steelboy did is call her Jimmy Krankie I'm a bit mystified by the reaction here. It's shite patter but hardly the worst thing that you could say about the country's most senior politician.
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    Guy knocks his pan in to engage with motherwell fans and the wider football community and is widely praised for it. He's the CEO of a fan owned club and when asked questions by fans, he answers them transparently. I've yet to hear one thing that he said that has been problematic. It really feels like you are looking for fault where there is none.
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    Slattery is a very clever player, getting him on a three year deal is a cracking bit of business.
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    The most despicable most horrible football club on the planet. Let's get right into them. COYW
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    OK I made an arse of it never caught the final score in the Hibs game thought they had won 2-1, guilty as charged.
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    Thanks for pointing out the obvious, in case we had all forgotten the UEFA rules, I'll stick with the conspiracy theory, it's more relevant. pedant a person who is excessively concerned with minor details and rules.
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    Just so we're clear, covid restrictions at ibrox allow for: 700 Celtic fans, on the condition it's reciprocated, a few hundred Lyon fans + 500 odd empty away seats, Zero Motherwell fans. Honestly, how are they getting away with this shite?
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    I was very wary at the start of the season but holy moly, organised, drilled, committed, fit, game management, threat and a bit of gallus (Van Veen), Tony Watt has finally found a club that fits and is loved. Added with a top class goalie and 2 CH who read the game and defend for their life's, Ojala will be a 7/10 minimum every week, I have not seen him sprint yet as he reads the game so well and is a massive upgrade on Gallagher. Long may it continue and let's not get hung up with possession stats as Jose in his Chelsea glory days didn't. Three massive games coming up which we will be quietly confident about. What a difference three results make, onwards and upwards.
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    I have not posted on here for ages, but your post has made my blood boil. You are a total fucking arsehole. Take your political shit to fuck. Edit. Just checked, my last post was 18 months ago. What a prick you are to have made me so angry.
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    dont know about swedes but weve deffo had a few tumshies
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    Really..? Your whole post. Go for a walk and get some fresh air and cheer the fuck up. Never seen so many negative posts in my life. Give the guy a chance. Everyone knows that sometimes a person clicks at a club see Watt for us. Hasn't even kicked a ball and your calling him drivel.. Absolute nonsense post and constantly looking for something, anything negative to say about the club, Burrows and almost every player. That enough for you? Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Stevie Hammell never played in goals, never played left wing or CF, Joe Wark's feats on the field are somewhat overshadowed by his length of service, Stevie Hammell doesn't know my father either.
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    Pleased with a point but totally scunnered at the refereeing. Offside goal, penalty denied and 6 minutes of injury time. Absolutely blatant cheating that I hope doesn’t get overlooked due to us getting something out of the game.
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    SOD was playing him offside. Neil McCann too embarrassed to keep pretending it's onside on RTV.
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    I am sure that we all have our moments, but some do show genuine talent in that regard.
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    I thought Beaton was very poor for both sides today to be fair.
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    I’ve been looking forward to this game for a fortnight and it didn’t disappoint. I know Alexander isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I really like the team he is building, a team that is full of character, commitment and nous. Keep our key players fit and we could be in for an enjoyable season.
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    First half McGinley was constantly dealing with 2 or 3 Aberdeen players but looks like they sorted that for the second half
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    I thought McGinley was OK last season, but really struggled in his first few games this season. Hopfeully, that was just him taking a little longer after pre-season. Doesn't appear to be much between the two teams at this point, and would not be suprised if we pick up all 3 points. The winner coming from a penalty when Gallagher fouls Watt. I also hate the international breaks, and miss the days when players would play club football on Saturday, a Scotland game on a Wednesday and back to their club games the following Saturday.
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    Rangers don't have anyone in the team, so Patterson is getting a lot of hype despite not playing for his club. He was at best average the other night, which is fine, but SOD has pretty much done the same. We don't get hurt down that side any more than the side with our two big premiership players on it, but no other player/position gets the same scrutiny. A lot of people are spending way too much time analyzing O'donnell, and fair play to him for ignoring it and getting on with his career. No one can take those 20+ caps away from him.
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    So John Boyle allegedly signed a deal probably over 10 years ago as he stepped down as chairman in 2011 to do a deal with a mobile company for a 5G phone mast to support a technology that would not be possible for at least another 5 or 6 years. I wonder if there was a Delorean parked outside with Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown negotiating for the mobile company.
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    Another way to look at is if you don't get it then it is you holding the gun to everyone else's head. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    No. You totally lack any insight. Anyway, I am out of here again. You really need to understand that your pish has no place on a Motherwell FC forum that I want to be a part of, maybe you should get involved with one of the Glasgow scumbags, you would fit very well in there.
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    Two points on the weekend 1) We played 4-3-3 against 4-5-1 and won despite playing quite poorly. I'll highlight this as evidence on my claim that formations don't really matter much at this level of football, or at least are hugely over rated in terms of determining who actually wins a game. 2) Our shots to shots on target ratio last season under Robinson was about 1 in 4. This season (small sample size I'll admit) it's 1 in 2. Big, big difference if you want to dig out results. 20/21 Robinson - 3.82 20/21 Alexander - 3.00 21/22 Alexander - 2.00 I dunno, maybe it's an aspect of the game that Alexander deserves a wee bit credit for.
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    I have to wholeheartedly disagree with this. Sieb was up there with one of the best goalkeepers we have had. He was a good shotstopper, but his prowess on cross balls into the box was almost ridiculous, Hence the shout "Sieeeeeeeeb!" I agree he did endear himself to the fans to an extemt and wee Tommys chagrain for his penchant for dribbling out of his box and he did make the occasional mistake which tended to be of the howler variety, but to suggest he wasnt a very good goalkeeper just doesnt sit right with me.....
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    Serious question....does anyone know what style of play we are trying to implement ?? ... My mate was watching us for Ross County today and we had a long conversation about what we are trying to do and we can’t work it out.. The defenders we have cannot play out from the back and resort to punts up the park The midfield today were totally missing ...strange to come on here and see people saying that Slattery was good and O’Hara had a good game ..really !!... both were a mile off the pace...in fact the guy sitting next to me said he thought Slattery must have had a good night out last night ..he was that poor. The front 3 are so isolated week in week out ....nobody links anything from midfield to front ... One other point we talked about was how bad we were at the basics ...first touch was a joke from quite a few and how many players looked at least a yard off the pace compared to the Dundee guys.. But .....after saying all that , we won 1-0 ....work that one out ....it’s a funny old game !!!!
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    No……..has anybody checked the CEO’s Twitter account ????
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    Sign a player piss an moan,Ceo talks about number of players siging piss and moan.Ffs folk on here really need to chill out.I am at the stage where we could go unbeaten in the league,thump the ugly sisters home and away and folk would be like the club need to sort the wee bit of grass behind the away end it looks to dried out by the sun. Great to see the club making moves and hope the other two players we get add something.
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    I think it's actually refreshing that flow engages with fans on twitter,anytime I've ever seen his tweets its only ever used in a positive way.ive seen a number of fans of opposition clubs wish there CEO would interact with them the way flow does with us.
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