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    I have been a member of this website for many years, and I have read through a whole lot of shite in that time, but an isolated screenshot from the highlights showing two players temporarily not moving with a comment of "FUCK SAKE WHY AREN'T THEY RUNNING?!" has to be quite literally the worst post I've ever read in the history of SteelmenOnline. Impressive.
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    But he's right, at least in part. Mud sticks so easily in football that when the claim is made that we're just long ball merchants some folk will accept it without a second thought. Like last season we were the dirtiest bastards in the league because Rangers lost to us and spat the dummy backed up by Brendan Rodgers seeing an opportunity to put ideas into referees heads and suddenly you've all and sundry wailing for non-existent fouls and arseholes like Neil Lennon screaming about protecting McGinn against us when the wee dick had spent the full game kicking anyone that moved in claret and amber. Absolutely there are Motherwell fans out there who will genuinely believe our game is hoofball 100% of the time. Heard and seen it repeated often enough that every long ball they see just reinforces what they've come to believe is the case and are now becoming blind to what is actually the case. Do we utilise the long ball? Yes we do. Overly so at times when what is actually our primary tactic of getting the ball crossed in from wide areas isn't working. And when done too often it is unquestionably to our detriment such as Saturday past. But some would have you believe this is our only tactic but that's just not the case. How did we manage to score our first last night if we're just a long ball side? That's not entirely uncommon, Cadden did much the same the previous week too. How did we come to end up we having Frear, who missed however many games, being the player who put most crosses into the box last season if all we do is put long balls up the park? How does Tait seem to get as many assists if all we do is punt long balls? Now you can certainly question the aesthetics of primarily wanting to get balls into the box from wide areas and you can perfectly justifiably make a claim that a quick tempo possession based style that moves the ball on the ground at speed can offer more entertainment value but If you genuinely believe that the only thing Motherwell offer is hoof-ball then I'd agree you're following a particular flock rather acknowledging we have more than a single way of playing the game.
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    If anyone reads my posts from last season, it's obvious I'm in the "want to play more football camp". I'm also a realist, however, and understand it takes a few seasons to build a team. When Robinson took over, he had a mandate that included: - do not get relegated - get rid of the high earners - fix a defence that was leaking like Donald Trump's Whitehouse There's no doubt that he achieved all 3 of those. He also said he wanted to add pace and bulk to the defence. Again, something he achieved. The 2 Cup Finals were a bonus, and it was a smart piece of business to bring in transfer fee for Moult when he was available on a pre-contract for zilch. On top of all that, Alan Campbell became a first team regular, as did Kipré (who went on to make us a small wad of cash), and Cadden picked up a couple of international caps. The pitch contines to be the best in the league, and we have even replaced the old scoreboard. All of this being achieved while the club transitioned to full ownership by the Well Society. We definitely lacked depth last season. (I was at the Accies and Dundee games in December, so had first hand experience of how dire we were). For a club our size, that lack of depth could just as easily have put us in relegation trouble as miss out on a top 6 spot. Fortunately, it was the latter. So I completely understand the desire to add numbers. None of this prevents us from blooding youngsters this season - although, it's easy to forget just how young our squad is already. For me, it's far too soon to be making a final judegement on the quality of the players we have brought in. As I endlessly point out to the moaners, Dunne was a target of the experts this time last season and now they are all miserable because he is out for a few weeks. Johnson might be the natural finisher we need, and Rodriguez-Gorrin might be the first step towards having someone who can put their foot on the ball. I'm certainly prepared to wait and see. I still want us to be moving towards playing a more attractive style of football. That isn't an overnight process, though. When Wee Tommy was in charge we spent a few seasons parking the bus to make sure we avoioded relegation, before he was able to start bringing in better footballers and create a style that was winning us a Cup (and bulidng a team that wasn't too far away from a league title). Thistle and Dundee were the poster boys for bottom 6 "footballing" sides last season. One was relegated and one was nearly relegated. It's a difficult balance. And Dundee Utd were the poster boys for a recruitment model that many said we should follow. So I'm quite prepared to see how the first half of the season unfolds and re-assess the team and their progress after that. It's easy to forget that if Les hadn't stepped in and, not only provided a loan, but implemented a complete restructuring of the club, we might be talking about how we manage to avoid League One this season, and where we should play games after Fir Park was sold off. Are we where I'd like us to be? No. Are we better off than when Robinson took over? Undoubtedly. Are we heading in the right direction this season? Bring it on, and let's find out.
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    Two hopes for this season. 1) We don't get relegated 2) Two teams with plastic pitches go down and are replaced by two teams with grass
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    Hibs have at least 3 times more the number of season ticket holders than us. They aren’t fan owned and have a wage structure that is far greater than ours. The 2 aren’t comparable you blethering idiot.
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    Josh Law coming to Robinson’s defence: FORMER Motherwell and Oldham player Josh Law has defended his old manager Stephen Robinson after accusations of bullying were made against the Fir Park boss. Danny Byrnes, a 21-year-old footballer who played under Robinson at Oldham, accused the Northern Irishman of victimising him over a period of months and forcing him out of the Boundary Park club in a Twitter post last week, responding to a suicide awareness video featuring Robinson that Motherwell had earlier released. Law, who was in the same squad as Byrnes in the 2016/17 season, was shocked when he saw the post from his former teammate and finds it hard to reconcile the accusations with the man he worked under at both Motherwell and Oldham. “I couldn’t have enjoyed working under Stephen more to be honest,” Law said. “I think he’s a thoroughly decent man and a good bloke. “I saw the tweet and I thought it was a bit strange, because I couldn’t really see that myself. “I was at the club at the same time as Danny and the manager was there, and nothing was said. There was certainly no talk from the players at the time or himself about that sort of stuff. It was a surprise to me to be honest. “It would surprise me massively from my experience with him. He was a family man, and he was a good bloke as far as I’m concerned. “I’ve never really heard anyone speaking badly of him, so it was quite strange.” Law has experienced his fair share of rejection as a footballer, and he has learned not to take it personally when a manager doesn’t rate him or deems him surplus to requirements at a club. And he didn’t see any evidence while at Oldham that Robinson treated any players within his squad any differently from the rest, whether they were part of his plans or not. “At the end of the day, it’s football, and there’s people leaving clubs all the time if the manager doesn’t fancy them as a player,” he said. “I think that’s every day in football to be honest. I’ve been there myself, when the manager doesn’t want you and wants to get you out by offering you a pay up, and it’s horrible. But it’s part of the business. It’s just about keeping your head down and if anything comes up, it comes up. “It’s different for me because I’ve got a family and I’ve got to look after them, and as you get older, you learn that kind of thing. “I certainly didn’t see him in doing double sessions when nobody else was in, which a lot of managers can do. They can make your life hell. But I certainly never saw anything like that going on. “It was probably a case of Danny being in a bad place at the time with his father unfortunately being ill, as he said in the tweet, and he was under stress. He might regret that tweet, I’m not sure, but it’s bad for that to come out for Stephen as well. “it’s obviously something he doesn’t need and is quite unnecessary.” Robinson was only in charge of Oldham from July 2016 until January 2017, when he was sacked with the club languishing near the foot of League One. But Law isn’t surprised to see that he has gone on to have the success he has at Motherwell since. “You could see everything he was trying to do at Oldham and he had his hands tied a little bit,” he said. “I think there was something like 20 new players that he had to bring in. “I think we were starting to turn the corner, but in football now, it is very rare that you get the time and he didn’t there. “All of us could see that his ideas were great though and his knowledge of the game was brilliant. We enjoyed working with him, it was just maybe the wrong club at the wrong time.” Law, for his part, looks back on his own time at Motherwell fondly, even if he didn’t quite manage to live up to the highs of his two-goal debut in a Europa League qualifier against Icelandic side Stjarnan in 2014. “They thought they were getting a 20-goal a season man,” he said. “But I thoroughly enjoyed it, I loved my time up there. “I came home for personal reasons, but I would recommend it to anyone. It’s a great club.”
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    The thought of Lightning McQueen playing for us might revitalise the Disney thread?
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    Never mind the goalie market.... https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/teams/aberdeen/aberdeen-point-to-rise-of-harry-maguire-as-scott-mckenna-priced-at-10m-1-4769852 10m for McKenna. We will be building the Cedric Kipre Stadium with money left over to bring back Moult, Randolph and Hutchy.
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    Aberdeen's got a port and it's shite.
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    I think Bigi, the yoof, etc have all got a touch of the "better cos they aren't playing" thing.
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    I don't know who thought it was a good idea to put background muzak on the game highlights, but if you're reading this, PLEASE STOP.
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    Same old pre-season. Same old pre-season comments. The only difference this time is how many people are gutted Dunne is out for a few months. This time last year they were writing him off as a hopeless duffer.
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    Shows how we all see it differently..........I couldn’t disagree more, thought nearly everything good we did in the 2nd half came through him. Got on the ball, dictated play, picked the right passes and even put his foot in at times. Think he really showed up how poor Rose, Campbell and Cadden were. Not getting the chat that Cadden had a good game today, couple of good crosses in the 1st half, apart from that did nothing. Only Rodriguez, Frear, Carson and Johnson with pass marks for me.
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    I was about to say the opposite. He's dropping deep and actively looking to collect the ball. Most things going through him.
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    The season before we were unseeded at Parkhead. If you run on the park there you end up in a cell. Definitely an advantage.
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    With 3 centre halves starting and umpteen ballwinning midfielders to choose from, I’d like to think we could give one creative player a bit of freedom.
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    Robinson likes big, strong players and plays direct football, that’s not going to change as he seems to think that’s the most effective use of a limited budget. We won’t be signing creative players and playing pretty passing football with him in charge and this season will be exactly the same as last season style wise so we might as well accept it until he’s either offered another position or is sacked. Not saying people need to like it but that’s just the way it is.
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    Was he in a days when he scored?
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    I know I shouldn’t bite, but honestly, how old are you? Are you really this much of a moron or are you much brighter than your post suggest and just a troll ? The whole “we were by far the poorest team in the second half against Edinburgh” patter sums you up really. Shall we all just forget the 5 goals that were scored in the first half of that game? No getting away from today being a cause for frustration. We should’ve comfortably won. However, results like this in this tournament at this time of year are not at all unusual. I will not be shitting my pants just yet.
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    The original poster regularly bullies me into buying a round... That's the real story here.
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    Petravicius should have been nowhere near our club. The fact he was continually given game time doesn't mean we should lower our expectations and accept journeymen who failed at our rivals.
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    Vigurs could be hit or miss but two of the most skillful pieces of football I have ever seen watching Motherwell involved him. The first was a pass he made at Tynecastle to Ainsworth (I think?) from central midfield to the right side of midfield that was not only inch perfect but also showed the type of vision that Luca Modric would be proud of. From memory Ainsworth ran about 30 yards from behind Vigurs to get onto the ball. Having watched the clip several times, I still don't know how he spotted the pass. Don't know if anybody has footage of the pass I am talking about? The second was against us unfortunately. He was playing for ICT and a corner was floated in to the edge of the 18 yard box. He caught it perfectly on the vollley. It was the ease and almost nonchalant way he did it that was so impressive.
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    Disappointing but not surprising that the usual suspects plus 1 or 2 others seem to relish putting the boot in after a disappointing performance and result, but such is life. It will be great to see as much enthusiastic banging of keyboards should we play well on Tuesday, but I won't hold my breath. I have worries about the season ahead and our style of play at times, but try to be objective, good or bad. Picking up on comments re Curtis Main, having watched him at Dunfermline and v Edinb City I agree he seems out of sorts, and we must hope he gets back on song soon. I share worries that Rodriquez Gorrin looks no better than Bigi thus far, but will be delighted if I am proved wrong. None of the new signings have over impressed me thus far but then neither did Louis Moult or Kipre for that matter so hopefully they will get time to settle in before being written off. My fear for the season ahead is that our style of play will only be tolerated while we have decent results but jumped on when not. If wee Tommy was cut no slack when we hit a sticky spell after actually winning a trophy Robbo will suffer likewise if we are not producing results. Having said all that bad as today sounds we are not the only SPL side to have a 'mare' against lower league opposition at this stage and won't be the last. It is only the 2nd competitive game of the season, Negativity from the stands becomes a self fullfilling prophecy which helps no one so hopefully a good result in Tuesday will have everyone feeling a bit more positive Sent from my SM-A320FL using Tapatalk
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    Still unsure why current employers should have anything to add to former employer/employee accusations. Some folk just like to stir shit then throw it at the club.
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    Yes! A boo boy for folk! Scored 10 goals last season. So if we can get things to click could be a useful addition. More than willing to give him a chance...hopefully others will too. It's also a loan so it's not a long term risk nor I'd imagine a hugely pricey one.
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