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    I can see a wee bit of that hysteria creeping in among the fans, but I do think it's completely devoid of perspective at this stage. Since August we've played 8 games. 3 of them we'd have hoped to have won (Dundee, Accies, Livi) - we've won 2. The other 5 were against Rangers, Hearts, Hearts, Hibs and Aberdeen. We've lost 4 and drawn 1 however, it's not 2012 anymore - the city clubs have got their shit together and are miles ahead of us in terms of finances and recruitment. Despite that, with the exception of Hibs on the opening day, there hasn't been a great deal between us and them. We really need to wait until after the opening round of fixtures to ask this question.
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    Apart from the 3 Semi Final's they've played each other in the last 3 years?
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    The thing I don't like is the rhetoric that we are being punished for individual mistakes and then losing by the odd goal, seems to be implying that we make one mistake, lose a goal from it and lose the game. That bad luck is playing it's part and it will turn. It's absolutely ignoring the fact that what's actually happening is we're making 10/15 mistakes in dangerous areas every single game, and losing a goal from at least one of them is inevitable.
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    That’s cause they struggle to get a 1000 of their own fans through the gate most weeks. Yet they’ve beaten Rangers today, beaten Hibs, taken a point off Killie and are the only ones to take a point off Hearts so far as well. They also had to play at Celtic Park on the opening day but despite playing 5 of last seasons top 6 in their opening 7 games, they’re 10 points ahead of us already. Yet some folk want to use our ‘tough’ run of fixtures as an excuse for our piss poor start to the season.
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    Although I'd agree our close season transfer dealings have been poor and the players brought in aren't good enough I still believe all our current woes stem back to the beginning of last season. We won 6 out of our first 10 matches but people forget about many of the performances. Against Kilmarnock and Ross County the team was literally booed off the field at half time, we put in dismal first half displays, were generally given the runaround and were lucky, due to poor finishing from the visitors, to still be in the match. In the 2nd half we improved and we managed to get 1-0 leads with two late penalties, one each match to wrap up the points. The introduction of Allan Campbell from the sub bench turned the match against Ross County. It showed one thing, that Robinson's choices that he'd brought in - Bigirimana, Rose, alongside McHugh were not good enough as a midfield. And as has been proven time and time again ever since, when Allan Campbell is not present our midfield rarely if ever functions. Yet while this was evident to anyone actually analysing the matches rather than just looking at the results nothing was done about it. To this day, more than a year on and two transfer windows past, we still lack quality in midfield. A football team with no midfield will always be destined for disaster. And so it's proved. So how did we win 6 out of 10 then? Our initial success was based on a number of factors - new players, an unusual formation and 'throwback' tactics in an age when 'good' football meant playing on the ground, as well as having the best striker in the league, a good bit of luck and a favourable opening run of winnable home fixtures. However, we were easily figured out after one match, luck doesn't last forever and our striker was injured and then sold. Once teams had played us and adapted, we were easy to counter. The classic example was Aberdeen. Soundly beaten in what will probably be remembered as the best performance of the Robinson era in the league cup, Aberdeen returned the following weekend, changed their tactical approach and completely shut us down and won 1-0. More or less every team did the same after the first round of matches - a fact that saw our form go off a cliff and never really recover beyond a few wins against relegation bound Partick and an end of season kick about against Hamilton in the Bottom Six matches. Here was our second mistake - not replacing Louis Moult. While Main started brightly at the club it soon became apparent that he was no penalty box striker and while he often did good work outside the box the goal return was nowhere near the player he replaced. Yet, again, like the problem in midfield, nothing was done. Another transfer window and Connor Sammon was brought in, a player far too similar to existing players in the squad and a striker with a poor goal return. True, Danny Johnson was also brought in but here was a player with fitness issues and who clearly needed time and matches to adjust and step up a level. He wasn't ready to step right in. So last season while the midfield was not good enough at any point but we could get away with it because we were defensively sound and had a great striker. Then when Moult was sold we couldn't really get away with it a lot of the time because we were depending on not conceding to get anything out of games. If teams scored first they generally beat us. Form suffered badly, goals dried up and our form went into free fall. Finally we get to this close season. Both midfield and forward positions were not significantly strengthen, something that should have been apparent for some time and then disaster happened - the last functioning part of the team - the defence - fell apart. Dunne was injured, Hartley came back from a serious injury and didn't look the same player, Kipre was sold and our best player last season, Trevor Carson, took a major dip in form. So as it stands no area of the pitch is good enough. Carson's poor-ish form may improve but defensively we have been very bad - 14 conceded in 7 league matches and not a single clean sheet. We have exactly the same midfield as last season - a Chris Cadden going backwards at a rate of knots, Rose, Bigirimana, an out of position Tait, and of course ,Campbell, a player that, as good as he is, desperately needs help. The only 'improvement' in midfield was moving McHugh out of it into defence. So while it's tempting to blame Sammon, Donnelly and ATS for the poor start to the season I still maintain that, really, our problems stem back to last season for the above reasons.
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    Finished 1-3 but might well have been 4, 5, 6. Carson has made a couple of smart saves and Tait cleared a certain goal off the line. In the end we were well beaten by probably the best team I've seen this season and that fact is what I'm taking away from this match. I keep seeing wee team mentality all over this board, that we can't expect much from a club our size and that the city teams are unchallengeable. Why then are our closest cousins, in terms of size of club, history, support, so far ahead of us? Kilmarnock have beaten Celtic and Aberdeen and are as good as any team in the country. At Motherwell we've let our standards fall drastically. That's a problem that is pre-Robinson but it's only been compounded during Robinson term in charge with atrocious outdated tactics, embarrassing style of football and the complete neglect of our youth system. Things have to change. Kilmarnock showed us today what could be.
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    That's the thing for me and i think many others - how the budget is being spent. No one is suggesting compromise the budget. Our squad wasn't exactly thin at the end of last season ( at least compared to recent years, e.g. under McCall). So spending the same amount in total on 3 or 4 quality starters, instead of 7 or 8 bench warmers is surely how you build on last season's success. Selling our best defender and signing a bench worth of players isn't the way forward IMO.
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    Aye and neither is playing in the lower leagues which at least six of those clubs have also done in the last decade. Which yer man helped save us from once, ensured it was never an issue by about February last season and will most likely ensure it isn't an issue this season either. You know seeing as we're disregarding Cups whenever it suits the argument.
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    Ryan Bowman played his first full game since injury and scored a brilliant goal and caused the penalty. The spirit of the team is relatively high compared to their results and league position. We have players now gaining international honours on merit. We are not as bad a team as a lot of posts might suggest. We are not being heavily defeated and remain in games right to the final whistle - our heads do not go down. Lots of positives and, I am sure, we will not be relegated this season.
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    "Losing two cup finals". Fantastic bit of spin there. Over our 132 year history, Robinson has taken us to 16% of the major cup finals we've appeared in (2 of 12). Anyone who tries to belittle last years achievements should probably find another new team, because they are in for decades of disappointment.
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    Its quite simple for me. Robinson has 6 games to save his job. Anything less than a minimum of 10 points from our next 6 games and he should be sacked. And I dont trust him to spend more of our money in January! The facts are that his record in the transfer market is horrific, and we are now pishing money down the drain paying wages for guys like Grimshaw, Sammon & Gorrin that we simply dont need. Our squad is bloated and very unbalanced. Also, another fact is that our league form in the last 11 months has been horrendous. Our brand of "football" makes your eyes bleed, were throwing points away every week and the only thing that kept us up last season was Louis Moult & Ross County (being awful), both of whom are now gone!
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    I was pretty happy with my lot last year. Yes the football wasnt always the prettiest but nowhere near as bad as some made out. 2 cup finals and just missing out on top 6 seemed like pretty good progress from the year before. If Im really honest, I am disappointed we havent kicked on this season and built on last years success. There are reasons for that of course, losing Cedric was always going to hurt and injuries to Dunne, Tanner and Bowman havent helped our start. Main has been carrying an injury and Caddens form has dropped right off. My biggest disappointment is that other than Aldred, who isnt really new, and Johnson, who has shown some promise, none of the signings seem to have made any impact. Gillespie seems a decent back up and may eventually replace Carson. ATS, I think was signed as the left wing back we were needing, but for whatever reason hasnt shown enough to be picked. Donnelly and Mbulu are both young and probably signed as development players who might make us money in the future. Gorrin was clearly signed as a replacement for Bigi who has ended up staying so hasnt really had a chance. Sammon is the one signing that I cant fathom. With Main, Bowman and Johnson and Newell all on the books I just didnt see the need for him. I dont think he is absolute shite but we have 2 players who can play his role better. We dont know how much of last years money the manager got to spend. You can bet it was a relatively small proportion of what we made as we have to take these opportunities to pay down the debt. We also dont know who was available in our price range that wanted to come to us. That said, I would still have expected us to be able to see some improvement in the quality of the squad which hasnt really materialised as yet. Im not overly concerned with the results so far with the exception of Accies who we should have beaten, and some of our performances, particularly against Rangers have been good. Its a long season ahead and there is plenty time to improve. I still think Robbo is the right man for the job, albeit I think he has made mistakes in team selection and substitutions at times, but he is as good a manager as we are going to get and I think he buys into the ethos of the club and what we are about in terms of being a fanowned community club. Much rather have him than some of the usual suspects. There is plenty of room for improvement though, and now that we are out the cup he will have his work cut out keeping the baying wolves from the door.
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    The newspaper headline is fantastic for those desperate to see Robinson go, pity it’s not actually an accurate reflection of what he said. Let’s be honest some have wanted him out for a long time and will use anything to push that agenda. Lots of money came into the club last season one way or another and yes a great opportunity to bring real quality into the squad but unless i’m missing something he appears to have been given only a fraction to strengthen, I take it the rest went towards paying off the debt ? As before if we start regularly losing games against clubs at our financial level fair enough questions to be asked, that’s only happened the one time this season in both league and cup against Hamilton and we should have won that. The other defeats were all close games against clubs far bigger than us. The style has changed which is what people were crying out for but it needs to be mixed with what we are good at which is what he was pointing out in the article. St Mirren fans thought getting rid of a manager that had them to a cup final and a decent league position was a great idea, that really went well. Be careful what you wish for, it’s not always greener on that other side.
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    Can someone tell Yodo that shites meant to come out of his arse, not his mouth?
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    Good article outlining Johnson's fitba journey. At 25, he's had his fair share of disappointments along the way by the looks of it. Fair play to him for sticking with it - he certainly looks more than capable at our level. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/teessider-danny-johnson-dealing-setbacks-15152517
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    Much of what you say is true in your post but I think this part is particularly telling. Motherwell always have and always will be a team that live on the margins of success and failure. They are always one or two players that can make a poor season a good one. In every aspect of the clubs business they have to work harder to compete with the bigger teams. Fitness, recruitment, tactics etc all have to be worked for that little bit more. For this reason losing the players you mention above is massive for a team like ours. Robinson himself said that the loss of Dunne was a huge blow and possibly the one player in the squad that he could least afford to lose. The important thing for me is that the loss of these players is not Robinsons fault. In fact he brought each one of these players to the club. Having these players playing and on form may have brought about a very different start to the season. Should Robinson lose his job on the back of this misfortune? You mentioned Campbell. Robinson brought him into the team. A player from the youth set up who was brought in at the right time with great success. This is again a positive for the manager and contradicts slightly the theory that he never plays the young players. Moult was indeed for a time the best striker in the league. It was always going to be a tough ask to replace him and yes so that as proved. Should Robinson lose his job on the back of this. You neglect to mention in your post once more the Cup run. You mention the Aberdeen game in the League Cup and I agree, that was Robinsons finest moment at the club to date. However to dismiss the other Cup games against all Premiership opposition as of no consequence or flukes as others have argued is harsh in the extreme. The performances against Hearts at home and Rangers at Hampden in particular were very good. I have been watching Motherwell since 1980 and have never had the good fortune of seeing to Cup Finals in one season untill last season. Should Robinson lose his job at this time when we have not yet finished the first round of matches? If Robinson does not make it through the next four/ five games the one thing I can guarantee is this, that the new man whoever that might be will be living on the margins just the same, because that is the nature of the club we support I
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    Unlike when we finished 2 nd a few years ago and the support swelled under McCall.... ..let's face it Motherwell managers have a pretty short shelf life with some "supporters " .....Robbo did a great job last year with 2nd lowest budget in the league, let's give the guy some backing.....I still reckon we will be pushing for top 6 when the dust settles.
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    Whenever I hear about 'lost the dressing room', team spirit and all that, I always think about a really interesting interview I heard from Steve Parish (Crystal Palace Chairman). The basic point was that he had rarely considered sacking a manager off the back of a poor run of results if he could see that the team was still cohesive and playing for the manager. The tipping point was always when the players stopped playing for him. With that in mind, I'm not sure whether the recent frustrations and arguments on the pitch are a good sign or a bad sign. I'd be more concerned if there was an apathetic response to losing goals, however when I see opposition teams arguing among themselves I always think it's a sign that all isn't well in that squad. I've seen some good performances this season (Rangers / Dundee / first half vs Hearts on Wednesday) where team spirit play it's part and I think Robinson will be given time to try and recapture that. You've also got to consider what sacking a manager at this stage can do to how appealing we might be to potential applicants. Robinson achieved his goals last season - keep us in the league, decent cup run and make a few quid. From the outside that's all that will matter. If he's punted 7 games into the new season we'll soon get a reputation of being a trigger happy club which will naturally reduce the quality of applicant in the future. It's a tough decision, and I get folks concerns (the stat of 35 odd games being banded about isn't good at all); however I don't think we are there yet. I doubt the club are either.
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    A sweeping generalisation there. People are more than entitled to their views in regards to our manager and most don't want any of the above as an alternative. I'd probably guess most would be looking towards Craigan and Lasley as the men in charge firstly then to look outside the box if they don't want the gig. We've recruited incredibly poorly on the back of a financially beneficial season where we stayed in the league despite some absolutely horrendous runs of form and results. We should have been on the front foot trying to build on that good fortune as opposed to "just staying in the league" again. If those in charge at all levels set us up as a team to avoid relegation, packed full of journeymen and English lower league dross, season after season; we will inevitably be relegated in the not too distant future and will find it extremely difficult to bounce back quickly. As a footballing side we are somehow regressing and it is glaringly obvious to most the many deficiencies our team has. It's a big few months for Robbo with a run of very winnable fixtures from now up until the winter break. If things haven't improved by then, there will certainly be a call to make by the board whether he stays on and if he and his scouts are allowed to sign anymore players. I do genuinely hope he turns it around because I like him a lot, but the statistics, the results and the product on show are conspiring against him.
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    No real shape to the team and a lot of aimless kicking (Although Bigi could have used that) Considering how disjointed we are, we can still run the "top" teams pretty close, so I have got to think that a few changes from the manager and we could be alright. I think we have a few winnable games coming up so I'm willing to wait and see how we look after those. I still think our only major F*** up has been against Accies but we have to make sure we minimize the number of F ups through the season.
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    Why are we all caught up in last season that's gone our name isn't on any trophy and at the moment Livi and Accies above us but if you can guarantee we will finish above both of these teams then I'll take my finger of the panic button and start to enjoy the rest of the season as I said previously if we don't collect 7 out 12 points now down to 7 out of 9 then Robinson should be sacked
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    Just imagine the furore had that been Shagger or Craig Gordon posting the picture Carson did! And yet we get utter silence Poor tackle by Ikpeazu but not unexpected from a Levein Hearts side
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    I must say, I really enjoyed the game on Saturday, two teams committed to win the game over the course of 90minutes. Aye, the quality of play could have been more easy on the eye at times, but there is something really enjoyable about watching two sides go at it, hammer and tongs, with neither backing down an inch. McHugh was in line for my man of the match award, up until his (quite literally) hospital baw'...he was immense against that big unit up front for them. A wee lapse in concentration and we find ourselves a goal down, and a keeper out for a period of time, just highlighting the fine margins between getting points or not. I'm not an advocate of VAR, retrospective punishment, Trial by TV etc etc and I don't like the way that football has become virtually a non-contact sport, therefore I'm not going to slate their striker for a being a milli-second out on a tackle, or the referee for failing to spot it, when two players are fully committed.
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