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    Stephen Robinson was asked to get us a run in the cups. He's reached two finals. (You can talk all you want about how losing 2 finals isn't an achievement, but he wasn't asked to WIN cups, he was asked to get a run in cups, and he achieved that, therefore in the tick-box exercise that is a company performance review, it's an achievement). He was asked to bring in money through player sales. Club has brought in more money under him than any other manager (I think). He was asked to keep us clear of a relegation battle. We are comfortably clear of a relegation battle. He was asked to do it all within a very restricted budget. He has done that. He was asked to promote youth into the first team. He has done that. In the form table over the last 5 games, we're 6th. In the form table over the last 10 games, we're 6th. In the form table over the last 15 games, we're....yup, you guessed it... 6th. Now, you can debate opinion on how much you enjoy the games, how you feel we're doing, who you think should play, how you think we should set up.... until the cows come home, I have mine, everyone else has theirs, and they are probably all variations of a theme. However, the club look at the things on the list, a return on their remit. It's objective and it's fact based. Putting aside what you "think" or "feel" for a moment. Could we as a club get a manager that would exceed what's on that list above? Are the club going to want to get rid of someone that's exceeded everything in the remit that they put in front of him? What has he not delivered on that would make the club consider his position? Sorry if you're not happy, but it doesn't matter what you or I think. It's not about opinions. Stephen Robinson is currently in the middle of being an extremely successful Motherwell manager relative to what the club have asked of him, and that's what his employment status is based on. The idea that they would even be considering punting him is a massive LOL.
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    Serious question, could you put together a post explaining the reasons you feel he is out of his depth? If you can, can you avoid mentioning personal opinion on things like his background and his history, as these are things you've no idea about. I'm not trying to be facetious or pick an argument, i'm genuinely trying to understand why someone who people in high positions at other clubs have openly expressed the high regard in which they view him, who various members of Scottish media in all formats have voiced respect for, and who has recently been voted onto the board of directors of the SPFL, would be seen by one of his own clubs fans as seeing out of their depth? I genuinely can't get my head around it.
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    I can't let this pass without comment. Main had a poor game tonight, but to say he was hiding is just ridiculous. For a striker, the number of goals he has scored this season is a bit embarrassing, however it certainly hasn't been down to a lack of effort.
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    Shit signings in the summer. players constantly changing position. tactically all over the place. But for me it’s the standard of football at home that is the nail in the coffin. It’s is fucking dreadful and possibly the worst I have seen at Fir Park for years.
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    It baffles me with every passing shitfest how Robinson has managed to ascend to achieve the UEFA Pro Licence and be an assessor fro the Irish FA. There is almost nothing on the park that suggests we are a top flight footballing team. If we aren't relegated this year, then we will most certainly be the following season. I've gotten bored of even bothering to start picking apart how shite a footballing team we are. That was a fucking holocaust of a performance against a really, really average side. In a season of demoralising mediocrity, especially at Fir Park, that disaster is right up there. The season's pretty much over unless we get even worse and get caught by 3 of the worst teams ever to blacken the Scottish top flight. Unbelievably grim stuff.
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    Tanner seems to be getting better the longer he's out.
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    Charles Dunne is one of the fastest players in the country... Danny Johnson managed to out pace Shay Logan over a pitch long race.. Aryibi has pace to burn... Cadden is no slouch and neither is Frear. There's pace in the team. Elliot Frear is an out and out left winger, Jake Hastie is also a left winger. Aryibi is a right winger, he's probably the very definition of a right winger. Robinson's signings can be questioned, but none of those statements above are accurate!
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    If you play a 4-2-3-1 with two sitting midfielders and three attacking midfielders you need a forward that can hold the ball up (Johnson can't), you need wide players that are going to come inside (Frear doesn't do that, Ariyibi didn't show much evidence of that either), you need your most creative midfielder in the forward attacking row (Turnbull wasn't) and you need two dedicated defensive midfielders (Campbell was on the bench). A total cluster fuck.
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    In the "whoosh" way, I suspect.
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    Given what might have happened its great news that Christian Mbulu is in the squad. McHugh and Dunne also fit. Really glad for all 3 lads.
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    Well fair fucks I enjoyed that. Watching Turnbull is an absolute joy. The lads range of passing, movement and technical ability is class. Backed by the powerful running and skill of Hastie & Ariyibi will certainly entertain. Central midfield balance looked so much better with Gorrin & Campbell who I thought played well together. Gorrin started a bit slack but grew in a great performance, his ability to release the ball quickly allowed our attacks to start quicker. Hopefully he can get a run in the team as I think he will only get better. Campbell his usual tenacious self and god did we miss him on Saturday. Main I thought worked his arse off in the lone striker role. Held up well and caused bother. Apart from a ten mins spell in the first half that he kept giving the ball away. A goal would spark him off I think. Grimmy was brilliant as the flying full back and Tait also had his best game in a while. Genuinely delighted at that tonight but also tinged with a what the fuck was Saturday all about. That team would have pumped Ross County.
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    It's easy for the fans to just say "bin him, get him tae fuck," but the club actually have to weigh up the very serious pros and cons of sacking a manager at this stage of the season. Look at the facts. We're 9th. We're 7 clear of Accies, we're 9 clear of St Mirren, and we're 11 clear of Dundee. For St Mirren to catch us we'd need to drop 3 games while they win 3 games. They've won 3 games all season. For Dundee to catch us we'd need to drop 3 games, draw 2 and they'd need to double the amount of points they've won all season. Dundee have won twice this season. We're 8 points behind Hibs in 8th. We're not catching them. At worst we're looking at a 10th finish, if somehow Accies manage to suddenly go on a run while we lose. Granted, we're poor, but we're still better than the clubs below us, which is all that matters for now. Robinson knows the players, and can get the minimum that he needs from them. We're out of both cups. If any club happens to be sniffing around Robinson, there's a better chance he moves in the summer. We waive the compensation we'd be due, we part ways. We could then bring a new manager in with a clean slate. We have a fair amount of players out of contract this summer, so there's going to be the chance to make big changes. There's also a wider range of choice in the summer as far as managers go. Or, we could roll the dice and bump the manager just now. We'd likely need to pay him off. He's got a contract until May 2020, so unless he's secretly loaded I don't see him walking away from a contract without another job to go to. We either appoint someone on an interim basis, or we grab someone from the slim pickings that's available at this time of year. The new manager comes in and has to hit the ground running. These aren't his players, and chances are we can't shift many until the summer. We run the risk of total collapse, which we've seen happen elsewhere. I know this isn't the answer folk want to hear, but the smart choice is riding this wave of mediocrity until the summer. At that point we can reassess, we've got a lot of players with contracts up so if a new manager is coming in he gets a clean slate to work with. The only way I see Robbo going before the summer is if we get another club wanting him this season, or if we collapse and end up in danger of the drop. Bearing in mind that this would also involve one or both clubs at the bottom seriously getting their act together as well.
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    Going out the cup at home to lower league opposition is unforgivable. Between that, the shocking summer recruitment, the tactics, the performances and results it’s been horrific from the start this season. Many of us hoped that signing off before the break on a win coupled with a genuine marquee signing would give us fresh impetus for the second half of the season but with that shot down in flames Robinsons position is now untenable and he has to go.
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    I'm old. I forgot that people these days need to have every piece of humourous understatement or irony punctuated with smileys.
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    Some of these posts just baffle me. We have one of the lowest budgets in the league so where do we need to finish in the league for a manager not to get sacked ? I get the football is poor but he’s stated he’s trying to change it. Individuals stated they wanted the young players in, he’s sent them out to get game time and that’s now happening, Maguire will be next. We are never going to be able to bring in the same quality of players that just about half the teams in this league can, we have to bring in lower league players who are a risk along with our youngsters. Have we gone backwards from last season ? After 23 games last season we were 6th but with only one point more so hardly. We are safe and could even finish higher yet people still want him out in the hope we are going to find someone else who will have us playing silky football on peanut money.
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    Dundee is Robinson's lucky team. Out of our 8 league wins this season David Turnbull has scored in 5, scored the opener in 4 and scored the winner in 3. Colossal contribution and didn't even start a game until October.
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    The commentators on Dundee TV are absolute morons
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    I'm not sure what you're referring to but he'd have been what...6 or 7 years old ffs? I'm sure we can forgive any recollections not being pin-sharp. Not sure how you can feel that one of the most widely respected voices in Scottish football within other clubs, governing bodies, and sports media, who was elected onto the SPFL board of Directors, sounds out of their depth? Edited to add....the post you've just added while I was typing this, answers my question. I'm not going to comment on it....it says more about you than any response ever could.
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    I thought Main played well tonight, and had some half chances (saying he missed any "sitters" is just untrue), but it's clear for all to see he's trying too hard to score at times. I reckon we should persevere with him for now.
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    These managers you'd dredged up, none of them were any good at our club but I was defending a position on 'a Craig Brown type'. That's why I mentioned Craig Brown, a manager that competed well at international level, not as a defence of all Scottish born managers we've ever employed. As for Gannon, Baraclough and Robinson, I see them all as imported failures with a rather shallow level of expertise who managed to bluffed their way into a higher level in Scottish football than they would have been able to do so elsewhere. The very fact that these guys were non Scots, that they came from outside Scotland allowed them positions they would never have been appointed to if they had been Scottish. So while even guys like Davies and McLeish achieved success elsewhere at a higher level, Gannon and Baraclough achieved nothing aside from perhaps in Gannon's case, sealing the deal on a Y reg Vauxhall Cavalier. Davies and McLeish didn't work out for us. But Gannon and Barraclough they just weren't any good. If anyone see's Robinson going on to success post Motherwell than that's your opinion, it's currently an unknown, but I throw my hat in the 'don't see it happening' ring. As for your defence of Gannon - it's laughable. Even putting aside the turmoil Gannon created at the club in his time here he won 4 out of 17 league matches, won 1 out of his last 10, the last two of which were a shambolic 6-1 defeat to Rangers and a 3-1 defeat at home to St. Johnstone. Many of these poor results where down to the downright bizarre decisions by Gannon in terms of tactics, team selection and substitutions, the managerial equivalent of self harming. The man was a cancer yet many here took in his snake oil salesman patter for far too long and apparently some still believe it. Craig Brown came in and undoubtedly turned the club around and I'm sure deep down you know this. It's that apparent. Anyway let me reiterate my original point since everyone these days would rather react in mock outrage than absorb a point. I don't care if our next manager is foreign or not - but he has to be experienced and understand how to tactically organise a side (like Brown) and not some bullshit merchant from the fringes of professional football (like Gannon, Baraclough and Robinson).
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    We place so much emphasis on the Cups as a support and from the business side of things with the finances that can be generated that I do wonder if that defeat will resonate throughout the board of directors much much more than us "plodding along" league position, however much a chore it is to watch. I'm not fond of the saying "we were beaten before we set foot on the park". You are never beaten before you step on to the park but a team selection can make a whole lot harder for you than it needs to be, and that was how it seemed to me. Like some I too got the impression that Robinson thought we would have enough about us to use this game to help people find fitness and tinker with his formation whilst still making the next round. You look through that team and half of them trying to bed themselves back into the side to get match fit far less messing about with formations and deploying players in roles they've rarely played. We were told Tait didn't train with the rest of the squad in Tenerife but goes straight in. Hartley has had one game back after how long out and even then he's hardly kicked a ball in a year. It took Dunne a few months to get up to speed last season and there's no evidence to suggest it's going to be any different this time. McCormack was supposed to be a doubt until February but somehow is deemed fit start but can only last a half watching the ball fly over him. Turnbull withdrawn from the area in which he's been most effective and having played with two strikers we suddenly decide to go with one. It all just felt like too much at the one time and we paid the price for it. Whether Robinson goes on to pay the ultimate price for it I don't know, but much of his credit in the bank will have gone after that. An awful afternoon.
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    ‘We’re 2-0 down gaffer, they’re running over the top of us in the midfield and we look like we won’t score this side of Easter because there’s no creativity in the whole side. What are we going to do?’ ’Get Alex Rodriguez-Gorrin stripped’.

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