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    Right, (so as most my pals and family have pointed out) this is a bit sad but I needed to get a wee project on the go. Decided to build a scale model Fir Park out of cardboard. Got basic measurements from the googlemaps 3d model, but still had to try measure loads up from photos and scale it all down to 1/500. It's been quite cool looking at all the wee details of the stands constructions - who knew the Cooper would be a such pain in the arse to measure and build. I'm also firing in a bit of the surrounding area as the reason the main stand is only 3/4 built is a great quirk in the history of Fir Park. The place has also gone through a lot of changes and facelifts so tried to settle for mid 90's as that's when I went to my first match - think I've overdone the grubbiness on what would be newly built stands though... I'm also working on having the full thing light up including stand interiors and scratch-built floodlights, Not for everyone, but given there's not much else happening thought a few might want to see the progress.
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    I’m going for a 9/10 for Robbo. He came in at a difficult time and stabilised us when relegation looked likely. Two cup finals and if I remember right a top six . Then eighth place followed by this seasons third . All done by getting in players who lost there way and mixing it with players from youth . All done on a shoestring budget unlike McGhee or McCall had under Leanne Dempsters reign . Has he made mistakes . Of course but he admits it and rectified it by changing it . Probably not got the same charisma as McGhee or McCall but who cares about that . Really hope he stays for the Europa competition . Think if he gets a chance he could do ok as apparently highly rated technically . For any body out there who doesn’t rate him fair enough . Everyone is entitled to there opinion but all I would say is be careful what you wish for . Been going to FP for over 50 years now since Boddy Howitt was manager and have seen them all come and go . Many of them high profile and legends in there own heads . Robbo brings stability structure and technical knowledge as well as honesty so he’ll do for me . Would love him to be manager for foreseeable future .
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    Happy birthday Motherwell FC
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    A few dead exciting updates - Seating on the main stand is ready to be installed. Pain in the arse cutting all the rows of bucket seats - I think they're a bit too big but hopefully it looks alright and doesn't mess the scale up. Roof and windows added to the cooper and started adding a few wee details. Started the seating on the rest of the stands. I've no idea how I'm going to work in the MFC, The Well and Fir Park seating. I've tried a few things but it looks shit. The turf is ready to go... I think. Next steps - I need a break from the stands so going to start building the floodlights out of the 1.5mm acrylic rods that just arrived. I've not really thought this part through, but it should come together.
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    This was one of the great teams we had in the 70’s that never won anything. From the gobstopper68 vault. Enjoy
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    That be the Hearts supporting, in no way whatsoever biased, Ewan Murray? I'm not saying he isn't correct but were it Hamilton Accies or Ross County sitting where Hearts are he'd be sitting with his feet up watching reruns of the Ryder Cup and his Twitter feed about 200 tweets lighter.
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    Good gesture by the club but not an offer I'll be taking up. I bought a season ticket for two reasons. I could afford to and I wanted to try and help make sure that there is a club to go back to when we are allowed back to watch football...
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    Well done to the players and management team. 3rd place on our budget and based on pre season predictions is an excellent effort. Shame we never got to celebrate at Fir Park. Who knows if there will be Europa games to go too - but a few months to pass potentially so fingers crossed. Absolutely and fully MERITED.
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    Giving it to the team with the 3rd best ratio of points per game probably a good idea then.
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    As previously stated, I've bought mine and the kids, I don't pay into Well society so this is my way to support my club. Personal choice, so if you want to do, if not don't, simples.
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    A classic shirt mash up between the popular bold claret hooped sleeve designs of the 20s/30s/40s/50s, and our 1960s signature crew neck shirt. I’m a sucker for the classic Motherwell claret hooped shirt design as it’s instantly recognisable the world over as ‘our shirt’.
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    Yeah, I did see the Whatsapp stuff at the time. There's a further message which isn't as widely circulated where it's clarified that McArthur 'threat' was telling them that at least 5 Championship clubs wanted to evenly split the prize pot if the resolution failed. As I said in my earlier post, one mans threat is another mans persuasion or sharing of information. As for Tom English's stuff - I used to like listening to him he's been losing credibility over the 12 months for me. Always seems to get the wrong end of the stick now and looks for the sensational. Some clubs might told him they felt pressure and he's ran with that. With 3 of the biggest clubs in Scotland leading the 'fight' against the SPFL I'm not sure why some of the smaller clubs would feel fearful about raising their heads. Clubs through all the leagues criticise the SPFL and the SFA all the time - so why the fear now? It all feels like sour grapes and sensationalism. I imagine that behind the scenes the board have discussed the individual accusations of bullying, explored what discussions took place with club X and concluded they've got absolutely nothing to answer to. In a large organisation, there are always going to be grumblers and awkward characters and you don't launch investigations just because they cry foul then don't want to bring evidence to the table. As for the investigation - To satisfy everyone, an independent inquiry would involve interviews with multiple staff at all 42 members clubs including audits of every form of written communication, phone records etc. Each club would be taking their own legal advice and to identify the parameters of the investigation which satisfies everyone would need it's own working group before the thing even starts. It would be a mammoth task which divert time and money away from the game and I think would be completely disproportionate based on what evidence is available just now. I think my over-arching thought on all of this is that it's being driven by one of the least professional and shambolic outfits in the recent history of Scottish Football. I've got absolutely no faith in Rangers to produce a coherent and balanced dossier of evidence. I've been critical of the SPFL's handling of this all along and agree with much of your criticism, however they're currently in a PR battle with clubs with some very loud voices so I think they're well within their right to try and influence public and member opinions before the EGM.
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    I think all his points are fair despite him being a Jambo. The SPFL letter and Q&A are both ridiculous and make the SPFL look even worse. Burrows' name is on the letter but there is no way he was involved in drafting it as MFC communication is 100 times better than that. Bleating about money when they have chosen to persue a course which was guaranteed to create conflict, acted completely unprofessionally in their conduct during the vote and have a £400,000 a year Chief Exec who is MIA does not sit well.
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    He likes their orangeness Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Play the boys, if we end up bottom, get a group together and reconstruct
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    The "everyone could see Hastie was due an extension" chat grinds my gears. He had done fuck all on loan and people only say the above because he turned us down when we offered him a deal at the right time. We managed to keep Scott, Turnbull, Semple, Maguire etc coz they all accepted deals. Hastie didn't, and it's madness to say we should've offered him an extension when he had 1 goal in 20 in League One.
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    Lets throw the two teams out of the league, and they can play each other every week. Do that and we would then have a league where any one of eight teams would have a realistic chance of winning the league, which would make it far more exciting. Then if the two ugly sisters want back in, they come back in on our terms, not theirs. Instead of the way it is just now. That would be the reorganisation I would like to see. They wield far too much power over everything.
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    Why was it unfair, whatever way you look at it due to the pandemic this season was never going to be completed, the SPFL had no desire for it, neither did most of the clubs. So there has to be unprecedented desicions taken to resolve it, as in all such cases there are winners and losers. Hearts were bottom due to the fact they have been utter pish for over a year now, the club is a basket case, millions wasted on shite managers and players. Would we be having all this angst over reconstruction if Hamilton or St Mirren had finished bottom, I think not. All the current pish is a desperate attempt by Anne Budge to save Hearts and not throw anymore of her cash down the stank. Putting her in charge of the reconstruction forum with all her self interest was an unbelievable decision, but given the governance Scottish football has at the moment, its no shock to anyone. The teams agreed to call the season so they should accept the final placings and the rewards or penalties those placings bring. Scottish football is already a laughing stock without this current pish going , time to tell Hearts and Budge to deal with it and jog on.
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    It's when I read opinions like this that makes me appreciate that we've got a sensible and even-headed board. Sticking with a manager when things aren't going well is a very brave thing to do, particularly when the fans are starting to turn. Personally - I don't think there have ever been grounds for considering a sacking. It's a nonsense suggestion to me, however I suppose it depends on what you think is considered an achievement at our club. The signings are hit and miss by even our most successful managers -Robinson is no different there, yet he's working on a fraction of a budget to his predecessors. With that in mind, we'll always hit bad runs - I recalled picking up 1 point out of 21 after the league cup final and we all had the fear in the first half of last season. I actually agree with a lot of what you're saying (just 3 months ago we had Bevis up-front at Almondvale - baffling) but we'll always hit these patches - there is a skill in turning these things around and thankfully we've had the right man in charge to do so. The bigger picture is that he consistently hits and exceeds targets set by the board. Our financial security has come in large part due to Robinsons skills as a manager - from keeping us in the league, making cup finals, selling players on and now finishing 3rd. Aside from tactical decisions, a manager sets the tone, he builds players, he generates team character, he cuts people loose when they don't fit in, he decides on what type of person he wants in the dressing room. We've also played some enjoyable football in this time. There's a skill in all of that and his achievements far outweigh any flaws.
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    Thats the crux of it for me. This isnt done to "fool" Clubs or Agents so what does it actually achieve? Ive been a Well supporter all my life, I was at Hampden as a 10 year old Kid in 1991, at every cup final, had season tickets and even followed the team away in Europe and Im getting scunnered with the continual pleads of poverty. If Im feeling like that I can only imagine how that can/will affect more casual fans. What incentive is there for a Casual fan or a novice looking for a Club to support tocome see us? Instead of thinking "hey thats a great achievement from the Well, I think Il pop down to Fir Park next season and give them some support" its now more like " thats some achievement from the Well, pity they are skint and will lose their best players next year, oh well" Sometimes its like the guys in charge actively look to make our club look miserable as fuck. This season (clearing our Debt, Finishing 3rd in the League, Developing & selling another 2 Highly Rated kids Down South) is something the Club, and town should be proud of, especially at these times! Why do we immediately need to bring money into it and drag it down?
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    Lowering supporter expectations while reminding other clubs we can’t afford to pay transfer fees.
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    An easy 8/10 for me. We are likely to lose him to a bigger club at some stage in my view.
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    What was dodgy about calling the league, using the average points per game, a formula nobody has any issue with. We were 3rd on merit when games stopped so whats the problem
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    Morals have fuck all to do with this,its a fucking business,if we dont bring in money we go tits up if u cant afford it dont buy it,if u can and want to,buy it,if u think its wrong dont buy it.it all depends on your circumstances,your emotional attachment to the club.only the village idiot would fail to understand the ifs,buts and maybes of next season.
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    At the end of the day it’s a matter of choice with the information in front of you Nobody is twisting anybody’s arm up their back I’d rather buy a season ticket now in the knowledge I might never see a game than have to make the same donation to another “Well worth saving “ campaign in 6 months.
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    I think as Dave (kmcalpin) has already alluded to I think people are well aware of the situation we find ourselves in and I would be surprised if many, indeed any, have renewed oblivious to what might transpire over the coming months; or feeling they have been in any way deceived. Motherwell providing the option to supporter to buy season tickets, having gone to the trouble of explicitly stating that people should buy if they can afford it, is no more dishonest than a holiday company continuing to offer holidays for autumn/winter knowing they might pushed back. Or a clothing retailer sending you emails punting their summer holiday range. The option is there and it is up the individual to decide what they want to do with those options. And whilst I accept it isn't an apples to apples comparison let's not forget that many people buy every year without knowing what our fixtures are going to be (as they generally out later in June), when the games will be played, what games will then be subject to movement again for television. In 2015 we actually put our season tickets on sale before we even knew what division we would be playing in the following season! Some will buy knowing they won't make all the fixtures but want to ensure they've a seat next to family and friends when they do go. I know of one or two who will barely attend any games but still want to make a contribution to their club. In short, there are all sorts of variables that come in to play every year when people buy tickets and people have different reasons for doing so. As it happens I haven't actually renewed myself as yet as there's a little bit of uncertainty over the good lady's working pattern so I'm also seeing how things stand. All being I'll get it sorted before the Early Bird expires. I think it is absolutely right that someone only renews if the circumstances are right for them but calling it dishonest and morally wrong for giving people the option? Nah, not for me.
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    You certainly don't sign a new contract twice if you're pineing for a move away.
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    I've said it before no one should be selling season tickets when it's not even clear if fans can attend games or even when the season will kick off or what the competition format will be.
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    Found the Celtic transfer chat a bit hard to listen to tbh.
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    Motherwell getting money early was dependent on Celtic delaying money that was due to them. Who was going to give up their dues this time round?
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    In all my time of going to Fir Park I consider the team of the mid seventies to be the best that I've seen and that includes the cup winning team of 91. Sadly they never won silverware. It had everything - skill, physicality, mental attitude, and pace and finishing ability. A joy to watch.
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    He’s putting in some ripped out seats in the away end in their honour.
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    I think you've misunderstood that. Prize money is paid out in instalments throughout the season. An additional advanced payment of £150'000 prize money each was made by the SPFL to us and Partick. To balance the SPFL books at the point, Celtic agreed to forego an instalment that they were due. At the end of the season, us and Partick would have got £150'000 less in the final payment and Celtic would have got £300'000 more. I thought Neil Doncaster came across pretty well and cleared up the question that many have been asking for a long time - why was it the only option? Loans aren't an option because of the current credit risk. As far as advanced payments go - If my understanding is correct, the prize money is paid in instalments through the season (never exceeding the total they can receive based at the end of the season) which means that the majority of clubs already had the bulk of their prize money. What was left to be paid was an amount so little that some clubs could end up receiving more than they are due should the season reconvene - that would mean clubs receiving excess payments were in debt to the SPFL therefore that excess would be paid as a loan - which we know can't be done. Makes sense. Gordon Duncan (who I normally don't mind) and Tom English absolutely embarrassed themselves. Especially Tom English who came across as a paranoid nutter who had no intention of trying to understand the situation.
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    Absolutely - this Dossier is going to be interesting regardless. I did see The Rangers Twitter and Message boards absolutely outraged last few days about leaked Dundee FC invoices and accounts showing over £50k in payments, the day before they changed their vote, from a company called Scotflow.... who just happen to be owned by ex-celtic Board Member Dominic Keane. Turns out it was quite a well put together hoax. Interestingly, the guy made the documents two days before Rangers announced they have a dossier of evidence. If Hamilton get can scammed out a million quid, is it possible Rangers have been taken in hook, line and sinker by a hoax? Fucking hell, I hope so.
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    I think this is spot on. Set aside club loyalty (and distaste of other Clubs) to bring about the openness and accountability many feel are urgently required. Any Board should be open to scrutiny , which sadly appears not be the case as far as the SPFL is concerned. I fear there will be no Independent Enquiry as every attempt is being made to avoid one. The Deloitte Report did not address any issue other than the timeline of the missing Dundee vote. Numerous recent statements from the Board ignored most of the questions still outstanding as did Neil Doncaster's appearance today. texanwellfan, Tom English's latest piece on the BBC Scotland web page is worth a read. Bottom line, there are currently enough unanswered questions to merit an enquiry. If the Board has nothing to worry about then why work so hard to block such an enquiry? Talks of costs and motives are deflection tactics. If the evidence (when produced) adds to those questions, then every Club has a responsibility to support an investigation, setting aside loyalty to any particular Board member. Not all Board members, if any, may be culpable but how can we ever be sure if the blocking tactics succeed.
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    Yeah, the cooper roof nearly ended me last night. 2 hours trying to get it right and scrapped the lot. Think I've got it right now though. Looking forward to getting all details of the shop, doors and all that to bring it to life.
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    Todays shirt concept has its design roots in the iconic Peru ‘extra wide’ sash shirt. We also had a split claret and amber sash white away in the 70s with a similar collar. A black sash shirt will also evoke memories of ‘Skippy Sunday’ and the day the helicopter turned.
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    A shirt concept that has roots in the early 2000s when we wore an all claret away shirt with some amber piping. The two bold amber stripes echo the traditional chest hoop/band. I’ve selected Admiral to manufacture this one.
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    Definitely not before any reconstruction plans are accepted or rejected. And if they are rejected, probably not until after the inevitable court cases are resolved.
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    The club is not being dishonest at all. It has clearly stated that there is uncertainty. Apart from that virtually everyone connected with football is well aware of the situation. As long as the uncertainty is made clear then it’s entirely up to fans whether they want to buy a season ticket or not. Does anyone on this forum think they have been deceived by MFC?
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    In that case, the inquiry would not be independent. He who pays the piper calls the tune.
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    Feeble excuses for the rubbishing of a unique jesrsey. Still living with the conequences.
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    You doing the names on the bricks on the Cooper outside wall ????
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    Good to see the Canterbury hoop kit !!!!
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    He would be a decent appointment for most Scottish clubs
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    I think the whole debate has moved on. It's no longer about the manner in which the vote was managed and it is no longer about Rangers , Hearts or any other team. It's no longer about Rangers trying to stop Celtic being awarded the Title and it's no longer about Brechin City receiving special treatment whilst others suffer. The issue is about the Governance of Scottish football and whether Officials in charge acted out with their remit or even unlawfully. And that is something we should all want clarified one way or another. St Mirren released a statement yesterday saying the vote should not be overturned. Where in the request for an Enquiry was that even suggested? The SPFL issued a statement questioning the financial cost of setting up an Enquiry, yet had earlier commissioned one of their own (unknown to some Board Members). Can we take it Deloitte acted for free? Today we are presented with an SPFL statement questioning Ranger's motives in calling for an Enquiry. No doubt true to a large extent. But no mention of the other teams supporting the demand. What about their motives? And bear in mind one of those supportive teams stands to benefit from the whole affair once reconstruction is agreed. And no mention of those other Clubs who say they are willing to give evidence before an Independent Enquiry regarding bullying and coercion. Journalists, love them or hate them, have more access to information than Joe Public and almost without exception all think an Enquiry is much needed. They must have good reason to believe that. Let Rangers release their evidence. It will either stand up or it won't. If there is something to it, then an Independent Enquiry is in everybody's interest. If the evidence does not stack up, then Rangers will fall flat on their face. Lots of deflections out there but this is about Governance above all else.
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    I'm just going to sit here sipping my bleach until the panic is over.
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