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    Would be good to see how he'd fare against Championship opposition.....
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    David doesn't say the word Celtic once in that interview yet they still find a way to portray it as a heartbreaking piece about his disappointment at not getting to move to Celtic. I fuckin hate Scottish football journalists.
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    I don’t think enough has been said about how good Polworths pass to Long was for the second goal. First time, perfect weight.... outstanding.
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    Thought we looked better when Donnelly came on, but don’t get all the criticism directed at O’Hara. In the beginning of the second half when we couldn’t hold the ball for ten seconds he was the one putting his foot on the ball. It maybe looked different on the tv, or if you’ve got a predisposition to criticise him, but by no means think he’s the worst player in the team.
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    Today - 0 seconds. Pulled off the individual season spreadsheets that I've been keeping for 15 years.
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    Elliot Frear in a nightmare 11 is an absolutely wild shout, he wasn't a world beater by any stretch of the imagination but to have him in a nightmare 11 is way off the mark.
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    Like Robinson said in his podcast, the first thing he looks for in a new signing is pace - because you can coach the other parts of the game, but you can't coach speed. He might not improve, but he was certainly worth the punt we took. If nothing else, his pace gives the opposition something to think about even when he's not doing anything. He certainly hasn't improved the way Hylton has, but Hylton had 150+ first team games under his belt before he joined so was less of a gamble.
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    Seedorf is brutal, no positional sense, never tracks back, final ball non existent, runs about like a headless chicken contributing feck all to the game etc etc. He should be nowhere near the 1st team. Sometimes a punt on a player pays off, this one has failed, hopefully Ndjoli will offer a lot more.
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    On paper it was a difficult tie. Away to one of the better Championship teams always provides Cup shocks. A home defeat to Ross County last season should have been enough to make us very wary. I was really surprised by how poor Dundee were. They will do well to hold on to a play off place based on last nights performance. As for us. I should be buzzing after a 3-0 Cup away win but I found last nights game a real Jeckyl and Hyde performance. First the good: the second goal was a thing of beauty and the performances by Gallagher, Long and (IMO) man of the match Campbell were excellent. The problem was that the good was punctuated by some poor performances and at times very disjointed play. Hartley, Seedorf and Tait particularly looked very rusty and against better opposition, I don't think we would have got away with being three players down. Defensively we were all over the place at times and Gallagher's good performance papered over a few cracks. Our shape looked all wrong at the start of the second half, with big spaces opening up for Dundee to exploit. Danny Johnston's run when he came on highlighted this perfectly. Donnelly coming on seemed to resolve this. That is not a criticism of O'Hara because I thought he played well but the balance of the side looked better when Donnelly came on. Let's hope it was rustiness after the winter break as better teams will exploit those weaknesses. I would hope for a kind draw in the next round. We have not had the luck of the draw in recent years in either cup competition. When did we last draw anyone less than Premiership side or top half Championship side in the knock out stages?
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    Hope Robinson lets Seedorf sit out for a lengthy period (around 1st July will do). He has contributed sweet FA in the last few months. His first touch when he came on last night summed it all up, took a square pass and his touch almost put the ball out for a throw about 10 yards from the byeline. An easy trap but he somehow managed to kick it about 5 yards to his left. He then disappeared for most of the game. Almost every single time he got tackled he flopped to the ground and inevitably gave possession away, cringeworthy attempt at getting freeckicks and IMHO completely useless when he comes on. It was interesting when it was announced that he had replaced Hylton the amount of groans from fans around me. I think the fans would have welcomed Carson outfield than Seedorf.
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    Martin 'The Greek' Grehan a scorer for BSC Glasgow today , winning the tie 0-3 against Jim 'Stepover' Patersons East Kilbride side which included Craig Reid
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    Just seen Ryan Stevenston getting interviewed on the news. Being in Valencia for the Levante game and NOT signing him in 2012 is an all time transfer window highlight.
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    After googling to see whether or not he is, it turns out Steven Mcgarry is actually one of four players as voted by fans to have one of the streets around the old love street named after him, Mcgarry terrace.
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    Robinson has strongly denied the accusations, which makes me assume there can’t be CCTV footage showing him doing it, otherwise he’s been very naive. I suspect there’s not much in this story, but if he is found guilty I would have to agree with those saying he would have to go. And I’d like to think we’d be tearing up his contract rather than let him resign. However, based on the very limited information available, I believe he is innocent until proven guilty and it would be disrespectful to speculate otherwise.
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    Turnbull will make 40 appearances when he picks up the Scottish Cup in his last game for us.
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    Not particularly but he had a physicality our forwards don't have. None of our forwards seem to like playing with their back to goal.
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    I saw Jamie Reid of Torquay score his 17th league goal of the season on Saturday. Strong physical forward and excellent at holding up the ball and bringing players into the game. 25 years old and capped by Northern Ireland at Under 21 level. His recent goal record has probably put him on loads of teams radars.
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    I can almost guarantee he will walk away being found not guilty,the polis have been on a mad purge for years to show a stance with things on domestic violence,his lawyers will run rings round the fiscal.
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    Omar Daley or Dom Thomas to name two off the top of my head having thought about it for 8 seconds. Frear in nightmare XI is a horrific shout!
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    Because there's no fun in that, is there?
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    If a Championship club were willing to pick up his wages then I'd be all over that idea. He's contracted to us until May next year, so even if he did okay-ish in the Championship between now and January I'd be happy enough to let him go there permanently in the summer for next to nothing just to get him off our wage bill.
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    Some decent discussion on P & B just now about our striking options or rather lack of them. I could not put it better than "Casagolda" has done and have copied his post over; hopefully he/she won't object. "Massive fan of Long but his game is about pace and movement- see the 2nd goal on Saturday. When we’re on the back foot, he has a tendency to almost switch off and drift out the game. We could do with a forward who has a bit more experience and a bit of a physical presence. Cole was probably the pick of the bunch and we’ve replaced him with yet another inexperienced winger. It’s a huge ask to go through the rest of the season with Long as our only senior striker. He’s scored 5 of our last 8 goals and if anything happens to him, we’re humped." This weakness was very evident in the Accies game and also for a 20 minute spell on Saturday. We need someone, and reasoanbly quickly, with the physicality and experience to hold the ball up and take some pressure off the struggling midfield and defence.
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    !991 Cup Final. I’m sure it was up for auction, although I’m not sure how much it made.
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    UBH for official club kit designer. Not seen a bad one yet!
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    The done thing is to give it to Long for scoring a hat trick but Campbell was the best player on the park by some distance.
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    Surely that depends on what the CCTV actually shows and the arguments made in court. Why dont we all just wait and see what happens.
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    1350 from a crowd of just over 2400....
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    It was a good efficient team performance last night, but have to agree, Seedorf is like playing with a man down. Manzinga should definitely be ahead of him in the pecking order.
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    I thought we looked more solid and confident when Donnelly came on, possibly a more influential player than I thought.
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    I think Turnbull would link up well with Long. Apart from Polworth, there aren't many players in our team good at anticipating his runs. Faddy was spot on that many pundits focus on Campbell's obvious tenacity and tend to overlook what a good footballer he is.
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    Routine Victory Ayr away please
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    The new perfect hat trick - 1 massive deflection, 1 massively good finish, 1 massive goalkeeping error. Dundee are playing the same way this half as the season they were relegated. Some decent half chances without looking like scoring.
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    Seedorf really isn't great at all
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    The easiest place to get a pint is Whites at the top of the hill next to the ground. Parking is usually ok on Dens road just below the stadium.
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    Where’s the best place to park in and around Dens, and where’s the best place to get a pint close to the stadium? Don’t worry, asking for two different people
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    I think that is a generous interpretation. The Record has inserted Rangers and Celtic in all its football articles as often as it can for as long as I can remember - and I remember reading it in the 70s. The OF has always been their target audience.
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    I was hoping we would have a striker in for today. We got caught out in the cup last season by not taking the game seriously enough so hopefully that doesn't happen again. Campbell, Scott and a few others will hopefully be refreshed by the break. I've seen a bit of Dundee on the BBC Friday night games and I think there is a good chance either Gallagher or Hartley score from a set piece as their defence is minging. Also this must be the first time two managers have met in the Scottish Cup who are both undergoing criminal prosecution. A historic tie!
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    Official Twitter saying the game will be on MFC TV.
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    Different goalie maybe??
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    We are well known for big away supports in the Scottish Cup. With it being a saturday night too? Wouldnt be surprised with 1500+. Sure I read last week we had sold 800 tickets already
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    He didn’t play much, but I remember him falling flat on his face under no pressure at all while in possession of the ball right in front of the East Stand. Rightly or wrongly, that was enough to convince me he was pish.
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    None of us were on the bridge and have seen the CCTV so let's all wait till end of course case before making any judgements. If he is found guilty then yes big decisions have to be made but let's all just focus on the games....COYW
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    Looking forward to this one, it has the makings of a good, hard fought Scottish Cup tie. I think we’ll sneak it 1-0.
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    Its a reported fact , you 've clearly not seen many/any of the reports , and its probably best to stop assuming and adding detail like implying it was his wife, when its clearly been reported (in statements of fact) it was his partner even naming her
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    I posted a very similar mock up long before the shirt was released on here and Twitter. Who knows, maybe they were influenced by it and didn’t bother to check the original 60s top? My mocked up design was basically a old Macron Club Brugge shirt that I quickly converted to C&A. This was the mock up...
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    Robinson said that Hylton had been feeling unwell so I think it’s more a virus. I’m always keen that we give young players the time to develop but I just don’t see it with Seedorf, it really was like playing with 10 men when he came on and other than pace ( which I know can be huge) he’s miles behind the level needed for a Premiership player. Someone that would do well and probably have supporters drooling at Championship level where he could beat a man which would see his confidence grow.
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    Tell yer frens tae dae this tae Dens.
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    I don't think I said he was useless. Definitely too fat and that's why he was out the game at 32. Sutton would have scored as many over the two seasons. His goal totals in 10/11 and especially 13/14 in worse teams are more impressive imo.

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