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    I still think we have a decent manager. Yes he has made mistakes. But he is working with very limited resources trying to unearth diamonds in the mud. There is inherent risk in that endeavour. He also had the courage to change our whole style of play midseason making us a whole lot easier to watch. You also cant ignore the progression of young players into the first team under his guidance. Can do better. Undoubtedly. Trust him to get better. For sure.
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    We broadcast it, because it helps us attract players to the club that may, otherwise, not be interested in coming to Scotland. If you listen to guys like Aldred and Moult speaking, they had no idea what SPFL football was all about.
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    Must have just been me but I thought Donnelly had a really good game before getting shifted to left back. A couple of stray passes but apart from those he shielded the defence really well and moved the ball well. If you expected Gorrin like play then that was just daft. But I thought he did the job well. One of his diagonals in the first half was an absolute beauty. I say all of that as a paid up member of the 'he is nowhere near good enough' club too. He could offer something as cover at defensive mid I think. But not a good enough left back or centre back at this level. As for the rebuild....looking forward to it!
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    So, the only game he has played that position you think he was ok but you think he is not SPL standard?
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    Quite a strange game on reflection but plenty to take from it in the end. I also felt our lead came a touch against the run of play, in terms of the chances created and corners forced by Livi at that point, but we continue to benefit enormously through the presence of David Turnbull. From goals to assists he just brings us so much. The routine from the corner was brilliant too. It was a mad sixty seconds with both sides having penalties saved. Gillespie, as well as being a really decent keeper overall, has proved himself to be really good at saving penalties. Must be about four or five over the season now. I wonder what the scoreline might have ended had Turnbull put his penalty away. A real shame he didn't get the hat-trick but perhaps the experience of being in that situation again of handling two penalties in the one game might stand him in good stead in the future. The substitutions seemed sensible in the context of where the game was at that stage and whilst more by accident than design I think the two debutants will have gained something from that last quarter or an hour or so. Certainly more from having to handle the situation of a game potentially slipping away than playing things out at 3-0 so again in the longer term, it's perhaps not the worst thing for them to have experienced. I hope that we might pick up one or two fans from the youngsters in the South Stand. From being in the proximity of the noise and colour of the Bois and seeing all five goals at "their" end as a showcase for the club it wasn't at all bad. It was interesting to see the names of schools and groups on the scoreboard at half-time and seeing a Boys' Brigade group from Dunblane illustrates the potential reach of these days. That we now have contacts for however many groups or individuals (GDPR legislation and all that malarky taken into account) the clever thing will be to follow up on their interest, get feedback on their day, thank them for their support and ensure we retain contact to help build relationships that may encourage them to return again. The "lap of honour" is something that I enjoy - the opportunity to thank the team and management en masse for their efforts over the season but as ever it is always tinged with sadness at those who have played their last in claret and amber (well, given our penchant for re-signing old favourites, for this spell at least). Whilst the standard of his performances and his ability to play at the pace required was often up for debate I'll miss the determination shown by McHugh. He put his head in where it hurts for the cause more than was perhaps sensible given his head injury so early in his 'Well career. Aldred likewise. He never ever felt like a loan player and the player we saw for the last two years is indistimguishable from the player Bury fans describe. Hastie, I just haven't seen enough to say whether he has won a life changing move on the back of a Ross Forbes style three month purple patch or whether he is indeed the real deal. Rodriguez -Gorrin moving on is a frustration. Just when he got up to speed, was given a chance and proved a perfect foil for Campbell and Turnbull in the midfield, he's gone. And Main. He never recaptured the goalscoring form of his opening three months but played his part in transforming the season, as well as the style of play, in the latter part of the campaign. Let's see what next season holds.
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    We signed Bob Malcolm years ago.
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    £3m plus 20% sell on, which will return a further £1m+. That should be a conservative target.
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    A couple of things worth remembering. Turnbull is still very young and inexperienced. A further season with us should allow him to develop and improve both technically and physically in an environment that we know he currently thrives in. If he continues to improve at the current rate, not an unreasonable assumption, he will quickly become known to the real big players. These are the clubs that have the cash not to worry about waiting a season to pick up players for a free or development fee. We could easily double our money and get another year out of the most talented youngster to come through in ages. Yes, there are risks involved, but do we really want to cash in now for a couple of mill and then have the club pleading poverty again at the end of next season? If we sell our prime assets for a relative pittance, then, it irks me to say it, we get what we deserve.
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    Gotta say calling out a guy who lives in USA for being an armchair fan is absolutely pish crack, even for you.
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    Just seen news of a defender going from Bristol City to Bournemouth for £13 fkin million. I am sure he is a good player as an under 21 England international. But I mean is he as good as Turnbull May turn out to be. 15 goals from midfield as a 19 yr old having not played all season is outrageous. Same goals as a striker for Celtic in Edouard who reputedly cost £8m or thereabouts. Time we stood up and said feck off to low ball numbers. We have the best young player in Scotland. Possibly beyond that. Lets play hardball and blow our transfer record out the water.
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    Time to sub Turnbull, break the news in the post match presser about his questionable attitude and serious injury he picked up today, then lock him up in an office in the main stand until Sept 1st
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    That would be me. Don’t know anything more than what you’ve already said tbh but seen him as someone who played a similar position to Turnbull and Semple, so would rather Semple got a chance first. Crossan can play any of the front 4 positions I think which I pretty useful and I assume we’ll bring in a striker and a winger or 2 so seems a good prospect to sign and push for first team football.
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    I thought we had snatched this guy early, and if he is training already then he really is an eager beaver to prove he can slot into the hole in our midfield
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    £4 million with sell on clause of 20% and get him back on loan next season. Would be ideal scenario
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    Fair enough, I thought he generally played at centre half or left back. Think I read somewhere he has the best heading stats in the division.
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    I genuinely can’t see cadden staying since his injury he’s been hot and cold, I don’t know what it is but I used to love him but now I just don’t see the deal with him, especially with no end product. Definitely better and more out there better for us on the pitch and money wise.
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    I get the impression Cadden has been holding out for better offers but that can't continue indefinitely. Your squad list is comprehensive but I'm not sure what contribution young lads like Devine and Cornelius can be expected to make just yet. Hopefully they'll be brought on gradually as they mature. I'm not convinced yet about our defence but things will become clearer. Dunne has been error prone but his physicality and pace has kept his head above water. Am I right in thinking that Dunne and Gallagher are both left sided central defenders? We badly require an all round midfielder to replace Gorrin. Someone who can compete physically, can defend but who is also comfortable on the ball. There's a shortage of bodies to populate the wings and striking roles. Question marks over Peter Hartley and retaining 2 first choice goalkeepers. Overall with the amount of established players leaving I'd hope we can invest in a little bit of quality, with youngsters taking up squad coverage roles. Its going to be an interesting summer, beginning with next week.
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    Not bad entertainment for an end of season finale. Some random thoughts. * Possibly Chris Cadden's best game for a while, maybe he's getting back to full fitness. * James Scott's best performance for us yet? Thought he was impressive but shaded a bit in the second half. * Liam Donnelly had a reasonable game but he's no replacement for Gorrin. * Great to see Dean Cornelius and David Devine make their debuts. The conveyor belt just keeps on running. * Thoughts on Declan Gallagher? Impressed with his attitude and he was unbeatable in the air. Otherwise quietish game. * Great substitution by the boss, bringing on Carl McHugh to steady the ship near the end.
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    I like to give everyone a chance if possible. But yes our highest points total in the last five years, lots of young players blooded into the first team squad, the debt still dropping, season tickets sales at an all time high, a great team of people at all levels of the club, the Well Society going from strength to strength, and a great set of supporters who love the club.
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    Why bother Yorkyred. I mean seriously why bother responding.... Only encourages him or her who rarely has a positive thing to say about our great club. A season with 50+ points is a decent return based on our budget. Will miss quite a few of the players leaving, but always like freshness new players bring. I thought Donnelly started OK. Not half as bad as I was expecting. Hope we have Turnbull at least until Xmas, but that depends on what if any offers come in. Anything less than £2.5m + healthy sell on fee can get tae f*ck. It is genuinely a joy watching him. Last time I felt this way about a Motherwell player was Faddy.
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    I think the right decision for both players and the club.
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    Discounting the dismal Scottish Cup exit, by the close of the season Robinson will have delivered pretty much everything that would have been asked of him by the board before the season began. We finished comfortably clear of the relegation battle, a number of young players were introduced and there was a notable player sale through Kipre. That this has been done so whilst debts to former owners will have been further reduced and edging closer towards the break even point the board seek and I'd wager they won't consider this season a failure.
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    How are we still doing this
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    Just renewed my season ticket after about 10 years. Couldn't go due to work however, fuck it. I love my club.
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