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    Teniously linked to the topic, but I took a wee drive earlier, popped in and parked up outside Fir Park and looking into the South Stand for a wee while earlier today when I was out with my wee boy. He's nearly 4 and just about showing an interest in football, so naturally, being a basic dad duty , I'm developing that as carefully and thoroughly as one can. I had him in the car shouting "Mon' The 'Well" full voice heading down to Asda, so much that on the return journey, passing by FP, he automatically bellowed it out with zero encouragement from me. It was a proud moment, have to say...!
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    We can't finish worse than eighth now, not bad for the worst team in the history of football.
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    What a cracking player he's been for us over the last 5 years or so. He's conducted himself brilliantly. Although clear that he was leaving there's been no public outreach of "come and get me". It's all be very professional. Wish him the best of success.
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    Is that what is known as the Big Dec clause?
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    As has been said before, you don't need to see shite to know its there, Gallagher and / or his agent spenr the January transfer window whoring his services to Celtic trying to cash in on his international appearances, then we had the alleged injury, and total radio silence from the club. As for the facts they may be thin on the ground but he was at it big time to try to either get a move or renegotiate his contract. I have no issues re a player trying to get a move to another club, for whatever reason, but there is a correct and decent way to handle yourself, he should have followed Campbells example. So for me Gallagher was at it big time, his performance dropped this season, so the sooner he is off the better, I would have dropped him 3 or 4 games ago.
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    The guy he made the comment about isn't from Africa - he's Dutch. Intentional or not, it's reflects that "you're from Scotland, but where are you really from" attitude which is more than a hint of "you're not really Scottish in the way I am". It alienates people who have grown up in a country they consider home and that's why it's just a shite thing to say. If you're going to make a comment / joke that can only apply to someone based on the colour of their skin, you've got to be sensitive to how it might be taken - especially if you are in a position of authority like he was. As Maurice Ross loves to do, sounds like he's opened his mouth without thinking.
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    Right! We should get Jennings fixed up. Hmmmmm maybe “fixed” is not the best choice of words in this case.
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    Not for me, plastic pitches are for Championship teams and Killie need to go down.
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    I am going to give it to Long but I am not happy about it
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    The "racist bit" is used at every opportunity because lots of people are still saying racist things - sometimes, without realising it. The same way that lots of people are still saying sectarian things.
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    That's a bit revisionist for a guy that took us the the Scottish Cup final in his first season and led us to 6th, 3rd, 2nd and 3rd league spots. (And he's hardly unique in having a poor record with us in Cup competitions, or bottling games at Ibrox. We haven't exactly set Govan on fire with our performances there before he arrived or since he left).
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    The first leg at Ibrox
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    Did you just compare someone with 20 international goals to Ryan Bowman?
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    Well no one is forcing you to read it if it bothers/bores you that much. Regardless of how tonight ended up, concerns about the quality of players in the team and what next season holds are entirely valid. That’s fairly normal for football fans of any club to be concerned about and want to discuss. Though I don’t think anyone actually said that “relegation is a certainty next season”.
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    Feel sorry for Smiddy just burnt a hole in his shirt
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    Jesus Christ. Jock Brown exploding out of nowhere.
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    Very true, but not all of them combined being crap and actively trying to get an exit from their contract and the club, Gallacher did.
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    Well done to our Oscar winning media team for putting together the video.
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    That’s quite simply sensational from the club. I’ve not bought one in recent seasons but I’ll certainly do so now. Credit to everyone that has made this possible. On the back of the proposed super league and unrest down south, I hope this pledge gets the spotlight it merits.
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    I don’t understand why people aren’t keen for Lamie to be a starter next season. He was a bombscare at the start but he’s played 9 or 10 games now and comfortably been one of our best defenders.
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    Just received a notification that my account was hacked by a Mrs Polworth.
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    POTY Time, you say? (One for the kids, there.)
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    Absolutely. But that's not where he's at just now. As things stand he's within everyone's price range because he's a free agent, which means he's earning nothing. His circumstances today aren't comparable to where he was a few years back. What he earned at Preston doesn't come into the equation, because that's a contract he signed coming off some great performances with us. He may very well find that there's no clubs of substance down south willing to take a punt on him, and at that point, regardless of where he wants to live, Motherwell could be an attractive proposition. I'd be disappointed if we don't at least sound him out.
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    The South Stand has served it's purpose well since it was built. It enabled us to mitigate the drop in capacity from not far off 20,000 pre-Taylor Report days to what would have been closer to 10,000 had they gone with a Cooper sized stand. I don't know how many hundreds of thousands of pounds extra they will have taken it as a result of making full use of the "estate". I don't think it would have made much odds in terms of the boxes but the additional space has provided them with gym space and (albeit the most basic) a limited training space when weather conditions made training outside difficult in addition to extra 2000 odd seats. If that's meant we've ended up with four different sized stands then so be it. I'll take that little bit of character and individuality that Fir Park offers before the time comes when we're sitting in a 2030 or 2040's souped up McDiarmid Park or Almondvale. And to be fair they went some way to achieve a degree of uniformity with the cladding on each of the stands, although admittedly they've let that slide since with sponsorships As an aside the original intention was actually to have a scaled down version of the South Stand when the North Stand was originally conceived with two tiers the original plan. It was only when they did the plans and worked out how high a structure they could get away with and discovered that would only to equate to something like four or five rows that the North Stand, or Cooper Stand as it became, was designed in it's current form.
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    Without the top deck where would the other 2000 seats be accommodated, back to the nonsense we had giving the Cooper and the sides of the main stand to the ugly sisters? The South stand was built solely to accommodate away fans , that was its purpose, these days it may only be full a few times a season but it means the Motherwell fans get the majority of the ground as it should be.
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    A lucrative monstrosity though. Those 2000 seats have put a lot of money in the bank over 25 years.
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    At the end of the day if the player in question felt it was racist we need to accept it was, even Ross has done that
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    It’s racist because he’s never saying it if he’s a white guy. He’s perpetrating a racial stereotype that black players doctor documents to make them younger.
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    One of the best things about that night was travelling into Glasgow and feeling real tension without all the day tripper pish that comes with cup finals. If Rangers weren't idiots we should really have had a couple of thousand there but 900 intense Motherwell fans in the corner going crazy was a great experience.
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    I loved that playoff game for a few reasons. 1. The absolute demolition of that lot, 2. It put to bed some theory among parts that we are like Killie and somehow h**s without the bus fare and 3. Fir Park was rocking in a way I haven't seen since.
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    If only you had been the first to point that out . Maybe you've got similar old age issues
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    Murray in classic strip
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    The last (only?) decent player that left FP for Aberdeen was George Murray and that was 43 years ago!!
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    This was one of the games that justified my 'Always stay to the end' policy. The 1-7 defeat away at Ibrox when I was virtually alone in the away end for the last 15 minutes taking pelters from 45,000 Rangers fans, less so.
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    I hope you are right, please
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    Nah, think we got him from Paisley Barca!!
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    he's just had an op on his shoulder - he'll be back for pre season
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    BBC highlights on the website: Missed out Long's goal .... Decided to go with only the goals and missed penalty, nothing else. United's first, missed pen, their second, ......... Devante's net buster. Seems like a shocking oversight. Embarrassing. Can you imagine the seethe if they managed to do that for either of the OF.
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    After that game to think Champman was our number 1 ,we looked so so terrible its a miracle where we are. I honestly think if Robinson left about 6 weeks before he quit we would have finished in the top 6.
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    Whatever problems he has to sort out over the summer, however poor we can still look at times, when you think of where we were after the Hamilton New Year game....
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    Fixed it for you. That 90 minutes was a wee summary of our whole season. You start off with a wee bit of hope, only to be kicked in the nuts early on. Slack and infuriating first half, with the opposition not having to work too hard for their goals. Chris Long gets booked for petulance, and we give away a stupid penalty. Second half much better, Kelly makes a good save and Cole scores. In the end we do just about enough to get through it unscathed, but you're still left realising that we're very inconsistent, lacking leadership on the park, and needing a big summer rebuild.
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    Long is the only one who looks interested. Obviously needs a contract somewhere. Lawless has been a terrible signing.
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    Just want to go on ecord before the game as saying that playing Magliore is just plain daft. He's proper full on pish. Would have been better with oHara in there. Probably better with lawless in there !!!
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    They were lucky to get to the play off final. And we were lucky they got to the play off final too!
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    As usual the longer a player has been out the better he has become in the fans memory . Donnelly was brought in as a defender then turned into a centre midfielder in neither position was he a standout one for the pool not first choice
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    How about the Ferrier and Stevenson stand? Historically they seem to have always been bracketed together as players. From a more recent vintage, I would not have an issue with naming it after Joe Wark. As others have said, too many worthy contenders, not enough stands.
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    I seen more action than him in 2020 and I was in a coma for a fair bit of it
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