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    “I hope a sixteen year old boy who I had never even heard of up until today goes on to have a terrible career because he doesn’t play for my team any more.” Wise up man.
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    I watched the first two Scotland games at the u17 Euros and out of the two Lennon Miller was far more impressive than Rice. They were both 15 playing against older boys and Rice showed good touches but struggled badly with the pace of the game. In the first game Miller came on at half time and almost dragged Scotland back into it getting an assist and creating a few other good chances. In the second he sat in front of the defence and was effective until he went off injured. Given the fact that we release boys every year without anyone blinking an eye then we just need to accept Rice or others choosing to leave as the flipside of that.
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    Easy for me, but I would doubt if there is any TV highlights still available. MOTHERWELL 3 TOTTENHAM 2 ! Unbelievable night!
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    It's a catch 22 situation really. We can say that it's best for a player to stay at Motherwell and look to progress to the first team, but what if that doesn't happen for whatever reason? Injury, loss of form, simply not being good enough. The example a lot of fans use is Jake Hastie, claiming his move to Rangers wasn't a good move for him. I think his level of performance after that short purple patch for us shows he absolutely made the correct decision. If he'd stayed at Motherwell he'd likely have shown the kind of form he did when he returned, which would have seen him slide down the pecking order and eventually get released. I don't think him not signing for Rangers would have seen him suddenly become a quality player who then won a big move a few years later. As things stand, he's playing in League Two. The only difference is he's doing so with a relatively healthy bank balance from his Rangers deal, so he's come out a winner in that regard.
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    That was a weird season that one. Some memorable wins, the 2-0 v Rangers you mention above, beating Celtic 1-0 at Parkhead with 10 men and 3-2 at FP, beating Hearts with a last minute Pat Nevin goal in a re-arranged game after the first one was abandoned. But at the same time we had some absolutely awful results. We lost 4-3 at home against Ayr Utd in the Scottish Cup having led 2-1 then 3-2 and them having an outfield player in goal for a spell in the first half. There was also that ridiculous 6-5 loss at home against an Aberdeen side that had scored two goals all season before that game and a 4-0 home loss against Kilmarnock in a midweek game. Dundee cuffed us a couple of times at home as well. And yet somehow we almost managed to qualify for Europe. That was a very expensively assembled Motherwell side too.
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    75-76 SC 3rd Round against Celtic and obviously, the 91 SF Replay. Both I suspect had highlights posted here many times :-)
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    I absolutely get that and also that our budget is limited. But that is why we need to be shrewd with the signings we are able to make and we need to get it right as often as we can.
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    Agree on that but we also badly need midfielders who can provide creativity and support to the front line. We have a good striker in KvV but he has no support with the system and the players we have. I’ve described us as a ‘workmanlike’ side which is fine but we need to be able to offset that with something in the way of flair and goal threat.
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    Unfortunately we are not in a position to be the first choice club for players coming up from England. We have to wait until nearer the end of transfer window to finalise any deals when they have assessed all their options. No coincidence both our signings are from Scotland
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    I’ve thought this for weeks now, this up and coming season is going to be an absolute shit show. The squad we have just now has nothing in the way of attacking threat or creative spark and we don’t appear to be doing anything to address this. Efford and Shields will not do, they’re just not good enough at the level we play at. I’ve no doubt we will bring in one or two panic buys in the closing days of the transfer window for the media team to produce a nice wee video for Twitter about, but I just don’t see us making the signings we need that will make us any better than we were last season.
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    It was a loan deal. Incidentally, not a fan of McInnes, as I think he's overrated by a friendly press.
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    Really worrying the lack of signings for the start of the season, our defence was horrendous last season, anyone could score against us, so to only bring in a right back when we have two in SOD and Max Johnstone is baffling, left side has been very week all last year, another forward is a must, and for those who want to defend Connor Shields and Efford did you go to games last season, if you did then no discussion
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    The Pat Nevin goal against Hearts was one that sticks in the mind also, what also sticks in my mind more was the original game that was abandoned Found the footage on youtube uploaded by a Hearts fan, I remember it being horrid conditions that day, I fast forwarded it to the half time part and the conditions look shocking Interesting that Pat Nevin himself claims he played in worse with us winning 1-0 at the time , Billy Davies looks like he is going to explode and even remember this being featured on BBC breakfast news the next morning with John Boyle annoyed Anyway we won the rearranged game 2-1 which was an 8 game unbeaten run before christmas
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    Murphy has 8 goals and 4 assists in 19 appearances against St Johnstone so from their perspective at least he won't be playing against them. He has 1 goal and 1 assist in 31 appearances against Celtic which I think sums him up. He had so much ability but fell short mentally, if he had a Scott McDonald style attitude he would have had a much more successful career. He was still a great player overall for us though.
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    Be interesting to see how his knees hold up to playing on that plastic shithole every 2nd week
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    Loved this game despite the fact we missed out on Europe , the usual few drubbings from Rangers early on that season made this victory a good one Three things I remember is Spencer lifting up his shirt to show a message on his t-shirt The Fridge , at one point people were celebrating thinking Hibs were beating Hearts, only for it to be the opposite , and then the usual pitch invasion at the end , the media were of course giving the Rangers fans great credit at the time for not reacting to those nasty Motherwell taunts , Jim Delahunt in particular I recall
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    This. It's really amazing that a lot of people have written off Efford after him, as you say, coming in mid-season, playing a whole 16 matches for the club (not all starts), scoring 3 goals and getting an assist. Scottish football is a whole different beast from US or European football and Efford has struggled with the physical side of the game but you have to give guys a chance to settle in and adapt. It might turn out he's not good enough but our single biggest problem as a football club over the, say, last 5 seasons, has been the absolutely monumental turn over of players. We need a settled side and we need to promote 'Maguire' level players and give them game time. Guys like Quinn, Murphy, Clarkson etc weren't great when they first came into the team and we need to get back to developing players over 2 or 3 seasons instead of concentrating on mercurial talent that gets sold on after 6 months to a year. Of course if another Turnbull comes along, great, but we need a longer term strategy for player development, either bringing players in or through our youth squad.
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    I was taken to a Hibs game in 1975 by a family member, my first time in the main stand. At half time I was asked if I was enjoying myself, I got berated for saying yes, we were 1-0 down. We won 4-1.
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    New Year 2004 against Dundee Utd at Fir Park. Phil O’Donnell made his second debut from the bench, David Clarkson scored a hat trick as we came from behind to win 3-1 and Andy McLaren wanted to square-go the entire East Stand after they were goading them about some aspects of his lifestyle. That wasn’t a game you forget in a hurry.
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    Wins against the Old Firm always stand out, especially if they involve a late winner. The wins against both at Fir Park when Brian McClair got the goals, the late Ian Ross winner, Bobby Russell's shimmy King winner, the win at Ibrox when Kirkie and Dougie Arnott scored late on, stopping Rangers winning the league at Ibrox when Owen Coyle scored twice, Skippy Sunday. The Ray Farningham game at Ibrox also had great seethe value amongst the Ibrox hordes as well as the Scottish press. Apart from games against them, the 4-3 game at home to Thistle when Higginbottom was winding up the Well fans was also a good laugh.
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    I was at that game too. From memory, if Killie didn't win their game by 5 (I think) then a draw would have been enough for Hearts and when the half-time scores were announced, Killie were already 5 up.
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    Watched a game on youtube last night from 1981 we beat Hearts 3-0 at Tynecastle. They had Pettigrew , Stewart McLaren and Peter Marinello in their ranks - all guys I loved at Motherwell so was a real needle match and there was me and my mate as young 19 years jumping up and down like head cases when we scored. Strange to see that as an auld fart now. Even better was to follow was last game of that season at Tynecastle if they won they were promoted with us if they lost they stayed down .. we beat them 1-0, loved that day.
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    One that well and truly stuck in my mind from my early years at Fir Park was the 1976 game against Kilmarnock where the lead changed hands several times before ending up 5-4 in our favour. Why can't that happen every week?
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    I don't know that if put these as favourites but both were mental celebrations. Both strangely enough against Dunfermline. We played at East End Park were miles ahead at the top of the 1st Division but Andrew Waddell was the referee was being a pure cunt to us. Game was 0-0 Joe Wark injured and made him walk right round the track. Every decision going against us then in the 92 minute young Paul Mills scored the winner. Scenes of bedlam. The other was a tense relegation battle at Fir Park we were 2-0 down at half time them Stevie Cowan tuns in some performance and we win 3-2 again scenes of pure bedlam.
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    It was a very good night, I was in the top tier and when Fitzpatrick scored I ended up about 5 rows further forward absolute scenes, it's a shame we never turned up for the final.
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    So many games to recall over the years, but the ones that immediately stand out are...... 1991 Scottish Cup Semi Final v Celtic. You normally dont get a 2nd chance to turnover one of the big 2, especially at Hampden, and the expectation levels were pretty low, especially after going behind so early in the game. The euphoria of wee Psycho's 30 yarder hitting the net and the 4th goal from Kirky to seal our first Cup Final appearance of my lifetime. Much more enjoyable experience than the final as I was just too nercous to enjoy that. Our first European appearance at Fir Park under the lights wearing the "floodlight white" kit. Fabulous atmosphere at an absolutely rammed Fir Park and a very good performance. Cooper and Russell were in their pomp. Caught by the inevitible breakaway goal to end our chances, but not before we replied with 3 of our own only to go out on away goals. Dortmund away. Probably one of the best performances by a Motherwell team that I can recall, given the standard of the opposition. We gave them a real fright and if Tommy Coyne had just converted that chance at the end, who knows what might have happened?
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    I think my favourite piece of footballing karma is when your opponent concedes a red card tackle outside the box to prevent a goal, and you score from the resulting free kick.
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    That strip had some good memories attached to it. There was Jamie Dolan day, where we decided to stick one of the smallest people on the park in goal after Howie got injured against Celtic. Billy Davies also scored a header, so good day for the wee guys.
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    That was a ridiculous save that he had no right to make. His reflexes were absolutely astounding. For all he was past his best by the time he came to FP he still managed some incredible performances in our jersey and even managed to secure a loan move to Man Utd in 2001 on the back of it.
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    Sad to hear Andy Goram has passed away at the age of 58……tragic……. Just shy of 70 appearances for the ‘ Well
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    Just bought my tickets this morning all went through OK, ST holders have their tickets reserved, just log on to your account and you should have a notification saying you have 1 ticket reserved for your normal seat. You can also buy other tickets if you need more.
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    Glossing over the fact he’s extended his stay at Morton, if we went for everyone who ‘tore our defence a new one’ last season we’d be heading for admin again.
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    Mr Happy modelling the new Crewe away kit
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    Tierney was never ear marked to play if at all last season rather a development player - the manager has stated that. Circumstances brought him into the team. Remains to be seen how Alexander will set us up moving forward. Asking a 20 or so year old to lead in that position is a bit of an ask, up to now it’s the only role he looks suited to. It would take evolution to help develop with Spittal arguably added to do same. Suspect you’ve answered why there was the gap between midfield & the forward line with your closing statement.
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    Just imagine that under the floodlights on a big European night! Worth a goal of a start surely!
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    Looking good home and away - let’s hope our play can match the quality of these kits . wouldn’t mind slotting this striker into our team
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    A nod to one of my favourites from the 70s.
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    Our season starts in two weeks time with a Europa League match though. And while, of course, we are not going to do anything of note in that competition we have seen before that a disastrous European tie with an underprepared squad can set the tone for the season ahead, ie. Stjarnan in 2014.
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    One game I have been looking for , for a while now but unable to find it was a 2-1 midweek game against Celtic when Shaun Fagan and Faddy scored Also the 1-0 win against Rangers the same season
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