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    Can’t believe the amount of stick mugabi gets yes he was wrong side of player in last minute but just like Kipre in League Cup Final shocking decision to give penalty and send him off . Lammie is a Zombie and has been all season Mugabi been great last few games yet Lammie gets off Scott free if they had scored 30 seconds earlier before our 1st goal when once again Lammie went to sleep again but they missed clear header wound have been different game . Mugabi is young and coming on leeps and bounds imo so give the guy a break
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    What players should be at our club in your opinion? Who would be an affordable, reasonable signing that we could have made that would make a monumental difference to how we are playing at the moment? I don't know how long you've been a follower of the club, but for the 25 or so years I've been a supporter, we've been consistently inconsistent - a couple of years of relative success, followed by dire, dire seasons, with the occasional middle of the road season chucked in. In that time we've had players who have been stellar during their stay, players who have been duds from the word go, players who have made slow starts and gone on to better themselves, and others who have faded as quickly as they shone after first signing. The players that got us a third place finish last term have had a dip in form, no doubt about that. The players that have been brought in this summer haven;t hit the ground running. Both of these factors have contributed to the sluggish start. White was brought in on his pedigree of scoring in the lower leagues - the step up to the SPFL was always something he was going to have to get to grips with and he's had very little quality service from midfield or the wings to help him. Lamie was signed after being part of a Livi squad that defied expectation for the last couple of seasons. He hasn't looked the sharpest, but just like Gallagher the year before him, he looked a decent player at Scottish premiership level last season, so was a worthy signing. Debut aside, Lang is full of running and effort and has taken the goals he has scored well. Is he as good as the hype around him suggests? Not yet and possibly won't get there, but if he was, he wouldn't be playing for us. We knew what we were getting by re-signing Long, a player who showed what he can do in fits and starts for a club like us. It's took him a week or so to get his fitness up, but he's back to being full of running and a nuisance, as he showed from the bench last night. O'Hara and Watt were re-signed on the promise of what they showed previously for us, and to an extent, you could add Hastie to that list as well. No one is disagreeing that the start to the season has been limp at best, but given the budget we have and how well the team performed to get third place- even if it was a bit of a slog after January - saying that the signings made should never be at the club, in my opinion, is a dreadful take.
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    If it was bad players I'd excuse it but theres decent players in that side. Carson is a good keeper, gallacher and O'Donnell are good players, Campbell obviously and Polworth and O'Hara are good enough for this level, and I think Land, Long and Watt are all decent players. So that should be enough to be a whole lot better than that. The problem is deeper than not having good enough players.
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    Apart from 5 years of solid goalkeeping which lead to a couple of successful seasons. It’s not all about cash return although that would have been a bonus.
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    At least he isn't a complete fucking wanker Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    I am almost NEVER right so I am going to take this opportunity to pretend I know what I am talking about. I am also going to take the opportunity of a great result to make a couple of points about some negative comments over this last month. 1. 'We are favourites to be relegated' We were no more favourites to be relegated in 12 place after 7 games than we are to favourites to finish 8th now after 8 games. We should try looking at the bigger picture. 2. 'Robinson should be sacked now because after Hibs and Aberdeen beat us we will only have 4pts.' Let's try to make statements about sacking managers based on the facts of what has happened, rather than negative speculation of what might. 3. 'Motherwell were not really 3rd last season because Aberdeen would have finished 3rd' Can we be absolutely certain about that based on today's result? They might have but like point 2, I would rather base judgement on the fact that Motherwell did finish third, rather than that Aberdeen may have in some mythical end to the season. Great result today. Let's give our team the benifits of the doubt and give them some proper backing.
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    Coleraine went from being a top end championship team to being comfortably beaten by a good junior team, lets not forget this same team knocked out Maribor in the last round away from home. Regardless of how far along they are in pre season going over there with the attitude that we should have progressed comfortably is ignorant to say the least. The park was terrible, that brings any side down a level or two, you cannot play football on that. Scotland might not be blessed with great surfaces but that is on par with a council run sunday league pitch. Both penalties looked very soft, the ref gave us nothing all night. We could have been out of sight in the first half and probably should have been but conceding that early penalty makes it a whole different ball game. At the end of the day, it wasn't pretty but we are in the hat for the next round and they aren't.
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    Tortuous but somehow ultimately triumphant. As drained as I've felt watching a Motherwell game for some time. And all looking so good too. We had a shaky moment or two in the first half, the free-header immediately springs to mind, but two up and a couple off the line it seemed like we were well on the way. And suddenly.... It wasn't actually that much of a surprise that Coleraine did get a penalty as they seemed to go out of their way to claim for absolutely anything and everything inside the box throughout the game, the vast majority blatantly chancing it. And they were none too shy in trying to create a picture for the referee. I don't know if there's any better angles of the incident emerged than the brief view we had of the first but from the snippet it seemed Carson was comfortably claiming the ball before a few seconds there was the coming together. First reaction was the going down of the Coleraine player and claiming for a penalty was in keeping with their previous attempts to win one, and if O'Hara did foul him when Carson had it under control it was incredibly stupid, We then had a horrible 15 minutes or so before the change of shape seemed to restore some order of a sort but we never at any time regained control of the game in the way we had in the first half so were always vulnerable. We rode our luck with the disallowed goal and just when it seemed we'd done enough another penalty and red-card to boot. Again another questionable decision. At that point it looked grim but I would at that stage, for all the performance was had been largely abysmal in the second half, have to give them credit for re-grouping in extra-time. How much of that was down to Coleraine tiring I don't know but down to 10 men, the substitutions having largely destroyed the midfield and the home side having the momentum I thought - again riding our luck once again with the one off the line aside - we did pretty well in extra-time. I might also have expected Long to do better with his chance in the first half of extra-time. And so to penalties. I think most of us will have thought us doomed when it got to that stage. Memories of several lost shoot-outs, Carson having already been beaten twice, their win against Maribor. It just seemed set up for disaster. But there you go, what a shoot-out from Carson and we're through. I've seen us go out in Europe in unfortunate circumstances and plenty of what might have beens so I'm not going to get too hung up on fortune being with us last night to see us through. The performances of many, and collectively for a fair chunk of the game is a different matter entirely.
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    One of the things I really liked today was how we closed them down quickly and didn’t give them a minute’s peace, from front to back, from start to finish, and from all over the team. Great stuff
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    No coincidence that both those teams are more attacking - especially at home. Where we struggle is when teams come and sit in - which tends to be the "weaker" sides.
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    Good performance played like a team defended well and had an attacking threat
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    4 wins in 5 isn't it? Robbo out.
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    Does he come with his own physio and a years supply of bubble wrap?
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    Kudos to Trev, but serious questions have to be asked as to why he didn't save either of the second half pens instead of waiting until the shoot out. Aye, you can stop raging now. I was just joking.
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    Let's be honest here, yes we were brutal 2nd half but had 2 saves to make in 120 mins, two soft pens were the only way Coleraine were scoring, Though we were superb in extra time shut the game down, rode our luck a wee bit but we needed a break, that mob were blowing out their arse after 20 mins ET. And as for the pens, Carson what a keeper, so despite a bad a performance 2nd half, we are in the 3rd round draw, and another £250k in the bank, happy days.
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    Can we start a new thread for the next game? I don't want to talk about, or read about that shitshow ever again.
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    With no reserve league, getting our youngsters proper competitive and consistent game time seems like a good option.
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    So thats three trout and a Mullet then.
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    Because it signifies that he's recovered from a bad head knock. He took a sore one but soldiered on when he possibly shouldn't have done. Whatever else he's a trier. Given what happened to Carl McHugh, I'm just glad he's ok.
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    Fucking hell we're playing like 2008 Barcelona so far
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    At least he can count on SFWA Young Player of the Year David Turnbull, Scotland international Chris Cadden, English Premiership target James Scott, financially set for life Jake Hastie and Motherwell's best player Allan Campbell for support.
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    Get 1 and we’ll get 3, Aberdeen will crumble
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    Not if he was getting the sort of service our current forwards are getting, he wouldn't.
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    So exactly like Robbie Crawford only 7 years younger? You also miss the point that if we use the younger players as cover it would give us more money to sign quality starters rather than padding out the squad with dross every season.
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    Eh? I wanted him signed AND given a chance, then if he turned out good (which seemed the case in his short purple patch) our investment was protected. And how can you say Maguire, Semple or Cornelius "clearly arent good enough"? What basis do you have for this statement? Because the manager doesnt pick them? Remember this is a guy who gave his son a game in europe and he proceeded to make a cunt of it and throw away a penalty. A Manager who got rid of our 2 most influential players and leaders to replace them with nothing, who thinks Sherwin Seedorf is a fucking football player, and who had Liam Grimshaw as first name on his teamsheet for months! So forgive me if I dont fully trust his judgement With Crawford, he is 27 and has spent his career in the lower leagues. He got "his break" at Livvy last season in the top league, played less than half their games, got dumped and sent out on loan to us! Ive seen him play twice, he was ok but a bit anonymous at times in both games. Ive seen Maguire, Semple & Cornelius all play a few mins here and there and they have been ok/anonymous (although Maguire had a very good game v Celtic!, a higher calibre of team than Crawford has ever performed against) my point is that this looks like a panic signing and a slap in the face of our own players who have been waiting for a chance and are paid to be there in emergencies! What we need is a bit of quality. What we have signed is an average championship level midfielder on a panic loan.
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    The seethe over a backup central midfielder to provide cover while the (much missed) Donnelly is out injured is unnatural even for this website.
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    The same posters on this forum who moan about us signing people from down south and not from Scottish teams, will be the same ones moaning about us signing someone from a Scottish club. I'm all for giving our youth a chance but what margin of error will they have in a team lacking in confidence quite badly at the moment? As soon as any mistakes are made, they’ll be savaged by the usual suspects here in no time. Crawford at least has first team games under his belt at a level neither Cornelius and Semple have so far
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    I expect we will be playing in Israel with everyone tested before we fly out. Ideally their full squad gets it and we get a bye and night off watching dross.
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    Watt deserves a bit of credit for the shift he put in and the goal. One of the few players who looked interested.
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    Both were 100% penalties, soft I agree but pens nowadays. Fucking amateurish that we have players who regularly get caught in those situations. The ref & pitch were poor excuses. That was a part time pub team who havent even started their season yet and our keeper has to pull off a huge save, then save 3 pens to get us through. They dominated us for 110 of the 120 minutes, yes it was agricultural football and yes they were cynical and diving all over the place, but we are so naive its scary! Our defending at set pieces is comical, our attacking threat at set pieces is non existant. Our defence is all over the place, midfield is an absolute shambles and attack so so poor. We have no shape or proper gameplan and some of the worst professional footballers Ive ever seen in our squad. It is a VERY poorly coached team and the squad looks to have a terrible attitude all round. Something needs to give, and soon
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    I don't think we go out with a plan to hit those long balls, we just revert to it when we run out of ideas 3 mins into the match.
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    I've quite enjoyed Mugabi in the last few games.
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    We NEED NEED NEED a clear out with Foyle, Robinson & Lasley first out the door. We cant afford to reinvest in another 3 Seedorfs, Whites & Mugabis!
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    To put this into context - this is a part-time team whose season hasn’t started yet against a full-time team 7 games into the season. Absolutely pathetic and there is zero confidence in that team for a penalty shoot-out.
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    I've seen this mob hit 7 pens now and they have all been excellent. We need to score. I think we have missed 4 of our last 7.
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    Using the same criteria of 'sign for free' and 'sell for free', Bigirimana was a more successful signing than both Premiership goalies combined.
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    Seeing fans in the grounds in Germany, Holland and France should have the SPFL demanding a better deal from the Scottish Government. Not having test events in August when we had very little virus was utter idiocy. The Scottish Government need start behaving like a real government and working on getting us back to normality rather than Sturgeon threatening to greet if everyone doesn't act like Covid is the plague.
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    Motherwell. Official supplier of Second String EPL Goalies.
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    To be fair, I blank out Celtic defeats too.
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    BBC website saying it is a 6.30pm kick off
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    Full rerun of the game on BBC Alba at 6pm, sky channell 141
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