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    I am genuinely baffled by the number of people who would seem happy to toss Gillespie aside after a rare below par performance.
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    Great first 20 mins but poor after that. All our forward players poor and I know he is a great guy but how long is Robbo going to persevere with Dunne, you can't just keep picking a guy cos he is fast, defending and passing brutal. Also I know he is a pain and the Sellik fans songbook a disgrace but some of comments aimed at Griffiths disgusting. I was at a funeral on Thursday of an ex work colleague who had mental health issues and committed suicide. Some folk want to look at Bigger picture before they open their gob
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    If Carson is fit, he deserves a chance. He is the better keeper of the two and is far more comfortable with the ball at his feet, which is a key attribute the way we are playing at present. I’d also tweak the shape and bring in Semple for Seedorf. Until the wingers reach the required level of fitness, we should start while one and the other can be an impact sub.
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    So basically the Polis will do nothing because there are too many Old Firm fans and they therefore don’t want the hassle involved. Because of this, the said Old Firm fans have carte blanche to do as they please. No wonder they turn out to be such entitled tossers.
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    Correct I’m a long time fan who does graphic design and photography for a full time living. I have done this job for 35+ years. However, I did win the 2006 design a Motherwell kit competition and my description was based on the original concept I submitted to the club for the competition. I was also involved in the production of the artwork for the Bukta made mid 1970’s white away retro top and provided historical advice on the shirt details to help make it as accurate as possible to the Admiral original. I was also commissioned to redraw the classic 60s/70s MFC monogram for our more recent retro 125 anniversary shirt. The monogram script is still being used occasionally on our kits and is something that I have championed on here for many years. I have also designed a few amateur kits in my spare time that have successfully gone into production. On a Motherwell related note I also provide the illustrations for the ‘Daft Laddie’ tee shirts produced by Well fan Matt Johnstone. Although not involved with this seasons away top it is worth noting that it’s identical to a mock up that I created around a year and a half ago which I posted on here and on Twitter. The kit was a colour change that I suggested to a pre existing Macron shirt that I thought would look good converted to C&A. I can’t say whether my mock up inspired the powers that be to push ahead with that pre existing template, but I’m glad that I posted it as the finished shirt looks great in C&A. I even bought one at the weekend.
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    I think a little bit of perspective is needed here. It's worth remembering that there is less of a resource gulf between Celtic and Paris Saint-Germain than there is between Celtic and us. Let that sink in for a second. When Celtic are being absolutely handled to the tune of a 5-0 loss at home, and a 7-1 loss away to PSG our media (quite rightly) highlight the huge financial gulf between Celtic and clubs like PSG. Well, the gulf between Celtic and us is even greater. Fans asking why our players didn't measure up against their lot? The answer is right in front of you. There's levels to this game, and we're operating a shitload of levels below what Celtic are, it's as simple as that. Our season isn't defined by these games. If we're losing handily to the sides around us in the table, and our midfield look gash against them, then fair enough, there's room for discussion. It's early doors so far, the team is still bedding in. Our next five games see us play Hearts twice, Accies, Hibs and Ross County. After those games we'll have more to judge our new players on. Yesterday was a free hit, nothing more. Sad as that may sound, it's the truth. Sometimes we nick something from those games, which is amazing considering everything I've mentioned above. But the normal outcome will be a bit of a hammering. Same as it is for Celtic when they face a PSG or a Barcelona.
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    Celtic were not allowed to start for the first 20 minutes. Gifting them their first goal changed the mood of the game completely. I thought we were excellent up until we scored. High tempo, high pressing, accuracy in the pass. Certainly signs of what could be this season. Their goal knocked the wind out of our sails and we never recovered. All the hard work was wiped out on their first attack and the players allowed it to get to them. I did not think the problem lay in our midfield three and infact I thought Donnelly, Campbell and Polworth were fantastic in the first half. The problem was more the lack of effectiveness of the much heralded new players. Too often there was no end product from Sedoorf, Hylton and Long leaving the midfield three too much to carry on their own. I am happy to give them time because those players faced a level of opposition today that they will rarely have faced in their careers. However, sadly it showed leaving the midfield three far too much ground to cover. Five shots on target and five goals from Celtic tells a story. They have a quality in their side that we can only dream of and to have Christie, Sinclair and Edouard coming off the bench when our players were visibly tiring makes a nonsense of any faint hope that they would suffer a midweek European hangover. Celtic should not be in the same league as us but the quirks of geography and political history means that they are a huge fish in a tiny pond and today it showed. Gillespie has been excellent for us so those calling for him to be replaced after one poor performance is nonsense. Certainly enough to give us hope and Hearts will be a far more reliable test of the true position of our squad at this moment in time. Finally, I think Gallacher looks a real find. He was unlucky today with the free kick and the yellow card was a nonsense but sadly I think that affected him because up until then he looked in complete control.
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    No. Different league, so not rehabbing a competitor's player. Transfers, not loans. Plan to develop them and sell them for a profit, not give them back to parent club to sell for a profit.
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    I think people mistake stewards for security staff. Stewards are paid minimum wage to point you to your seat, tell you where the pie stand is and politely asks you to behave. They will act as a deterrent to bad behaviour, but the reality is they can’t, won’t and shouldn’t do a thing about it beyond a request to behave.
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    Would have Murphy back in a shot, good experience and left club on good terms also when scored against us he showed no emotion and didn't celebrate which was class act
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    Scott is a player. If we aren't going to bring in an established goal scorer we should give Scott a run and let him develop.
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    This is the key. Hospitality at any ground usually involves both sets of fans and seats in the best stand. If they get out of hand, however, they shouldn't be given any special treament and invited to leave just like any other fan in any other part of the ground.
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    A few posts suggesting we should have been more defensive or cautious. In much the same way as I thought the exclusion, and ultimate sale, of Danny Johnson inhibited our ability to switch formations in the second half of last season, so too does our recruitment in the summer. We really do seem to have set ourselves up to play this style whether it's against a Third Division side or the current Champions. That is going to be beneficial but at times it is really going to make life difficult for ourselves when you aren't 100% on it. For the first half an hour or so I'd say we pretty much were. The football we attempted to play was very easy on the eye. They were hemmed in and being passed around for long spells. But when we lost that edge around the half-hour mark the dominance we had enjoyed ebbed away. The timings of the loss of the first two goals were pretty critical. How would both teams have reacted had we been able to settle on that lead? We'd looked fairly assured in possession. Could we have eased the tempo a shade and looked to retain possession rather than going all guns blazing and some of the team seemingly burning themselves out very early on? And to go in behind at the break was as frustrating as it was unmerited. I don't know that our front three were just as ineffective as some are suggesting. They are certainly vital to that formation working effectively and they all played their part in a very good start to the game. But Hylton, Long and Seedorf looked fucked after about half an hour, which allied to Celtic gaining momentum as the game wore on saw us tail off considerably. I can understand it to a certain extent. Scottish football is easy to mock,and many south of the border do, but the intensity of some fixtures such as todays I suspect won't readily be replicated in the reserve leagues of English Premiership or non-league so readily. Being fit is one thing. Being sufficiently match fit to handle the intensity of the game here is something a bit different. So whilst the second half collapse is a concern, the individual mistakes that suggest poor decision making there were still a few positives to take. If being ran into the ground speeds up that process for two or three of them being "ready" and we can replicate and extend that opening half an hour for more and more of each game I would like to think we'll see more good results, and games for that matter, than bad.
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    Absolute nonsense. They'd all cruise through league 1 and 2. Most likely the Championship too. That is 3/4 of the SPFL right there...
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    Bob McHugh and Craig Moore are better than what we have at the moment! No one is saying sign up every young player just the best ones. We are actually already doing it with Scott tied up until 2022 and Semple until 2021.
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    Strong unbiased refereeing helps make it a bit more competitive
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    This ^^^. You can never be cocky against any Hearts side. They have a much bigger ‘Ann’ budget than us (sorry!) and we will need to make our home advantage count.
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    They are a strange team for sure. On paper they look to have a decent squad but results don’t lie. Apparently they have only won 4 times v top flight sides in 2019. Sadly they have signed a new keeper on loan as that Zlamal looked a bomb scare v Ross County. Plus they are trying to sign a couple of others before Friday including Glen Whelan. But key for me is Naismith. An annoying and moaning wee barsteward, but their best and most influential player by a mile. Their record with him in the team is very good v atrocious when he is not playing. Fingers crossed they do not risk him as to do so means he could be out for longer term. That said they may take the risk as to lose in this game ramps up the pressure on Levein if that is even possible. But huge game for our season too. I just hope the defence is switched on and cuts out the mistakes from the weekend.
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    Very young and inexperienced team with only 3 subs one of which was a goalkeeper ???? The young boys did not disgrace themselves and had a good shape to the team and tried to play football Couple of basic mistakes for couple of Clyde’s goals which Goodwillie punished the boys All in all a good learning curve and good experience for them, all about learning at this stage in their career You heard it here first from his overall performance and the way he moved demanded the ball, his distribution of it and strength he showed agains some good experienced pro’s our next young prospect WILL be MATHEW McDONALD this boy has got something about him ………… and he is only 16 years old
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    My view after the game was “ how the hell did we get beat 5-2”? Of course steel boy pretty much outlined why but I wouldn’t blame Campbell for the free kick goal. The wall Set up gave Griffiths a clear view of the goal. I’ll put that down to Gillespie. Having said that I don’t understand some posts wondering if he should be dropped!! Not even close to having that conversation.
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    I know it’s goals that count and despite some valid points re the wingers, some obvious individual errors etc I think we can take some encouragement from the stats. Do we normally have 11 shots against Celtic? Do we normally manage 50/50 possession? Do teams normally score with 100% of their shots on goal? Yes, we have to stop goals and score goals but I think we have more to build on than the previous seasons and I am expecting a much better season than of late from the aspect of entertainment and results.
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    Thats my point exactly. The Database is only as good as the honesty of the people on it! I know a Celtic fan from work that got tickets for a league game a couple years ago, he ended up not going due to other circumstances, but he is on the Database and I assume can get tickets for any game without hassle. There are also a lot of Well fans who buy tickets for their Rangers/Celtic supporting friends & family. It happens, and short of branding all Well fans & checking the marks at the turnstyle there is NOTHING the club can do. Inside the ground all we can do is inform the Stewards & Police and hope they do something, but again that is out of the clubs hands too
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    That's mental money. Taxi drivers barely make that much.
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    Get Donnelly up front
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    Looks very smart. Big job. Or just wee?
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