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    Aye, they changed that rule at the end of season 2013/14.
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    It's been fun watching the retro 90's rules where you can pass the ball back for the keeper to pick up and assault the keeper in mid-air without getting a foul against you.
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    My mate has just told me his old man received a phone call from Tony Watt yesterday, asking if he was ok and if he needed anything. Apparently the club are calling all season ticket holders over 70. Really nice touch.
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    I haven't bought one the past few years due to travelling, but fuck it, I'll maybe buy one this season. Even if I don't get as much use out of it as I'd like.
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    How's the big chap doing Yabba - miss his "banter" on here.
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    On part two the link with the Scottish Health Education Group started in the mid-eighties (you might remember the "Motherwell, Motherwell, Go for Good Health and be a Winner as Well" abomination) so there was health related stuff up across the ground from them on. I can remember, or at least have seen images showing firstly an advert on the roof that something along the lines of "half way down Robertson Street" on. The first SHEG advert that I can remember had something like "Go for Good Health and Get Fit for Life" on the roof. That was on it when the East Stand opened in 1991. "How Much Do you Cough Up for Cigarettes" was on it a few years after that. After the Cooper was built the Main Stand and East Stand both got new facias for a more consistent look across four stands so on the basis that the Cooper opened in 1995 I'd say the change of signage would have come in the aftermath of that. When exactly I couldn't say.
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    Even now, 29 years later, I'd still love to batter fuck out of Darren Jackson
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    I was only 8 back in 91 so i dont remember a great deal from being at the game or the day in general but the one thing i do remember was my rangers supporting pal begging to be stevie kirk when we went for a kick about out in the street later that night .i never get tired of watching the final,seeing darren jackson greeting like a big lassie when he went up for his medal is a particular delight.
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    For half a season, a true Motherwell great. What was your favourite #Vigz moment? His beautiful cross field pass at Tynecastle that nobody bothered to film? His late winner in Inverness that helped secure 2nd? His Zidane-esque volley on his return that all sensible Well fans reluctantly applauded? His handsome Highland smile? Feel free to share more!
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    Not sure why it's unrealistic. We'll resume playing at some point in the future and it would seem to make more sense to spend a month wrapping things up with 8 more games than scrapping the previous 30.
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    The Society has now reached the 3,000 member mark. Well done to all concerned.
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    Hi Folks Hope you are well and staying safe and sticking to the guidelines in place. Just a wee note to say that the BBC SCOTLAND channel is showing the 91 cup final in its entirety on Sunday from 7.15pm. Means I will need to record Antiques Roadshow now!! COYWWWWWWW
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    Former forum member SpecialAKA sent me this video from before and after the final. I'm sure he doesn't mind it being shared to a wider audience.
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    Aye I've been really impressed with Watt so far. I'd imagine the chances of us ever actually seeing it are slim but a front two of him and Long with a fully fit Turnbull behind them sounds very fucking promising.
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    Apparently the ball is still in intensive care.
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    I didn't suggest it was intentional - but it was 100% a foul and 100% a yellow card even in the 90s. Even then keepers received more than generous protection.
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    If you're into drivelling twitter gossip, apparently Jack Grealish - hours after posting a video urging everyone to stay indoors - went out to a pals flat, got tanked up, crashed his Range Rover on the way home then legged it (wearing mismatched slippers). Ranger Rover was apparently found near the flat of...... Ross McCormack. Apparently.
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    Paterson was just about done in 1991, and as slow as a week in the jail... I'd have Gallagher ahead of him. Campbell would get in over Angus for me
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    Was that one booking in the entire 120mins of fitba? Some of the challenges would lead to retrospective bans nowadays... And there is nae way any player would even contemplate staying on the park with injuries like Maxy had... ... Changed days indeed
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    The scouts will have a cunt of a job scouting players the now... What are they doing? Watching Facebook for the bog roll challenge?
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    Watching this on BBC Scotland. What a game and what a goalie. Brings back all happy memories. Those were the days.
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    Hollis-->Faddy-->Vigurs-->Faddy-->Vigurs-->Goal. Vs hearts 1/3/2014. What a strange patchwork team we had that year yet we just kept on winning.
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    I hope Ian (Baraclough) was joking.
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    I was the mascot against st Mirren a few years ago.It was baracloughs first game(I think) in charge.He asked who my favourite player was and I said vigurs.Baraclough turned to vigurs and said at least someone likes you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I always thought he was a wee ned but I couldn't have been more wrong. Hope we extend his contract.
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    Don’t know how you come to that conclusion This is going to last for months maybe not with the same restrictions but many things will not be the same for a while at least until they get a vaccine for it. We may see a drop in the numbers but it could flare at any time. Think people need to get their head round the fact that we’ll be lucky to start next season in August let alone finish this one. If and I mean if teams get back into training if just one player or member of staff shows symptoms the whole club could be put in shutdown. Until the chain is broken broken we’re in for very uncertain time ……… and I’m sorry but sport is way down my list of priorities
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    Great interview with Tony Watt on the Lower League Ramblings podcast.
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    Hampden Park 18th of May 1991 watching us lift the Scottish cup and the Olympic stadium in Athens on 8th of August 2012 for our 1st champions league away tie my two proudest moments as a well fan, happy days. Can't believe the cup win was 29 years ago.
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    I see that's started now, not quite laps of his living room but the Home Workout with Richard Tait started yesterday according to the Club Twitter. Good prediction.
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    I personally cannot see any football going ahead until the end of the year, probably next year at this rate. Let's look where we are today. The virus is accelerating now and due to peak around June. We then have to have it drop off again, it won't just vanish in June and stop. We will all be in full lock down by then, expect no movement between major cities etc. Cases will slow down because if this, however measures will then be to gradually let people get back into society in very limited ways. Football? No chance, even behind close doors as players have families and even 1 player going down means full isolation again for a squad. It's not pant wetting it's fact. The only thing that will get us out of this are anti virals to treat the virus when infected or a vaccine, who knows how long this will take. I would not be surprised to see Season 20/21 scrapped also, as the last thing they want is to have half a season of football and what we will see are competitive friendlies and maybe mini leagues to get things up and running. I know there will be people calling shite on this, however I would love to be proven wrong, but cannot see it at all. The authorities will be forced to call the league and award prize money when they see there is no chance of it resuming. As for FIFA/UEFA, greedy bastards would see us all struggle whilst their gravy train hits the buffers...
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    25 years to the day since Davie Cooper died Still my favourite Motherwell player.
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    Being deputy Chief Economist at RBS in 2008 surely isn't something to brag about. It only cost taxpayers £24 billion and led to austerity.
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    A sketch of some fans that I did at Fir Park in 1970 when I was just 7 years old. It brings back good memories of going to watch Motherwell with my dad. Cartridge must have been scarce as I’ve drawn it on graph paper, probably ripped from my school jotter! Anyone recognise anyone from my 7 year old drawing?
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    Good to see this thread resurrected- some good memories although I have to admit the last few discussions have been a wee bit before my time! Having looked back over a few pages the one thing that jumped out was the number of posters that don't seem to get involved nowadays. I know there's many reasons for that (and I'm not looking to start on that as it won't be to anyone's benefit) but it's a pity as the more people willing to share memories and have an interest in this club of ours the better.
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