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    Lazy, unhappy poster. A luxury the forum can't afford. Offload in the transfer window. May find his level at Accies.
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    I heard that Turnbull didn't actually go into hospital. The media team filmed a fake knee operation in a studio in Coatbridge. You can tell his cast is fake because there is no shadow when the sun shines on it.
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    What size shoes does he wear? Who's he voting for in the election?
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    It must be shite being Liam Polworth. Leading goal assists in the league with Caley every season by a mile, with 1 or 2 goals of his own thrown in too, only to be moaned at because he often LOOKED Sad & didnt like tackling much and now has something like 3 goals and 12 assists in 18 games for Us and is branded a lazy bastard luxury player we dont need. Mental
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    Just as an aside, looking at statbunker (which seems pretty accurate) Polworth and James Forrest are tied top of the league in assists. Polworth edges Forrest out when it comes to percentages, though, as his assists have contributed to 24% of our total goals this season compared to Forrest's 16%. That's my kind of luxury player.
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    What are you talking about? An injury he never had, he had an operation for fuck sake. Of course he had an injury! And he obviously needed it because if he didn’t he wouldn’t of had an operation! Do you really think doctors just make this shit up? Your off your head.
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    Every forum needs a combination of cloggers (Yodo) and mercurial,once in a generation posters like myself.
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    The situation is what it is. I think the club handled it appropriately and we live with whatever the outcome is.
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    Otherwise known as the "Michael Jordan retires from the NBA as he really wants to play baseball for a year" tactic.
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    He’s got the most assists by a country mile, probably up there with the highest of anyone in the entire league ?
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    Robinson mentioned that there was an illness going through the squad, so that might explain some things. Polwarth is going to be our leader in assists by a crazy margin come the end of the season, and probably right up there with the highest in the league, he’s a good player.
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    Our league position, for which he's partly responsible, suggests otherwise.
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    I like the theory that Celtic faked a medical report and forced Turnbull to somehow persuade a surgeon to fuck about with his perfectly fine knee to an extent where he can’t play football for 6+ months. That would have been some consultation.
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    What you've never had, you'll never miss. No point getting too upset about transfer fees for young David when the transfer didn't happen. He is a contracted player for the rest of this season and for next season. We need to concentrate on getting him fit, healthy and back playing football for us. No shortcuts for short term gain. If we can get him back to where he was before the injury, we will all do very well out of the situation. We do need to, though, remember that he is much more than just an asset for our club, with a value, increasing or diminishing, on a balance sheet. He is a young man who has had a serious mental and physical jolt, with his dreams of a great career move, and all that entailed, shattered. He needs our help and support to get back on track.
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    The secret clearly is to be fairly shite for 20 minutes at the start of each game and then win them by 3 or 4 goals. We seemed to have found a great strategy. Sadly the better sides will not be so hospitable. Chances are we will play Hearts with a new Manager so a much stronger start will be required on Saturday. Great result all the same and pleased for Scott. He has his critics but I rate him highly and think he is a better option to start v Long. Shame the h**s bottled it or we would be 3rd tonight. Credit to the Manager and players. Beat Hearts on Saturday and I reckon top 6 is ours. But given current form we should be aiming for 4th as Hibs have had their mini purple patch. Good times....
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    I dont care what Hibs or Killie do, all Im looking at is the gap to 7th. We are now 11 points and 22 goals ahead of Ross County! Thats a fantastic position. Good to see big JS on the scoresheet, and another clean sheet is nice
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    St Mirren will defend stubbornly but they are relatively toothless in attack. Happy to see Scott getting a place as his skill and the forwards‘ pace in general represent our best chance of an early breakthrough. Here’s hoping we can be as ruthless as we were against St Johnstone and, if we do score early, we can give the Paisley boys a cuffing. 3-0 the Steelmen.
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    The same planet as Robinson apparently. This is our best front three.
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    Exactly what my boss said at my last performance review.
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    Maybe Brazilian is taking inflation into account? Phil transfer fee is now about 3.5m today. Faddy about 2m.
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    Robinson mentions in the club podcast that we received a good fee for Hastie. So sounds done. The 1.7m is correct but it's the posted profit from 17/18, not this year - https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2018/11/28/2017-18-financial-results-announced/
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    I canny believe folk thought that he'd be back about September, Have you not got knees?
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    To be fair, it blows the previous record for a League One right back called Chris who's really a midfielder and has a brother that plays in the Scottish Championship, right out the water.
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    I would just play our strongest 11. If we want to finish top four these are the winnable games and resting the likes of Polworth and Declan would be crazy. I would rather we rested players against Celtic and Rangers than games where three points are up for grabs.
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    I think I read somewhere that it is Don Hutchison's son, Max?
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    Ah yes sorry, read those last two posts completely wrong.
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    Well said sir, we were discussing him during the game yesterday and, whilst I agree that he wasn't having his best game, he didn't hide and he was still trying to play the correct ball instead of bailing out with a negative pass or treating it like a hot potato. I'll take him over quite a few of the "midfield maestros" we have watched recently.
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    I feel like half of this forum are genuinely unaware of the concept of a creative midfielder. I'll accept that some of our recent examples- Bigi etc- haven't been good enough but folk seem totally bewildered at the idea of a guy who's primary job isn't running about kicking people.
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    I would love to see a central striker who can put the ball in the back of the net but don’t see it happening.
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    Careful what you wish for: he might bring back the "Go for good health be a winner as well" song. OT: Apparently Mick Jagger was furious the first time his popular beat combo was introduced as "The greatest rock n' roll band in the world".
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    I was also dismayed by that comment, but then I realised who had made it and the world suddenly made sense again.
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    Not necessarily, though for now yes. It’s having the time to do them all. Will see what’s what after the new year.
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    What if people posted their opinion of Yodo?
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    How many Saturday nights during the last x years of watching Motherwell would you have taken being able to greet about a sub-par performance in a 4-0 win?!
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    It's encouraging to see us do our bit for the environment and climate change when scoring. Seriously though, good post.
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    I think Mr Burrows put Turnbull under the knife (against his will) to limit his appearances due to some appearance bonus clause in his contract.
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    he has 10 assists it said on radio today. if you think thats not gd enough then i dont know what you want. boys a player
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    I’m pretty sure he’s french/dr Congolese but played in Belgium Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Excellent composure from Manzinga for the last goal
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    Bugger. Went for a pee and missed #4.
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    As I said in the summer Christopher will never set foot in Columbus. He probably couldn't point to it on a map. Still glad to see him doing well though.
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    Whatever's going on, I very much doubt we'd have sent him for an op that only Celtic thought he needed, unless we've already agreed a post-op fee for him. Far too big a risk for him and for us.
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    Being on a banner does not mean it's not racist and anti semitic, just confirms those who use that kind of language are, so no place for it on here.

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