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    Could be made permanent for the right fee
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    Im starting to get a bit annoyed with all the McGinley bashing. Im not saying the guy doesnt make mistakes. That would be patently untrue. But he does a lot of good stuff that seems to get overlooked, while other players seem to get a free ride. Bevis and Sol both made worse mistakes than McGinley on Tuesday night imho, but nobody is demanding they are taken out of the team. Most (not all) have also ignored the great interception he made just before Ross County scored the first goal. Covering for team mates who made mistakes. The guy isnt perfect but he is a better defender than Carroll, who may be great going forward, but gets caught out of position all the time, hence why he isnt starting. Until we sign someone better, which is unlikely on our budget, he is the best we have in that position.
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    Obviously you're no one worth bothering about, I'll take as long as I like.
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    You’re honestly a prick of the highest order
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    Dear Yabbas, as an administrator you should be careful as to what you post. The Communications Act states that if the person the post is aimed at believes it to be threatening then a crime has occurred. Please delete your threatening post or the appropriate action will be taken.
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    Was looking forward to the game but now I'm just looking forward to Robbosboy shutting the fuck up. Sent from my Pixel 6 Pro using Tapatalk
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    Culpable. How Liam Donnelly escapes criticism is beyond me - worst player on the park tonight. He’s come back a yard slower which compounds the problem.
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    I know some fans think players and clubs exhibit the same level of tribalism you see in the stands, but at the end of the day it's just a workplace. And same as most workplaces, when you leave, your mates and boss usually wish you well and keep being your mates. Our recruitment model continues to be bringing in players looking to boost their career for whatever reason. TW is a great example of someone who benefited from signing for us and someone we can point to when we are looking to recruit the next TW. If we bitch about them after they leave, it's not a good look.
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    You do realise that his "threat" is to shut you up by booting you off this forum, don't you? Not only is that not against the law, but it's looking more and more likely every time you post. Let's get back to the football chat.
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    They are what we have to work with at the moment. I think both are decent for our league and maybe midfield or goal scorer higher priority? I think both are prone to giving us issues i defense but, for me, Carroll will at least give you more in attack. With KVV in the middle and perhaps Shields on there as well I think Carroll would be a good choice and best option to be whipping balls into the danger zone for those 2.
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    Well your view must have been different from mine but at the end of the day I think we can agree that we have an element in our support we would be better off without especially at away games.
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    Signed him for free. Got the best out of him. Sold him for a few quid when he was soon to be out of contract. Would have liked it if he had stayed for another couple of seasons, but we certainly did OK from the deal.
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    Now you're making me nostalgic for 70's pitches. (the fact that Wullie P excelled on these makes him even better).
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    So you think you know me?
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    GA has certainly improved a good few players, he deserves a lot of credit for that. I still think commenting on a player from another club is fine and I don’t believe that means he won’t receive support if the club choose to sign him. Forums are all about offering different opinions and I think giving an opinion on other teams and their players is part of that.
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    Wee man's just scored an absolute peach.
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    Apologies for being late
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    Best to ask SteelmeninOz :-) One was started a week ago. One was started 5 hours ago….. I know there is a time difference in Australia but…. Just joshing. If a mod can merge ?
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    Frustrating result. We have a squad of players who arguably are solid on their day but equally have big gaps in their game. couple of examples from last night Mugabi, does lots of good things in a game but should have stopped the cross coming in on first goal + the pen. McGinley - saved the team with great covering before their first goal only to cost us later in the game. overall we have pretty average players, some we can drop and change for a similar standard. GA has done well to have a well drilled team who work bloody hard. Longer term be ideal to reduce the squad size and inject 2-3 quality players but easier said than done.
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    I thought he was our only midfielder who could get on the ball in tight spaces and keep it last night.
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    Hi ja_86. I've completed your survey.
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    McGinley is a liability at left back . Seems he can’t concentrate for 90 minutes . Carroll needs to start on Saturday but long term decent LB required .
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    Left back required. McGinley is tuned to the moon. Carrol must start in place of him surely on Saturday . Need a solid no nonsense left back that can concentrate for the whole game
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    Mcginley had a howler for there second goal but the way we seemed intent on shooting ourselves in the foot,if it wasn't him that messed up it was going to be someone else.we should have got a lift after equalising and them going a man down but there was no reaction whatsoever.we should have been patient and tried to work them out of position but all we did was stupid chipped balls forward,van veen is decent when the ball is coming in the box from out wide but he doesn't look the type that wants to battling centre halfs all game with high punts up the park.i said earlier that tonight was the perfect example of how not to play against 10 men,shocking stuff.alexander looked fuming at the end,hopefully there's some words exchanged on the bus on the way down.imrie will have morton fired up there's no doubt about that,if we approach the cup game like we did tonight,we could be in real trouble.
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    Well hopefully cctv can find the clown and ban him. Sorry it is frustrating for all of us but we never feel.need to throw objects at captain. Feck Me I suffered watching John Gardiner in goals but never resorted to throwing a pie
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    Sad to hear. If you look back on my posts i'm not an O'Donnell fan but whilst he wears a well shirt I'll stick to bitchin on this forum and supporting him throughout the games.
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    We will definitely miss watt there is no two ways about it,I just hope alexander is at it when he says he's not looking to replace him,we can't go the rest of the season with the options that we have,there just isn't enough goals in them.
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    Yes dont apologise. Maybe TW more needed than we thought. Good goal by Roberys but maybe TW workrate missing.
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    Don't apologise,mcginley is a bombscare.
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    Apparently our players were under the impression that we would be awarded the 3 points after their player got sent off. At least I can only assume that based on how they played.
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    GA looks like he's ready to knock a few players out.
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    We deserve all we're getting here,this is a prime example of how to not play against 10 men,the constant balls chipped forward is a joke.
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    If O'Donnells is a yellow that's a definite red.
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    You may well be right about 0-0 and well_said may also be right about John Arrol, although for some reason Herriot stuck in my mind. I'm sure some results scholar will set us all right soon. I have a mental picture of the Watson header in my failing mind, but I may already have entered The Matrix. A persistent story re the Goodwin sending-off right at the start was that when he was summoned by the referee after the tackle, he said, "Aw ref, you're no going to book me already?" The latter reputedly replied, "I'm doing better than that, Sam. I'm sending you off." Something else I can't remember is his name . I also have a memory that the replay had been previously called off for fog because I turned up at Firhill, having walked from the city centre to the ground, only to discover it was off. Ah, here's nursie coming with my medication.........
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    In the first game at firpark John Arroll was the thistle goalie and he got carried off in the first few minutes .(dont think Goodwin was involved) , no sub goalies in those days. Goodwin was sent off I think not long after that. Replay on the Monday night and Wille Watson scored a very late winner with a 20 yard shot. This is etched in my memory because my mate got chased by a dog after re the match , It was the fastest hed ever moved in his life.
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    Tony Watt is no longer a well player.....end of. We move on
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    The footballing nomad moves on surprise surprise, i think we saw the best of him. Feel for the fans that were conned by his celebrations, just remember football is a business very few players have a genuine love for the club like the fans do. Always much more respect for the like of Alan Campbell, and Davie Turnbull
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    The number of good striking options available in January is pretty limited. The number of striking options available in January that we can afford is even more limited. I'd rather we went with the 5 we have available than bring in someone that doesn't improve the squad.
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    Surely everyone knows Partick Thistle are the cuddly toy of Scottish football?
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    Sorry I was being facetious about Partick. I don't have a soft spot for them either. It was a phrase used not uncommonly by the media, who have had a long love in with Partick. Maybe because the BBC had their HQ not far from Maryhill. The last person I heard say something along these lines was Richard Gordon a few years ago. Something about every Scots fan's second club being Partick. Patronising and untrue.
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    I would like to add GA has made alot of players improve game with us Watt,Mugabi and Lamie even McGinlay has improved alot.Christ he might have even made a goalie out of Aaron Chapman wait sorry I took that to far even Fergie couldn't do that. I mind tons of folk on here saying we need to explore lower Scottish leagues we do so and folk are moaning.Worth a punt aye but sounds like the boy is already on a hiding to nothing and he hasn't even been offered a contract yet lol. Imagine having two players from lower leagues in Shields and Rudden fighting for places in our team that puts a smile on my face.
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    I very much doubt any of the clubs looking are basing their assessment on one game.
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    Cummins goal was set up by Jack Leitch
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    Agreed,having watched the game last night,I wasn't overly impressed with rudden but I wouldn't be writing him off on the back of it and at the same time if he played well last night,I wouldn't be going over board and saying get him signed as soon as possible.it looks like he's a young player that's still very much raw,I certainly wouldn't be against us signing him on a pre contract and taking a chance on him and see how he develops.my only concern would be losing watt and bringing in rudden as his replacement this month,I'm not sure it's the time.in the season to be taking such a gamble,I know we won't be signing a finished article if watt leaves but someone with a bit of experience would be required.shields has improved but is still a work in progress,if we added rudden and something happened to van veen,I would be seriously concerned where the goals would come from.
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    Get your username changed to Karens Boy quick smart.
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    Never shut me up, plus what's that comment a verbal threat of violence, obviously a Turd by name and a Turd by nature. As for Haggischomper, you shut up, who asked you to join the debate, you were as late into it as a Wullie McVey tackle ( he's fae the 70,s for yir info) Jog on now.
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    Cant blame him for that though.
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    Decisions been made, one I'm sure most are happy with. Can we get back to saying players are either brilliant or shite depending on the day of the week rather than politicians. At least the bad fitba takes on here are quite unique, I can see thousands of tweets about Sturgeon being gods gift or a fanny every day on twitter but I come here for McGinley vs Carroll debate.

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