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    When’s the Fitba back to stop this utter shite.
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    Your good source there would be Stephen Robinson who has said pretty much all that publically over the last few weeks.
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    Don't worry folks, it's not another bad joke. Just to say if you don't already know there is a documentary on BBC alba at 9.00 on friday night about the cup win of 1991. Should be good as long as it isn't all in Gaelic!!!!. For the older ones it Reminds me of series Tutti Frutti in the 80's when a group of them are watching Postman Pat but it's in Gaelic. One guy says 'i can't understand a word they are saying'.........his pal replies...'IT'S FUR WEANSSSSSSS'. COYW
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    Nobody is getting ahead of themselves. People within the club think this is a special crop of youngsters. If you feel the need to try to pick holes in that then crack on but I think I’ll take their opinion over yours.
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    You’re not quite getting this are you? The “best crop we’ve ever had” as a collective group has been relayed from those in the club best positioned to remark as such. Project Brave status was achieved prior to those signing. The kids likely to make a regular step up now spaces in the squad become available have been training with the first team and the management team are keen to force the issue.
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    The 6 monthly deals have been a bi-product of Project Brave and widely on offer at most clubs, some offering only amateur terms. Reasoning for that is simply that the clubs didn’t know how creation of Under 18’s & reserve levels would pan out. We’re seeing movement out of our reserve team as it’s felt our current Under 18’s are the among the strongest crop that we’ve ever had & decision been taken to push those onto the next level to feature more regularly.
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    Chris Porter nets for Crewe today..... He has scored in 5 consecutive games for the first time in his career !!!!
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    Hopefully you’ll stop trying.
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    Peter Krieg.... was born Simon Peter Gruber. He's Hans Gruber's brother.
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    well i know a guy whos got a speaking part in it, and he can hardly be understood in English, so you might think its " gaelic" but he just mutters a wee bit hahaha
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    Best of luck to mcmanus, it's a step up sadly but he probably deserves it. Don't know why but i'll remember him by his wildly agro, edgy / cringy press conferences in the play off season.
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    Jason Cummings available on loan, might be one we look at.
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    People have the right to progress there career as they see it. It just rankles sometimes though . Young players who spend a number of years jump ship ,and I know we get a development fee ,but that's not our business plan ,were looking to bring them through into the first team get a couple of years out if them and THEN sell them on. We give McManus a coaching role ,he gets his badges then he's of Tae Celtic first chance he gets. Even Eddie Black ,who we gave an opportunity to get back into the game by managing our ladies team jumped ship of first chance. Yes they're thankful for the opportunity bla bla bla, but it's a bit of a kick in the baws just the same.
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    That he'd prefer more money working at his favourite club with a chance of working his way up to a senior coach's job? (Also, lots of coaches prefer working with younger kids. Same way as some teachers prefer working in primary schools and some prefer teaching at Uni).
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    Given that Project Brave required us to have 17 thousand coaches or something, we're probably covered until we find the right people. Seriously, though, I think we are a pretty good gig for anyone interested in youth development, so expect some quality candidates to apply.
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    Somebody at the weekend mentioned to me that we are interested in a young player from Carlisle named Aidan Hutchinson. No idea about him.
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    Yeah, 100% sure I read a quote at the time about us being comfortable we had plenty cover in his position so let him leave, or something along those lines
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    Jordan Armstrong was also released Andy. I too found these releases interesting. I think that with youngsters who we think will have a chance of making it, they are awarded 1 year deals. I hadn't heard of 6 month deals. Presumably these are 3 lads who we don't think will make the first team and as you say, now have a head start in finding a new side. Anyway good luck to them.
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    As already mentioned above the lad is Well daft as is his family who are as decent and genuine folk as you'll meet. Today's story comes from the Sun apparently. By all accounts, young Stuart is taking his time to think things over and I don't think is any rush to move. Its a big move for a 16 year old lad. I don't doubt that he and his family will come to a sensible decision whatever that might be. According to the Sun, we've agreed the same fee with both clubs which I find odd. Its a redtop story at the moment and time will tell what if anything comes of it. .
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    I really don't give a sausage about the German guy, but with Sammon there has to be a catch to it!!
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    Puns about German goalies are the wurst.
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    TBF, there are posters on here who don't think any current Motherwell players should be in our team.
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    thank fuck someone else said it

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