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    I’d have went with “flag day at Ibrox yesterday and the only cunt not waving his was the fuckin linesman” should I apply for a job?
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    I see Motherwell FC won the best Social Media team award at the 2021 Football Business Awards today beating Man Utd, Everton and Leicester City in the final list.
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    If you've never seen Joe play it's difficult to explain just how good he was. His timing of a tackle was unequaled, his passing was excellent and he was running up and down the wing before wing-backs were a thing. Despite never shirking tackle, he managed to avoid picking up a yellow card for about 20 years (until some jobsworth ref booked him when we were in the First Division). Also, unusually for full backs in those days, he had great ball skills and used to entertain us during stoppages with a few keepie-uppies and catching the ball on the back of his neck. Most impressive of all, though, was his consistency. He was on top form almost every game for his entire career and his mistakes were incredibly rare.
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    Nonsense! Hammell is worthy but Joe Wark was in a different league and I saw them both many times.
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    That was because we went to Ibrox (Butcher, Woods and all) and defended for 85 minutes then opened up and scored a great header from Ray Farningham it was brilliant!
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    I love it when a plan comes together.
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    Slattery is a very clever player, getting him on a three year deal is a cracking bit of business.
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    The most despicable most horrible football club on the planet. Let's get right into them. COYW
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    OK I made an arse of it never caught the final score in the Hibs game thought they had won 2-1, guilty as charged.
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    Stevie Hammell never played in goals, never played left wing or CF, Joe Wark's feats on the field are somewhat overshadowed by his length of service, Stevie Hammell doesn't know my father either.
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    Pleased with a point but totally scunnered at the refereeing. Offside goal, penalty denied and 6 minutes of injury time. Absolutely blatant cheating that I hope doesn’t get overlooked due to us getting something out of the game.
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    SOD was playing him offside. Neil McCann too embarrassed to keep pretending it's onside on RTV.
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    I am sure that we all have our moments, but some do show genuine talent in that regard.
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    Well deserved. Congratulations to the club ands those involved.
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    Ojala settled in very well now too after a few games. I hope he is fit for next week.
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    Aye we look like a well coached team which hasn't happened often. The defence has been constantly changing because of injury and suspension but every single player has been solid which is a big credit to Alexander and Lucketti. Our fitness was superb today as well and I think we are pacing ourselves over the 90 very deliberately.
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    He’s an absolute gem a winning free kicks out of nothing
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    The seethe from the crowd is glorious, I really hope we hold on. If we nick a winner I'll pish ma frillies.
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    A wage thief is a player that clearly cant be arsed on the field of play, or who is quite happy to sit on the bench and let their contract expire despite having the opportunity to play elsewhere. Neither of those can be attributed to Charles Dunne, who despite his injury problems, will always be warmly regarded by the majority of Motherwell fans......
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    I don't think anyone is suggesting that. I think the point is, he is a good guy, gave it his best for us and did pretty well when he was able to play, but has been really unlucky with injuries... as opposed to a "wage thief" as you said. I think MFC did the right thing with him through his spell out, and when it looked like he was fit again, didn't offer him another 2 year renewal because of his previous injury record. But if I was the player, when St Mirren came along with a 2 year contract, I'd have taken it too. I wish him nothing but the best, and hope he can get back to fitness.
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    1. 16:35 Checked score Hibs winning 2-1 2 16:38 Entered kitchen to collect car keys 3.16:45 went to off sales, beer fridge refilled 4. 18;00 no further scored Checked, still think Hibs won. 5. 18:22 post submitted . Will that do or will the missing 1hr 15 mins keep you up at night.
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    I’m only 65 but Charlie was playing when I first started going to games. Where as Joe Wark had rubber legs, Charlie’s super power was that he seemed to just hang in the air when he went up for a header. Both from the same mold though, gentlemen of the highest order, terrific talented players and model professionals. Perfect examples for any young budding player to follow.
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    I'm guessing he made their Hall of Fame on the back of being part of the squad which won the Premier League. They only used something like thirteen players in thirty six games. As I get older, I think I tend to be less critical. It could not have been easy trying to play up front for some of those Tommy Mc Lean sides of the mid to late eighties. He certainly believed in the principal of building a side from the back, and trying to be hard to beat, rather than exciting to watch.
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    Just cause Kirky isnae in yet!
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    Do you not think £34 for an adult and 2 kids is reasonable though? I think the club have a difficult task here. If we dont charge fans of the big 2 and the likes of Hearts the same as they charge us, lots of our fans would be really unhappy about the fact that we are giving their fans preferential treatment. I agree that £30 to watch an SPL match is ridiculous. But we didnt start the fire......
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    I think there is a League rule.....there certainly used to be....that visiting fans cannot be charged any more than non season ticket home fans. For the same level of seating that is. I think we stick to that principle. If we are asked to pay £30 for a seat at Tynecastle then so should non Season Ticket Hearts fans. Whether Doncaster and his pals enforce that rule when it involves the Old Firm (and others maybe) is another matter. And of course if you can fill your ground with your own season ticket holders, then the impact of that rule does not really affect home fans.
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    No-one's disputing your point that he didn't contribute. People are just pointing out that isn't what wage thief means. If someone at your work is genuinely, physically and medically unable to do their job...they still get paid while they are off recovering, and rightly so. If someone at your work is completely fine and capable, comes to work and doesn't do anything, sits on the internet all day, terrible timekeeping and doesn't care that everyone else is having to pick up his work...and yet is happy to keep picking up his full pay, that's a wage thief.
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    I'm away just now as well and you can subscribe to MotherwellTV for only £15 a month and get all the games. Not sure if you'll get it with your season ticket.
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    Go on then, I’ll bite. Who was that? I thought we assembled a very good collection of guys who contributed to the cause .
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    We cheated. Wasted time, we were unprofessional and and us well fans should be embarrassed. He also didn't see the offside goal.
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    sure did bomber broon not have 4/5 great games against the original rangurs so they bought him as they did with other layers
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    Game management...slattery is so good at that
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    Simpson getting away without a booking for the same foul McGinley was booked for in the first half.
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    Only if that is what takes priority. I have never seen any posters complain about players who can be physical. I have seen plenty of posters - myself included - who want to see a balanced team that includes some ball-winners and some players whose priority is to put their foot on the ball and find a pass. There's a reason Turnbull commanded our record transfer fee and it's not because of his tackling.
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    The classic go-to line when you realise you're chatting pish and everyone disagrees with you.
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    Details, details. A pedant's dream.
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    Best. Chance. Ever. Copyright, every game at Ibrox in the 21st century.
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    The way they have conducted themselves this week and the way stars appear to be aligning with other scores, a well known quote keeps popping into my head! "I will tell you honestly, I will love it if we beat them, really love it......."
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    Possible scenario by 1650 tomorrow: 'Made it ma! Top of the World! - YouTube If only.....
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    Complete bollocks he never feigned injury he was just unfortunate and therefore not a wage thief. There were one or two players who we could have pointed that finger at over the years but Dunne was certainly not on of them.
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    Calling an injured player a wage theif implies we should just punt everyone who gets injured, or at least not pay them. Unless you're saying he wasn't really injured. Poor take either way. Dunne was a decent player, and was part of a fun era for the club. We let him go at the right time, and good for him that he got another top flight gig.
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    He's doing very well. Good luck to him.
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