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    It kind of feels like we were due that against Hibs. What with the disallowed goal that denied us a win at the start of the season, the disallowed goal that might have changed the course of the game in the defeat before Christmas we've had no luck against them. I suppose you could say we'd no luck today either, but then none was needed with as accomplished a display as we've put in all season. I think you just have to give everyone so much credit for the turnaround after Hamilton and St Johnstone. There was the potential for things to go right off the rails but they dealt with the pressure of that well in midweek in gaining a good point in Paisley and they have built on that in exactly the manner you would hope today. Everyone has stood up and reacted positively to the challenge and they can be well pleased with their efforts from the last few days. We were fully deserving of the win today. Two very well taken goals with a little finesse in the build up, one quite outstanding save Kelly and a performance built on hard work, organisation and very good defending. Excellent stuff that would have seemed difficult to believe possible on either of the previous two Saturday evenings.
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    A mate sent me this. It made me laugh. Apologies to whoever it was stolen from.... A man from Liverpool, England was touring the USA on holiday and stopped in a remote bar in the hills of Nevada. He was chatting to the bartender when he spied an old Native American man sitting in the corner. He had tribal gear on, long white plaits, wrinkled face. "Who's he?" asked the Liverpudlian. "That's the Memory Man." said the bartender. "He knows everything, remembers everything. He can remember every face he's ever seen. He can remember any fact he hears or reads. Go and try him out." So the Liverpudlian goes over, and thinking he won't know about English football, asks "Who won the 1965 FA Cup Final?". "Liverpool" replies the Memory Man. "Who did they beat?" "Leeds" was the instant reply. "And the score?" "2-1." "Who scored the winning goal?" "Ian St. John" said the old man, without a hint of hesitation. The Liverpudlian was knocked out by this and told everyone back home about the Memory Man when he got back. Many years later he went back to the USA and tried to find the impressive Memory Man. Eventually he found the bar and sitting in the same seat was the old Native American, only this time he was older and even more wrinkled. The Liverpudlian approached him with the greeting "How". The Memory man looked up and said, "Diving header in the six yard box".
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    Hastie was open and up front about leaving. No pretence. He got slaughtered on here by many for wanting to better himself, and being honest about it. And booed when he took to the pitch. Perth I think. Don’t see the same abuse heading Gallagher’s way and, if true, he has been doing a lot more manoeuvring re contracts than Hastie ever did. And we got good money for Hastie. Vigurs was crucified...still is....for allegedly feigning injury to force his way out of the Club. Same accusation has been made about Gallagher, but folk refuse to believe it whereas in Vigur’s case it was taken as gospel. Double standards. Every player has the right to try and better himself, but it does seem that for some on here, if your face fits and you are a “good guy”, then you can do no wrong and can muck the Club about in ways that others get hammered for. And I’m not defending Gallagher. Far from it. Just comparing the reaction to his dealings and those of others who eventually moved on.
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    1- He is out of contract in the summer so we will get nothing for him. 2 - His commitment to the club has to be questioned after whoring himself to other clubs, specifically celtic during the transfer window, 3- I firmly believe there was a extension clause for at least another season after this season, so this seems to have been removed and coincidentally he is fit again and ready to play. 4 - As I say the whole episode stinks, he no longer wants to be at the club, and that's not the kind of player we need right now. He wants to be in the Scotland squad so will he be fully committed to Motherwell throwing himself into tackles etc and risking Injury, I would like to think so but I have major doubts he will be.
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    Sorry but I think he’s an excellent signing.
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    Clubcall was great in the early 90s for some inside info, cost an arm and a leg to get all the scoops though.
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    Hughes - that's not what you originally said. Robinson - that's not what you originally said. Gallagher - that's not what you originally said. Backtracking to try sound reasonable after initially talking shite.
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    Wish we could sign this guy permanently. Such a great keeper
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    Right, who is the central defender with the Lamie mask on ? He's having a fucking great game !!!!
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    Top photograph; John McPhee, Tommy McKenzie, Willie Cowie & Ian St John.
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    Very sad news. Like many on here, I am too young to remember him as a player, but the fact that my father was in awe of him would be enough to convince me of his status as a legend. I do remember how excited my Dad was when he returned to the club as manager and it does seem a real shame that his spell in charge was short lived. I remember St John saying that the move to Portsmouth was a mistake, mainly because he was lmisled about the proposed future for that club. I assume that most of the media will be full of his time at Liverpool and his work as a pundit, but his significance for our club cannot be underestimated. RIP, and my thoughts and respect are with his family and friends. In closing, I would add one thing. During his work as an expert/ pundit over the years, where he was both inciteful and honest ( and so much more than just a comic foil for Jimmy Greaves) you were never unaware that he was a Scotland man, a Liverpool man, a Motherwell man.
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    My absolute hero. Remember as a kid telling the barber how I loved him and the barber gave me a crew cut just like him. I was at Ibrox when we beat Rangers 5-2. I think the next round when we lost to Airdrie made up his mind to leave. Hampden 1961. Centre forward for Scotland Ian St John FP of Calder Primary CF for England Joe Baker FP of Park Street School later Cathedral primary half a mile away. Thanks for the memories
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    I think they'll take Gordon for sentimental reasons. I don't think he should go though.
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    Clubs never reveal their hands when it comes to signings and contract negotiations. Agents are the biggest shysters on the face of the planet. Fans make up wild conspiracy theories based on their own prejudices. No facts were harmed in the making of this story.
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    Aye the less plastic parks in the league the better
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    If that's all you've got to moan about, today must have been a good day mate
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    So many choices today, with everyone to a man playing their part. Lamie edges it for me though, his performance level has improved significantly under Alexander and he set the tone early on today with two very clean tackles. He also deserves recognition for holding the defence together when he has an absolute novice alongside him.
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    If you got relegated off 2 defeats in a row we'd be playing in league sponsored by the local corner shop!
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    Irvine Welsh, The Proclaimers, Dougray Scott, John Leslie, ......Your boys took a helluva beating!!! COYW
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    In with a shout, and much less stressful to be looking up the table. I'd also suggest that as part of the ground renovations we build a nice comfy chair for Alexander in the O'Donnell stand. I think he'll be there more often than the Centenary Club members.
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    Hopefully we can all stop talking about relegation? It was never on the cards and I hope everyone can now enjoy sitting on their couch with dry boxers. The performance of the season...guys like Lamie, Crawford, Maguire and Robert's have taken some abuse this season but today they were excellent. Kelly ripping the pish out of Cadden was even more enjoyable than the goals Heres to dry knickers
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    He's not fully recovered from a strained contract clause.
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    A lot of the comments on his attitude aren’t based on much other than he looks grumpy all the time. For some players injuries and dips in form are accepted, but for others there has to be more to it. He’s shown he can finish when he’s played through the middle, and he puts in plenty of work when out on the wing. Plenty of us were happy to see him come back this season, but he hasn’t done so well this time around. He is better through the middle, so I’d prefer if we used him there either from the start or as a sub, and use real wingers on the wings.
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    Completely agree and know this isn't a popular view. He'd be my preferred choice through the middle. I think he's much better than Cole and would bang in more goals.
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    GTF instead of TBC seems like a fair compromise.
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    The BBC article that suggests that 32 /33 points would be enough (not sure how to post link) works on the basis of form to date of all the bottom teams (that is my interpretation anyway). I think it is natural to worry that our season long form will not improve whilst the form of the bottom three will. The reality is that for all four teams the season long form will not change that much leaving Motherwell in the driving seat. Generally the league table does not lie by this point in the season. That does not account howeverfor a team finding form that they have not found all season . That Accies/ Kilmarnock and RC will all find form that has alluded them all season in highly unlikely. I have a nagging doubt however that RC and Killie in particular just might. It is this nagging doubt that keeps us on tenter hooks. I suppose we could try to be positive and say that it will be Motherwell that will find that illusive form. Our point average is one point per game (just about). Keep that up and we will be safe but it will not be pretty.
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    Ha, forgot about that. Used to phone at work, till I got my arse booted.
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    We should be focusing on grabbing that 7th spot, not worrying about what teams below are doing. It's all in our own hands. Can't ask for more than that.
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    I wonder how many "soft" penalties they've won this season? Since the one Erwin won against us, and including it, my count is 4 or possibly5. Something stinks.
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    Was a shocker, goodwin has a cheek moaning about penalties, that was even softer than the one they got against us
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    I know it's all true. So do a few other people who post on here but they are not saying it.
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    Magloire and Lamie have consecutive clean sheets. I don't see Alexander changing it. He seems like a fairly straightforward manager. If you perform well you play, if you don't it's a long way back.
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    So good has Kelly been he might just push himself into contention for Scotland's 3 rs goalkeeper at the Euros. Current guy Mc Laughlin at Rangers barely gets a game .
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    loved the post match interview. good pair of bawz from GA not to get drawn into his sending off.
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    Performance of the season for me - I know we were good at pittodrie earlier in the season but to perform like that today under the pressure we were under was terrific to see. The jobs nowhere near done though and have to guard against any complacency. what pleased me the most today was the performance levels of some of those who have been written off as not good enough for Motherwell, and I myself have been guilty of that. Lamie, Crawford and Robert’s to name but three were all terrific today
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    So Declan has now made that appearance that some of the all-knowing worthies of this forum said he would never make...what we talking about now?
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    does this appearance trigger the year extension
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    dodododod do dddddddooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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    Taking the attitude part first I don't know, and I don't think that many of the folk who from early on in his Motherwell career decided he had an attitude problem really know either. I think it is one of these statements that has been repeated often enough to be considered as fact by some .The only ones who will really know that will be his team-mates and management. His petulance at Hamilton away in February last year did not reflect well on him certainly but maybe significant that if his attitude is as a bad alleged he simply wasn't cut loose at the end of last season rather than left with an offer on the table pretty much right up until the days before the new season started. I think his disinterest in coveting adoration from supporters hasn't helped endear him to the support certainly, and I don't think his body language can do him favours at times but because he looks like he's a torn faced moaning shite when things don't go his way or he was never one for running arms aloft saluting supporters does not necessarily mean there is a lack of effort or care on his part. As has been discussed over the past few days running about a lot and being the supports best pal can disguise a fair bit. Has he shown enough? I certainly don't think he's as good as he appeared to think he was when he left Blackpool. I haven't seen close to enough to suggest he was worthy of a shot at a team in the English Championship as he appeared to aspire to at that stage of his career. In terms of us I think as fixozy has gone on to say there's definitely a player there that in the right set up can make a contribution for Motherwell.
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    Polworth will be finished as a Motherwell player - doesn't offer enough. Long - should only play in the traditional no 9 jersey. Either Cole or Long but not both. Crawford works hard and a decent squad player - no better or worse than Grimmie.
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    Look at the players we let go who would do a far better job in this current squad, Peter Hartley a born leader and a guy who gave 100%, may have not been technically the best but played for the badge, Richard Tait gave everything every game, Adam Livingstone better than the full backs we have now.

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